The man in the red shirt is even more depressed,Quickly explained:“misunderstanding,All misunderstandings。If they knew they knew Uncle Bing,Definitely not like this。”

Gambling,It’s okay to tie people to collect gambling debts,Even after giving money,In the eyes of these community members,It’s not a big deal,But the most embarrassing thing is the whole house,Were overturned by others,This is the most shameful。
Uncle Bing said something good,It’s like hitting fourteen directlyKs face,And they have no temper。
Brother Xiong can’t figure out the relationship between these mainland Chinese and Uncle Bing.,I just received a call from Uncle Bing,Said that a friend was detained by Jinnan Finance Company,His old man will come and take a look。
And the big guys from Liansheng are coming to find Xiong brothers,Of course he dare not lose face,Bring people quickly,Then Uncle Bing came up together。
I don’t know the result is that the whole house is beaten to the ground by everyone,Like making a martial arts movie,Shameful。
Although Brother Xiong is fourteenKPeople,But Uncle Bing’s status lay there,And it sounds,That mainland boy is actually friends with Erye,The signs of these two and the tycoons are here,Of course Brother Xiong dare not offend。
It’s just that Bing hasn’t been very involved in the affairs of the world in recent years,That Erye Ren is notoriously cruel,Whoever offends him is afraid that he will not sleep。
Brother Xiong thinks he doesn’t have the ability to wrestle with Erye,So I can only admit,And still completely admit。
Uncle Bing waved impatiently,Tao:“Axiong,Here is your place,You speak,What to do about this?”
He is not interested in wasting time on such small things,He wants to hear from his old friend quickly,And he thinks those mainland boys are all weird,I feel like I can’t tell,Very evil。
Brother Xiong nodded quickly,First gave the man in the red shirt a fierce look,Then gritted his teeth,Said:“Since it is a friend of Uncle Bing and Erye,That’s my friend of Axiong,This is something my little brother has done wrong!Ahong,Apologize to this brother,All Men Are Brothers,Everyone shook hands and made peace。”
The man in the red shirt heard this,Suddenly confused。
what’s the situation?Now it’s my house who was beaten by others,I have to apologize in the end?
But he can’t resist!Brother Daxiong has spoken,If he doesn’t know each other,It’s not just as simple as apologizing。
Under the stern look of Brother Xiong,A Hong had no choice but to walk to Lu Menglin。
“brothers,Sorry。It’s me!”A Hong, the man in red shirt, arched his hands at the three,Hold fist。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Nor return courtesy,Don’t speak,As if not heard。
Uncle Bing next to me is impatient,Shouted:“Apology is useful?Then we people don’t need to mix up!”
Brother Xiong,It seems that Uncle Bing is really hot today,Going to be real。