Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch puts microgrid and decentralized wind power loans – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Source: Xinhua Net Recently, China Bank Inner Mongolia Branch New Energy Field Financial Services Remains Breakthrough, Successfully Distribute 300 million loans for Xinjiang Jinfeng Technology Co., Ltd., supports the first decentralized wind power project of Erlianhot City Microcounted Weight Network and Chifeng City Construction, practice ecological priority green development concept with practical actions.

  China Bank Inner Mongolia Branch conscientiously implemented the "Carbon-Carbon Carbon Middle and" Strategic Deployment, vigorously develop new energy industries, and continuously improve the financial services level in new energy sectors. The Party Committee is highly attached great importance to the establishment of a new energy financial work leading group, which is the leadership of the leaders, clarify the division of labor, collaborate and guarantee the working mechanism, and strives to support the safeguards of autonomous region and network wind, photovoltaic power generation projects to meet energy base construction. Financial demand, grasp the "initiative" of new energy development, and strive to become the financial strength army of Inner Mongolia energy structure reform.

Up to now, the accumulated new energy industry loans are nearly 10 billion yuan, and the reserve high quality project is 50 billion yuan. China Bank Inner Mongolia Branch actively explores new ideas, new modes, new paths in new energy development.

This year, with renewable energy subsidies, the decoration loans have been renewable, and the product innovation, strengthen product innovation, effectively guarantee the financial needs of new energy enterprises, combined with new energy enterprises development layout, focus on five major power groups such as Huaneng, etc. The Construction of Centralized and Decentralized New Energy Projects in Mongolian Investment.

At the same time, it is benefited from the continuous optimization of the business environment of the autonomous region. Inner Mongolia Branch of Bank of China actively expands new energy-wide industry chain, promotes financial services increments, and grows into the "financial live water" in the autonomous region. (Lin Xiaomi Yu Weihua).