If so,Then he has to contact Huajiao Miao,Thought of here,He made a few calls,But this thing is only available in the northwest and southwest,I can’t find other places。

no way,Xia Jian called Wang Lin,Let her contact the prickly ash seedlings suitable for planting in the northwest,Not only the variety is good,And the source of goods is in the formal channel,In this case,The peppers that grow out are guaranteed。
When he just finished the matter,I received a call from Ouyang Hong,Ouyang Hong asked unhappy over the phone:“When did you come to Pingdu?”
“I arrived yesterday,what happened?What’s urgent?”Xia Jian knowingly asked this。
Ouyang Hongyi listen,Said angrily:“What do you mean?Come without saying a word,I ask you,Is it such a good job for you as an honorary mayor??”
“Damn!Don’t say that for now,I went to Shuijing Village as soon as I arrived yesterday,Busy till night”Xia Jian told Ouyang Hong about his hard work on the phone。
Ouyang Hong smiled,Asked on the phone:“You went to Shuijing Village?Isn’t it the big girl or the little girl who fell in love with again??I can tell you,You are romantic,But can’t mess around in the village,This is a reputation issue”
“Damn!Where did you think”Xia Jian was saying,Actually, he was quite surprised,How come these women’s sixth sense is so powerful。
Ouyang Hong sighed on the phone and said:“I said these are a bit redundant,What do you like,Then tell me,Do you want to do something in Shuijing Village??”
“Ok!You guessed it right,There is a barren mountain in Shuijing Village,Where the land is all cultivated,Now all deserted,I made a field trip yesterday,Where is really good,Suitable for growing pepper,And the area is not small,If this can be developed,Well, the whole village can get rid of poverty in three to five years”Xia Jian said confidently on the phone。
Ouyang Hongyi listen,Interest suddenly came,She hurriedly said:“Stop talking,Let’s go to Pingyang Town in a while,Because there are so many things in town waiting for us to research together,Then you can talk about this Shuijing Village”
“Go now!It’s almost time for dinner”Xia Jian glanced at his watch and said。
Ouyang Hong raised her voice on the phone and said:“Just know to eat,When I think of Donglin Township,I don’t think I can sleep,What do you say we spend every day,How about them?Others don’t know,You should know,So this meal at noon today,Let’s eat in Pingyang Town,It’s okay to eat bowl of noodles!”Ouyang Hong finished,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Hung up。
Hey!This Ouyang Hong,He also tied the happiness of the people in Pingdu to him,You are the mayor,I’m just a grassroots in Pingdu,At best, it’s a wage earner。Xia Jian thought this way,Can’t help but laugh。
At this moment, Guo Meili walked in,She saw Xia Jian like this,And asked with a smile:“What makes you so happy?”