“You are not good,She should be called Auntie,”Yang Yong touched her daughter’s head,“okay,Pay attention next time,Go play by yourself。”

The child is only three years old after all,In a few minutes, I was attracted by the photo props in the store,Play with other people in the shop,At this time, the child’s innocent smile appeared。
Yang Yong bought something in advance and put it in the car,Off work,Hold the child,I went to Xia Shuyue’s house with my things。
Wang Sulian saw Yang Yong,Very happy,Made a lot of delicious,Everyone eating and chatting,Happily,There is a kid running around,Don’t feel embarrassed。
TV is on,It’s time for news,“Universe Networks launches a new game,Mr. Zhao Luo, Chairman……”
Wang Sulian heard the name,Turned around to look,I didn’t expect that the person on TV was really Zhao Luo,Said angrily,“This unscrupulous,Actually still on TV,A man,Why are you combing your hair so smooth??!”
Xia Shuyue took a look,I feel uncomfortable,This bastard lives by himself,But hurt myself miserably。
Her expression freezes for a moment,but,Yang Yongzai,She didn’t say a word,Turned his face away immediately。
Of course Xia Shuyue’s expression did not escape Yang Yong’s eyes,It seems Wu Lili didn’t lie,This Zhao Luo is probably her ex-boyfriend。
Finished eating,Yang Yong’s daughter has been clamoring to go home,He had to leave,Wang Sulian happily asked him to come again next time。
“This big belly woman has a grudge against the alcoholic,Strange。”Er Mao said。
Wang San disagrees,“What’s weird,This drunkard has so many enemies now,He seems to want the life of his big belly,Is a ruthless character。”
“Wang Ge,You said wait for the photos to be washed out,Do you want to show it to sister Na??”Er Mao asked。
Wang San hit the Ermao face door with a brain collapse,“Silly you,I still want to show Na?Are you afraid she doesn’t know the big belly is still alive?Do you think she will spare us?”
Ermao clutched his chest nervously,“day,Why did I forget this moment,Almost killed myself,What do you say?”
“What else,You wash out the photos and give them to me,I just give Zhang Siwei directly,Sister Na explained。”Wang San stared at Er Mao。
“I was thinking,We have been following for so long,I have some grades so I can take it,Don’t show it to sister Na,Afraid she thought we didn’t do anything。”Er Mao seems a little wronged。
Wang San gave Ermao’s head a bit more,“You know a fart,As long as Zhang Siwei sees the photo,I will definitely trouble the alcoholic,That kind of strong woman speaks with thorns,If the alcoholic is provoked,I’m afraid I will kill the big belly woman directly with a knife,By the time,We will have nothing,understand?”