Snooze Health Alert

Snooze Health Alert

In today’s fast-paced life, study and work are very stressful. Excessive sleep is incredible for human life activities, and it is also necessary to relieve fatigue and restore physical strength and benefits.

  However, some people mistakenly believe that sleeping more is good for health, and it is also conducive to the growth and development of adolescents, so that when they have a chance, they can’t get up in bed and sleep longer than necessary. This is a bad habit.

According to research, over time, this will damage physical health.

  The effect of sleep habits on the body:?

Abnormal sleep can affect the balance of hormone secretion in the body.

  Human life is closely related to the secretion of hormones in the body. For those who live and work regularly, many hormones secreted by the inferior colliculus and pituitary gland are relatively high from morning to evening, and relatively high from night to dawn.


Snooze seriously affects human health.

  If you have a normal life on a normal day and snooze on holidays, you may disturb the timing of the biological clock in your body and cause abnormal changes in hormone levels. As a result, the hormone levels do not go up during the day and the hormone levels do not come down at night, making the brain excited and inhibiting disorders, making people stay at night for a long time.Unable to fall asleep, restless and exhausted during the day.

  This will lead to a decrease in the body’s resistance, easy infection with pathogens, and the initiation of various diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the balance of sleep time and maintain a good lifestyle.

  In the morning, the air in the bedroom is slightly turbid. It has been determined that the air contains a large amount of bacteria, mildew and fermentation particles, carbon dioxide gas and dust, etc., which easily damages the respiratory system, induces colds, cough, sore throat, and dizziness, etc. for a long time.It may damage memory and hearing.

  After one night, the abdomen was empty, and there was a clear sense of chronicity. The gastrointestinal tract was ready to accept, digest food, and secrete various digestive fluids.

At this time, if you can’t afford bed, it will inevitably disrupt the law of gastrointestinal function. Over time, the reconstituted mucosa will be damaged, which may easily cause diseases such as gastritis, ulcer and indigestion.

  When lying in bed, especially after falling asleep, metabolism is reduced and energy consumption is reduced, especially now that living standards are improved and nutrition is rich. If you sleep longer than normal, it will make the body ‘s energy “into more than out”.Forms accumulate under the skin, and don’t condense too much to become “fat.”