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Jianhui leaned over and said a few words to him in early summer and autumn. Jianhui nodded and walked away.

President’s office opened the door in early summer and autumn and went in. Luo Haobo sat at his desk.
Yang Xiaoning, you have succeeded Luo Haobo said to early summer and autumn.
In the early summer and autumn, I bypassed my desk, sat on chairs, and my eyes fell on Luo Haobo’s face. In my life, except for meeting you blindly and being quiet and gentle, he is a success. You are a big failure in my life.
I have already said that this is all quiet and soft. What did that bitch do with me? You just don’t believe me?
Luo Haobo said to early summer and autumn with a face of pain
You want me to believe you? Early summer and autumn looked at Luo Haobo seriously. I will believe you if you jump from the window.
If you want me to die, why bother? Luo Haobo laughed. Xiao Ning, do you want to take my shares?
You’re right. Early summer and autumn honestly nodded. It was natural for me to take it back.
It’s very simple to get it back. Luo Haobo leaned slightly on his arm to support the table and looked at the early summer and autumn with his face in his hand. If you divorce Yan Junzhe and marry me, I will transfer the shares to you.
Ha ha! In the early summer and autumn, I suddenly chuckled, full of irony and ridicule.
She had to admit that Luo Haobo was shameless to a certain extent.
Luo Hao Bo, can you be a little more ashamed? Early summer and autumn smiled and asked Luo Haobo, Do you think I might marry you? Your memory doesn’t seem very good. Have you forgotten how I died?
I really want to cut Luo Haobo’s head open in early summer and autumn to see what’s inside.
They are enemies, and she hates him. She thinks all the time that if she makes him worse, isn’t he afraid that she will chop him to death with an axe in the middle of the night?
Xiao Ning, I’m serious. If you want Junwen Company, consider it carefully. Luo Haobo directly ignored the irony in the eyes of early summer and autumn and said seriously, You know I always love you.
Love me? If you love me, jump off a building! Although I said I didn’t get what belonged to me, I was very happy to see you die with my own eyes, although I was sorry.
In early summer and autumn, I smiled with a smile in my eyes, but there was no cold.
spa会所If there is no way to get back the shares from Luo Haobo, she hopes that he will die early.
I wouldn’t die so willingly without you, Luo Haobo smiled. If you don’t marry me, you can stay with me for one night and I will give you 10% of my shares.
Luo Haobo stared at the early summer and autumn eyes and said slowly, word by word
I felt very handsome before today, and the second watch came to everyone! Thank you for your encouragement!
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Rebirth after the Movie/I love Mumu
Undead wounds heal themselves, die and die.
This is a rebirth
Xia Rao, the former winner, was gouged out by a sword and died in the blazing fire.
Reborn to the third year of high school, the girl Jane Rao stepped on love rat’s hand blade, the base girl’s stunning face and the blessing of the film queen.
This is a warm marriage
Erbo forced her to marry a poor cripple, but this cripple is not only rich and powerful, but also so familiar.
Lengthening the wedding car, millions of wedding dresses and millions of people celebrate the wedding banquet!
The rich and powerful filmwinning emperor is graceful, simple and precious, and pampered by thousands of people
[Favorite Wen Wen Nu Qiang Wen Shuang Jie abuse oneonone pet to the extreme]
☆, Chapter 147 Solve Luo Haobo (2)
Pa is crunchy.
Luo Haobo’s voice just fell in summer and early autumn, and he took the coffee on the table and threw it directly at Luo Haobo.
Luo Haobo had prepared himself. As soon as the cup fell, it made a crisp sound, and the coffee flowed everywhere.
Rarely in early summer and autumn was Luo Haobo so angry that she was ashamed to control it.
Luo Haobo’s armchair smiled and looked at the early summer and autumn with a slight blush.
I’m not angry, but I think you’re disgusting. I looked at Luo Haobo coldly in early summer and autumn. Don’t want to be as ashamed as everyone else.
I don’t think I’m ashamed. On the contrary, I think it’s a wish in my heart. I told you I love you …
Shut up
A cold drink in early summer and autumn broke Luo Haobo’s words, Don’t tell me love, don’t defile the word love. People like this are not qualified to talk about love, and you don’t deserve love.
Luo Haobo face smile slightly stiff stiff soon returned to normal.
If you don’t believe me, there’s nothing you can do. When do you think about it, give me an answer, and I’ll wait for your good news.
Section 214
Luo Haobo smiled at the early summer and autumn, and got up and walked away when he got angry in the early summer and autumn.
In early summer and autumn, the eyes are shining with gloomy and uncertain light. Luo Hao Bo, we’ll see!
The office door was pushed open and Jianhui came in, holding a pile of information in his hand.
I have sorted out the general information of summer, Jianhui said to the early summer and autumn.
It’s really hard for you. Early summer and autumn smiled at Jianhui. I have to take a trip to the China Banking Regulatory Commission. This time I will thoroughly check Luo Haobo and Quiet Soft.
Luo Haobo, don’t hurt Liu Xia. She can’t help him. She still makes Luo Haobo prostrate.


Seville shortened the score gap.
There is still hope for them to equalize the score during the game.
However, three minutes later, after Qin Xiong retreated to the midfield to catch Lasdiarra’s ball, a largescale shift was once again instigated by Real Madrid to launch a deadly offensive.
After stopping the ball perfectly on the left in the frontcourt, Steer immediately crossed the ball to the middle. Van der Vaart stopped the ball and obliquely blocked the right side of the penalty area.
Higuain, a smoker, went into the penalty area without making any adjustment. palop barely blocked the ball for a while, and then he was disappointed to see Raul make up the shot in the penalty area and send the ball to the door!
There is not much time left in the 5:3 game. Raul’s second goal can be said to have helped Real Madrid seal the victory. Now let’s see if there will be a miracle belonging to Seville!
There are no miracles.
Bosque dropped the last two substitutions to strengthen the defense.
Seville finally swallowed five bullets at Pisjuan Stadium and suffered a big reversal!
At the end of the game, Seville people were in the same place.
They lost their emotions and suppressed their pain as much as losing a championship game.
Real Madrid’s generals encouraged each other to celebrate the victory and then left with their heads held high.
Real Madrid conceded two goals and played one less away from home. With Qin Xiong’s hat trick, Real Madrid played a fivegoal reversal.
After the game, many Spanish media recognized that Real Madrid had hit the La Liga championship and Qin Xiong’s performance was praised by critics.
Marca won the title of Qin Xiong wears a hat and Real Madrid hits the championship when Real Madrid performed at Pisjuan Stadium. Commentator Serhurola said that Qin Xiong was a bloodthirsty football field and a real Madrid is alive and strange
Real Madrid’s overall performance is also recognized as stable and powerful
The AS newspaper believes that Real Madrid showed its highest level at Pisjuan Stadium
Although Real Madrid has not won the honor, it has fully exerted its ability. Real Madrid has brought not only confidence and hope, but also fresh football.
National News made a headline on their sports homepage Immortal Qin Xiong to describe the performance of Real Madrid. When Real Madrid is on the verge of losing the hope of winning the championship, Qin Xiong makes everything possible, and it is still possible that it will take six days less.
Compared with the media touting Qin Xiong’s recognition that the team’s performance is higher than personal honor, Qin Xiong said after the game that the important thing is that the team won, not that I scored a lot of goals
Le Monde, another major newspaper in Spain, has lived for two years to form the theme slogan of Beijing Olympic Games for Real Madrid.
The same team, the same dream, Real Madrid’s incredible magic gives Barcelona continuous pressure and Qin Xiong is the magic of Real Madrid, and he has achieved his own wonders
Real Madrid returned to Madrid and immediately devoted themselves to postgame recovery. Now they have to prepare for the most crucial battle of the whole season. Their eyes are on the game in a Spanish national derby on a weekend!
桑拿按摩Another focus battle was played here in the 33rd round of La Liga match at Mestalla Stadium.
Barcelona is a guest to challenge Valencia
In the ninth minute of the game, the scoreboard number is still 2:2.
But just after the second minute of injury time, there was a picture that made Barcelona fans excited and crazy.
Messi suddenly came to the middle of the front line to catch Iniesta’s ball. After Eto ‘o’s cover suddenly changed direction and cut into the restricted area, he crossed the whole defense line of Valencia alone!
Then in the penalty area, he deftly volleyed the ball into the far corner of the goal.
After the goal, Messi rushed to the sidelines with a wild roar, and all Barcelona people went crazy.
Messi! Messi kills Valencia! 3:2! 3:2!
Barcelona didn’t let the lead over Real Madrid shrink before the national derby!
Messi is also leading Barcelona to the championship after Qin Xiong led Real Madrid to an incredible reversal!
Six days later, La Liga duo will meet in the national derby!
To be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has become the kings of the post9 5 s before it is drawn]
The pace of Spain’s national derby is approaching. Qin Xiong had a very quiet training ground and home at two o’clock this week before the game. He needed the most relaxation to ensure that he had enough energy to face the most important game in the final stage.
Several European and Spanish media have thoroughly analyzed the situation of winning the championship.
Simply put, defending champion Real Madrid is now four points behind Barcelona.
If Real Madrid can beat Barcelona at home, there is still the possibility of winning the championship because Barcelona will be distracted from the Champions League semifinal Chelsea game.
If it’s a draw, Barcelona’s chances of winning the championship will be very high because they can’t make a mistake in one of the four games!
And if Real Madrid loses to Barcelona at the Bernabeu, then the league will be over. Everyone can congratulate Barcelona on overthrowing Real Madrid’s rule in the past two years and regaining the league title!
As the national derby approaches, the atmosphere of the war becomes more and more intense.
However, unlike the past, people no longer regard it as a grudge between the central ruler and Catalan nationalists, but examine it from the perspective of its influence on the league title competition and interpret it from the perspective of two styles of football confrontation
This national derby is the purest confrontation of competitive colors.
Compared with the season, Barcelona’s main players have more Alves and Pique, but Guardiola insists on the unified 433 style of play. He has absolute control over the team and successfully teamed up to make the Rossoneri achieve outstanding results in the season. The wonderful scene is recognized as the popular white swan
Although Guardiola said regretfully after the first leg of the Champions League semifinal draw with Chelsea that it’s hard to play a wonderful game if the opponent doesn’t want to play, it didn’t change his attitude towards the national derby.
Although we will visit Madrid, Barcelona’s purpose is to attack and then attack.
It is precisely because Guardiola’s concept has been recognized by La Liga coaches that most of the colleagues said in the prediction that one game will affect the trend of the league, but Barcelona should be the ideal winner of the trophy because they played the best football
At present, Barcelona is fighting fiercely.
How Guardiola regulates the players’ psychology will have a farreaching impact on the team.
In this regard, Barcelona Jong confidently said, I see that the players are ready for multiline warfare to affect their physical fitness, but I value psychology more because their legs are dominated by the brain.
Guardiola decided to take a day off on April 3rd to relax.
Barcelona will also fly to Madrid at noon on May 2, and participate in the competition that night.
Guardiola hopes that in this way, the team can avoid the media as much as possible and maintain a good attitude.
Real Madrid trained as usual on April 3rd.
Although the oneway battle has made them in relatively good physical condition, Bosque also has concerns.
The former’s tight play in Barcelona and Chelsea made it difficult for the Blues to enter the frontcourt.
To avoid this situation, Bosco is preparing for the national derby, hoping that his brothers can hold the goal like Chelsea, but they should also be able to knock on the door of Barcelona like Valencia.
It is predicted that the outcome of the century war is that Spanish politicians will participate in activities every year.

Instead, it was Cheng Wu who accepted my words. Although this achievement method is strong and strong, it should be practiced calmly when practicing gas. Adults obviously know what it means. He did not forget to praise me when explaining the key points.

Zhao Cheng finally opened his eyes and he curled his lips. Young master, why don’t you go to your room and hold your sister here?
Finally, I was cruel enough to kick him in the chest, and he screamed, stretching his arms forward and leaning back.
That’s you, right? I haven’t seen you out for ten and a half months. You just want to find some excitement when you come out? I moved one or two wrists and didn’t make a ringing sound on purpose.
Zhao Cheng didn’t fall awkwardly from the stone. He was very flexible and turned over in half, just lying on the ground.
I whistled, Toad is amazing, Lao Zhao?
He suddenly raised his head, his legs shot and his whole body went out like an arrow.
I immediately put my left arm across my chest and my right fist was slightly clenched and ready to go.
But … I’m getting farther and farther away when I see Zhao Cheng’s toe on the stone. Please spare the villain, master!
The sword and gun fight suddenly stopped, and the long knife dialed the wooden gun to reach Xiao Dai’s throat
It’s winter again.
The weather in this ghost is getting cold so fast. Although I am magical, I am still flesh and blood after all. After all, I can’t resist the storm of heaven and earth, but I have bought clothes myself.
Saibei is not afraid to let more than Wuwei. Jia Yu would have wrapped himself up.
It seems that Gu Zang is a little colder. Xiao Zhao said that there is not much pressure in wearing fur.
Well, it’s so cold. Shuang’er stamped her feet and pulled up my right hand. Go home? Don’t wander around outside.
I nodded. It seems that the winter in Saibei is very difficult. Go home. I still want to walk around the city.
The Story Of Diu Sim tightened her neckline and frowned, Cicada is really not used to being so cold so early. Among the four girls around me, The Story Of Diu Sim has lived in the Central Plains since she was a child. Jia Yu, Xiao Zhao and Shuang’er, however, are born and raised in Xiliang, and their resistance to low temperature is stronger than The Story Of Diu Sim.
The original quiet city gradually made a noise.
The wheels creaked and slowly drove out of the street, and the hooves became more and more lively.
I immediately reached out and recruited Pang Gan, the brigade commander of the prohealth brigade. What?
Pang Gan also stretched out his hand to send himself.
品茶The return message told me that these vehicles are all winter clothes sent by Jia Changshi to Gaoque Chicken Lusai
I told Pang Gan to escort four family members back to the mansion, and I went to the source of the chariots and horses with a sense of responsibility.
It was Jia Xu, who was directing the soldiers to move a cart of clothes to two places in batches. Although he was wearing a coat, he still couldn’t hide his thin figure.
Mr. Wenhe took advantage of a group of vehicles to leave the treasury and I asked, Why did you send clothes today?
Jia Xu took the hand and handed over a bowl of hot water. After blowing it in a hurry, he rushed to his mouth and drank two times. Today is additional clothes.
He glanced at me. It’s snowing in the north of Gaoque!
I suddenly realized and was slightly surprised. So early?
He shrugged. What is it that you and I are in such a hurry to send someone to deliver clothes?
It’s already the end of October in the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar … It’s not impossible to think that it was late when it snowed in midNovember.
No wonder it suddenly turned cold today … I looked at the sky and muttered.

Just entering November, Linrong City also ushered in the first snow this winter.
The snowfall is not large, and it is slightly mixed with some rain, so it is not enough to cover the large foundation of Yuan Ye. Snowflakes will dissolve when they fall to the ground. At best, they will wet and paint the streets and lanes.
The colder the weather gets, the fewer people come and go on the streets. Although most of the people in the city are strong (original) ethnic minorities, no one will deliberately run to the street to show their strong chest muscles.
I can feel the chill from the body of the flying star gun when I practice it every dayalthough my weapon will not be placed in the open air.
At the tenth day of the tenth lunar month, Xiao Dai led a purchasing group to the south to purchase winter goods, mainly because of Hedong Dayan. I can see that he finally found a job, and he was quite eager to be happy.
Jia Xu Cheng Yu toured the main mass gathering points in six cities of Shuofang County, mainly checking whether the county magistrates in each place did their duty to the employees and solved the sufferings of the people by the way, and determining whether the ruling officials treated the original Han residents and the newly moved residents equally.
This used to be a formalism in my opinion, but it really became a meticulous work in the hands of Mr. Jia Cheng. It took them twenty days to finish the evaluation and when they returned to Linrong and formed a report, Xiao Dai also led the purchasing group back to Shuofang.
It has quietly entered December.
At the end of the year, I woke up and had to consider a very serious problem.
According to the convention, all counties and counties should pay tribute to the court before the New Year. Huangfugu’s own father’s experience tells me that there is still one year to pay taxes in proportion.
I immediately felt a pain in my heart. Can I not pay?
He nodded. They should be thankful that the North has just returned to the big fellow and we didn’t ask the court to give us funds …

The quick-witted player who saw the sudden lifting of the artifact first shouted, "He wants to take the artifact and stop him."

As soon as everyone exhaled, the players in the front row ignored the fact that hundreds of players had just been destroyed by the dark fire, but they were 100 meters away from the dark fire, and it was impossible to make it. That’s just the case. Just now, the famous god officer had opened a delivery array with the dark fire, and two people rushed over to the angry crowd and smiled and entered the delivery array. At this time, people arrived at their place. At this time, they rushed in regardless of whether the delivery array was safe or not. Free players on the fifth floor have actually entered most of the reality. If the fairy and Busi are here, you will find this strange place. Let alone what these two people wearing dance masks are so powerful that they are beyond the average level. It is also very strange to send the array. Generally, the array will be sent to six people at most, and then it will automatically close. Even if there are not enough people, it will automatically disappear in half a minute, but now it has been finished without any sign of disappearing.
The fallen world saw that people had entered and discussed it with the lore. After all, the whole wonderland of artifacts had not appeared (as far as they know, there were a few, but no fool would say it). The fallen world first entered the array, and its eyes shook. The scenery in front of the fallen world was very familiar. This is Alcatraz. I also attended the recruitment meeting of Fengyun Alliance here, but it was messed up by elegant guild people and failed to open it.
How did it get here? Suddenly, I found that everyone was moving in the same direction, and waited for a while. All the people rushed to the crowd immediately, and the more they went, the more strange it became. I have never heard of such an ice sheet in the north of Alcatraz. What is this place? Who were those two people just now? Why is it so powerful? And they’re already so good, why do they need artifacts? A lot of problems bothered him, but he couldn’t solve any of them. He kept telling himself where he was, and invited the dead congregation, fairy messengers and others.
桑拿会所Similarly, the iron man reported his position after coming out of the array, and soon he came with everyone. Let alone the iron man, he immediately took people to catch up with him. There were already many people in front of him, and he was almost the last.
At this moment, suddenly, behind the iron man, people from all over the country rushed in their own direction, and he couldn’t help wondering what was going on. Look carefully and find that these people are very angry. Fortunately, the object is not one of their own. Looking down their eyes, they find that the object they are chasing is another person who is parallel to themselves. That person also wears a dance mask and immediately thinks to those two people just now. What is it that the guild has so many powerful people? Can it have anything to do with that conscious life? The iron man looked at the man carefully again and found that he was familiar with the costume, but he couldn’t remember seeing the man wearing a Pharaoh’s hat and holding a Pharaoh’s staff. He seemed to be a mage, but his armor seemed to be a knight or a templar.
The man passed by the iron man and others and took a look at the iron man. The corners of his mouth passed with a hint of sneer, while several people behind him crossed the iron man and chased the man desperately. At this time, the iron man and others also reacted and hurried over.
Back two hours ago, just as the fallen world and Iron Man entered the bell tower at the same time, the soldiers led the guild members who were fighting in front of the fierce battle. They were challenging the small guild members everywhere. They killed all the small guild members first, then blocked the resurrection point and killed them again. Although most of the players now lost 1% of their experience every time they died in payon Liancheng Resurrection Point, being killed ten times and a hundred times was not as simple as demoting their anger. If their eyes could kill people, they would definitely kill this group of people ten thousand times to feel avenged.
Lin Bing and his guild members were divided into two teams, one of which was blocked by 10,000 people. It was specially designed by other players to resurrect one and kill another, while the other team of more than 40,000 people began to exterminate the small guilds one by one in Ji Fen, Bell Tower and Mengluoke. Even with its guild spy, Lin Bing did not do so in vain. However, the guild system did as ordered, and it was really very exciting to do so once. It seriously stimulated the killing heart of the Lin Bing Guild congregation. At the beginning, the first guild was still hesitant to exterminate the third guild.
The number of people in each small guild is only 3,000, so these 40,000-strong opponents can almost kill all the way without stopping, and more and more people in payon’s resurrection point are responsible for blocking the resurrection point. More than 10,000 troops are harder than attacking others’ 40,000 troops, but they are still very happy. After all, it is impossible to kill so much at ordinary times.
After more than an hour of killing, the small guild bases in three cities were destroyed, and some guilds with no more than one person were also destroyed by the way. It is very important to see players passing by and not let go of the poor. More than 100,000 players in three cities were killed in this way, and they were all blocked at the resurrection point in payon
In the face of 10,000 well-trained combat troops, even if there are 100,000 players inside, they can’t rush out. However, the scene is in a stalemate, and many players inside can’t beat each other. Moreover, many players outside are calling for help. More than 1 million players have come from all sides to support this action, which is really shocking and can be said to have aroused public anger.
Lin Bing is now in payon before the resurrection point. He is waiting for an opportunity to give him full play to his acting talent. What he hopes most is to mobilize all the players who can be mobilized in Wonderland. This is also part of the elegant plan. Sometimes Lin Bing is a wise superman, but he really has some admiration for this younger brother. After all, this plan is bold and makes Lin Bing ashamed.
The second chapter afraid to listen to the road (2)
The soldiers watched more and more players gather, no matter whether in the periphery or in the blocked resurrection point, almost no one thought of asking for a line, and they were indignant and vowed to kill these hateful guys ten thousand times. The soldiers estimated the number of the other side, and the number of players in the resurrection point increased to two hundred thousand, while the number of players focused on the periphery reached three million. This fairyland can be said to be the former ancients and latecomers. How big can Feiyang City be? As soon as we focused on almost four million people, we almost mobilized all the online players, and many spectators also rushed over. It was even more shocking that there were more than four million players outside Feiyang.
The soldier suddenly remembered Qin Yong. What is this fool doing now?
※※※※※※※※ "Dad, did you tell those people?" Chen Qianting hurried back and immediately asked
Star array is willing to stare at her daughter naively. As the saying goes, girls are extroverted. Since her daughter met the boy named Lin Bing, her heart has been put there. Now she has followed her. Fortunately, what that person did is really beneficial to the future of the earth. Otherwise, it is not worthwhile for her to do this undercover job. The boss of a world-wide enterprise hehe thought of this [garbage] and gently said to her daughter, "Don’t worry, I have told those old guys behind the scenes by anonymous way. I believe they will find Lan Fengyun to verify it soon, and your mother hasn’t seen you for a long time
"I know. I’m going back to the game. Maybe it won’t happen in two or three days."
"Alas daughter daughter what my family has a single daughter? Who will pick up my class? "
※※※※※※※※※ The soldiers turned to their thoughts and jokingly said to a steward around them, "Do you think we can beat the millions of people in front of us?"
The steward trembled when he heard the soldier say this. "President, you don’t want us to play with them hundreds of times more than us, do you? Then we must be dead. "
The soldiers laughed and said to all the congregation guild channels, "It’s rare to be crazy in life. Brothers, there is a chance for you to be crazy. Think about how exciting it would be to fight against so many people. Will you have this chance again?" Anyway, our capital is Liancheng, so if they have something to do, come and fight. Let’s have a crazy time. "
The congregation, who had just been killed crazy, had a boiling passion after hearing it, and their eyes all showed a kind of crazy bloodthirsty impulse. It was almost time for the soldiers to watch the incitement. The big order said, "Everyone who fights with soldiers is in front of the fierce battle." Today, the congregation is going to have a crazy massacre. Either we slaughter each other or they slaughter our brothers! "
A total of 60,000 people charged the players who were hundreds of times more than them. Each player didn’t believe that there was a contact battle between two people in his eyes, and at this moment, the soldiers gave full play to the advantages of his four-turn profession’ the angel of extinction’. Suddenly, three monsters in black appeared in the crowd, and these monsters kept becoming like players. Every time they killed a player, they immediately became like the player, and they also made the player have all the skills, and the physical attacks were even more terrible. Killed by a knife, but their images are constantly changing, and it is impossible for the roots to find them in so many people’s group battles, so they keep killing the players. Often, some players are just about to say hello to a player they know, but they are greeted with a knife to cut their necks, or when they see an enemy, they are just about to cut them with a knife, but they are beaten by the other side.
On the other hand, facing the soldiers, they also called out 100 Cerberus and 10 Hatred Knights. These monster players can be described as evil spirits, although they have not yet reached the level of killing with one blow, but they are also terrible, just like the BOSS that players usually see in deep caves. Those Cerberus are just as difficult as those Hatred Knights, but it is troublesome for them to let out the hatred spirits and ask the players to reduce their health point little by little, and the players are surprised to find that the health point of this thing has not decreased every time they send it. After a concerted attack, resentment knight’s health decreased, several people in their crowd turned into white light and disappeared back and forth several times. They finally found out that their opponent’s roots were sucking their players’ health to supplement their own health. How can they fight to death?
The congregation is crazy to see that the president is so brave and fierce, especially the Temple Crusaders, where almost seven God officials are constantly rushing into each other’s camp to make [lay down their lives to attack] or [holy cross trial], while they are constantly making [healing] and [glorious array] for the Temple Crusaders with the help of God officials. (The range of health points is of course restored together with the enemy, but the enemy is killed by the Temple Crusaders if it doesn’t respond.
Although the soldiers are going to exercise as planned, after all, they will still be impulsive to see such a fierce battle scene. He can’t stand it anymore. He picked up Pharaoh’s staff and rushed into the battlefield.
One regional battle gradually affected the next one, so thousands of people outside the city of Fiji and Yangcheng were so stimulated that they didn’t even know what to start killing, and these players came out from the resurrection point to continue killing. Everyone was crazy to find that they were either killed or killed, and the unspeakable bloodthirsty impulse in their hearts forced them to raise shuriken and knife at a complete stranger.
When Qin Yong arrived in Yang Shi, he was scared silly by the tens of millions of people fighting in front of him. How did this happen? Looking at those guys in the crowd who were summoned by the enemy, Qin Yong knew that the enemy was not dead, but Qin Yong also knew that if he died in the game of the enemy, it would be equivalent to death in reality. This made her anxious and desperately sent messages to the enemy, but the enemy was addicted to killing and could not hear the instructions.
Qin Yong suddenly gritted his teeth and stamped his foot, picked up a set of extremely magical officers to wear. Of course, her two guards also rushed into the battlefield behind her to look for the signs of the soldiers. But how can so many people find the soldiers? At this time, Qin Yong thought of the enemy calling out and the monster was attacked by dozens of people on the way to the monster, but there were two super bodyguards, Qin Yong, who were still safe.
The third chapter afraid to listen to the road (3)
Qin Yong shouted the name of the soldier at the top of his voice in the crowd, but unfortunately he couldn’t find the last Qin Yong. He ran around like a blind fly, but there was such a chance encounter in the world. When the soldier was looking for a goal after beating a Pharaoh’s staff into a meat pot, he found Qin Yong and Qin Yong also found him. At this time, there was no second person in his eyes. Qin Yong held the soldier tightly and cried, "You idiot, you idiot …"
When the soldiers saw Qin Yong, they remembered what they were going to do. Finally, they woke up and comforted Qin Yong and said, "Am I not okay? I was so excited just now that I forgot. "
Qin Yong stopped crying for a while. "Don’t you know you can’t die? Don’t you know I’m worried about something? You don’t know that without you I … "
The soldier gently stroked the back of Qin Yong’s head full of apologies and said, "I know, I know, I’m sorry. Let’s get out of here first, or you two bodyguards will go to see Yan first."
Jean Yong remembered where he was, and the two bodyguards were almost desperately resisting the crowd and were embarrassed to look at the soldiers. "Let’s go."
It’s not easy for the soldiers to think of it. He called out the monsters and called them to come to the body. Suddenly, there was a player around the soldiers. The white area resented the knight master and killed all the way to the elegant guild. Before Liancheng, there were really few players coming here. After all, there are this huge wall and the elegant ordinary player who has never lost the fairyland. The root will not come here.
When several people entered the city, the soldiers immediately sent a message telling themselves that the congregation would retreat. Of course, the order was that there was still a new battle to be launched, and the physical strength was given priority. These reasons made them go to rest and come back after ten minutes.
As soon as they heard that there was more exciting fighting behind them, they were all excited, but less caused the root cause of the fighting. All the players slowly calmed down. At this time, everyone remembered this visit, but suddenly they found that the target they were looking for had disappeared and immediately shouted.
The soldier suddenly appeared in the public eye. He wore a ball mask and smiled slightly, which made everyone look at others think that this man was very manly, but they also felt it. From his head, Pharaoh’s hat and Pharaoh’s staff in his hand, it was this talent who triggered this war of thousands of people. All eyes were on him.
The soldiers were relaxed in a highland and gradually surrounded themselves. They were not afraid to say to everyone, "You losers have something to chase me?"
Everyone was stunned and then roared with anger. This man was too arrogant and arrogant. Almost everyone rushed over to the soldiers. Qin Yong seized the opportunity and said to a special goddess officer, "It’s feasible to move."
The god officer respectfully said, "Don’t worry about what the capra Association does."
The place where the soldiers stood disappeared from everyone’s eyes because of the appearance of a smile, and the array gradually expanded to 100 meters. Many players dodged and were not sent around. Everyone was thinking about what he was afraid of. So everyone rushed in, and thousands of people entered a farewell party. It is necessary for some heads to find that there must be something wrong, but what are you afraid of when you think of so many people? Can you eat these ten million people?
It’s too hard to really love you’. The free player runs ahead and chases the two people in front. He feels that the two people seem familiar but can’t remember where they have seen them. But seeing that one of them can fly and the other can be invisible, it is obvious that he exposes his body shape and keeps the people behind him chasing. This is not a trap. What is it? But’ it’s too hard to really love you’ is not worried because he is an adventurous person. How can he miss such exciting things?
Free players chased for half an hour and came to a place where there was an iceberg ice field and suddenly heard someone shouting, "Who are you? You are not allowed to go through here. "
Everyone looked at the iceberg along the sound direction, and there were two people, one dressed in a samurai, who should be a martial arts master, and the other was very strange to wear. A white wizard robe wrapped the whole person from the beginning, and the surface of the robe showed a cross shape, which was very similar to that of the priest’s association, and the face wore a mask with a heart cross shape. From this gap, we can see that it was a person.
Wu Bing saw that all the people didn’t react and repeated the words just now. "You are not allowed to go home here."
The answer is noisy, the only answer is to leave, and some people start to ignore the mountain man and continue to chase and rob the artifact from the side of the mountain. The two armed soldiers are happy to see them ignore their advice, but their faces look unhappy. "Since you dare to rush, you will pay the price."
With a wave of his hand, Wu Bing surprised the free players with the appearance of several figures from behind the mountain, and immediately thought that it must be that the two accomplices had just come back to look at themselves. It was many times more difficult to really love you. He was a little excited to look at both sides. Of course, he wanted to be more chaotic and more fun, so he said, "The artifact was taken away by them, but if you don’t chase it, you won’t have a chance to get it back."
"Yeah, get the artifact back." "Go, brothers!"
Free players are once again attracted by the incitement artifact and charge Wu Bing and others.
Wu Bing saw the other side start to act gently and said to the sunny rain around him, "It’s your turn to play the rain."
Sunny rain smiled at Wu Bing, and then held a pure white spherical staff in both hands. Suddenly, a white light fell from the sky to the white staff. Sunny rain was emitting waves of white light.
Free players who are preparing to charge, including’ It’s too hard to really love you’, are attracted by this strange but very sacred sight. After all, such a huge visual effect is rare whether it is magic or skill.
The white light of the rain and shine gradually spread out. From the beginning of Wu Bing, people in the guild felt a great power to attach themselves. It was the first time that Wu Bing felt that this trick [guiding heaven by God] was so powerful that it could bless 10,000 people with 2% attack power, 2% defense power, 2% magic attack power and 2% magic defense power.
The fourth chapter afraid to listen to the road (4)
The members of the blessed Elegant Guild killed the free players like taking stimulants, which changed the original state by one degree. When the free players first came into contact with the front row attack of the Elegant Guild, a huge pressure rose from the hearts of the free players for no reason.
It’s too hard to really love you. I soon felt that the pressure came from the man in the white robe on the mountain. The fact that it’s too difficult to really love you was right. It’s a skill of fine rain [inducing all beings]. This skill can make everyone in a kilometer range feel dizzy, dizzy, stuffy and depressed (this skill is very suitable for large-scale combat)
Rain or shine, the free players are one-sided, while the elegant guild players are more and more brave.’ It’s too hard to really love you’. Although it’s adventurous, it’s not a fool. When I look at this situation, I will take advantage of the chaos to retreat first. I wonder where so many powerful people ran out. First, the two artifact robbers just now, and then the white man in the mountain. These people are really powerful.
It’s too hard to really love you’ when it was two kilometers back to the battlefield, it was found that several players were coming from the road, and a black crowd appeared from the horizon. What happened? It’s too hard to really love you, but I found that there was another person running in front of this group of people. You can see from the ornaments that the Pharaoh’s hat, Pharaoh’s staff and a knight’s armor were special. I thought of this sudden’ it’s too difficult to really love you’ and a person’s’ it’s too difficult for soldiers to fight before the battle’. The former president of the First Guild remembered that he was really dressed like this in a challenge. At that time, it was too difficult to really love you, so I remembered it very clearly.
The soldier quickly came to the side of’ It’s too hard to really love you’ and took a look at this man. Then’ It’s too hard to really love you’ and heard the people behind him shouting, "Don’t let him get away and catch him!" "Kill his family!" "You fucking didn’t. He even hit him."
This really scared him. Let’s see if the aggressive people "really love you too hard" or decide to return to the battlefield just now and not let others find themselves.
Back to the ice sheet hill, although there are two skills blessing, rain and shine, after all, the number of people is too small. After ten minutes of fighting, the free players have taken the wind again, and the reason is that the artifact has been robbed. The mood is changed to the excitement of the current battle. All the priests of the gods consciously resurrect the dead and heal the people next to them. As a result, the soldiers can’t support the people who bring rain and shine. Of course, some people have stayed to resist the crazy free players.

The baby kicked her again as if he could understand her, and touched her belly funny, as if she could feel her touch and move again.

When interacting with the baby every day, she has to sigh that although she can’t see her life, she can feel the growth in her belly.
Yun Qianxue sat up because her stomach was too big, and she seemed a little clumsy. At the end of pregnancy, her waist also hurt badly. She worked hard every time she got up.
When Anchen got up, he would give her a considerate hand every time she got up. She was often moved by his thoughtfulness. Although pregnancy was hard, it became a kind of happiness because of his company.
After she sat up, she got up slowly. She went to the curved floor-to-ceiling window, opened the shade curtains, and the golden sun shone in the afternoon. The whole room seemed to be plated with a layer of golden light.
She pushed open the window and walked out of the balcony to see the scenery, green grass, flowers, trees, rockeries and gazebo. The scenery in the courtyard is very good. She has lived here for nearly a year, but she still can’t get tired of seeing the scenery of Wancheng.
She looked at the window for a long time before she went upstairs slowly. It was very quiet. The servants all worked and rested. Sister Qiao was carefully wiping a crystal vase in the living room.
Sister Qiao smiled when she saw Yun Qianxue. "Second mistress, you are up. You are ready to eat fruit, and red jujube tea is still warm in a thermos. Do you want to drink tea or eat fruit first?"
Yun Qianxue looked outside and smiled, "Let’s all go to the pavilion. I’ll go out and get some candied fruit."
In September, the summer heat has faded, and outdoor activities are still quite comfortable, so she thought it would be good for her baby to sit outside and breathe fresh air and smell flowers.
"Good second housewife" Qiao Jie replied and went into the kitchen and began to carry things out. Yun Qianxue also moved to the gazebo with a recliner.
Yun Qianxue sat in a recliner and held a cup of jujube tea in his hand. The cool breeze in the pavilion blew the whole person up.
She can’t say how comfortable she is drinking delicious jujube tea and blowing the wind.
After drinking tea for a while, she put the teacup on the chair lazily. Just because the child was noisy and didn’t sleep well, it was too comfortable to sit here, and the drowsiness began to hit. Soon, she slept on the recliner.
Sleeping in a daze, she vaguely smelled a fragrance of flowers and opened her eyes, which turned out to be a bunch of white lilies
As soon as her eyes lit up, I turned around and bumped into Anchen’s eyes full of affection. He squatted beside her and looked at her softly, as if he had looked at her for a long time.
Her heart instantly turned into water, soft and soft with a little bit of sweetness.
She smiled. "Why did you come back so early today?"
He chuckled, "Because you told me to come back early today, I promised."
"Are you finished with your work?" She asked
"It’s the most important thing to stay with your wife when you can never finish your work."
She smiled with a sweet face and wanted to jump into his arms at once, but at this time he handed the bouquet to her and said, "wife, I love you."
She took the bouquet and put it to her nose. She took a deep breath and smiled gently. "It smells good. I like it."
She got up and kissed him on the face. He sat down on the couch where she had just sat, and then pulled her to sit on his leg.
She gained a lot of weight after pregnancy, but he still hugged her unexpectedly. He bowed his head and found her lips and kissed them.
She tilted her head slightly to cater to his kiss for a long time before he reluctantly let her go.
He touched her belly and sighed. He has been a monk for a long time and he hasn’t dared to touch her since she entered the third trimester.
The reason why he sighed was that her ears warmed up slightly.
He raised his hand to smooth her forehead hair behind her ear and asked softly, "How do you feel today?"
Every time he sees his wife working so hard, he hopes that the child will come out quickly, but now it is full-term, and the child still stays in her stomach honestly.
"Good. I took a nap. I just sat here and fell asleep again."
"I wish I could sleep. I can’t wait to see you toss and turn every night. My child will come out quickly and stop torturing you."
Yun Qianxue smiled a gentle face. "I don’t think this is a kind of torture, but I still hope that the child will come out quickly because I am looking forward to meeting the baby."
Anchen put her hand on her belly judo "Did you hear that, little baby? Your mommy wants to meet you, so come out quickly. "
The baby in the belly kicked Yun Qianxue very hard. Yun Qianxue felt funny. "He probably heard you and kicked me again."
"Listen when you hear it, and try to come out early when you hear it."
"Can you still fight for such a thing?"
"Well, of course, if he wants to come up with it, he will fight for it himself."
Cloud thousand snow "…"
As if it were the fulfillment of Anchen’s words, Yun Qianxue was preparing to go for a walk in the courtyard after dinner, but there was a pain in her abdomen.
Yun Qianxue was startled by the sudden pain in her stomach. She turned to look at Anchen and exclaimed, "Anchen’s child seems to be really coming out."
桑拿会所What a coincidence! I just finished telling him to come out in the evening. I didn’t expect this kid to come out so soon.
Anchen was so surprised that she bent over and picked her up and shouted, "Somebody hurry to prepare a car for the hospital."
Lin Shu-wan and others in the room were surprised to hear Anchen shouting and hurried to let people drive out.
Yun Qianxue saw that Anchen was so nervous that his sweat came out. "Don’t worry, the doctor said that the first child usually doesn’t hurt soon. It’s only a long time before the baby comes out."
An Chen listened to Yun Qianxue’s words and finally stabilized his mind, but every time he saw her face wrinkled with pain, he felt so distressed that he couldn’t help shivering.
"The wife is very painful? I made an agreement with Muyang to let you have an analgesic delivery, so it’s good for you to endure the pain for a while. "Anchen couldn’t wait for the car to get to the hospital faster so that it could relieve pain.
Yun Qianxue shook his head. "The pain can’t be relieved so quickly. You can wait until the palace mouth is opened to a certain extent. Don’t worry, I can still bear this pain."

"Zhuang Zhuang, my mother and I will take you back to Jiang Jia. We can take care of it here."

Nanny just understood "Mrs. Jiang said she wanted me to …"
Is he still so kind?
He couldn’t wait for her to disappear from his world. He himself said that he just looked at her and was an eyesore. "He said it was his business. Go ahead." He opened the door and motioned for the nanny to leave quickly. She didn’t believe that she couldn’t live on her own unless she was forced by Jiang Junyue.
Nanny has finally cast a glance at Xiaozhuangzhuang. "Mrs. Zhuangzhuang recently drank milk powder to drink more than half a bottle, in addition, she has to supplement some rice porridge and rice paste to pee twice in the evening …" I said one by one that after all, with Xiaozhuangzhuang for a long time, she naturally had feelings, but Lan Jingyi forbade her to stay, and it was not good for her to stay back and report to Jiang Junyue.
Lan Jingyi is very embarrassed from the bottom of her heart, but it’s not that she really doesn’t want Jiang Junyue. Second, she can’t afford to pay the nanny. She can’t afford a family. The expenses are enough for her to earn, and the children can eat better. She is not at ease.
Two dishes were fried in the evening, and the children have already fed Lan Qing and sat down. "When will the lacrosse come back?" Can Jiang Junyue eat two dishes of green vegetables without even meat? Lan Qing is suspicious
"Mom, he won’t come again. Eat quickly."
"You really broke up?" Heavy asked LanQing a face of worry.
"So he returned Zhuang Zhuang to you?"
"Pa" chopsticks fell on the table. "Yi Yi, have you ever thought that he still has you in his heart?"
"No" If he had her in his heart, he wouldn’t have said such cruel words.
"If he really wants to break up with you, then he will give you the child, which proves that he has you in his heart. The child loves Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang. He gave it to you because he didn’t want you to be sad. He wanted the children to accompany you, Yi Yi. I think he wants you to be separated. There must be feelings. Tell mom what happened between you and him?"
Here we go again. Mom looks just like Cheng Qingyang. She was wrong about Jiang Junyue, but she already apologized, didn’t she?
"Mom, if you don’t want to help me with my children, you can go back to France." She was really wronged when she put chopsticks in her hand. In this day, she put all her figure, but after all, Jiang Junyue separated. She didn’t want to talk about it. I really didn’t want to talk about it with outsiders, but she didn’t want to be wronged when she got home.
"Yi yi you …"
"I won’t eat, mom. Please help me look after it. I’ll go out and have a look around." After that, her heart will be in a mess when mom goes back to France. She shouldn’t say that, but it’s impossible to get it back when she gets angry and wronged. She wants to go out and be upset except upset.
It’s already dark. From early to this time, she drank a little water and didn’t eat anything. She didn’t eat at noon, and she couldn’t eat at night.
She flew out of the small apartment building and walked alone. In the night, she was utterly confused, but she also fell.
She and Jiang Junyue really broke up.
The street is full of excitement, especially for those large and small stores, where the New Year is coming. Everyone buys new year’s goods and then waits for a family reunion at home for the New Year.
But this year she can spend it with her children and mother.
Walking along the road, there are new red lanterns hanging everywhere, and she looks particularly happy, but her world is pale
In front of a newsstand, a few people bought the evening paper and talked about "President Jiang’s engagement has been cancelled again"
"I heard that there have been several fiancé es. First, a surname Yin was several years ago. Then a surname Luo seems to be the daughter of a famous business tycoon in our city. Finally, a surname Lan broke off her engagement."
"Rich people love to toss about and wish to change one every day."
"It’s not …"
"The boss gave me an evening paper." Lan Jingyi went to the newsstand and bought an evening paper.
Sure enough, she and Jiang Junyue broke off their engagement in the last corner, but the news was not big, but she looked absolutely dazzling
品茶论坛  title=She stared at the word street lamp and pulled her shadow so long that he completely eliminated her last thoughts. From then on, it turned out that Jiang Junyue had nothing to do with him. He was so rude.
I don’t know when the newspaper in my hand turned into small pieces. As she walked, she tore and tore the scraps of paper all the way. The road was broken and completely broken
Just as the scraps of paper drifted across the road, a black Land Rover car slowly passed by. A pair of dark eyes looked at the petite figure drifting away not far away. Jiang Junyue turned the steering wheel and his hand trembled slightly.
This time he hurt her really badly.
But, Yi, do you know?
Hurt you and hurt myself even harder.
Hurt you a little, hurt me very much …
The stumbling figure gradually drifted away and broke into foam, and the confetti fluttered. Lan Jingyi couldn’t walk any further, and her body was light, as if it were not her own mind. She went back to the scenes after Jiang LaCrosse met. Those pictures were so beautiful that she didn’t believe that everything Jiang LaCrosse did was true.
Does he really want her?
He looked as if he could reach out and touch it, but when she did reach out and touch it, it was nothing.
"Pour what want to be so cruel to me? What is it? " She murmured that she had apologized to him in a low profile. What more does he want from her?
Chapter 165 He must have a secret
Section 95
Let her beg him?
Thinking about two little babies in a small apartment, Lan Jingyi is sad. They will grow up in a family without father’s love from now on, which is really cruel for children.

If we win the King’s Cup of Spain, La Liga and Champions League again, Real Madrid will play the sixth title of the season after the sixth title of the year, and defend the Champions League and the triple title by the way.

Even the triple crown and the sixth crown can defend their titles. Let’s say how abnormal Real Madrid is now.
夜网论坛  title=However, on how abnormal Real Madrid is, Atletico Madrid will not be afraid to play Real Madrid.
They won’t back down even if they know they will lose.
This is the Madrid derby, and it is also the same city derby to which the champion belongs.
After Fa Erkao scored a hat trick in the European Super Cup and lost to Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid held its breath.
Now the two sides finally meet again in the final, and Atletico Madrid has given birth to the will to avenge themselves.
Even the Bernabeu Atletico played a very good game.
First of all, goalkeeper courtois, a Belgian goalkeeper who is younger than Lu Wenbin on loan from Chelsea, has played very well for two consecutive seasons.
Last season, he helped Atletico Madrid win the UEFA Cup championship season, and also helped Atletico Madrid reach the final of the King’s Cup and set two clean sheets in the league, the longest clean sheet record in Atletico’s history.
The final of the King’s Cup, Madrid Derby courtois, continued his hot state in the past two seasons and still had it.
Perhaps the championship battle against Real Madrid and Lu Wenbin made courtois excited and changed the motivation of the game.
In the 5th minute, after Lu Wenbin broke through the flank, he hit the ball at a 45-degree angle. After cutting the flank, he grabbed the point and threw his head at the door.
As a result, I went straight to the dead corner, and this header was actually dragged out of the beam by courtois
Later, Lu Wenbin’s corner kick was shot from a moderate angle and was directly held in courtois’s arms.
In the 13th minute, at the bottom of Di Maria’s sidewalk, Lu Wenbin made a direct volley without stopping.
The ball went straight to the goal like a cannonball, and the result was that courtois reacted quickly and jumped out.
Courtois’s brave play ensured that the goal was not lost for a while
At the same time, striker Fa Erkao is as crazy as the European Super Cup.
In the first minute, Fa Erkao’s offside successfully received Garcia’s direct plug from the front waist and finished shooting in the forbidden area.
Casillas had already surrendered, and as a result, the shot hit the post and bounced back to the forbidden area, and Carvalho was kicked out of the border.
If it weren’t for the help of the goalpost, I’m afraid Real Madrid would have fallen behind at the Bernabeu Stadium.
Both sides failed to score a goal in the first 2 minutes.
Finally, in the 24th minute, the deadlock was broken, and it was Lu Wenbin, the most famous and expensive player.
Lu Wenbin first broke through to the frontcourt with the ball in the middle and then inserted it for Luo himself on different sides.
At the bottom of Luobian Road, Lu Wenbin rushed into the forbidden area to grab the central defender Godin and Miranda, and jumped to the top and headed the ball into the goal.
This fast and powerful header courtois finally failed to stop it.
However, in the 37th minute, Fa Erkao equalised the score with a solo performance by Atletico Madrid.
Then it wasn’t long before the referee blew the half-time whistle and the two sides entered the halftime with 11 points.
After a 15-minute break, the second half began.
As far as everyone is concerned, this pair of sworn enemies still need enter the dragon for a while. At the fourth minute, Lu Wenbin just started 3 minutes at halftime, and once banned a strong long-range shot outside the area, which caused goalkeeper courtois to get rid of it and gave Zema a chance to make up the shot.
Real Madrid took a 21-point lead just at halftime.
Atletico Madrid naturally fought back to equalize the score, but Fa Erkao’s goal at half-time was like a flash in the pan, and it was no longer the glory of the European Super Cup hat trick.
In the 57th minute, Atletico Madrid had a good shot in the forbidden area and Fa Erkao kicked the ball out of the stands.
If you don’t score, you will be punished
Real Madrid scored again in the 73rd minute.
This time, I just dropped the second ball. Zema received Ozil’s assist. The low shot in the forbidden area was blocked by courtois’s foot
However, Lu Wenbin beat the ball into the goal in the forbidden area.
Real Madrid leads Atletico Madrid 31.
With two minutes left in the game, Real Madrid’s lead of two goals is almost a lock.
The tenacious Atletico Madrid fought to the end, but always broke through the Real Madrid defense line and the casillas goal
In the 6th minute, Atletico Madrid midfielder Adrian did have a good shot, and the shot outside the area had already passed the attacking goalkeeper casillas.
As a result, the ball fell in front of the goal and was desperately defended by Lu Wenbin, and it was hooked out of the goal.
Lu Wenbin completed a rescue from the frontcourt to the backcourt.
If this goal is scored, Atletico Madrid can still fight for it in a few minutes, but it is almost hopeless that the goal is still two goals behind Atletico Madrid.
Sure enough, Atletico didn’t score a goal in the last few minutes.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the game ended, and Real Madrid won the King’s Cup of Spain in 212-2013 by beating rival Atletico Madrid 31.
This season, Real Madrid has won four championships, and then the La Liga champion and the Champions League champion will complete the great cause of the annual six-crown.
After the annual six-crown, Real Madrid will have another season of six-crown, which people can look forward to.
Chapter 647 Gleizman
After winning the King’s Cup, Lu Wenbin also won the defending King’s Cup champion award, adding 50,000 experience and 5 skill points, and the balance of skill points increased to 25.
After winning the King’s Cup, Real Madrid celebrated for a few hours at the Bernabeu Stadium and then broke up.
Because only three days apart, Real Madrid will usher in the penultimate round of the league.
To win this league, no matter how Barcelona plays in the second place, Real Madrid will win the first round, which is three points ahead of Barcelona at present.
However, the bad news is that both Ronaldo and Xabi Alonso played because of physical discomfort. Although they followed them to the away game, they did not make the big list and sat in the stands in the end.
In addition, Pepe, the main central defender, has also been suspended for accumulating yellow cards and can be topped by young Vara.
On May 2nd, Real Madrid, home of Real Sociedad Stadium, challenged Real Sociedad away. The 37th round of La Liga 212213 officially started.
Real Sociedad has played well in the season. At present, it ranks fourth in La Liga, which is just the end of the Champions League qualification. Fourth place in La Liga can get a place in the Champions League qualification, fifth place and sixth place is the Europa League.
However, the gap between the points of Valencia and Malaga, the fifth place in the Royal Society, is very small. There are still two rounds left in the league. The Royal Society has not locked in the fourth place and is still in danger of being surpassed by Valencia or Malaga.
And it is very dangerous. If Real Madrid loses this round and Valencia wins, Valencia will take the fourth place in Real Madrid.
Therefore, this game is a championship for Real Madrid, and it is equally important for the real society. It is necessary to fight hard for the Champions League qualification.
The Champions League and the Europa League are two different worlds, and the world’s attention and bonus income are very different.
Note and bonus income will also affect the team’s season transfer. It is easier to introduce players who are qualified for the Champions League, and the bonus can be higher. The transfer and salary will be higher, and the qualification for the Europa League will be lowered by one level.
Therefore, Real Madrid will fight for honor and the Royal Society will also fight for the Champions League qualification.
After the game started, the Royal Society played a very active role in cheering for the home fans, and the state was really good.
Section reading 34
Very good. It’s a big threat to Real Madrid’s backcourt

Chuyan can’t care so much. Just find out Wu Jiayang’s dialect number and take a deep breath before ordering it on demand.

The words rang for a while before I got through to "Hello ChuYan"
ChuYan one leng and then smile happily "ha ha that ah to me, I am ChuYan"
"Ha ha, I knew what’s wrong with talking at this time." Wu Jiayang asked with a smile.
"I" ChuYan paused.
"That Wu Jiayang I have left the hospital. I forgot to tell you when I left. How are you now?"
"Ha-ha" gave a hearty laugh when you heard it. "I knew you would call."
ChuYan a listen to not more embarrassed and then a quick smile.
Chu Yan said, "I’m sorry, I was in a hurry when I left."
Wu Jiayang laughed. "Forget it. It’s okay. I left soon after you left. How about you? Are you home now?"
Chu Yan nodded. "Well, I’m home."
She didn’t remember that she forgot to tell Wu Jiayang that she had left the hospital before she got home.
Chuyan was a little weak when she said this to Wu Jiayang. Uh-huh.
Wu Jiayang said with a smile, "I must have a good impression on Aunt Xie Liang when I have it another day. Otherwise, how can I meet such a good woman?"
Chuyan couldn’t help but get nervous when he said this.
She doesn’t know anything about Aunt Liang.
But the so-called depends on how Lan Xueer lies herself.
Wu Jiayang didn’t speak for a long time, and Chu Yan’s mouth was bubbling. What was behind it?
"Such a good female confidant! Haha!"
As soon as he finished ChuYan, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and knew that he was teasing her.
She couldn’t help laughing. "I didn’t expect you to play this trick. Well, then you should be ready. I’m welcome anytime, anywhere."
If Wu Jiayang just said that she was a girlfriend, Chu Yan would not be like anything, but she would contradict Wu Jiayang from the bottom of her heart.
After all, they didn’t meet once, but it was because of an own goal.
Although it’s quite easy to talk, anyway, the share of boyfriend and girlfriend depends on fate
It’s already Chu Yan’s limit to promise to go on a blind date. If this object takes the opportunity to hijack, Chu Yan is really disgusting.
The next day, everyone discussed the sensational jumping off a building yesterday.
Because someone photographed Mo Chengkun at that time, he was involved in the film.
Therefore, this sensational jumping event has been pushed to a new height.
Finally, Mo’s family came forward to clarify and cooperate with the police, saying that Mo always appeared there only to save people.
桑拿会所Although the incident finally subsided, Mo Jia and Mo Chengkun got a new round of notes.
But there are still many out.
What, because it’s Mo’s girlfriend, threatening him to get married?
Or all kinds of dog blood stories about heart breaker and spoony girl.
Chuyan was drunk when she heard these times.
While feeling the brain holes of netizens and people, I wonder how I would react if I met such a thing instead of seeing it with my own eyes.
She found herself thinking beyond that direction as well.
Shake your head. Sure enough, people are the same in their hearts.
I’m always looking forward to all kinds of dog blood, and I’m constantly spitting.
But now what’s your business?
After this incident, she seriously thought that it was time for her and Mo Chengkun to calm down.
Maybe it’s good to be apart.
So she didn’t listen to Zhang Na and went to see him every day.
Instead, I train myself every day and get into the crew to prepare.
In this way, after more than half a month, Chu Yan also entered the crew and the incident of jumping off the building has subsided, as if it had never happened.
The crew started as a shooting studio in A city, and Chu Yan would insist on going home every night.
This day, just when the car saw that there was no light in the Shengrong room opposite, it occurred to me that Shengrong really went abroad this time.
She really doesn’t have an acquaintance around here.

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!