really,He observed the prisoners who were drinking ginger soup.,Face expression,Obviously become frightened。This kind of unreasonable ten,Who is not afraid?!

In addition to Hertong and so on, you are not worried about this.,Middle and low-level officers of other army,Who is willing to die like this??They feel that they are all“Utilize value”of,I even want to eat in the goddess of the army.。
If it is simple and rude“Ten pumping one”Kill,That is not a ghost?Unhappy!
“hehe,look,The main policy is effective。”
Yang Shu pointed to the prisoners of prisoners of prisoners who got the ginger soup after ginger soup。
“They are fear,And this time,It is amplified by fear.。”
Li Delin nodded。Yang Suqing is flying in the day,But he is always the service post of Gao Bo Yi.,That is not just because Gao Baoyi is in high。
Compare,Gao Baoyi“Playman”Ability,It is even more,This point Li Delin has always appreciated。
Half time,Probably seeing the effect is almost,Gao Bao took the iron speaker to continue to shout:“Ten kill,Although fair,But it is a bit unreasonable.。so what,I will give a truth now.。”
Reason?You will also reason?
The surrounding Goddess army heard this,I am a strange feeling in my heart.。Gao Bo Yi is strict,Never reason,He only speaks military law!
Now tell the prisoners,Who is a letter?。
It is like a wolf and sheep, I don’t eat, you are a sample.。
Probably, I have been aware of this and myself.“Person”Some do not match,Gao Bao Yi is a long cough,Continue to shout:“This method is simple and simple.。God has a good life,Innocent,Should not be killed casually。
That is。”
“but,What kind of talent is innocent??”
Gao Bo Milton,Continue to say:“Township in the top day,Sliced,Blood debt。such a man,Not an innocent person。”
I heard this,Most of the captives are loose。Many of them are fresh and poor people.,But the fresh polar people are not a murderer.!Many people are just ordinary military households,It has come to Jinyang to come back to the world.。
Surgery,It is nothing to follow them.。
Or,They can’t find this opportunity。To know,Huangjie is not just a behavior,More,in other words:Do bad people need more,No, where do you have a chance to be a bad person?!
“but,I am the goddess army,Qi Guo’s Gyeonggong,I am not familiar with you.!how could I know,Who are you are a good person?,Who is a traitor?,In order to harm?
this problem,How do you help me solve??”
Gao Baoyi asked,Like a fox that is ready to steal chicken。
Yang Su listened to the side,The sweat behind it is vertical,Low head hiding the eyes of yourself。
Say the most soft,最 的,If it is a favorable world,Gao Bo Yi is a well-deserved first!
Gao Bao is ignored to be handed over,The look of the six towns captive,Continue to say:“so what,I think,You stand yourself,Recognize,Who is the case,Who is in the country?,Who is tired on weekdays。
so,It should be picked out those people.,Others are nothing.,right?
and,The person who took the lead comes out,It is a doctor,You are so many people to manage,Goddess army still wants to march,I can’t manage it.,Those who stand out first report not only not only,And can also manage it。
What do you deal with?,That wants the court to order,But as long as you listen to the number,The crime of death is absolutely no,and,After we enter Jinyang,It will also properly resettle the victims who lost rations.。
Do you want to kill??Still want to use this method?”
Gao Baoyi,Like the devil from the government,With confusing power。I have already discussed each other to discuss the decision of the strategy of the six towns.,Look at the eyes of people around,I became alert in an instant.!
“I can see the Lord’s Congrators’ Six Town and Xianbei,It’s not bad.。”
Yang Su is in the side,Li Delin around him,Actually, I nodded,Didn’t say anything,As soon as I quietly looked at the scene in front of you。
Everyone wants to check others,Everyone is afraid of being cheered by others.。Reward others,Once successful,Means inside the political power,You have a great possibility to get rid of“Guilty army”“Crime”“Criminal”identity of,Soak,Turn around,become“Official army”。
If the dog is good,Even becoming a relative。
Once the report,It will become the ghost under the Gao Bao Daruto,Robe,Not only will not be sad,Instead, it will be called!
Because every person is dead,It means that you have safely!Gao Boyi wants to kill,The number is definitely limited。
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