Ping Li didn’t even think that when he heard the news, he didn’t feel happy and Japanese. Ping Li just bought clothes and sat in the roadside flower bed. That woman just walked away. How could she be so natural and unrestrained and leave without condemnation?

Death is god’s best relief for mankind, and that woman got it so easily.
The world seems to become quiet as soon as possible. There is no lover and no enemy. It seems that there is a lonely person. Ping Li feels that all the focus of his life has been disturbed and his breathing has become so meaningless.
Mommy! With the pure sound, Xiao Tangjiao has run to Ping Li’s eyes. Aunt has washed my face. Am I not so annoying?
In the eyes of the child, it is obvious to please Ping Li and cherish the child. Tears quickly blurred the whole world. This is the best gift that God gave her. How can she have such a pair of good children? She wants them to hold up a day. She wants to be their proudest example. This is what she should walk in Ping Li.
Yao Jia has told me what to do with the ashes? Xia Shuang is a little doubting Ping Li’s mind. It’s really a little embarrassing.
Just put it in the crematorium. I don’t want that person to affect my life again! Ping Li gave Tang Jiao a new dress and spoiled and kissed the little guy. Everything was relieved when he saw the child’s face smiling.
Let Jiajia come back. The police will handle it! Ping Li didn’t want to take the children to deepen the concept of death. That woman should not occupy too many memories of the children. It’s cruel!
I think so! Xia Shuang, it seems that that woman deserved it, and she also harmed others’ happiness before she died. It is really hateful!
Anyway, they are all going to die, and they have to build a Tang Shu. It’s so evil to make people feel so sad! Even if you die, you have to go to hell to atone. You must never have a chance to see Don!
Xia Shuang detests evil and curses finally gave Yao Jia a message. Of course, Ping Li also called Shu Yuehua, mainly to say something about Tang Jiao. Shu Yuehua also gave birth to a lot of sighs that her granddaughter is always rare for Ping Li to be so generous. She also nodded her approval.
Life seems to have turned back to the origin, and people seem to have changed. Ping Li began to work hard to adapt without Tang Shu. Every day, she believed that she would definitely reassure the man!
It feels good to wake up naturally. I don’t know if it was too painful to toss about the day before. Everyone slept soundly, and their clothes were dry and they were much more comfortable to wear.
You haven’t slept? When I wake up, I feel distressed when I see a man’s amorous eyes.
I slept and Wesley took turns to rest! Lu Fengxing gently kissed the woman’s forehead. Did you sleep well?
hmm! Happiness nodded. My husband’s arms are particularly solid!
Well, it’s estimated that everyone here will sleep like this. You can feel safe! Lu Fengxing’s lip angle evoked a smile. Once he especially hoped that women could have such dependence on him, but whether he could still give her such dependence was really uncertain.
Get up early and have some cookies. I think it’s a change of taste! Wesley handed over the food to everyone.
It’s better to have this kind of plastic packaging or we’ll really go hungry! Miao sighed and opened the bag.
I don’t know what will happen further ahead. If I can keep breathing like this, I’d rather stay here and not go anywhere! Marisa is lazy, leaning on the man’s shoulder and looking forward, her eyes are confused.
I think the owner of the tomb can open this door. Maybe he has realized our difficulties and wants to give me a chance to live! I began to be optimistic when I chewed cookies.
How can have such not necessarily? This is an ancient tomb or a thousandyearold tomb. Do you think it is possible for the tomb owner to know about us now? Marisa and Miao talked about science.
I don’t know. Now I think everything can’t be seen from the perspective of modern humans, or it will all be solved! Miao has now abandoned his insistence on scientific ideas because there seems to be no science in this place.
Don’t scare me. Do you think we can meet a jumping mummy later? Marisa was taken aback by her words.
God forbid! I really don’t want Marisa to have the crow’s mouth effect.
By this time, it was already noon, and everyone was very effective in saving a meal. After finishing everything, everyone started again with their bags on their backs.
The passage seems to be very long, and it has always been a slope. In some places, the slope is quite steep. If the ground is smooth enough, it can be used as a slide. Everybody walk carefully. It is still the formation after Wesley’s popularity.
You sound like water running! Wesley suddenly stopped.
Are we close to the underground river? Martha looked back at her eyes. It was a long way to go.
I don’t know, but there seems to be no light ahead! Weiss steadied his emotions and took a torch from the stone wall. Everyone will take one, so it will be more two degrees!
good! Everyone responded by taking torches from the stone wall.
Lu Fengxing looked at his watch. They all walked this road for more than two hours, showing how far the present position is from the surface. I really don’t think this road is right for Lu Fengxing, and I began to look forward to a miracle.
Sure enough, if you walk out of the distance of more than ten meters, the passage will be opened, and there will be no decorative painting, and the surrounding stone walls will not be polished. It seems that you have returned to a natural feeling.
What is the place ahead? Marisa grabbed Wesley. I don’t think this place looks like a place to go out. Why don’t we go back? Maybe there are other ways to go?
When we are here, we must go to see the sound of river water, which may give us new enlightenment! Wesley tried to comfort Martha.
I’m scared! Marisa nervously pulled into Wesley’s sleeve.
Lisa, it was so dangerous in front of us that we all survived. It will be fine! The light comforts Marisa and seems to comfort herself.
following! WoohooMarisa threw herself into Miao’s arms directly. It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t been naughty and provoked Ram, these things wouldn’t have happened!
Without these, it’s not all your fault. I’m very happy to find the fashion. We can definitely go out and be strong! I’m angry with Marisa and I hope that I can pity some of them. It’s not easy to walk together like this.
hmm! Marisa wiped her tears and got well again. Everyone started to move on behind Wesley.
When Lu Fengxing saw that Marisa had twisted her hand, she reached out and put her hands in her hands, clasping her fingers tightly. That was their mutual dependence and support. No matter what else lay ahead, that belief would not be erased.
After walking for more than ten meters, it no longer feels like a passage. As soon as I entered a natural cave, there were dark roots everywhere, and I couldn’t form a good line of sight. Stepping on the ground with my feet was no longer a paved slate, as black as sand, but it was soft and felt like I was going to sink in.
桑拿论坛The water seems to be coming from the front! Wesley raised his torch in the distance.
where there is wat, there is usually life. is this where those animals live? Miao’s heart is tense, too. I wonder if those mollusks will attack again.
Don’t scare me! Marisa’s heart thumped.
I’m just scaring myself! Lu Fengxing’s knuckles are much tighter.