After Yiming and Shen Lin leave,Xiao Fan sat quietly in a chair,do nothing,Just looking out the window so indifferently。

the next day,The tender will be held as scheduled,Xiao Fan’s company is a giant in the entire business community,Hold bidding meeting this time,Naturally, many companies are eager to bid。
The scene is spectacular,Yiming is well organized,But there is no media arrangement,Even people who come in have to check,No photos allowed,All this is because Xiao Fan will be there,But Xiao Fan doesn’t want to disclose his identity。
Almost everyone is here,The bidding will start soon,Xiao Fan was waiting quietly in an inconspicuous corner,He is betting,swill come。
at this time,The door was pushed open,Three people come in,The one standing in front is still black clothes and black pants,the difference is,Wearing gold-rimmed glasses,There is a king’s contempt in his eyes,This person is what Xiao Fan waited fors。
Two people at the back holding a computer,One holding a file bag,sWhat did you say to those two?,Those two went to the seating area first。
Yiming saw someone coming in,Some did not expect,But he calmed down quickly,Speak into the headset:“sTo the scene,Strengthen vigilance。”
sGlanced around,I saw Xiao Fan holding a glass of champagne in the corner,A sneer at the corner of his mouth,Walk towards Xiao Fan。
Yiming saw it and wanted to stop it,Xiao Fan glanced over to indicate that he was not allowed to act rashly。Yiming had to go back and continue preparing for the bidding meeting。
sNaturally saw Yiming’s move,Just smiled,The people of Xiao Fan,Really smart。He walked towards Xiao Fan step by step,Xiao Fan turned the cup gently on the spot,Waiting for him to come。
“Manager Xiao,Lucky meeting。”sSaid with a smile,And reach out。Xiao Fan cast a glance,withsShook hands,Then he took out his hand in disgust。
“Lucky meeting,General Gu,wrong,It’s Brother Gu,Otherwise still calleds?”Xiao Fan said with a smile。sSneered。
“Xiao Fan,All these years,Are you living the life you want?”sAsked coldly。Xiao Fan glanced at him,Say:“Used to live,But was interrupted by brother。”
sPick up a glass of champagne,Took a sip and said:“Oh?Have you lived?Upside down is the life you want?”Xiao Fanfei but not annoyed,Instead smiled。
“Brother,You should know,I never care about these do I?”Xiao Fan asked with a smiles,Xiao Fan continued:“If i care about these,I’ll stay here, right”
Mention the things of the year,sLike being triggered to get angry,Grabbed Xiao Fan by the collar and said:“Xiao Fan,You told me that year,From the day you left,Not back then!”
Xiao FanbasTook it down,Tidy up the crumpled collar,Continue drinking champagne like a okay person。
“sMr,Let’s put our minds on the bidding meeting。”Put down the cup and left after talking。
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty One then