Building a city empowering a beautiful first Tod + SOD Summit Forum held in Hang

TOD (TransitorienTedDevelopment, urban space development model for public transport), based on traffic infrastructure and land integration development, integrating land resources, commercial resources, industrial resources, real estate resources along the line to form a diversified business modelUnder the support of digital technology, promote people flow, logistics, business flow and information flow, high efficiency collection of capital flow, bring convenient, commercial prosperity, land value-added, property appreciation along the line, driving city and regional economyDouble climbing of high quality and quantity.SOD (ServiceorienTedDevelopment) is the service-oriented development model, the earliest emerge in my country’s urban planning and construction, is the government’s use of administrative advantages, through urban functions such as public service facilities and other financial services, cultural and sports services, medical services, etc. For the mass life service, the foundation needs to promote urban competitiveness in "service cities" and accelerate urban regional development.