This is also the reason why the ball didn’t grab Lu Wenbin at the end of the half-court-physical exertion was too great.

Lu Wenbin is better than Gustavo in physical fitness and physical strength.
It is no wonder that Lu Wenbin’s attacker is more advantageous. Gustavo played half a game as if he had played the whole game.
However, Heinks can’t get Gustavo back, because it would be even worse if someone else kept an eye on Lu Wenbin.
Gustavo is more disciplined in tactics, so he won’t get the goal out of the limelight and get to know Lu Wenbin at random. There is no better way to keep an eye on Lu Wenbin than Gustavo in Bayern Munich.
Heinks can continue to give Gustavo the weight of keeping an eye on Lu Wenbin, but he can’t draw others to help.
Because the score is now behind Bayern Munich and it is two goals behind.
Bayern Munich must strengthen their attack at half time.
After a 15-minute break, both sides will fight again.
From the first minute of the half-time, Bayern launched a fierce attack on Real Madrid at half-time.
Shi Weins Tiger has simply given up the defense and went to midfield to organize an attack with Cross to storm the forbidden area of Real Madrid.
Real Madrid just contracted the defense and counterattacked, which made Lu Wenbin and Luo speed more effective.
In the fifth minute, Bayern’s attack was interrupted, and Alonso found the frontcourt winger with one foot long.
But when he got the ball and prepared to break through the flank, Luo was put down by Contento
This is a sidewalk, 4 meters away from the goal, and the Italian ball angle is a little off.
However, now Real Madrid opponents are interested in avoiding giving Real Madrid a good angle and distance. Lu Wenbin has a rare opportunity to kick the ball.
Therefore, even if the ball is a little far and a little biased, it is still given to Lu Wenbin to take the penalty.
约茶As a result, Lu Wenbin missed the goal without hitting the doorframe.
Advanced Italian ball skill 7 The door frame hit rate is still 3, which will fly directly out of the door frame range.
The next game continued Bayern’s defensive counterattack against Real Madrid.
Although there are many good defensive players in Real Madrid, the Bayern attack group is really strong
The long-term attack on Real Madrid’s defense line finally revealed a flaw and was seized by Bayern Munich.
In the 63rd minute, Shi Weins Tiger spiked past Khedira in the frontcourt, then Cros Cros broke through Alonso’s defense and found a ball route directly to Bayern’s forbidden area.
Thomas Muller started the offside at the same time, and the corner of the small forbidden area was caught by Cross, and the ball was stopped at a small angle.
The ball flew into the goal from the narrow gap in the casillas goalpost, and Bayern Munich finally pulled back one point again, making the score 23 short of one goal.
After regaining one point again, Bayern’s morale was greatly boosted, and he was ready to make persistent efforts to score another goal to equalize the score and complete the reversal.
However, Real Madrid’s defensive counterattack is not a decoration. Bayern soon tasted the bitter fruit of the backcourt after the big attack.
In the 72nd minute, Ribery’s dribbling was broken. Real Madrid played a quick counterattack ball and handed it to Lu Wenbin’s foot after Alonso and Ozil handed it.
Lu Wenbin turned his back on Gustavo to catch Ozil’s ball, but when Lu Wenbin was about to touch the ball, he came to a heel knocker and the ball passed, leaving Gustavo caught off guard and the ball bypassed Gustavo from both sides respectively.
The 19-point creativity makes Lu Wenbin’s stadium more and more casual and unpredictable.
After passing Gustavo, Lu Wenbin took the ball and cut the front of the forbidden area. Zemala hit the wall and passed Ram and Van Bitten.
Ze polo rolled into the forbidden zone, and Lu Wenbin ran past Ram and was about to kill in the forbidden zone.
At this moment, I felt something was wrong. boateng ran out of the forbidden zone and pulled a handful of Lu Wenbin, dragging Lu Wenbin down the forbidden zone line.
Although boateng stopped after a tug, he was still found by the referee.
At this time, it is a deliberate foul to stop the single-handed ball.
Therefore, boateng was shown a yellow card by the referee without hesitation and awarded Real Madrid a right-hand penalty area. The distance of the Italian ball outside the line was appropriate, but the position was slightly off.
However, Lu Wenbin was not picky about whether to let the ball out or take the penalty himself.
Although his skill didn’t cool down, Lu Wenbin kicked the ball into the corner of Bayern Munich goal with his exquisite Italian ball skills.
Neuer judged the right direction, but Lu Wenbin’s angle of the ball was too sharp, and he finally failed to save it.
Lu Wenbin thought that the ball flew into the goal and the commentator shouted excitedly.
"The goal is in, Luigi. The goal is in."
"The 71st goal Lu scored his 71st goal in the Champions League final by scoring twice."
"Lu tied Raul’s record of 71 Champions League goals and the game is not over yet. Lu still has a chance to surpass it."