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Qin Xiong’s teammates are also laying in the thirdline attack point, but Qin Xiong has no plans to play the ball.

He has no teammates at this moment!
It is not that he is selfish, but that he and his teammates are actually enemies!
He’s just here to grab an opportunity that belongs to others, and he’s here to win his own amazing glory!
Less than 5 meters in front of him is Yilmaz, the midfielder of the Red Team, but Mops, on the contrary, is Yilmaz’s explosive power! But the speed is slightly inferior!
That is to say, the Yilmaz key steal will have a quick, accurate and malicious effect!
And Yilmaz also stuck to the key forward position. Qin Xiong suddenly slowed down the pace again in front of him, but instead of slowing down completely, he stuck the ball slowly to keep the combination of people and balls. This is the most common way with a poor rhythm. The purpose is to confuse opponents and lure them to hand over their body center of gravity first!
Mops also chased Qin Xiong behind one fast and one slow to see him getting closer and closer. Mops made a determined effort to shovel people behind his back. He didn’t dare to witness what he did in Fan Jiaer. He was going to knock Qin Xiong down from behind!
Just then Yilmaz fell!
Qin Xiong just finished the dynamic pause. Yilmaz’s foot is about to touch the ball, but Qin Xiong turns around and pulls the ball with his left foot!
Yilmaz was dumbfounded!
Marseille roundabout!
Yilmaz’s center of gravity has been handed over and he and Moppes, who couldn’t stop the car, collided headon!
When they fell to the ground, they didn’t forget to turn their heads and look at Qin Xiong. After finishing the Marseille roundabout, they continued to take the ball forward!
At this time, everyone on the sidelines gasped and was shocked by Qin Xiong’s performance!
Then Qin Xiong has come to the front of the red team’s back line. I have to say that Qin Xiong still wants to thank his teammates for their excellent running awareness, so that even if they guessed that Qin Xiong can’t play the ball, they can still spread their positions and make the attack points distributed reasonably.
Qin Xiong has to challenge the opponent’s double central defender!
Vermaelen Dunn!
17yearold Vermaelen has completely panicked!
Qin Xiong’s performance brought him unparalleled pressure.
Before the headon confrontation, Qin Xiong noticed Vermaelen’s panic, his eyes were reckless and he grabbed his body. He slowed down again and then made a shot!
Vermaelen immediately blocked in front of him, even his body blocked the shooting angle.
But for a second Vermaelen’s forehead oozed cold sweat.
False shot!
Qin Xiong made a simple shot, but didn’t shoot, and then changed direction with the ball in an understatement, so Vermaelen passed by!
Duane gritted his teeth and rushed at him too hard. Qin Xiong changed direction again with the ball and passed the last defender!
Go to the restricted area and face goalkeeper moisander!
Moisander abandoned the door and went straight for Qin Xiong. To Qin Xiong’s surprise, moisander threw himself two meters in front of him to block the angle, but Qin Xiong had not shot yet.
Qin Xiong realized that the young goalkeeper was also panicked.
He stepped on the football.
Moisander crawled in front of him. Qin Xiong pulled the ball half a meter horizontally with his right foot. The arch gently pushed the ball past moisander. He stretched out his hand to stop the difference of ten centimeters and could touch the football, but the distance was like a world away!
The football rolled slowly into the goal.
Qin Xiong held his head high and turned to look back at the shock!
[Text 12] He is your core! ]
Thanks for I look up at my home in hell!
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The training ground suddenly fell silent.
Everyone stared at Qin Xiong walking slowly back after breaking the door.
Behind Qin Xiong, goalkeeper moisander looks pale and he falls to the ground.
In front of Qin Xiong MoPuSi Yilmaz just got up and gnashed her teeth and felt ashamed and resentful!
A longdistance attack on Qin Xiong from the front of his own halfcourt penalty area stirred up the red team’s midfield and backcourt!
Vermaelen Duane’s pat on the face seems to cheer himself up. They were broken oneonone by Qin Xiong respectively. If it is a professional stadium, it will be a stain! If it’s an important game, they are sinners!
The yellow team player Qin Xiong’s teammates saw Qin Xiong’s eyes change significantly and marveled at the performance just now by this Asianfaced young man.
Through the halfcourt performance, Qin Xiong is biased towards the defensive players. It’s shameless that there are still people who feel condescending at rest!
They all remember that Qin Xiong said that he could play in midfield before training!
And many people have also issued a sneer.
Qin Xiong scored a goal. He didn’t have much excitement, but Freddie jumped up in situ on the sidelines, regardless of other people’s strange eyes. Qin Xiong applauded!
Freddie is proud at this moment!
What about Ajax?
So what if you are rich in genius?
Come and see the real genius here!
Rick Link, the director of youth training, was dumbfounded!
It’s probably been a long time since I’ve seen a player make such a wonderful performance from the backcourt!
Fan Jiaer dismissed the idea that he would continue to look.
It is impossible to say how shocking Fan Jiaer will be.
夜生活Not to mention that more than a decade ago, he personally trained a large number of geniuses. When he coached Barcelona twice, there were also many geniuses to work with. What’s more, in the top European stadiums, national team workers have witnessed too many geniuses.
It is too hasty to judge a young player by his performance in just over ten seconds.
But the objective evaluation must be given that Qin Xiong has already scored in Fan Jiaer’s mind!
First of all, Qin Xiong is very good at taking an active part in defense in the overall situation, and intercepting defense in the key position of the opponent’s offensive line.
Secondly, although the importance of today’s training match is still the strength and overall quality of players, it can’t be compared with professional competition.
But this is Ajax youth training base!
There will be no pawns here.

Long summer suddenly zheng in distress situation proved to be like father, like father, a virtue to send out what will never be taken back. Who should I give it to or who should I give it to? This Yu Enze has been wearing amethyst for so long. Is it today that he gave it to his son? This persistent and overbearing maniac.

"Yes, yes, thank you, Uncle Zhang. I love it." Amber couldn’t put it down.
"Amber, it’s time for us to go and say goodbye to our uncle." long summer is afraid that she will continue to stay face to face with Yu Enze and hide her true feelings. She will be unable to restrain herself from bursting out. What if it doesn’t end well then? She can urge Amber to leave with her as soon as possible.
"Uncle Zhang, can I see you again?" Amber was reluctant to part.
"Will my uncle come here to see you if he comes to Beijing again?" Yu Enze said gently to Anbao.
"Well, Mommy, we must move here soon." Amber is full of expectations.
Looking at long summer and Amber’s distant figure, Yu Enze’s previous bright eyes gradually dimmed, and he saw long summer in such a hurry that he didn’t even come to greet her.
"Wrong" In hindsight, Yu Enze suddenly realized something. "Anbao said that he had never seen his father. How could he say that his father should be as good-looking as me? Isn’t his father Chen Moran? long summer took him to see the house? Didn’t she live in Chen Moran villa with Anbao?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two I will break with you.
The sun shone through the floor-to-ceiling glass window into long summer’s office, and the soft halo swayed with beautiful ripples. It was net suspended and warm, and neutral. Xia Zheng was immersed in drawing a design draft, and his mobile phone suddenly rang.
It was the same phone number five years ago. Although she deleted his phone number since she left him, she kept it in her mind.
She had expected that he would call. After all, she only met him yesterday. It is not difficult for him to find out her latest private phone number. It is whether she will answer or not.
Hesitantly, long summer still picked up "Hello". Her voice didn’t recognize a ripple, but her heartbeat was out of rhythm.
"long summer is my Yu Enze", Yu Enze’s tone is soft and faint, revealing long-suppressed thoughts and concerns.
Hearing Yu Enze’s opening moment, long summer’s heart suddenly ached. She tried her best to restrain her emotions, but her voice was still calm. However, she couldn’t help but hold her fist in one hand. "Enze, what can I do for you?"
"Do you have it at noon? I’m in your workshop building cafe now. Can we meet if it’s convenient?" Although Yu Enze expressed respect for the other party’s questioning words, the implied expectation has leaked.
See or not?
Contradictions long summer is very entangled in silence. If you see her, will you hide your true feelings for many years and go out of control to pour out your heart to him? If you don’t see her, will it seem that she is too fickle and disloyal? She has always had him in her heart, and you should cherish it if you miss her.
"Well, I’ll find you downstairs now." It took a long time for long summer to hear himself slowly coming out.
Elegantly decorated café two-person bag in exquisite white porcelain cup, one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk and one-third foamed milk. The three ingredients are evenly and slowly mixed together, and the pure white is spread and spread, and the rich dark brown gradually forms the center of the slender edge, and then tiny particles of cinnamon powder are sprinkled to deliberately make way for a four-leaf clover symbolizing luck.
A symbol of lucky four-leaf clover
So what she’s been through these years is lucky or unlucky?
Is it lucky or unfortunate that she brought Yu Enze?
Long summer put her hands around the cup of cappuccino in front of her, and her fingers tightened slowly, and a thin mist rose in her eyes. Her voice suddenly became hoarse. "You remember that I love cappuccino for so many years."
"I remember all your hobbies and habits" because I have never forgotten you. Yu Enze stared at the sentence behind long summer, which he kept in his heart.
Long summer’s throat ached, and she hurriedly bowed her head to avoid his earnest and affectionate eyes.
She took a sip of cappuccino, which should be delicate and sweet with grandma Niu’s fragrance, but it was so rough and bitter in her mouth at this time, just as she was full of sadness and depression now
When people are unhappy, even the sense of taste will become disordered, and sweet taste will become bitter until it reaches the heart.
"Are you all right these years?" The two agreed.
Long summer and Yu Enze Zheng at the same time and then smiled at each other to ease the previous awkward and dignified atmosphere.
"How have you been in long summer these years?" Yu Enze asked earnestly.
"Well, how about you?" long summer didn’t meet Yu Enze’s focus and some sharp eyes.
"I’m fine, too." Yu Enze replied softly. The line of sight always stayed with long summer.
"I will come to Beijing this time."
"Invited by an old friend for many years to attend the opening ceremony of his new company"
"You’re always running around, so pay attention to your health."
"I know"
After some greetings, the two fell into words.
Win at this time
There is always a lot to say, but when it comes to face to face, I don’t know where to start.
spa会所"long summer, I have many questions for you today." Finally, Yu Enze broke the peace. He didn’t forget his original intention of coming to see long summer.
"What’s the problem?" long summer looked at Yu Enze in confusion.
"You" Yu Enze paused for a moment and then the phoenix eyes locked long summer tightly. "What do you want to take Amber out to see the house? And Amber is not Chen Moran, right?"
Two heart-sensitive issues immediately caught long summer off guard. When she looked at the opposite face in shock, Yu Enze was already serious.
See long summer didn’t answer Yu Enze and continue to ask long summer "What’s wrong with you and Chen Moran? What have you been keeping from me about Amber?"
"Enze, I don’t know what you’re talking about." long summer seemed impatient and unwilling to face Yu Enze.
"You know," Yu Enze, who was annoyed, increased his tone. "long summer, don’t run away from Amber again. He is not you and Chen Moran. He is you and my child." Although he is questioning, he is very positive.
"Enze, I can’t understand what you’re talking about. I’m sorry, I’m going back to the workshop." long summer was so flustered by Yu Enze’s coercion that she didn’t expect Yu Enze to know the truth so quickly. She was temporarily overwhelmed and could escape quickly.
Yu Enze a pull was about to leave long summer sharp phoenix eyes full of rebuke "you don’t admit it, but you do this to me and Amber. Do you think it’s fair? If you don’t tell me the truth, I’ll go to Chen Moran and ask you clearly."
"Enze, don’t fool around." long summer drank a lot. She didn’t want to get involved in another koo Yu Enze in this dispute between her and Chen Moran, otherwise things would get worse.
"I’m fooling around" Yu Enze felt that long summer’s words were angry and funny. "Who the hell is long summer? It’s you. You lied to me and Amber for five years. What on earth do you think? Do you know that you are really selfish?"
"I’m selfish. I’ll be selfish. You didn’t know I’m from Su Lixia until today?" long summer yelled at Yu Enze, and tears welled up in her eyes. Step by step, she pushed Yu Enze to the corner. "Yu Enze can think of me as you like. I don’t care.
Just as I beg you to stay away from that Chen Moran, can you mind my business and let Amber and I have a few more days of peace? "
Yu Enze stupefied looking at the shortness of breath long summer why stay away from Chen Moran and let her and Amber spend a few more days in peace, why did she say such strange things?
"long summer, you tell me if Chen Moran did something wrong to you. Is he bad to you and Amber? You tell me." Yu Enze immediately clenched long summer’s shoulder and was anxious and worried. He asked long summer over and over again.
Long summer slammed away Yu Enze’s cold tears and then ordered him to "leave Yu Enze’s business alone. If you dare to go to Chen Moran, I’ll give you a break." After that, long summer decisively pushed open the door and left.
"If you dare to go to Chen Moran, I’ll break with you." A word seems to put Yu Enze’s instant nail in place and he can’t step out. He seems to hear his heart suddenly freeze into ice and burst into pieces in an instant.
"Anbao Anbao has a surname of Uncle Zhang looking for you. He said you know him. Come with the teacher." In the afternoon, the class leader of the free activity class suddenly came to the playground and stopped Anbao, who was playing football.

Even Cai Tianqi likes women and dares to touch his hands. This is to offend Tao Zhi’s silk field!

Out of the bar, Tao Zhi Ling still looks pale and blue in shock! But I didn’t expect Cai Tianqi to appear in front of me at this time.
That coat is big and warm, and it drives away all fears at once.
Walking Tao Zhi Ling secretly lifted his head and glanced at Cai Tianqi. He saw his frown and didn’t say a word, but he couldn’t hide the breathtaking beauty of the silk. He could see that he was angry now, but what was he angry about? Is it because that bald eagle insulted himself? Or because
It didn’t take long for Cai Tianqi to finally endure. "Who told you to go to that place?"
Tone is almost roar out.
"I" Tao Zhi Ling was surprised and didn’t know how to explain it to him. I’ve never seen him so angry. Is that because of myself?
There was a touch in my heart.
However, before waiting for her, Cai Tianqi suddenly said, "I guess you don’t want to go there because you have no money!"
Tao Zhi Ling’s heart "hitched" and gnashed her teeth with anger. Others can insult themselves so much, but he can’t!
Although she knows that she can’t be such a woman, Cai Tianqi still has to say this because he is really angry, but now all the city people regard her as a young lady. At this time, she should go to such things less, but instead of hiding, she swaggered there. Can people not be angry when they see all this?
See her silent Cai Tianqi deliberately said "what? Am I wrong? If you’re not looking for a man, what are you doing in that place? That place is so populous. If you’re not selling it, tell me. Why did you show up there? You say it! " Cai Tianqi’s veins stood out.
Tao Zhiling, who became angry from embarrassment, really wanted the horse to slap him in the face, but on second thought, she smiled again. "Yes, I went there to do miss, so why did you go there?"
The rhetorical question of "you" made Cai Tianqi feel as if he didn’t know how to answer well.
It’s his turn to say anything. Tao Zhi Ling pursues "What’s the matter? Am I wrong? "
"I" is really angry. I want to put her in the army. Now she has turned Cai Tianqi’s face muscles beating with anger. Does this woman know how much she misses her? But what did she choose instead of herself?
Tao Zhiling looked at him angrily. "Stop it. I have something urgent to find you."
Section 12
"Something urgent?" Cai Tianqi asked, "What’s so important?"
Tao Zhiling knew that now was the best time to ask for money. "I want to borrow ten thousand dollars from you!"
"borrow money?" Cai Tianqi was startled. "What do you want this money for?"
"Because my hometown was robbed of land, the man said that if we could give him 10 thousand yuan, he would give us the title deed, and if he couldn’t get it out, he wouldn’t want to live there."
Cai Tianqi after listening to the eyebrows a wrinkly "your old house? Didn’t you live in a quadrangle for more than twenty years? Can people still live in that room? "
☆ Chapter 242 Difficulties have been solved.
"Of course this can live!" Tao Zhi ling is a little humbled. Tell the truth. I can’t tell which day the room will collapse.
Cai Tianqi thought for a moment, "Where do you live? I think it’s better to live in my house, where the environment is so angry and fresh!"
"No, there are reporters everywhere recently. If I live in your house, there will be a lot of topics to talk about. I am tired enough and don’t want to implicate you."
Cai Tianqi’s heart was touched by this. It seems that this little woman still has a good position in her heart.
The more so, the less I can lend her money, so he "I won’t lend you money if you won’t live in my house!" "
"You" TaoZhi ghatpot nasty didn’t expect that he would be so hard-hearted heart gas is coming "don’t you really from ruin? Anyway, we are friends. "
"Do you want to climb with me now?" Cai Tianqi approached her with a wry smile. "If you really want to climb with me, it’s not impossible, but you have to do something!"
Looking at his hostile eyes, Tao Zhiling involuntarily took a step back. "What action?"
"What do you say?"
Hang it all! It’s really hang it all! How come people are all from ruin? At this time, he has to make a deal with himself? Tao Zhiling was so angry that her roots itched. "Cai Tianqi, I really need that money now!"
"Then what are you hesitating about? Take action if you want money. There is no lunch in this world. Why? No? Then I will go! " After that, he turned his head and sat in the assistant’s car without looking back, ready to leave.
夜生活"Hello" Tao Zhi Ling hurried after the car. If he didn’t help himself, he really didn’t know what else to do. "Are you so heartless? Do you really want from ruin? "
"I didn’t say I want from ruin. I just want to pull in a little with you and save it. Remember to come to me if you want something nice, and then we will continue to discuss whether it is good for men and women or good for men and women!"
"Hey!" Tao Zhiling slammed his foot on the car and asked for a sports car. "Cai Tianqi, you turtle!"
But the car had already left before the words were finished.
Assistant in the rearview mirror to see her figure concerned tunnel "master, you really don’t give money to miss tao? You have never been so cruel to her at ordinary times. "
Cai Tianqi didn’t have a heavy heart in the car until the figure of Tao Zhi Ling was far behind the handlebar. He said, "Find out where Momo Tao’s hometown is at once."
When the assistant heard it, he was puzzled. "What are you doing there?" But on second thought, he got up. It seems that he is going to get into trouble with that bully. No wonder he was so cruel just now!
For that kind of person, the soft way is impossible. If he succeeds this time, there will surely be another excuse to keep asking for money. Thinking of this, he immediately replied, "Yes! Young master! " With that, he stepped on the gas pedal and left quickly.
When Tao Zhiling left the bar, she thought about it for a long time and went back to her hometown by bus.
At this time, it is already very late, and I will see my mother sitting on the lawn alone in a daze, but I didn’t expect that when she arrived home, she would find her mother cleaned up in the house.
Strange! He hasn’t given the money to Emperor Zhao yet. How could he be so kind as to let his mother live in first? Maybe this conscience has been discovered?
Gently walked in, and the dim light made the environment here look even colder. Yao Yawei’s thin figure was busy in a room alone, and suddenly Tao Zhi Ling felt sour.
At this time, Yao Yawei, who was cleaning the table, found that she quickly turned around and smiled, "Tao, are you back?" And she hurried to meet up with excitement.
TaoZhi ghatpot strange tunnel "mom, why did you come in? Emperor Zhao, did he give you a hard time? "
"no! Today, he took the initiative to give me the title deed, and he didn’t say anything. After saying it, he wouldn’t bother us and fled. "
"No! He would be so kind as to send it over? That money thing. "
"He said no and promised that he wouldn’t ask us for another penny."
Tao Zhiling was confused. "This is strange. Why did he give us the title deed?"
Yao Yawei said, "I was just about to ask you about this, me or what did you do to make him change?"
"No, I went out to borrow money today, but I didn’t borrow anything!"
If you don’t borrow anything, will Emperor Zhao automatically deliver the title deed? Yao Yawei was silent. "Who did you go to today?"
Although Yao Yawei has never seen a real Cai Tianqi, she also learned from the news that there are many things with Cai Tianqi. "Haven’t you found anyone except Tianqi?"
Tao Zhi Ling shook her head. "After looking for him, I thought it was getting late and it was impossible to borrow so much money in such a short time."
Yao Yawei was silent for a moment. "Is Tianqi usually good to you?"
"Yes!" Tao zhi ling want to also don’t want to say
"Does he like you?"
Speaking of this question, Tao Zhiling smiled slightly without embarrassment. "He said he likes me!" "
This is not telling the truth by himself. He did confess to himself, but whether he really meant it or not is 90% sure.
Yao Yawei clapped his hands at this moment and said, "That’s right. If I didn’t guess wrong, he must have settled this matter. You don’t know if Emperor Zhao came here and was beaten. Look at my eyes. If Tianqi didn’t help us, who else would have helped him?"
Yes, it is true that Cai Tianqi will do this now, and it is his habit to fight violence with violence.

"Consider" Lin Mochen picked up the teacup "I’ll go in and accompany Lu Youchu at night and leave it to you"

Lin Mo-chen got up from the sofa and then patted Chuhang on the shoulder and walked into the lounge.
Lin Mochen walked beside Lu Ju and put the teacup.
He lifted the bed, held Lu You in his arms, warmed himself up, and gave her his temperature, hoping that her pale face would float with a pink blush, and that her skin would not be so cold as frost, and that she would open her eyes and smile at him.
Sometimes, the posture of the two people is like two small animals hugging each other for warmth.
Lin Mo-chen buried his face in his shoulder and neck, closed his eyes and smelled her deeply. The familiar smell was still charming and fragrant.
This familiarity made his chest surge with pain and joy, and her heart spread away.
He recalled the moment when Lu Yu fell, which made his heart stop.
He stretched out his hand to catch her, but he couldn’t catch anything. The feeling of beating him and defeating him made him miserable.
Fortunately, her life is not in danger. Fortunately, he found her. Fortunately, she can still hear her every heartbeat and feel her every breath.
Suddenly I feel that living is the best wealth.
When the gas flows quietly, it also passes silently. Everything is so beautiful.
Soon they returned to Baijing City, and the helicopter stopped at the top floor of the building directly. The morning morning attracted people to watch and marvel.
Here I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
☆ 14 In the final analysis, he failed to protect her well.
In the morning in Baijing, the morning light is charming and golden, and the morning light is coming out from the clouds, dyeing the clouds with gorgeous gold.
Lin Mo-chen came from a helicopter to blame Liu You, who was still sleeping.
He is tall and has long legs, a white shirt and simple dark trousers, while Wei Wei J is a natural walking hanger.
His shirt collar unbuttoned two beautiful collarbones, and his shirt was just propped up by his perfect texture, so he could see clearly the skin lines and smell sexy male hormones.
He carried the golden sunshine behind him, and his hair was wide and his shoulders were soft. The morning light enveloped him and his arms.
Coming against the light, the top of his balcony looks so ethereal and unreal that you can walk away in the wind at any time, and you should not desecrate the noble gods as high as that.
And people look up at him as if they were worshipping him.
Section 176
The morning breeze blows his soft and drooping black hair, and the whole city is charming. The light and shadow are more three-dimensional and profound. If the emperor is the most carefully carved, it will be pleasing to the eye.
Lin Mochen, however, regarded people on the ground as amazing and curious about him, and calmly looked at the notice and went to Tiantai from the medical staff.
The medical staff helped put Lu Yu and Chu Ye on a stretcher and then carried them.
While ChuHeng accompanied Lin Mochen to follow the hospital staff to the rooftop.
Gu Nanqing is responsible for driving the helicopter back to Moyuan and parking it before driving over.
From the rooftop to the ladder, Lin Mo-chen has been with Lu You all the time, and with one hand, she clasps her fingers and is intimate and entangled, unwilling to separate.
They went all the way to the emergency room and pushed Chu night and Lu Yu into the room to prepare for examination and treatment.
Chuheng has also changed his white gown to be neat and tidy without any wrinkles.
Although after a night of tossing, the plane Chu Heng had a rest and now looks in good spirits.
Chu Heng looked at Lin Mochen outside the emergency room and comforted him. "Now that you are in the hospital, don’t worry about the situation of Lu You. There shouldn’t be much problem. Just look at Chu Ye’s injury. What am I afraid of?"
When Chu Heng said this, his white face was also dyed with a faint smile, which made Lin Mo-chen feel at ease. The power of smiling is the best medicine for peace of mind.
Lin Mo-chen’s eyes swept to Chu Heng’s jade-like gentle face and gently ordered a head.
He must have believed in Chu Heng’s medical skills, and he did his best to be a fraternity. He really didn’t trust others except him.
It is because the injured person is worried about Lu, and she suffered from the night’s suffering and torture. It is natural for him to feel bad when he sees those large and small injuries to her skin.
"Then sit down and have a rest. Don’t drive yourself fidgety. What should you do if you are so nervous and wait for Lu to get better? Who’s going to take care of her? I think the first person she wants to see when she wakes up must be what you want to do. I don’t need to say more. "Chu Heng reached out from his robe pocket and patted Lin Mochen on the shoulder to cheer him up." Then I won’t say much when I go in. "
Chu Heng opened the door and entered the emergency room. He treated Lu You and Chu Ye was another famous doctor in the hospital.
Lin Mochen listened to ChuHeng’s words and sat down on the bench at the edge of the emergency room with long legs crossed.
He hasn’t relaxed since he received the news last night.
It’s always a long wait, and both Lu You and Chu Ye need a thorough examination.
Lin Mochen took out a mobile phone. It’s just past 7 o’clock.
He called Pang Bo in the past. "I can’t come to the company meeting today in Pang Bo. Let the vice president inform me if there is something that can’t be handled by email."
桑拿会所After talking to Pang Bo, he remembered something and dialed a number in mind.
After the other party picked it up, he smiled a little evil. "Manager Lin is willing to call me."
"Olson, do me a favor," said Lin Mochen.
"Lin always wants my help, but I have to pay the price," Olson said coldly. "I’m not interested in such a vulgar thing as money. What do you say?"
"I have nothing but money. You have no choice." Lin Mochen’s low voice was oppressive.
Olson there leng a not angry Lin Mochen threat is laughing "then tell me what it is"
"Chi Yiming, the vice president of Chi’s family, is missing in the Second Little Castle Peak Scenic Area. I want to see people die and see corpses." Lin Mo-chen calmly described the tone, but the anger in his chest had already burned up. "Your ability is not difficult to do."
Olson asked, "What?"
"You ask if it’s too much." Lin Mo-chen is affirmative. Naturally, he won’t tell him the reason.
"I don’t ask, but I want the price. You owe me a favor. When will it be up to me? If you agree, the deal will be made?" Ou Chu did not continue to ask.
He also knows Lin Mochen. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, he won’t talk about it. If he really wants to know the reason again, he will know it if he wants to check it out.
"I owe you a favor, but I won’t do anything against my will. If you agree, it’s a deal." Lin Mochen also wants to leave a back door for himself
"Lin Mo Chen, you are still so cautious and I won’t hurt you." Olson said softly, "I can’t bear to haha …"
"Give me news in three days, the sooner the better. I can’t wait." Lin Mochen felt that three days was already a limit.
He now wishes he could tear Chi Yiming to pieces and worry about Lu, so that the burning flame in his heart could be extinguished.
He didn’t expect Chi Yiming to take Lu You and put her in such danger without learning a lesson at all.
I’m afraid he can’t wait for three days at the thought that he may lose his worries about Lu.
"It seems that this pool Yiming is going to be in great trouble." Olson gloated that "offending Yan shouldn’t offend you."
"Call me if you have news, so I have work." Lin Mochen hung up with Olson.
Soon after, Gu Nanqing also rushed to the hospital to see Lin Mo-chen sitting in a rest chair.
He sat down next to Lin Mochen and put the paper breakfast bag in his hand. "What happened to Lu You and Chu Ye?"
"It should come out soon." Lin Mochen looked at his breakfast but had no appetite at all, but still picked up the milk and took a sip.
"This time can’t let Chi Yiming go again" Gu Na tilted his eyebrows.
"Can’t let him go, since he wants to play, I’ll let him have a good time." Lin Mochen put the bag aside.

Seeing Song Qingcheng lying on a cane chair, although Yu Tingchuan’s mouth was not forced to ask questions, when her hand was held, the strength and warmth of the man’s hand let her know that he was not much more relaxed than himself.

Song Qingcheng didn’t go to the hospital. It was Jiang Chi who came to Yunxi Road Park with the obstetrician in the right class.
The doctor gave her a simple examination and concluded that the nosebleed was caused by the secretion of various hormones by the secretory system to stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa blood vessels, which caused 2% pregnant women to have this situation, not a cold, so they don’t have to worry too much.
It’s hard for men to stay in the bedroom when they have a checkup.
When the doctor put away the stethoscope, Song Qingcheng also sat up at home. After passing through the floor-to-ceiling glass, she saw Yu Tingchuan and Jiang Chi talking on the front lawn of the villa. He had a cigarette in his hand and seemed to ease his mood by smoking.
Song city reflection may be his previous performance too panic scared others.
Because of this accident, Yu Tingchuan is not going to let her go to the charity dinner.
I thought that I had asked Aunt Gong to buy cucumbers, and I was going to apply a mask, and I was going to get a bowl of egg whites, but I didn’t want her to go to Song Qingcheng to feel that my enthusiasm was instantly extinguished.
Yu Tingchuan looked at her and smiled, "Are you unhappy?"
After pregnancy, she became more and more ignorant and had to hide her emotions.
"No," Song Qingcheng bowed his head and looked up and sat on the sofa. One carpet on tiptoe looked bored. "Then you go and I’ll watch it at home every night."
Yu Tingchuan poured her a cup of boiling water and then began to talk, "It is important to put health first before the due date."
Song Qingcheng’s mood still didn’t improve until he fell asleep.
When Yu Tingchuan saw her thinking so much about the doctor leaving, she did say that it was okay to give in. "If there is no discomfort in the afternoon, I will go to the charity banquet later."
"Still not going" Song Qingcheng turned his back on him and came to "pregnant women should stay at home"
Yu Tingchuan said, "Isn’t it hot to be wrapped in a blanket?"
Song city vague should be a.
Seeing that she is still’ angry’, Yu Tingchuan can hug people. "Go if you want, and then sit in a quiet corner and eat whatever you want. You don’t have to deal with anyone deliberately."
Finally, Song Qingcheng slowly turned around and she said, "I have no clothes."
This means to go.
Yu Tingchuan said, "Heaven has sent it here."
The next afternoon, Xu Dong came to Yunxi Road No.1 Garden with two sets of ladies’ evening gifts and a stylist. The evening gift was a pregnant woman’s style, a knee skirt, a black one and a nude one. According to her facial features and skin color, the stylist suggested that she wear a black V-leader skirt. If she was afraid of catching cold, she would wear a cardigan coat with the same color outside.
Song Qingcheng gained about 2 pounds this pregnancy, except for her original body contour. When she changed her black evening gift, her long hair and supple shawl head reappeared in the living room because of her facial features, which made people feel shine at the moment.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t ask the stylist to put on heavy makeup for her, but she simply put on a foundation lipstick, which is also suitable for pregnant women, and she chose shoes flat to avoid her falling down.
Yu Tingchuan personally put shoes on her when she was leaving the house.
This time, Gao Chao tried to finish writing some days of abuse, and today he still wants the fairies to hug him ~
In order to appease the injured hearts of fairies, I will tell you a secret. Why do you like Yunbao so much? Do you not like a grandson who looks exactly like you when you were a baby? [Mrs. Yu, I want to plug it back and be reborn …]
In the charity foundation, I learned from the Angel Foundation in reality. Personally, I have never been in contact with charities. The information is online search _ [з∠з] _ If there is any mistake, please correct me.
☆, Chapter 44 Charity Dinner Beaumont smiles.
Song Qingcheng Xuankou looked down at his sandals and buckled the man. She held the shoe cabinet by the wall with one hand and put her bulging abdomen with the other.
This scene reminds Song Qingcheng of trying on a wedding dress.
-Yu Tingchuan is squatting to help her wear shoes.
His appearance in a suit and tie makes people feel very strong and calm, but seeing him so considerate and tripping over the whole Song Dynasty, I can’t help feeling how time flies.
What happened last year seems to be very, very far away from her.
Now she is the mother of another child.
Yu Tingchuan gently let go of her ankle, put her hands on her knees, got up and began to ask, "Take two steps and try to change shoes if they don’t fit."
Song Qingcheng obedient Xuan place walked back and forth and the shoes were very comfortable.
She had just decided that Yu Tingchuan had reached out and touched her clavicle with his fingers. Song Qingcheng didn’t look up to avoid it, and then the flower bud was taken out of the neckline of the skirt by Yu Tingchuan. Compared with the platinum diamond necklace, this flower bud was very special, and the brown necklace rope made her neck skin white and transparent.
I haven’t left the stylist with Song Qingcheng’s coat and praised "My wife’s skin is really good. It’s the first time I saw such a beautiful pregnant woman."
Song city smell speech rushed stylist smiled slightly.
Then she turned to ask Yu Tingchuan, "Will I steal others’ thunder if I am so beautiful?"
"…" Xu Dong put his fist in his mouth and couldn’t help laughing.
Yutingchuan looked at the whole Song Dynasty with his hands holding his belly, which was a little clumsy and revealed a bit of awkwardness. After listening to her’ narcissistic troubles’ inquiry, he also smiled and took advantage of her waist to smell her faint fragrance, but she was spoiled. "It’s so beautiful that you can hide at home and see no one."
"is the golden house hidden?" Songqingcheng avenue
Xu Dong and stylist still have a side Yu Tingchuan to cater to her with a smile.
Song Qingcheng said, "It should be a golden house with a big belly."
This evening Yu Tingchuan took his wife to dinner.
桑拿网Charity Dinner A five-star hotel in Nancheng has held these years, and the Shanyou Angel Foundation has attracted many social celebrities to donate. The annual banquet is invited to attend, including business people and entertainment stars.
Go to the door of the banquet hall and see the pose in front of the signature wall, so that the reporter can take photos. Song Qingcheng, a female artist, feels that she should not steal the limelight.

The baby kicked her again as if he could understand her, and touched her belly funny, as if she could feel her touch and move again.

When interacting with the baby every day, she has to sigh that although she can’t see her life, she can feel the growth in her belly.
Yun Qianxue sat up because her stomach was too big, and she seemed a little clumsy. At the end of pregnancy, her waist also hurt badly. She worked hard every time she got up.
When Anchen got up, he would give her a considerate hand every time she got up. She was often moved by his thoughtfulness. Although pregnancy was hard, it became a kind of happiness because of his company.
After she sat up, she got up slowly. She went to the curved floor-to-ceiling window, opened the shade curtains, and the golden sun shone in the afternoon. The whole room seemed to be plated with a layer of golden light.
She pushed open the window and walked out of the balcony to see the scenery, green grass, flowers, trees, rockeries and gazebo. The scenery in the courtyard is very good. She has lived here for nearly a year, but she still can’t get tired of seeing the scenery of Wancheng.
She looked at the window for a long time before she went upstairs slowly. It was very quiet. The servants all worked and rested. Sister Qiao was carefully wiping a crystal vase in the living room.
Sister Qiao smiled when she saw Yun Qianxue. "Second mistress, you are up. You are ready to eat fruit, and red jujube tea is still warm in a thermos. Do you want to drink tea or eat fruit first?"
Yun Qianxue looked outside and smiled, "Let’s all go to the pavilion. I’ll go out and get some candied fruit."
In September, the summer heat has faded, and outdoor activities are still quite comfortable, so she thought it would be good for her baby to sit outside and breathe fresh air and smell flowers.
"Good second housewife" Qiao Jie replied and went into the kitchen and began to carry things out. Yun Qianxue also moved to the gazebo with a recliner.
Yun Qianxue sat in a recliner and held a cup of jujube tea in his hand. The cool breeze in the pavilion blew the whole person up.
She can’t say how comfortable she is drinking delicious jujube tea and blowing the wind.
After drinking tea for a while, she put the teacup on the chair lazily. Just because the child was noisy and didn’t sleep well, it was too comfortable to sit here, and the drowsiness began to hit. Soon, she slept on the recliner.
Sleeping in a daze, she vaguely smelled a fragrance of flowers and opened her eyes, which turned out to be a bunch of white lilies
As soon as her eyes lit up, I turned around and bumped into Anchen’s eyes full of affection. He squatted beside her and looked at her softly, as if he had looked at her for a long time.
Her heart instantly turned into water, soft and soft with a little bit of sweetness.
She smiled. "Why did you come back so early today?"
He chuckled, "Because you told me to come back early today, I promised."
"Are you finished with your work?" She asked
"It’s the most important thing to stay with your wife when you can never finish your work."
She smiled with a sweet face and wanted to jump into his arms at once, but at this time he handed the bouquet to her and said, "wife, I love you."
She took the bouquet and put it to her nose. She took a deep breath and smiled gently. "It smells good. I like it."
She got up and kissed him on the face. He sat down on the couch where she had just sat, and then pulled her to sit on his leg.
She gained a lot of weight after pregnancy, but he still hugged her unexpectedly. He bowed his head and found her lips and kissed them.
She tilted her head slightly to cater to his kiss for a long time before he reluctantly let her go.
He touched her belly and sighed. He has been a monk for a long time and he hasn’t dared to touch her since she entered the third trimester.
The reason why he sighed was that her ears warmed up slightly.
He raised his hand to smooth her forehead hair behind her ear and asked softly, "How do you feel today?"
Every time he sees his wife working so hard, he hopes that the child will come out quickly, but now it is full-term, and the child still stays in her stomach honestly.
"Good. I took a nap. I just sat here and fell asleep again."
"I wish I could sleep. I can’t wait to see you toss and turn every night. My child will come out quickly and stop torturing you."
Yun Qianxue smiled a gentle face. "I don’t think this is a kind of torture, but I still hope that the child will come out quickly because I am looking forward to meeting the baby."
Anchen put her hand on her belly judo "Did you hear that, little baby? Your mommy wants to meet you, so come out quickly. "
The baby in the belly kicked Yun Qianxue very hard. Yun Qianxue felt funny. "He probably heard you and kicked me again."
"Listen when you hear it, and try to come out early when you hear it."
"Can you still fight for such a thing?"
"Well, of course, if he wants to come up with it, he will fight for it himself."
Cloud thousand snow "…"
As if it were the fulfillment of Anchen’s words, Yun Qianxue was preparing to go for a walk in the courtyard after dinner, but there was a pain in her abdomen.
Yun Qianxue was startled by the sudden pain in her stomach. She turned to look at Anchen and exclaimed, "Anchen’s child seems to be really coming out."
桑拿会所What a coincidence! I just finished telling him to come out in the evening. I didn’t expect this kid to come out so soon.
Anchen was so surprised that she bent over and picked her up and shouted, "Somebody hurry to prepare a car for the hospital."
Lin Shu-wan and others in the room were surprised to hear Anchen shouting and hurried to let people drive out.
Yun Qianxue saw that Anchen was so nervous that his sweat came out. "Don’t worry, the doctor said that the first child usually doesn’t hurt soon. It’s only a long time before the baby comes out."
An Chen listened to Yun Qianxue’s words and finally stabilized his mind, but every time he saw her face wrinkled with pain, he felt so distressed that he couldn’t help shivering.
"The wife is very painful? I made an agreement with Muyang to let you have an analgesic delivery, so it’s good for you to endure the pain for a while. "Anchen couldn’t wait for the car to get to the hospital faster so that it could relieve pain.
Yun Qianxue shook his head. "The pain can’t be relieved so quickly. You can wait until the palace mouth is opened to a certain extent. Don’t worry, I can still bear this pain."

She said that Ling Mohan was filial to her like a mother-in-law, and that she had earned a good daughter for no reason.

Yunqianxue listened to her quietly, and the mother and daughter talked for a long time. Finally Yunqianxue was too tired to sleep.
品茶  title=Cao Chunlan looked at her sleeping, and she got up and tucked her in. She sighed gently as she watched her sleeping.
"Cher, I’d rather you didn’t have friends with Fang An all your life." Cao Chunlan said in his heart.
She watched Yunqianxue for a long time before she walked out of her daughter’s room.
In the living room, Yunhao and Anchen return chess. Cao Chunlan said, "It’s getting late for my wife. Anchen must be tired after flying for several hours and rushing here nonstop. Let him rest early."
Yun Hao nodded again and again. "Well, you’re right. I can’t stop with one flag. It’s rare for me to meet such a good opponent."
"Dad, I’m not tired. I want you not to abandon me. How long have I been with you?" Anchen laughed.
Yunhao gave a hand. "No, no, you go to rest. By the way, Yan Yan will leave it to us to take care of you. Go to rest."
Yun Hao put away the chess game after he finished, no matter who won or lost the game.
Anchen nodded and walked towards Yunqian Snow House, only to find that his wife had fallen asleep.
He sat by the bed and looked at her quietly. He raised his hand and stroked her face gently.
Maybe she didn’t like sleeping and was disturbed. She frowned slightly, then turned over and went back to sleep.
Anchen looked at her and smiled gently. "What a lazy pig! What time is it now? You went to sleep."
Although he said that, he was lying beside her, and when he came to bed, he felt the warmth around him. She adjusted her posture and nested in his arms.
His wife threw herself at him and pleased him. He bowed his head and kissed her, holding her to sleep with satisfaction.
Xiaoxu ran full moon wine was held by Ling family, and Ling’s father and mother invited many guests. Ling family was very lively this day.
The guests who came to drink the full moon wine all praised Ling Fu for being lucky. Ling Fu’s face was full of joy, and the moment when he was dissatisfied with Xia Yuyao before the flower was spent disappeared completely.
Xia Yuyao gave birth to two children in a row, which gave him a long face and he was very satisfied.
Yun Qianxue came early, and she was chatting with Xia Yuyao before his guests came.
Xia Yuyao must have been taken good care of when sitting on the moon. The whole person looks mellow. Her face is tender and tender, and thousands of snow can’t help but pinch her face and praise, "Gee, this day is really moist. Look at this skin. You can squeeze out water."
Xia Yuyao waved her hand. "Come on, you’re not white and tender."
Yun Qianxue laughed and saw that boudoir was so happy. She was really satisfied.
Yun Qianxue will take out a gift for Xiaoxu Ran and hand it to Xia Yuyao. "Yaoyao, this is my gift for Xu Ran."
"Then I’ll thank the dopted mother for Xu Ran." Xia Yuyao took Yunqianxue and handed her the exquisite gift box. She opened the box and saw that there was a delicate gold bracelet inside. She couldn’t help but praise, "What fine workmanship and snow! You have a good eye."
Yun Qianxue chuckled, "Hehe, it’s a good thing you quickly put it on him to see if it’s appropriate."
Xia Yuyao nodded and took the bracelet out of the box and carefully gave it to Xiaoxu.
The little guy is wearing a yellow jumpsuit today, and the color of the gold bracelet just matches his clothes.
He stared at the gold bracelet curiously, and soon when he bent his hand, he put it to his mouth and chewed it with relish. Yun Qianxue was frightened and hurriedly pulled his hand away. "Xu Ran, this is not something to eat. You can’t eat it."
The little guy wait for a while looked at Yun Qianxue with a smile.
Yun Qianxue cried happily, "Ah, he is smiling at me. It’s so cute."
Section 211
Xia Yuyao laughed. "Well, he likes you very much because he seldom laughs at ordinary times."
Yun Qian Xue couldn’t help but pick up Xiaoxu from the bed. She held her arms and kissed his tender little face.
The little guy twisted his neck and looked at Yunqian Snow and laughed.
Xia Yuyao said, "You should have a second child while the snow is young."
Yun Qian Xue said, "Well, we are all natural. When we are pregnant, we will want it."
"That’s fine. I’ll give you contraception."
"No, but I may not be easy to conceive, and it is not easy to win prizes."
"It depends on fate. It took me a long time to get pregnant."
After chatting for a while in the boudoir room, Ling Mohan came in. He looked at Xia Yuyao and said, "It’s almost time for Yaoyao. Let’s go."
Xia Yuyao looked at Yunqian Snow Road. "Let’s have a rest in your building. I’ll let someone call you."
Yun Qianxue waved his hand. "It’s okay for you to go to work, regardless of me. It’s not my first time to come here. I’ll go myself later."
Xia Yu Yao nodded and greeted the guests with the child in her arms with Ling Mo Han. Yun Qianxue sat in the living room drinking tea and soon saw Anchen coming.
Yun Qianxue asked, "Where have you just been?"
"I chatted with Uncle Ling for a while. I think Ling will accompany you when they go less." Anchen replied.
"It’s okay. I can take care of myself. You have something to do."
"What can I do? Nothing is as important as being with my wife."

This is also the reason why the ball didn’t grab Lu Wenbin at the end of the half-court-physical exertion was too great.

Lu Wenbin is better than Gustavo in physical fitness and physical strength.
It is no wonder that Lu Wenbin’s attacker is more advantageous. Gustavo played half a game as if he had played the whole game.
However, Heinks can’t get Gustavo back, because it would be even worse if someone else kept an eye on Lu Wenbin.
Gustavo is more disciplined in tactics, so he won’t get the goal out of the limelight and get to know Lu Wenbin at random. There is no better way to keep an eye on Lu Wenbin than Gustavo in Bayern Munich.
Heinks can continue to give Gustavo the weight of keeping an eye on Lu Wenbin, but he can’t draw others to help.
Because the score is now behind Bayern Munich and it is two goals behind.
Bayern Munich must strengthen their attack at half time.
After a 15-minute break, both sides will fight again.
From the first minute of the half-time, Bayern launched a fierce attack on Real Madrid at half-time.
Shi Weins Tiger has simply given up the defense and went to midfield to organize an attack with Cross to storm the forbidden area of Real Madrid.
Real Madrid just contracted the defense and counterattacked, which made Lu Wenbin and Luo speed more effective.
In the fifth minute, Bayern’s attack was interrupted, and Alonso found the frontcourt winger with one foot long.
But when he got the ball and prepared to break through the flank, Luo was put down by Contento
This is a sidewalk, 4 meters away from the goal, and the Italian ball angle is a little off.
However, now Real Madrid opponents are interested in avoiding giving Real Madrid a good angle and distance. Lu Wenbin has a rare opportunity to kick the ball.
Therefore, even if the ball is a little far and a little biased, it is still given to Lu Wenbin to take the penalty.
约茶As a result, Lu Wenbin missed the goal without hitting the doorframe.
Advanced Italian ball skill 7 The door frame hit rate is still 3, which will fly directly out of the door frame range.
The next game continued Bayern’s defensive counterattack against Real Madrid.
Although there are many good defensive players in Real Madrid, the Bayern attack group is really strong
The long-term attack on Real Madrid’s defense line finally revealed a flaw and was seized by Bayern Munich.
In the 63rd minute, Shi Weins Tiger spiked past Khedira in the frontcourt, then Cros Cros broke through Alonso’s defense and found a ball route directly to Bayern’s forbidden area.
Thomas Muller started the offside at the same time, and the corner of the small forbidden area was caught by Cross, and the ball was stopped at a small angle.
The ball flew into the goal from the narrow gap in the casillas goalpost, and Bayern Munich finally pulled back one point again, making the score 23 short of one goal.
After regaining one point again, Bayern’s morale was greatly boosted, and he was ready to make persistent efforts to score another goal to equalize the score and complete the reversal.
However, Real Madrid’s defensive counterattack is not a decoration. Bayern soon tasted the bitter fruit of the backcourt after the big attack.
In the 72nd minute, Ribery’s dribbling was broken. Real Madrid played a quick counterattack ball and handed it to Lu Wenbin’s foot after Alonso and Ozil handed it.
Lu Wenbin turned his back on Gustavo to catch Ozil’s ball, but when Lu Wenbin was about to touch the ball, he came to a heel knocker and the ball passed, leaving Gustavo caught off guard and the ball bypassed Gustavo from both sides respectively.
The 19-point creativity makes Lu Wenbin’s stadium more and more casual and unpredictable.
After passing Gustavo, Lu Wenbin took the ball and cut the front of the forbidden area. Zemala hit the wall and passed Ram and Van Bitten.
Ze polo rolled into the forbidden zone, and Lu Wenbin ran past Ram and was about to kill in the forbidden zone.
At this moment, I felt something was wrong. boateng ran out of the forbidden zone and pulled a handful of Lu Wenbin, dragging Lu Wenbin down the forbidden zone line.
Although boateng stopped after a tug, he was still found by the referee.
At this time, it is a deliberate foul to stop the single-handed ball.
Therefore, boateng was shown a yellow card by the referee without hesitation and awarded Real Madrid a right-hand penalty area. The distance of the Italian ball outside the line was appropriate, but the position was slightly off.
However, Lu Wenbin was not picky about whether to let the ball out or take the penalty himself.
Although his skill didn’t cool down, Lu Wenbin kicked the ball into the corner of Bayern Munich goal with his exquisite Italian ball skills.
Neuer judged the right direction, but Lu Wenbin’s angle of the ball was too sharp, and he finally failed to save it.
Lu Wenbin thought that the ball flew into the goal and the commentator shouted excitedly.
"The goal is in, Luigi. The goal is in."
"The 71st goal Lu scored his 71st goal in the Champions League final by scoring twice."
"Lu tied Raul’s record of 71 Champions League goals and the game is not over yet. Lu still has a chance to surpass it."

I can’t help sneering in my heart.

I’m afraid she forgot that she did something that made me hate her guts besides going hiking sexually.
-even if climbing is tricked, she always does the video herself, right?
She caused my baby to be born prematurely. Is this account so forgotten by her?
And doesn’t a person as big as her have any judgment?
She wants to attract Lu Xun and Ye Xiangyuan’s attention, which I can understand, but she also depends on the timing.
During the Chinese New Year, I knew that Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun were both busy at home. How could she make trouble for them?
I don’t blame Li Mulin for lying to her like this.
At the moment, she blushed and angrily accused Li Mulin.
However, she is probably cultivated and not good at swearing. She can stare at Li Mulin and scold a few painful words.
After about two minutes, Li Mulin came to her senses.
He ignored Gu Changyu and looked straight at Ye Xiangyuan. "When did you know?"
Thank you, ember! Thank you Xinya rice ball! Thank you, eleven or six rice balls! Thank you-(a little hard to recognize-_-|||) rice balls! Thank you Xiang Hui for two rice balls!
品茶Chapter 356 You have been abandoned by him.
Li Mulin asked when Ye Xiangyuan knew, not how.
About his heart Ye Xiangyuan does have something to find out about him.
Ye Xiangyuan glanced at him and said, "Strictly speaking, it should be more than 20 years ago when the Li family first started to do things in Korea."
Li Mulin opened his eyes and showed disbelief again.
I saw his hands clenched into fists, loosened and tightened again and again several times.
I don’t know whether it is nervousness or anxiety.
At this time, Ye Xiangyuan leisurely sat on the sofa and looked indifferent and calm.
It seems that Li Mulin is under house arrest at the moment, not him.
I couldn’t help secretly laughing.
The original Li Mulin is in a dominant position, but it looks so passive.
The situation was controlled by Ye Xiangyuan instead.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t wait for him to ask questions again and continued, "When Li Jiahe and Li family took refuge in Korea’s family and helped Korea’s family to do a lot afterwards, they came to Korea’s family to instruct you to help Li’s family secretly support Li jiaqi … These things were found by my uncle and my dad."
Li Mulin turned pale.
Ye Xiangyuan sink a way: "My dad and uncle were murdered by my brother. Although those forces behind Han Jiahe directed Li jiaqi to carry out it, your family also got a foot in it, which will never wash away … Since you were sent close to me at an early age, you must know the ins and outs very well."
His voice is faint. If you don’t listen carefully, you won’t recognize that he is full of emotions, like anger and sadness.
Is about thinking of uncle, leaf dad and eldest brother die let him self sustaining.
But even so, he is depressed and it is difficult for people to see.
I feel distressed and hold his hand gently.
His backhand pinched me a little hard.
I pinched his fingers to appease him.
It seems that he was really comforted before he spoke. "Eldest brother found some clues at that time, but you were afraid of exposure, so you set up a trap to hurt my eldest brother. He left something behind." He stared at Li Mulin’s way. "Sister-in-law pretended to be crazy to trace this matter."
Li Mulin blurted out, "Is she pretending to be crazy?"
Ye Xiangyuan swept his one eye without doing it.
Li Mulin probably wanted to come here for nothing and couldn’t help saying, "Treacherous!"
I sneer even more in my heart.
Farther than treachery and shame, where can I compare with them?
These people have caused the Ye family to be almost ruined.
The most important thing is that they also collaborated with the enemy to commit treason, which is a big crime from ancient times to modern times.
Li Mulin gritted his teeth. "So you knew I was a traitor a long time ago?"
Ye Xiangyuan nods "Yes"

I laughed, too.

That’s what they used to do. I didn’t take part in it and I’m not interested in exploring it.
Gu Changyu looked at me gently. "See you at school then."
I was dazed and suddenly remembered that Nan Nan had said that she was an architecture student in our school and Ye Xiangyuan was a visiting professor.
Before she left, she added, "Sometimes let’s go shopping together. Asun and Ayuan are too busy to accompany me, and there is no one around me to play with me."
Although I didn’t believe that she would have no friends if she was such a charming girl and so beautiful, I still answered politely.
She may not really ask me out anyway.
Ye Xiangyuan light way "go"
There seems to be a trace of impatience in the tone.
I’m busy with him
He didn’t say a word all the way until he got to the car, and he seemed angry.
The atmosphere is a little dull.
I looked at him holding the steering wheel with slender fingers and whispered, "Don’t you like me playing with Miss Gu?"
Wen Yan Ye glanced at me from the far side.
I looked him in the eye
Ye Xiangyuan was quiet for a few seconds before he said flatly, "You think too much."
I don’t believe that he was unhappy just now. I’m sure it’s not my illusion.
Maybe he doesn’t want me to get too close to his friends. After all, he and I are not real lovers.
Chapter 4 I need you too
A lot of emotions welled up in my heart, and finally I was relieved.
Since he doesn’t like it, I’ll pay more attention in the future.
What’s more, my agreement with him is still open to question.
I turned a topic and said, "Xiao Jin sleeps alone. I wonder if he will wake up in the middle of the night and be afraid …"
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a look. "There are servants to take care of him."
I whispered, "I still want to talk to you about today."
Ye Xiangyuan was silent for a moment and suddenly stopped the car.
This is a street that is not very busy. Occasionally, cars pass by and gallop away.
It’s still drizzling, and the wiper keeps moving back and forth
Street lamps on both sides shine through rain, fog and leaves, and the dark images are graceful.
I hesitated. "Since you made up your mind to bring me here today, I know there must be no room for manoeuvre. If you disagree with me, you have to agree …"
He didn’t go out.
I paused. "But I still want to be honest. We don’t pretend to get married …"
He turned slightly and looked at me with one hand on the steering wheel.
I avoided his sight and continued, "Everyone knows that you have a fiancee. I can still attend such an occasion if necessary … I can also help you take care of Xiao Jin … I like him too … We will keep it like this …"
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly interrupted me, "Uncle and aunt are still awake?"
I can’t understand why he turned to this matter.
He stared at me closely.
I said, "I just called them, and they don’t trust me. I haven’t slept yet."
喝茶约茶  title=Ye Xiangyuan started the car.
I was surprised and said, "I really want to discuss with you … I hope you can tell me what you think."
Ye Xiangyuan casually hit the steering wheel and said, "It’s impossible to make a set since it’s a show."
I frown. "But it’s not necessary …"
According to my idea, I can be a shield for him, but that’s all. We don’t interfere in each other’s lives, and we can remain independent and free whether in our circle of friends or at work.
He didn’t discuss this with me. "Since my uncle and aunt didn’t sleep, I’ll take this opportunity to kiss."
I’m terrified
This is a little sudden …
At this time, it happened to be a red light. He stopped the car and gently reminded me to stare at me. "We must get married at the right time."
I forgot to think about his dark and attractive eyes.
His lip angle slowly evokes an arc, and my forehead slightly swells, so I sit up straight again and look straight ahead.
I feel my cheeks burning and my head is a mess.
There was no conversation all the way, and the car was quiet.
He succeeded in blocking all my words.
I was joking when I came to kiss you, but I ended up in my building. Ye Xiangyuan actually followed me to the car and went into the corridor with me.
I stopped him at the entrance of the ladder. "You know that Ning Qi has just passed. Now you go to my house and say that you want to marry me. I’m afraid my parents can’t digest it …"
Ye Xiangyuan is deeply watching me not to talk.

"Don’t worry, we masters stay here just to watch the game. I will be the only one who will compete with you today!" Ling Feiyang said bluntly

"Ling float in the sky you also te big some! Cijunshan can’t tell the difference with you. Let me try this time to see how important you are! " A beggar in gray suddenly jumped into the contest table with laughter. It was Solang Kampot, the king of growth law!
Ling Feiyang ignored this fake Hong Qigong and turned to Imam Hashshashin and said, "It’s too much trouble to fight one by one. Please let these four French kings together!"
"Ling Feiyang actually wants to play four!" Ling float in the sky that even a big shot like Imam Hashshashin can’t help but face a change!
"You’re too small to chew! If you want a pair of four, then beat me first! " The sudden push of Solang Kampot, the king of the growth law, is just a move to "shock a hundred miles"!
Ling Feiyang sneer at one and push the same trick with both hands "shocking thyme"!
Bang! The intersection of the four palms suddenly sounded deafening, which seemed to suppress the thunder in the sky! to be continued
Chapter 511 Ling Feiyang VS False Four Musts
Facing the storm at the top of Huashan Mountain, Ima Hashshashin, the deputy leader of teaching, provoked Ling Feiyang, but she was awe-inspiring and decided to face the strong enemy alone!
The four kings of Tibetan esoteric Ningma Sect are "flame knives", and the martial arts of martial uncle Basruk are no less than the growth of the four wonders of the Central Plains. The French king Solang Kampot is very confident in his own strength and has made a move to "shock a hundred miles" Ling Feiyang recklessly!
However, some people in the place didn’t expect that Ling Feiyang’s body wouldn’t budge after two people’s palms, but Solang Kampot almost fell down after taking three steps back!
All of a sudden, more than 60 Song heroes watched the contest on the stage and lost one thing!
Ling Feiyang defeated Dong Xie, Xi Du, Nan Di, Bei Gai and Zhong urchin respectively during the sword competition in Huashan, but the truth is that Ling Feiyang didn’t try his best!
Ling Feiyang’s reason for doing this is just to let the Song Kingdom know more about the martial arts of the top masters. If Ling Feiyang tries his best, there will be less than a few hundred moves!
"You are no match for me. Let the three of them together!" Ling Feiyang looked at Solang Kampot contemptuously and said
"Ling Feiyang is crazy!" With the voice, a sharp finger pointed to the wind "before" and stabbed from the side. The French king Pubadoji has already shot!
Ling Feiyang dodged this one-yang finger and then the right index finger stabbed out. It was the six-pulse Excalibur Shangyangjian!
Puba Duoji felt a strong wind coming on my face and jumped quickly. Although he escaped this finger, he was surprised out in a cold sweat!
Puba Duoji made an expression of eyes to Solang Kampot, and both of them jumped forward at the same time and attacked Ling Feiyang!
"If you can eliminate tension and maintain a peaceful mind, you can fight with your hands at any time!" Ling Feiyang remembered the sentiment he got just now when he played against the old urchin Zhou Botong. He moved his left hand at will and pointed it out at the same time, and hit it with his right hand!
Ling Feiyang’s hand, Pubadoji and Solang Kampot, were both stunned because Ling Feiyang’s left hand made it a Yang fingering method and his right hand made it a dragon’s twenty palms!
"How can this Ling Feiyang use two different martial arts at the same time?" Puba Duoji and Solang Kampot thought about it in their hearts, but it was still a struggle with one Yang and one Zhang Ling Feiyang.
Ling Feiyang has one enemy and two enemies, but after the Vietnam War, he fought more and more bravely. After dozens of strokes, Ling Feiyang’s left hand was replaced by a six-pulse Excalibur, while his right hand used the ten-palm six-pulse Excalibur, which was more powerful than the one-yang finger and the ten-palm after the dragon’s twenty-palm. Both Pubadoji and Solang Kampot were forced by Ling Feiyang to retreat one after another, and they could not resist!
"Before," a small stone suddenly shot up from the side and went straight to Ling Feiyang’s chest!
Finger flick avatar! Wide-eyed French king Zahi Bing Zo has made moves!
Three months ago, Zahi Bing Zo killed Guo Jing’s mother, Ping Li!
Although the small wind that broke this stone was hidden in the wind and rain, it was still heard by Ling Feiyang, so his left hand used a trick of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" to force Pubadoji and Solang Kampot to open their right hands at the same time and also pop up a small stone to smash this small stone in Zahi Bing Zo!
Zahi Bing Zo suddenly deceives his body and his palms are more encrypted than the raindrops in the sky, or five virtual realities or virtual realities are constantly slapping Ling Feiyang. It is the Peach Blossom Island martial arts "the palm of the Excalibur"!
Ling Feiyang used his left hand to fight the ancient tomb school martial arts. tight encirclement was bound to resolve all Zahi Bing Zo offensives, but his right hand continued to use the dragon’s ten hands to force Pubadoji and Solang Kampot to be close!
"Goo, goo, goo!" I heard that the French king Gesandra’s legs crouched with his arms bent over his shoulders, and his mouth made a whinny sound, and his hands pushed to Ling Feiyang like an avalanche!
Ling Feiyang was attacked by three people at the same time, which has made it possible to resist Gesandra’s "Frog Skill" and immediately used the "Spiral Nine Shadows" Flying Skill body to spin rapidly and rushed to more than forty feet!
King of four * * attacked the tribe, but then blocked Ling Feiyang’s placement. Unexpectedly, Ling Feiyang’s high school used the "snake-like raccoon dog turn" technique, and the body drifted to the side for more than 20 feet, leaving a treetop in Gu Song in one thousand!
One yang refers to! Pubadoji, the French king of the country, pointed out that he stabbed the top of his head and flew!
Hung-chien is on the land! Ling Feiyang met up with a palm to smash Pubado’s guitar wind!
Finger flick avatar! Zahi Bing Zo, the king of Guangmu, pops up a small stone again. The target is not Ling Feiyang’s body but Ling Feiyang’s feet and branches!
At the same time, I heard that Gesandra, the king of France, and Solang Kampot, the king of growth, jumped up at the same time, making use of the frog’s skill and making use of the dragon’s ten palms to slap Ling Feiyang at the same time!
Ling Feiyang tiptoe branches and then the elastic body shape generated by the bending of pine branches has jumped over another branch at the square foot!
Click! Ling Feiyang’s original foothold branches were broken by pebbles, and the power of the frog and the dragon’s ten palms also fell at the same time!
At the same time, Puba Duoji, the French king, also jumped a branch with flying skills. However, he hasn’t come yet, but he has already made moves to Ling Feiyang.
Before! A sharp and swift refers to the wind stabbing Pubaduoji, which is the six-pulse Excalibur. Don’t rush the sword! Puba Duoji knew that he couldn’t resist and quickly turned his body upside down from the treetops and fell back to the ground.
Ling Feiyang, the king of the treetops, laid siege to him, but every time he jumped on the treetops, he was immediately forced by Ling Feiyang!
Four * * Wang exchanged a look with each other and suddenly went to the side of the pine tree trunk and surrounded it in four directions. At the same time, he shot his right palm and hit the pine tree trunk!
Click! This thousand-year-old Gu Song trunk is more than three feet thick, but the four kings’ palm forces are actually broken from it! The pine tree immediately dumped a large number of pine branches on the ground, and the trunk was pressed against the tournament venue!
Ling Feiyang’s figure jumped off the pine tree and fell to the ground as the pine branches fell!
Boom! This pine tree, which is dozens of feet high, splashed all over the sky with a thump. Ling Feiyang’s feet just touched the ground, but King Si * * has worn a rain curtain and approached him again! to be continued
Chapter 512 Small phase work
In Huashan Sword Tournament, Ling Fei promoted the four great French kings of Tibetan esoteric Ningma Sect to protect him.
Ling Feiyang made a thousand-year-old Gu Song’s four great French kings deal with it. However, the four great French kings combined with four people to strike off this thousand-year-old Gu Song!
Ling Feiyang lost his height advantage and was immediately surrounded by the four great French kings. All kinds of superb martial arts, such as Excalibur Palm, Frog Skill, One Yang Finger and Dragon Ten Palm, came at Ling Feiyang one after another. Although Ling Feiyang had the skill of fighting with both hands, he was still left and right, and he was unable to make four people walk back and forth. He tried his best to dodge and evade these alternate bombings.
桑拿论坛The four great French kings of Tubo are all as excellent as the four unique skills. However, now the four of them can’t stand Ling Feiyang together for a while, and they are all angry and competing for credit. Everyone wants to be the first to knock Ling Feiyang down.
Ling Feiyang knows this situation clearly in his heart. If he continues to go, he will lose to these four French kings sooner or later, but he also knows that he can never lose!
Ling Feiyang carefully observed the martial arts of four people while avoiding the attack of the four great French kings with flexible and exquisite footwork. At this time, the French king Solang Kampot was using a palm "Kang Long has regrets" to attack Ling Feiyang’s other, but Ling Feiyang suddenly discovered one thing!
The move of "Kang Long has regrets" should be that the left leg bends slightly, the right arm bends, and the right palm draws a circle to push Sorangkampo forward. The deviation is that the left leg and knee are slightly shaken when the right palm hits!
This kind of subtle jitter is certainly impossible for ordinary people to notice, but Ling Feiyang has made several times that "Kang Long has regrets" and he is still very familiar with this trick and immediately captures it!
Ling Feiyang is still using Lingbo to step away from Solang Kampot. The other three great French kings don’t leave breathing space for Ling Feiyang to continue to besiege Ling Feiyang. Ling Feiyang’s body repeatedly dodged the brain but began to think rapidly!
"The shaking of his left knee must be due to unstable disk! The reason for the instability of the disc is probably that some acupuncture points in the leg are blocked when the qi is running! " Ling Feiyang immediately thought, "This will never happen when I and the seven ambassadors make this move’ Kang Long has regrets’. Is it true that he has defeated the dragon and ten palms?"
Flint ling float in the sky suddenly thought of a person in my mind!

"Zhuang Zhuang, my mother and I will take you back to Jiang Jia. We can take care of it here."

Nanny just understood "Mrs. Jiang said she wanted me to …"
Is he still so kind?
He couldn’t wait for her to disappear from his world. He himself said that he just looked at her and was an eyesore. "He said it was his business. Go ahead." He opened the door and motioned for the nanny to leave quickly. She didn’t believe that she couldn’t live on her own unless she was forced by Jiang Junyue.
Nanny has finally cast a glance at Xiaozhuangzhuang. "Mrs. Zhuangzhuang recently drank milk powder to drink more than half a bottle, in addition, she has to supplement some rice porridge and rice paste to pee twice in the evening …" I said one by one that after all, with Xiaozhuangzhuang for a long time, she naturally had feelings, but Lan Jingyi forbade her to stay, and it was not good for her to stay back and report to Jiang Junyue.
Lan Jingyi is very embarrassed from the bottom of her heart, but it’s not that she really doesn’t want Jiang Junyue. Second, she can’t afford to pay the nanny. She can’t afford a family. The expenses are enough for her to earn, and the children can eat better. She is not at ease.
Two dishes were fried in the evening, and the children have already fed Lan Qing and sat down. "When will the lacrosse come back?" Can Jiang Junyue eat two dishes of green vegetables without even meat? Lan Qing is suspicious
"Mom, he won’t come again. Eat quickly."
"You really broke up?" Heavy asked LanQing a face of worry.
"So he returned Zhuang Zhuang to you?"
"Pa" chopsticks fell on the table. "Yi Yi, have you ever thought that he still has you in his heart?"
"No" If he had her in his heart, he wouldn’t have said such cruel words.
"If he really wants to break up with you, then he will give you the child, which proves that he has you in his heart. The child loves Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang. He gave it to you because he didn’t want you to be sad. He wanted the children to accompany you, Yi Yi. I think he wants you to be separated. There must be feelings. Tell mom what happened between you and him?"
Here we go again. Mom looks just like Cheng Qingyang. She was wrong about Jiang Junyue, but she already apologized, didn’t she?
"Mom, if you don’t want to help me with my children, you can go back to France." She was really wronged when she put chopsticks in her hand. In this day, she put all her figure, but after all, Jiang Junyue separated. She didn’t want to talk about it. I really didn’t want to talk about it with outsiders, but she didn’t want to be wronged when she got home.
"Yi yi you …"
"I won’t eat, mom. Please help me look after it. I’ll go out and have a look around." After that, her heart will be in a mess when mom goes back to France. She shouldn’t say that, but it’s impossible to get it back when she gets angry and wronged. She wants to go out and be upset except upset.
It’s already dark. From early to this time, she drank a little water and didn’t eat anything. She didn’t eat at noon, and she couldn’t eat at night.
She flew out of the small apartment building and walked alone. In the night, she was utterly confused, but she also fell.
She and Jiang Junyue really broke up.
The street is full of excitement, especially for those large and small stores, where the New Year is coming. Everyone buys new year’s goods and then waits for a family reunion at home for the New Year.
But this year she can spend it with her children and mother.
Walking along the road, there are new red lanterns hanging everywhere, and she looks particularly happy, but her world is pale
In front of a newsstand, a few people bought the evening paper and talked about "President Jiang’s engagement has been cancelled again"
"I heard that there have been several fiancé es. First, a surname Yin was several years ago. Then a surname Luo seems to be the daughter of a famous business tycoon in our city. Finally, a surname Lan broke off her engagement."
"Rich people love to toss about and wish to change one every day."
"It’s not …"
"The boss gave me an evening paper." Lan Jingyi went to the newsstand and bought an evening paper.
Sure enough, she and Jiang Junyue broke off their engagement in the last corner, but the news was not big, but she looked absolutely dazzling
品茶论坛  title=She stared at the word street lamp and pulled her shadow so long that he completely eliminated her last thoughts. From then on, it turned out that Jiang Junyue had nothing to do with him. He was so rude.
I don’t know when the newspaper in my hand turned into small pieces. As she walked, she tore and tore the scraps of paper all the way. The road was broken and completely broken
Just as the scraps of paper drifted across the road, a black Land Rover car slowly passed by. A pair of dark eyes looked at the petite figure drifting away not far away. Jiang Junyue turned the steering wheel and his hand trembled slightly.
This time he hurt her really badly.
But, Yi, do you know?
Hurt you and hurt myself even harder.
Hurt you a little, hurt me very much …
The stumbling figure gradually drifted away and broke into foam, and the confetti fluttered. Lan Jingyi couldn’t walk any further, and her body was light, as if it were not her own mind. She went back to the scenes after Jiang LaCrosse met. Those pictures were so beautiful that she didn’t believe that everything Jiang LaCrosse did was true.
Does he really want her?
He looked as if he could reach out and touch it, but when she did reach out and touch it, it was nothing.
"Pour what want to be so cruel to me? What is it? " She murmured that she had apologized to him in a low profile. What more does he want from her?
Chapter 165 He must have a secret
Section 95
Let her beg him?
Thinking about two little babies in a small apartment, Lan Jingyi is sad. They will grow up in a family without father’s love from now on, which is really cruel for children.

If we win the King’s Cup of Spain, La Liga and Champions League again, Real Madrid will play the sixth title of the season after the sixth title of the year, and defend the Champions League and the triple title by the way.

Even the triple crown and the sixth crown can defend their titles. Let’s say how abnormal Real Madrid is now.
夜网论坛  title=However, on how abnormal Real Madrid is, Atletico Madrid will not be afraid to play Real Madrid.
They won’t back down even if they know they will lose.
This is the Madrid derby, and it is also the same city derby to which the champion belongs.
After Fa Erkao scored a hat trick in the European Super Cup and lost to Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid held its breath.
Now the two sides finally meet again in the final, and Atletico Madrid has given birth to the will to avenge themselves.
Even the Bernabeu Atletico played a very good game.
First of all, goalkeeper courtois, a Belgian goalkeeper who is younger than Lu Wenbin on loan from Chelsea, has played very well for two consecutive seasons.
Last season, he helped Atletico Madrid win the UEFA Cup championship season, and also helped Atletico Madrid reach the final of the King’s Cup and set two clean sheets in the league, the longest clean sheet record in Atletico’s history.
The final of the King’s Cup, Madrid Derby courtois, continued his hot state in the past two seasons and still had it.
Perhaps the championship battle against Real Madrid and Lu Wenbin made courtois excited and changed the motivation of the game.
In the 5th minute, after Lu Wenbin broke through the flank, he hit the ball at a 45-degree angle. After cutting the flank, he grabbed the point and threw his head at the door.
As a result, I went straight to the dead corner, and this header was actually dragged out of the beam by courtois
Later, Lu Wenbin’s corner kick was shot from a moderate angle and was directly held in courtois’s arms.
In the 13th minute, at the bottom of Di Maria’s sidewalk, Lu Wenbin made a direct volley without stopping.
The ball went straight to the goal like a cannonball, and the result was that courtois reacted quickly and jumped out.
Courtois’s brave play ensured that the goal was not lost for a while
At the same time, striker Fa Erkao is as crazy as the European Super Cup.
In the first minute, Fa Erkao’s offside successfully received Garcia’s direct plug from the front waist and finished shooting in the forbidden area.
Casillas had already surrendered, and as a result, the shot hit the post and bounced back to the forbidden area, and Carvalho was kicked out of the border.
If it weren’t for the help of the goalpost, I’m afraid Real Madrid would have fallen behind at the Bernabeu Stadium.
Both sides failed to score a goal in the first 2 minutes.
Finally, in the 24th minute, the deadlock was broken, and it was Lu Wenbin, the most famous and expensive player.
Lu Wenbin first broke through to the frontcourt with the ball in the middle and then inserted it for Luo himself on different sides.
At the bottom of Luobian Road, Lu Wenbin rushed into the forbidden area to grab the central defender Godin and Miranda, and jumped to the top and headed the ball into the goal.
This fast and powerful header courtois finally failed to stop it.
However, in the 37th minute, Fa Erkao equalised the score with a solo performance by Atletico Madrid.
Then it wasn’t long before the referee blew the half-time whistle and the two sides entered the halftime with 11 points.
After a 15-minute break, the second half began.
As far as everyone is concerned, this pair of sworn enemies still need enter the dragon for a while. At the fourth minute, Lu Wenbin just started 3 minutes at halftime, and once banned a strong long-range shot outside the area, which caused goalkeeper courtois to get rid of it and gave Zema a chance to make up the shot.
Real Madrid took a 21-point lead just at halftime.
Atletico Madrid naturally fought back to equalize the score, but Fa Erkao’s goal at half-time was like a flash in the pan, and it was no longer the glory of the European Super Cup hat trick.
In the 57th minute, Atletico Madrid had a good shot in the forbidden area and Fa Erkao kicked the ball out of the stands.
If you don’t score, you will be punished
Real Madrid scored again in the 73rd minute.
This time, I just dropped the second ball. Zema received Ozil’s assist. The low shot in the forbidden area was blocked by courtois’s foot
However, Lu Wenbin beat the ball into the goal in the forbidden area.
Real Madrid leads Atletico Madrid 31.
With two minutes left in the game, Real Madrid’s lead of two goals is almost a lock.
The tenacious Atletico Madrid fought to the end, but always broke through the Real Madrid defense line and the casillas goal
In the 6th minute, Atletico Madrid midfielder Adrian did have a good shot, and the shot outside the area had already passed the attacking goalkeeper casillas.
As a result, the ball fell in front of the goal and was desperately defended by Lu Wenbin, and it was hooked out of the goal.
Lu Wenbin completed a rescue from the frontcourt to the backcourt.
If this goal is scored, Atletico Madrid can still fight for it in a few minutes, but it is almost hopeless that the goal is still two goals behind Atletico Madrid.
Sure enough, Atletico didn’t score a goal in the last few minutes.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the game ended, and Real Madrid won the King’s Cup of Spain in 212-2013 by beating rival Atletico Madrid 31.
This season, Real Madrid has won four championships, and then the La Liga champion and the Champions League champion will complete the great cause of the annual six-crown.
After the annual six-crown, Real Madrid will have another season of six-crown, which people can look forward to.
Chapter 647 Gleizman
After winning the King’s Cup, Lu Wenbin also won the defending King’s Cup champion award, adding 50,000 experience and 5 skill points, and the balance of skill points increased to 25.
After winning the King’s Cup, Real Madrid celebrated for a few hours at the Bernabeu Stadium and then broke up.
Because only three days apart, Real Madrid will usher in the penultimate round of the league.
To win this league, no matter how Barcelona plays in the second place, Real Madrid will win the first round, which is three points ahead of Barcelona at present.
However, the bad news is that both Ronaldo and Xabi Alonso played because of physical discomfort. Although they followed them to the away game, they did not make the big list and sat in the stands in the end.
In addition, Pepe, the main central defender, has also been suspended for accumulating yellow cards and can be topped by young Vara.
On May 2nd, Real Madrid, home of Real Sociedad Stadium, challenged Real Sociedad away. The 37th round of La Liga 212213 officially started.
Real Sociedad has played well in the season. At present, it ranks fourth in La Liga, which is just the end of the Champions League qualification. Fourth place in La Liga can get a place in the Champions League qualification, fifth place and sixth place is the Europa League.
However, the gap between the points of Valencia and Malaga, the fifth place in the Royal Society, is very small. There are still two rounds left in the league. The Royal Society has not locked in the fourth place and is still in danger of being surpassed by Valencia or Malaga.
And it is very dangerous. If Real Madrid loses this round and Valencia wins, Valencia will take the fourth place in Real Madrid.
Therefore, this game is a championship for Real Madrid, and it is equally important for the real society. It is necessary to fight hard for the Champions League qualification.
The Champions League and the Europa League are two different worlds, and the world’s attention and bonus income are very different.
Note and bonus income will also affect the team’s season transfer. It is easier to introduce players who are qualified for the Champions League, and the bonus can be higher. The transfer and salary will be higher, and the qualification for the Europa League will be lowered by one level.
Therefore, Real Madrid will fight for honor and the Royal Society will also fight for the Champions League qualification.
After the game started, the Royal Society played a very active role in cheering for the home fans, and the state was really good.
Section reading 34
Very good. It’s a big threat to Real Madrid’s backcourt

"Got it, Mommy. Good night."

"good night"
After putting words, Gao Xiaobai wanted to open the wardrobe, took out her little pajamas and went out in her arms.
"Grandma, grandma, dad, it’s late when I’m going to take a shower and go to bed. Go home early and rest, and Xiaobai won’t leave you." Gao Xiaobai said with a pure and lovely smile on his lips.
The faces of the three people are not all embarrassed. Is this child marching orders to them?
Korea’s old lady hurriedly stretched out his hand and pushed Han Shan motioned for him to persuade him in the past.
Han Han picked his eyebrows and walked over and squatted down to hold the little shoulder and said, "Why don’t Xiao Bai go home with his father? You see, grandma and grandma have come to pick you up specially. Do you have the heart to let them down? "
Gao Xiaobai took a sip of his mouth, black and white, and big eyes glanced at Mrs. Han and Zhong Yuhong. "But I promised Mommy I wouldn’t leave her."
"No one asked you to leave your mother." Mrs. Han leaned in and whispered coaxed, "Xiaobai, why don’t you go back with us and wait for your mother to come back from her hometown, and your father will come and pick her up again?"
Gao Xiaobai looked at Han Yan’s little face full of worries. "But I read in the newspaper that dad is very playboy and has a lot of women outside. If I go back with you, will there be other women looking for the door with their children?" What if mommy and I are bullied by them again? "
"…" Han Yan has a black line. "Children’s newspapers are all scribbled. Don’t look after it. Be good."
Gao Xiaobai looked at him with big eyes blinking. "The teacher once said that a fly can’t make a sound without biting an egg."
Han Dong "…"
I haven’t spoken yet, and I was slapped by the old lady Han as soon as I "snapped" …
After the fight, Mrs. Han endured the heartache and smiled at Gao Xiaobai and said, "Xiaobai, your father is not sensible and your grandmother has taught him a lesson for you. Don’t worry, our Korean family will recognize your mother and other women and children, and I will kick them out!"
Han Dong "…"
Zhong Yuhong also came over and advised, "Yes, Xiaobai’s new home is very beautiful. Besides grandma, grandma, grandpa and aunt playing with you, grandma’s cooking is also delicious. What do you like to eat? Can I make it for you every day? We can take you to play wherever you want. "
Gao Xiaobai cocked his little head and seriously considered it. Finally, he shook his head and said, "No, I promised Mommy. I can’t keep my word. Let’s wait for Mommy to come back and go with her."
All "…"
"Xiao Bai’s father will sleep with you here tonight, okay?" Han Shu said, settling for second best.
Gao Xiaobai shook his head. "Don’t get used to sleeping alone."
Han Dong "…"
"And my bed is very small, and you are too fat. I’m afraid you will collapse the bed." Gao Xiaobai added again.
In the end, the old lady Han was reluctant, but it was too late to watch. The little guy insisted on continuing the stalemate. I am afraid there is no good result. I am reluctant to leave with my daughter-in-law and Sun Xian.
Tandem two cars just left the new city community Chang Huanyan and came back in a Gao Xiaoxiao suv.
Gao Xiaobai opened the door for her and then took a small pajamas to take a shower.
"Xiao Bai!" Chang Huan Yan suddenly stopped him.
She didn’t come to sell her coat next to the tea table, pointing to the cigarette case that Han Han deliberately left with a lighter and asked, "Who is this?" Did you have a guest at home just now? "
Gao Xiaobai blinked. "Well, that’s my father. He may have forgotten to take it with him."
With that, he calmed down the bathroom door
Section 51
Dad? Chang Huanyan looked at the expensive high-end lighter and the whole person began to get messy in the wind.
So … Five years ago, that fucking rapist showed up? !
Chang Huanyan rushed to call Gao Xiaoxiao, but the other end was "Sorry, the number you dialed is no longer available"
It was really late when she looked at it. She sighed and sent a text message first. "I just got home. Xiao Bai told me that his father just came home. What happened?" Please let me know as soon as you turn it on! "
Rui yuan shou fu Han Jia
Han Zhengming is watching financial news on the sofa in the living room.
桑拿After seeing four people come back together, he was surprised and asked, "How did you come back together? Go on a blind date with aunt? "
Han Shao changed his slippers without saying anything and went straight back to the building.
Mrs. Han’s backache came over and sat in her mouth muttering, "I don’t even kiss each other anymore."
"…" Han Zhengming frowned. "Mom, what do you mean?"
I don’t know if I’m tired or not in the mood. Mrs. Han rubbed her waist and didn’t bother to explain.
"Alas, this old man is tired for a while, and his waist will not straighten up." After that, he didn’t get up and started walking towards the bedroom.
Han Zhengming looked at Han’s old lady at a loss when she was about to speak, but she suddenly stopped and turned her head and said, "By the way, Yu Hong, you should go to bed early and accompany me to the mall in the afternoon. I want to buy several sets of seasonal clothes for Xiaobai and buy him some toys."
"Good mother, I will accompany you in the past in the afternoon". Sun Zhongyu’s face is full of tenderness at the thought of cute and handsome.
Han Zhengming stared at Zhong Yuhong behind the old lady’s door and asked, "Who is Xiaobai? What on earth did you do tonight? "
Zhong Yuhong just wanted to explain Bao Fang and frowned and asked, "Where is Xia Xia?"
"Why are you looking for her! Answer my question first, "Han Zhengming said impatiently.
Zhong Yuhong also said impatiently, "I don’t want to say it at once. I have to explain it to her separately every time."
After all, it’s too complicated. It’s tiring to explain it again …
Han Zhengming said kindly, "That Gu called to the north, so she went to dinner with him, and when will she come back?"
"… why don’t you stop it?" Zhong Yuhong was angry. "Why didn’t Xia Xia give up and let her go? Why didn’t you know how to cherish yourself?"

He played mahjong and depressed his family to laugh.

Instead of being embarrassed, Yujing cleared her throat and continued, "That’s my second uncle who loves his wife. I call it love me, love my dog."
This is a little more laughter.
Song Qingcheng didn’t interrupt and took a cup of water. The auricle was a little hot.
A young poker table joked, "I can’t see that my second cousin is still henpecked."
As soon as the voice fell, Yu Tingchuan was confused.
For a moment, others’ attention turned back to the card game.
About half an hour ago, the waiter sent Yujing to order food earlier.
Yujing picked up the mutton string and chewed it. It was delicious. She handed it to Song Qingcheng, a string of flesh and blood. "This is nothing fishy for you to eat."
Song Qingcheng ate a lot of dinner, but I still reached out and took it. I didn’t eat like Yujing. I ate it slowly. Maybe I was really not hungry. She didn’t have any taste, ate a third of it, put it back on the plate and took a strawberry to eat.
Yu Tingchuan plays mahjong and occasionally pays attention to the sofa side.
Sometimes the whole Song Dynasty can feel it.
She didn’t deliberately twist a head to look at her heart, which was already very practical.
It wasn’t long before the waiter brought the roast leg of lamb.
There is almost no break in laughter when playing cards in the living room.
Yujing grabbed the leg of lamb with disposable gloves to chew his mouth and rubbed the oil poker table. I don’t know who made a chagrin and exclaimed, accompanied by a supercilious look on the table, Yujing and Song Qingcheng said, "Look, juwan will have to pay it back if he wins the money."
The whole song dynasty watched Yujing chuckle supercilious look. I don’t know how to think of the corners of the mouth of the net expression pack. The eyebrows in the eyes are also smiling slightly.
Yu Jing noticed something and asked curiously, "What’s so funny?"
"Nothing" Song Qingcheng smiled "I just think you are cute"
"How does this sound like swearing?"
Yujing mumbled and handed over a bunch of grilled squid. "Eat quickly. Look, you are too thin. You have little face."
Song Qingcheng has been full and hasn’t moved a bite in his hand.
It’s almost half past ten in the evening.
A female elder of Yu’s family came out of the suite bedroom and went straight to the poker table. She was looking for someone else but Yu Tingchuan who had something to say to this nephew alone.
Yujing Song Qingcheng introduced "That’s my second aunt who doesn’t know why I’m looking for my second uncle."
The poker game has stopped over there.
Yutingchuan was called outside by Yu Jia’s second aunt.
Suite door yan song city back suddenly feel chest tightness happened Yujing handed a bunch of baked eggplant.
The whole song dynasty smelled the smell of oil smoke and felt sick, and it seemed that it was blocked by something. Later, it was really uncomfortable not to say hello to Yujing and got up and ran to health while covering her mouth.
I just walked to the toilet and couldn’t help bending over to vomit.
Just eat all spit it out.
Including undigested dinner.
I vomited until I didn’t have anything to vomit, but I still felt sick.
Outside, Yu Jing followed and knocked at the door. "What about Qingcheng?"
Song city very not easy to pressure retching * * open the faucet hand holding water gargle mood followed calm to wait for her to open the health door in addition to a little pale already can’t see it strange.
Yu Jing is worried, "Are you all right?"
"It’s okay" Song Qingcheng shook his head and still felt uncomfortable. "It may be that I ate too much and my stomach was a little stuffy in the room."
"Then go outside for a while." Yujing hurried to help her.
Song Qingcheng felt funny. "It’s nothing if I walk."
Yu Jing is dubious "Really?"
桑拿按摩  title="My second uncle doesn’t know where he went with my second aunt, or I’ll give him a call."
"No" Song Qingcheng stopped her "Now I am much better"
Air circulation in the corridor outside
Section 26
Yujing looked at Song Qingcheng’s face and recovered some color, making sure that she was not a sudden emergency. This just put her heart on her chest. "It really scared me. If you eat something, my second uncle must be anxious with me."
"It’s not that serious" Song Qingcheng laughed.
Yu Jing disagreed. "My second uncle looks at you in a very different way. Your eyes hurt just like his own. Do you think he will be comfortable?"
Yu Jing added, "Let’s go to the building and have a look around here. It’s not good. They won’t break up this mahjong game until half past eleven."
Talking two people walked to the door of the ladder.
There happened to be a ladder for Yujing to reach out and press the button immediately.
The original ladder will come to the top floor, but it stops at this floor.
The ladder door opened and the whole Song Dynasty saw Yutingchuan at a glance.
Yutingchuan is preparing to come out from the inside.
"Uncle?" Yu Jing was surprised
Yu Tingchuan didn’t expect to meet their deep sight here, and immediately went to Song Qingcheng. Then he looked at Yu Jing and asked, "How come it’s raining outside? Where are you going?"