This is a bit embarrassing,Wang Ziliang doesn’t even have a channel to complain。

“Need our help?”After a drink,Qin Feng still asked。After all, in his opinion,If he wants to shoot,No matter what kind of capital company,Should be resolved quickly by him。of course,This solution does not refer to the crushing of funds,He is talking about breaking the rules to make others surrender。
Wang Ziliang was stunned when he heard the words,“Qin Feng,I also know you have some energy,but,The official side will not care about this kind of thing。What are you going to do?Coercion by force??But doing this will lose points。Nothing,Isn’t it just a company?Lose it,I have no money loss anyway。Treat it as a lesson。”
Wang Ziliang paused,“anyway,If I really want to retaliate,I also want to use the same method and method。But I also understand,In this field,I may really be no match for the capital fund company formed by the investment of a few big bosses。”
Wang Ziliang actually has some savings,In addition, funds will be credited to the account after the company is sold。
The issue is,He can’t even compare to a Nasri capital,Not to mention the bosses behind this capital。It is very likely that they are still formed in the form of a consortium。
So this sense of powerlessness is the cause of Wang Ziliang’s loss。
After that, Qin Feng and others did not persuade,But to drink and eat happily,Until full and full,Just pose like Ge Youtan。
then,Jiang Min, who has not spoken all the time, patted Wang Ziliang on the shoulder,“Young man,The ups and downs of human life。Many big people have achieved their current achievements after countless ups and downs。So,Do you want to learn kung fu from me?”
The latter doesn’t know Jiang Min,I didn’t ask anything before。After all, the people who followed Qin Feng and Wang Mengmeng,Shouldn’t be against him。Who would have thought that the other party would still tell him this in an elder’s tone??
It’s just that he didn’t expect Jiang Min to crook the building。
“Learn kung fu?Is it okay at my age?”Wang Ziliang naturally knew that Qin Feng could fight,And Jiang Min’s age can still follow Qin Feng,At the same time, he also noticed that this old man is not a bird of Qin Feng,There is no respect for Qin Feng’s attitude。
Besides,Jiang Yan still treated him
Respectful。Wang Ziliang judged,Jiang Min’s role should not be simple。If he wants to teach himself kung fu,Can he take a different path because of this??
At least next time someone makes his company’s idea,He can tell the opponent that he is rejecting with his fist。
“amount,This one.”Jiang Min stroked his chin,“Replace it with the previous words,I would definitely say that I missed the best martial arts opportunity。It’s just that my worldview has shattered recently,After being reshaped, there will be no so-called age shackles,the most important point is,I have a new idea and want to try。”
Jiang Min naturally cannot teach others to practice,But it’s okay to practice martial arts。After this period of time, after his exploration of the monks,He has a new summary,I feel that there is a new theory that can actually be applied to the acquired martial artist。