“what happened?”

As today’s owner,Yuan Qing still brings some aura,Everyone gave her a way,When Yuan Qing saw five or six drunks opposite Chen Chuang,Can’t help but frown。“Chen Chuang drank too much,These people are anxious to go to the toilet,Directly dragged Chen Chuang out!”
Some students who know what happened use the shortest narrative to let everyone know that they are not at fault。
Seeing Yuan Qing and the others,Chen Chuang argued louder,One is that there are so many people here,As long as it is a man,Don’t want to lose face in front of girls。
Yuan Qing frowned deeper,In the begging eyes of the food stall boss,Yuan Qing wants to bring Chen Chuang back。
But just on the way,Yuan Qing’s hand was caught by a drunkard。
“Unexpectedly, the boss of this group of students turned out to be a female!”
An unpleasant smell of alcohol sprayed on Yuan Qing’s face,It almost made Yuan Qing gag up。
“Let her go!”
Shen Wuheng was also a small boss anyway,Skills and reactions are up to a certain extent。
Kick it directly on the belly of the drunkard,He also snatched Yuan Qing back from the drunkard。
“Are you OK?”
Shen Wuheng looked at Yuan Qing,I was relieved to confirm that she was not injured。
But the friction between men,How can you swallow?