1148 Qingfengzhai

This said,Lin Tianfu is driving the bullock cart first,A group of people came to a mountain。
The mountain is not very high,But there is only one trail for carriage。
Winding around the mountain,There are many shrubs and dry woods on the mountain,At a glance,Can’t really see anything。
Chen Xiu looked at the trend on the mountain,I rushed to the front and stopped。
Asked:“Lin Biaotou,You go here when you come?
This mountain is very dangerous,If someone is in ambush,We will definitely suffer。”
Lin Tianfu look at the mountain,Said with a smile:“This is the site of Qingfengzhai,If someone else walks here, the skin will be stripped and sank,Our Kamikaze Escort is no problem!”
“correct,The three leaders of Qingfeng Village are all on the Qingmu County reward list。
Very hard hands,It is said that the master was already a master of the innate realm ten years ago!”
“Congenital master!”
The people behind said who knows the reputation of Qingfengzhai,But I never knew that Qingfengzhai’s head house was so powerful。
It’s no wonder that the head of the escort bureau prepares Qingfengzhai a final gift every year.。
Li Gang, who has been hiding in the bullock cart and injured himself, also trembled,Down on crutches。
Speak cautiously:“Dart head,Otherwise, let’s take a detour。