Liu Qiang called so anxious.Keep asking for someone.This is extremely abnormal.I’m afraid it has a lot to do with this hard drive.How can the police take people.Why so much trouble?

Step back and say.Liu Qiang himself would not beat himself in such a funny way.Then the only explanation is that he is giving himself some hint.This hard drive is untouchable.
Figured out this layer.Li Tianzhen’s heart is a little more at ease.It can be judged from Liu Qiang’s anxious tone.This one[Yam“Must be returned.With any luck.Maybe it can make the incident of last night pass the risk.No good.Can also make this guy extinguish the fire.After all, you have to rely on him to wipe your ass.
As for those messy things in the hard drive.He is too lazy.Can’t bother.I’m afraid even Liu Qiang can’t touch it.Ha ha.To deal with.Just make sure that the contents of the hard drive are not leaked.I think some people can do business too.As for how to find this stuff.They have countless ways to explain.
Li Tianzhen wry smile.Is he not without the concept of right and wrong.But is very clear about his situation and identity.There is nothing we can do about it.
Yuxing can get to where it is today.It’s not easy.Li Tianzhen didn’t want to let this newly recovered situation break like falling glass again.Moreover, the reason why the police’s attitude towards Yuxing can be fundamentally reversed is still a mystery.He can’t make mistakes.
I’m going back to my hometown in Northwest tomorrow.To visit my parents and sister who had been away for nearly two years.Only for a short stay, I have to return to the base again.Then a new life is about to start.What Yuxing can do must end.
Li Tianzhen left the lively Yutang Street silently.Turn the corner.He dialed Liu Qiang’s phone.The two agreed a place to meet soon.
Liu Qiang’s various anger.Complain or even scold.Li Tianzhen will bear it all.But I feel more at ease.This shows that my previous analysis and judgment are reliable.Tired of being scolded.After a break.He took out the hard drive.
Liu Qiang snatched it over.Look carefully up and down.Then stared and asked.[I’ve seen everything inside?“
[No.“Li Tianzhen’s head shook like a rattle.Extremely sincere.
Liu Qiang stared suspiciously at Li Tianzhi.Suddenly shouted.[lie!You can’t even lie!have not seen.So you can eat?Why did you take this thing?“
[I haven’t seen it.“Li Tianzhen looks innocent.[Originally wanted to see.Locked with secret key inside.Can’t open.“He remembers Depp told him.Several main files in the hard disk are encrypted.And quite complicated.If it wasn’t for the years when I was mixed with Internet cafes,.He can’t open.
Liu Qiang’s eyes are confused again.For computers.His knowledge is extremely limited.I’m afraid it’s only a little better than Li Tianzhi.Naturally can’t help but pretend to understand.
Staring at Li Tianzhen fiercely again for a long time.Liu Qiang grabbed the tea cup on the table and took a few sips.Then wipe your mouth.Get up.[You better not lie to me.Otherwise it depends on how I clean you up.“
[and many more.“Li Tianzhen also stood up.[What about the masked person you said in the morning.I want to declare again–“
Liu Qiang waved his hand impatiently.[warn you.This time is really warning you.Don’t be troubled.otherwise.No one can save you.“Turn around and walk away.
Looking at Liu Qiang’s back.Li Tianzhen finally breathed a long sigh of relief.Call the waiter after checkout.Went out and went straight[Yuxing Little Sichuan Restaurant.“
In the small office on the second floor of Sichuan Restaurant.Li Tianzhen finally slept for three hours.Busy up and down inside the building.Didn’t bother him at all.Tired all day and night.