“aunt,This is really not my fool,Gentlemen,It’s not that I don’t give you face,The reason why Chen Geng wants to go back,Because I think the current China,No soil for the survival of foreign companies。”

Chen Geng’s words,Frightened everyone,Ding Haijun stood up first,Nervous way:“Mr. Chen,Don’t talk nonsense,In order to change,We did a lot of work……”
“I know,”Chen Geng nodded,Made a gesture to indicate Ding Haijun finished hearing:“I received the joint venture document from you today,I won’t say anything too intense,This is meaningless,I just say a little:in my opinion,No foreign company will follow these regulations to cooperate with companies in your country。”
Could it be……Chen Geng wanted to leave,Related to policy?
Chen Geng’s words,Let the hearts of everyone present:If there are serious deviations in the policies formulated by the country,Can’t attract foreign investment at all,That’s really a serious problem。
Yuan Jia is a little puzzled,Asked:“Chen Geng,National policy……What’s the problem?”
“in my opinion,The problem is comprehensive,”Chen Geng sighed:“First one,Is in a joint venture,The proportion of foreign investment shall not exceed 50% of the total investment of the enterprise……”
“Mr. Chen,There is nothing wrong with this rule, right??”Director Xu couldn’t help asking:“As a socialist country,We must maintain the socialist nature of the enterprise unshakable,To ensure that our national system is not affected,The shareholding ratio of foreign-funded enterprises does not exceed 50%,Is a matter of principle。”
“Yes,I understand your original intention to formulate this,China has just opened to the outside world,It’s understandable to be wary of the outside world,I even understand that the company must establish a party branch.,But everyone here,Who explain to me‘The company’s party branch secretary manages the company,The party branch secretary has full personnel rights’What’s the situation?”Chen Gengqi pats the table:“If I don’t have the right to appoint or dismiss my company’s personnel,Do you think i will invest in my comfort?”
Director Xu replied weakly:“In our socialist country,YesDCommand everything。”
“Command everything?Chen Geng said something lazily:“OK,I know you have your national conditions,I won’t argue with you about these issues,But I am also clear about my attitude,If I cannot fully manage the enterprise as a corporate decision maker,Cannot include salary、Various methods such as bonuses fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees……Everyone,with all due respect,For these two items,I am very pessimistic,I don’t think these two projects can make money。”
Can’t make money,I also invest in wool?
Although Chen Geng didn’t say this directly,But everyone here understands what he means。
to be frank,Chen Geng is really depressed,He didn’t expect,China’s early restrictions on foreign investment companies were so big!
After a while of silence,Director Xu finally spoke:“Mr. Chen,You are not satisfied with our policy,We can communicate slowly、coordination,Will always find a solution that both parties are satisfied with,Please trust our sincerity,There is no problem that cannot be communicated……”
“I also hope to solve,But our differences are too big,I don’t think it is possible for both of us to reach a consensus,”Chen Geng sighed:“If I have no say in a company,I would rather not invest。”
The leaders who rushed over looked at each other,They can see it,Chen Geng didn’t want to use this to bargain with himself,He is really disappointed with this policy,But Chen Geng really can’t leave,Director Xu said bitterly:“Mr. Chen,Really do not have……Is there room for relaxation?”
“What do you say to me?”Chen Geng sighed disheartenedly:“I come to invest in your country,to be honest,The ultimate goal is to make money,It can help some people while making money,But if it is based on the current policy,I don’t think I can make money here……Maybe I will come again after you revise the restrictions in the future,but now,I’m very sorry……”