after all,Don’t tell me this world,Both parties are a great threat to them。

Needless to say the crocodile king,Don’t talk about the Qi Yao Tian Shen,Even the devil crocodile is enough to kill him。
No room door,Too mysterious。Yingtian God was also born in the Three Realms Era,But I have also suffered from Wujianmen。
These two forces,Far from him。
“When I just entered this world,I have seen the infinite flying boat,But it flew out of my mind detection range in an instant。As for the crocodile king,I never saw him。”
“This。。Ming Daoyou!”Yingtian hesitated,Still speak:“Mediocre strength,But he’s also good at shadow detection and clone life,I don’t know if I can follow Fellow Ming Dao。”
When Yingtian God said this, he naturally considered it。
Enter this world,Although the pursuit of chance,But the premise of chance is to save your life。
‘Ming Dao Ren’He is the number one god in the Three Realms Row,Have the mental strength of the fourth realm,It would be much safer if he had shelter。
not to mention,Ming Dao people can get chance,How can he get nothing,After all, Ming Dao Ren’s reputation is quite good。
Li Ming was slightly surprised,I quickly agreed。
A single true fairy clone,Naturally, the strength is far worse than that of the Three Realms,There is a deity standing in front,It must be much safer。