One-week fund performance: The increase in equity-based net value decreased by an average of 0.


One-week fund performance: The increase in equity-based net value decreased by an average of 0.


Last week, the A-share market fluctuated and fell, and the Shanghai stock index fell 1 week.

19%, closed at 2938.

At 14 o’clock, the Shenzhen Securities Index fell by one week.

38%, ChiNext Index fell 1 week.

09%. From the perspective of Shenwan ‘s first-level industry, except for the media, medical and biological, and leisure services sectors, which increased slightly last week, the rest of the sectors declined to varying degrees.

Among them, non-ferrous metals and electrical equipment have expanded first, with single-day declines exceeding 3.


In this context, the net value of equity funds decreased by an average of 0 last week.

75%, 87 of the 398 products except statistics increased in net worth.

The net value of index funds is expected to decline by an average of 1 last week.

28%, the net value of 106 of the 927 products divided into statistics rose, and the fund with a medical and biological theme led the week.

The net value of hybrid funds decreased by an average of 0 last week.

57%, the net value of 611 of the 3249 products divided into statistics increased, accounting for nearly 20%.

The net value of QDII funds was expected to grow by an average of 0 last week.

76%, the QDII of investment real estate and technology stocks led the week, 233 of the 265 products divided by statistics increased net worth, accounting for nearly 90%.

  On the open market, last week’s breakthrough was through reverse repurchase and MLF investment of 30 billion US dollars and 200 billion US dollars. Looking at the whole caliber, net investment of 230 billion US dollars throughout the week, the overall funding was tight, and overnight Shibor interest rates increased slightly during the week.

Against this background, the net value of bond funds was expected 无锡夜网 to grow by an average of zero last week.

01%, 1452 of the 2681 products divided into statistics increased the net value, accounting for over 50%.

The short-term wealth management debt-based income expansion money fund has an average annualized return of 2 in the last 7 days.

61%, 2.


  For equity funds, the theme of ABC Healthcare’s healthcare rose with weekly net worth.

75% came first.

For index funds, Taikang CSI Hong Kong Stock Connect C performed the best during the week, and its net worth rose during the week.


As for hybrid funds, Ping An Healthcare’s net worth increased during the week.

68%, the best performance.

For bond funds, South China Ruixin will start at 2 this week.

The increase of 23% ranked first.

Among the QDII funds, Penghua US Real Estate won the first place this week, and its net worth rose.