Have experience,The decline at this moment is not as scary as before。

Full of mental power,With the help of the abruptness on the hanging wall, start to jump step by step。
This process lasted for nearly half an hour,Still haven’t encountered other things,Except for the heavier black devil spirit and sword intent。
He should be able to know the general mechanism of this Jianyuan。
It’s the same as the aura array of Shengde Academy,The more you go inside, the stronger your aura。
Here is where you are falling,The sword intent you feel will become more and more complicated。
For things like Jianyi,It is also a simple to complex process。
The bottom is very complicated,Naturally, the better for those who understand,of course,The premise is to be able to resist the erosion of this sword intent.。
Like where Xia Chenglong is at this moment,There are many stone platforms on the hanging walls here,Things that these stone platforms themselves think appear,But because many people have sat there,So it’s smoother。
If you didn’t guess wrong,The former disciples of Wanjianzong cultivated at this level。
Xia Chenglong looked forward,Don’t know why,After reaching a level,It’s not as dim as I imagined,But there is a hint of light。
And on the stone platform 100 meters away,There seems to be a dark shadow。
I don’t know if it is an enemy or a friend,So not too close,After making sure that the opponent is not threatening, I approached there after a few jumps。
Unimaginable,There are people on these stone platforms,And he was still a disciple of Wan Jianzong。
It’s really hard to imagine that they still exist,It was the disaster a thousand years ago。
The black spirit came too suddenly,So that the disciples of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect who are cultivating here will stop at this moment forever without even quitting from the state of cultivation.。