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Bynum got the rebound and immediately jumped back to finish a twohanded dunk when the basket man defended.

Ji Guoshi rushed to him from one side to flatter him, but the distance was too far. He returned to the basket from outside the threepoint line, leaving Bynum, a small miscellaneous fish, to be cleaned up. Ji Guoshi immediately pressed it from it.
Bynum’s physical coordination is generally unstable in the middle, and he plopped down to the floor and fell half to death!
Ji was ashamed that he didn’t hear the referee whistle, and he didn’t care what he picked up the cover and threw the basketball at the frontcourt quickly …
Before Brevin Knight shot out and caught the basketball, there was no Lakers defender to score the ball easily.
Four assists and three blocked shots, so I’m pretty hung up today.
Ji Guo was ashamed to see that the referee didn’t blow his foul, and he was in a good mood. He was afraid that the referee would blow the home whistle. Now it seems that no one in the league wants them. Maybe this has something to do with david stern watching the ball on the spot
Phil jackson was very dissatisfied with the goal, and rarely protested against the referee on the sidelines. Since Bynum was blocked by Ji Guo’s shame, the referee has been lying on the ground and suspended the game behind the Brevin Knight basket.
I remember that Bynum was reimbursed this season? Ji Guo was ashamed to see Bynum. It seemed that he was really hurt. He hurriedly took off for himself in his heart.
I didn’t play in the playoffs after being reimbursed. Ji Guoqiu remembered it better than him.
It’s not that I’m unlucky. I did cover the basketball. That’s a good hat. The referee didn’t even blow it.
What do you explain and no one says you did it on purpose?
Lakers fans obviously don’t think so. Some people have called Ji Guo a murderer, a red fox, a communist panda and so on.
What does this have to do with me? Ji Guoqiu was in distress situation when he heard someone calling the Communist Panda.
Don’t say the name Communist Panda, I think it’s better than your other nicknames. Ji Guoshi felt that these Americans were surprised that they wouldn’t call names by adding the word Communist. Is this powerful?
Ji Guoshi shook his head and looked at it. He was sweating all the time. The little shark was also a little guilty. Before Bynum was carried out, he took the initiative to go forward and said, I’m sorry to wait until you recover. We’ll fight in the bowling alley.
Bynum smelled a sigh of relief and pointed to Ji’s humiliating head and fainted directly.
At the same time, the Lakers players looked at Ji Guo with great shame and bad eyes. If it weren’t for his words, there would be nothing wrong with them, and they would have been beaten.
Ji Guo was ashamed to feel the hostile eyes around him, thinking that if he was beaten here, it would be a big loss and he quickly turned and fled to his own half.
When Jackson heard the team doctor’s initial diagnosis that Bynum was injured in his right knee again, he immediately knew that the injury of the little shark might not be lighter this time. The right knee is where Bynum’s old injury is, and the big knee is the most vulnerable place. Once he is injured repeatedly, he will not recover.
After the game resumed, the Lakers players were obviously affected by Bynum’ s injury. The attention of both ends of the offense and defense was not as good as that of the former, and the Clippers took the opportunity to hit a wave: Jackson quickly called a timeout.
In the third quarter, 7 minutes and 5 seconds, the score was 6:54, and the Lakers were 6 points behind the Clippers.
Chapter one hundred and twentyone Put your stick away
Ji Guoshame took advantage of the Lakers’ weak line defense to wreak havoc on the Lakers’ basket, increasing his data to 1 point, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks, and his shooting percentage became 2 of 9 shots. Today, he hit both shots as dunks.
No matter how bad the Communist Fox feels, he finally didn’t buckle the ball just after Kobe Bryant once attracted the Clippers to doubleteam, just like Kwame Brown on the other side.
The detained basketball flew straight off the court and almost hit the angry Zen master in the head.
This fool! On the sidelines, julia roberts Lakers fans couldn’t help cursing Kwame Brown’s poor performance.
Emma Roberts muttered, Brother Panda is much better than that big nigger.
Ji Guoqiu is indeed much better than kwame brown. He has scored 24 points, 1 rebound, 3 assists and 2 blocks. Today, he is expected to get the first 3+1 in his career.
Do you want me to help you score?
Isn’t this nonsense? If you don’t give me the ball, you can’t throw it yourself.
Mom, I kindly help you and you still laugh at me? Kindness is treated as a liver and lung!
Ji Guo was ashamed to scold and notice that Jackson, the Lakers’ substitute, couldn’t help but get angry and flew into a rage at the Lakers players! This is rare. Grandpa KFC has always been angry and arrogant, and he is still sitting still. He rarely growls and scolds players like * * Vicky to get them into the state.
However, because it is extremely rare, even Kobe Bryant can’t be reckless in the face of Phil Jackson’s roar. The attitude of Lakers players on the scene is more positive than before
Ji Guoqiu couldn’t even dunk in the online throw. Kwame Brown prevented him from going outside the threesecond zone and dribbled with Percy to break through Kobe Bryant.
It is estimated that Bynum’s triangle offense has been reimbursed, but it is still better than Kwame Brown. Little sharks can help Kobe get involved in defensive forces.
The Lakers can’t even get close to Bynum now, but they can really score points by Kobe Bryant’s personal ability
The three of them jumped together in the basket, and Ji Guoqiu fanned Kobe Bryant’s basketball to Peter Pan. Once again, he twisted into an Sshape to avoid the cover of Ji Guoqiu in the middle of the basket, and at the same time, he used his iron elbow as a cover to force Percy to retreat. In the middle of the basket, two people defended the clippers and scored the ball. By the way, he also made a foul of Ji Guoqiu.
The referee blew the whistle and wrongly awarded a defensive foul, but in fact, Ji Guoqiu met Kobe Bryant’s hairy panda warrior and finally saw the foul.
Is the referee blind?
Of course, it’s not that the referee clearly knows that this goal is farfetched, but if you don’t do it, the Lakers will not be as good as the Clippers Bynum. How can the Lakers play?
David stern nodded secretly in the audience. This kind of competition is a test of the referee’s ability to control the game. The more fair and wonderful, the better the measurement, the better the referee can enforce the law.
The volute is a crane!
Ji Guo’s shame was pulled to the perimeter by Rad Manovic. When he saw Kobe playing with his brother in the basket, he couldn’t help but admire it.
桑拿会所Aren’t you Kohei?
Bullshit! I’ve always been Komi!
Komi also elbowed his idol?
Who says that Komi can’t elbow Kobe? It’s one thing and one thing.
Go to the mud horse! Ji Guoqiu couldn’t help swearing. This is his third foul. It looks safe, but if he does it again, he will rest in the third quarter. Most players will be fouled at this time, which will affect their defensive strength.
Kobe Bryant hit Peter Pan with a penalty. He has scored 29 points through this penalty and is expected to be 4+ today.
The Clippers attacked the Lakers at Jackson’s behest, relaxed their defense against Ji’s humiliation, and chose the appropriate doubleteam to play an outstanding role in Ji’s national hatred online.
Ji Guo was ashamed to look at the front two steps away, and Rad Manovic felt deeply despised.
Is this treating me like a gorilla?
Brevin Knight dribbled to the frontcourt and immediately put the basketball to the low position when he saw Ji Guoqiu in place.
Ji Guoqiu attracted two Lakers players in the low post and suddenly turned around and pretended to attack the basket, but basketball was assigned to outsiders from behind his head to see the defender of Ji Guoqiu.
Odom quickly made up for Ji’s humiliation, and so on, that is, his basketball was assigned to Artest again.
Kobe Bryant made up for this slow step. Artest raised his hand and hit a threepointer!
Beast’s threepoint shooting percentage has reached 3% this season, and it was close to 4% at the beginning of the season. Although he is a juryman, the threepointer on the outside feels quite good.
Ji Guo was ashamed to dare not shoot easily in this game, but it was not bad to brush and assist.
Never mind him, we can’t lose our position. Kobe complained to Odom that he was very dissatisfied with Lamar Odom’s defense.
Odom didn’t dare to say more and nodded to show his knowledge.
Kobe brought the ball to the frontcourt by himself, and leaned sideways outside the 45degree threepoint line on the flank, pushing Posey to a foot from the basket, and immediately turned around to shoot and pretended to shake his opponent.
Posey saw through Kobe’s fake action and ignored it.
Kobe shook it, and when he saw that the opponent didn’t move, he immediately pretended to turn around and jump shot …
Lakers fans cheered loudly in hands in the air after Kobe Bryant threw a basketball into the basket!
Boss, shooting is goodlooking, so every shot you throw can be taken to Jinli, and every ball is so picturesque.
Posey shook his head. Today, when he defended Kobe Bryant alone, he rarely succeeded in preventing this difficult guy, especially when shooting like this, which hurt the defender’s enthusiasm, as if he could not prevent it anyway.

Of course I know that Mrs. Li and Li jiaqi are not good, but I didn’t expect it to be so intense.

Gu Changning holding the teacup eyebrows way "Li jiaqi move more and more this time directly to grandpa …" He was silent and low "seems to have to start work on the Li family before …"
I’m not surprised, but I’m more worried about Mrs. Li than Li Qi
She’s too repetitive, which makes people uneasy.
She didn’t do what she promised about Xinlong Company, which led us to be so passive in the first trial.
And can she compete with Li Qi?
The former Li Jia Ye suffered several losses from the distant hand. My former Li jiaqi was just like Ye Sanye, but it was only through the family’s shadow that I got to this position. But after seeing him, I found that I was still thinking too simply. Whether the family lived in a high position for a long time or not, it was not comparable to the average person.
What’s more, the forces behind the scenes …
But these are not what I want to consider. Anyway, there are Ye Xiangyuan and Gu Changning who have a headache.
There are more important things in the eyes.
Grandpa was slandered as a false alarm.
The main thing is the second trial, that is, we are not prepared at all. This is what I am most concerned about.
I asked Gu Changning worriedly, "The second trial of Ma is coming soon, and the case of Chu Feipeng has come out. Do you think we … will lose completely?"
I don’t know how it’s going in Lu Xun. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been waiting for him to get rid of the arms dealer and bring back the fuel, otherwise the lawsuit will be lost.
Say … This kind of desperate feeling is too bad.
桑拿会所  title=Gu Changning was calm and said, "I don’t worry about the lawsuit. Asun can’t always make a trip in vain in the case of Chu Feipeng. Anyway, I won’t be involved in my grandfather’s body. There are also some looks on my side."
I immediately looked at him.
Section 231
He said, "The Thorn Ghost has been caught."
I was surprised and blurted out, "Who is the ghost?"
Gu Changning gave me a look "You don’t know"
I "…"
Actually, I thought of Ye Xiangyuan’s side rape and Ye Li’s card. I’ve always been curious.
However, I soon thought that the traitor White Thorn must be a Ronaldinho’s question.
Gu Changning continued, "A round of interrogation is a bit rewarding."
I stare big eyes waiting for him to say.
But he said, "I’ll tell you after it’s not good to talk about it for the time being."
I "…"
After a moment of silence, I changed the subject and said, "What did you just talk to grandpa? Did he … blame me for being too impulsive …"
Gu Changning stared at me. "What are you trying to say?"
I hesitated for a moment and said, "I think grandpa is willing to cooperate with the police investigation and eldest sister-in-law doesn’t seem to want to stop them at first …"
At this time, Sister-in-law has gone to pick up Xiaojin after school. Ye Wen heard my words and his eyebrows didn’t move.
Gu Changning looked at me for a moment and reminded me of the corners of my mouth. "You are really not stupid … You should ask Ah Yuan about these things."
I sighed. It seems that he is not going to tell me. Then I can join Ye Xiangyuan.
To tell the truth, grandpa was almost taken away after such a big event. Of course, I want to tell Ye Xiangyuan.
Yeah, he didn’t answer my phone before, and I don’t know if he’s in a military exercise …
Finally, I waited until late to call him again.
I took Xiao Jin and sat on the sofa staring at the video window.

Qin Xiong’s teammates are also laying in the thirdline attack point, but Qin Xiong has no plans to play the ball.

He has no teammates at this moment!
It is not that he is selfish, but that he and his teammates are actually enemies!
He’s just here to grab an opportunity that belongs to others, and he’s here to win his own amazing glory!
Less than 5 meters in front of him is Yilmaz, the midfielder of the Red Team, but Mops, on the contrary, is Yilmaz’s explosive power! But the speed is slightly inferior!
That is to say, the Yilmaz key steal will have a quick, accurate and malicious effect!
And Yilmaz also stuck to the key forward position. Qin Xiong suddenly slowed down the pace again in front of him, but instead of slowing down completely, he stuck the ball slowly to keep the combination of people and balls. This is the most common way with a poor rhythm. The purpose is to confuse opponents and lure them to hand over their body center of gravity first!
Mops also chased Qin Xiong behind one fast and one slow to see him getting closer and closer. Mops made a determined effort to shovel people behind his back. He didn’t dare to witness what he did in Fan Jiaer. He was going to knock Qin Xiong down from behind!
Just then Yilmaz fell!
Qin Xiong just finished the dynamic pause. Yilmaz’s foot is about to touch the ball, but Qin Xiong turns around and pulls the ball with his left foot!
Yilmaz was dumbfounded!
Marseille roundabout!
Yilmaz’s center of gravity has been handed over and he and Moppes, who couldn’t stop the car, collided headon!
When they fell to the ground, they didn’t forget to turn their heads and look at Qin Xiong. After finishing the Marseille roundabout, they continued to take the ball forward!
At this time, everyone on the sidelines gasped and was shocked by Qin Xiong’s performance!
Then Qin Xiong has come to the front of the red team’s back line. I have to say that Qin Xiong still wants to thank his teammates for their excellent running awareness, so that even if they guessed that Qin Xiong can’t play the ball, they can still spread their positions and make the attack points distributed reasonably.
Qin Xiong has to challenge the opponent’s double central defender!
Vermaelen Dunn!
17yearold Vermaelen has completely panicked!
Qin Xiong’s performance brought him unparalleled pressure.
Before the headon confrontation, Qin Xiong noticed Vermaelen’s panic, his eyes were reckless and he grabbed his body. He slowed down again and then made a shot!
Vermaelen immediately blocked in front of him, even his body blocked the shooting angle.
But for a second Vermaelen’s forehead oozed cold sweat.
False shot!
Qin Xiong made a simple shot, but didn’t shoot, and then changed direction with the ball in an understatement, so Vermaelen passed by!
Duane gritted his teeth and rushed at him too hard. Qin Xiong changed direction again with the ball and passed the last defender!
Go to the restricted area and face goalkeeper moisander!
Moisander abandoned the door and went straight for Qin Xiong. To Qin Xiong’s surprise, moisander threw himself two meters in front of him to block the angle, but Qin Xiong had not shot yet.
Qin Xiong realized that the young goalkeeper was also panicked.
He stepped on the football.
Moisander crawled in front of him. Qin Xiong pulled the ball half a meter horizontally with his right foot. The arch gently pushed the ball past moisander. He stretched out his hand to stop the difference of ten centimeters and could touch the football, but the distance was like a world away!
The football rolled slowly into the goal.
Qin Xiong held his head high and turned to look back at the shock!
[Text 12] He is your core! ]
Thanks for I look up at my home in hell!
Chapter 1 Tickets are added. Today, there are two guaranteed watches released in the afternoon and evening.
It’s a new week, brothers and sisters, please support!
The training ground suddenly fell silent.
Everyone stared at Qin Xiong walking slowly back after breaking the door.
Behind Qin Xiong, goalkeeper moisander looks pale and he falls to the ground.
In front of Qin Xiong MoPuSi Yilmaz just got up and gnashed her teeth and felt ashamed and resentful!
A longdistance attack on Qin Xiong from the front of his own halfcourt penalty area stirred up the red team’s midfield and backcourt!
Vermaelen Duane’s pat on the face seems to cheer himself up. They were broken oneonone by Qin Xiong respectively. If it is a professional stadium, it will be a stain! If it’s an important game, they are sinners!
The yellow team player Qin Xiong’s teammates saw Qin Xiong’s eyes change significantly and marveled at the performance just now by this Asianfaced young man.
Through the halfcourt performance, Qin Xiong is biased towards the defensive players. It’s shameless that there are still people who feel condescending at rest!
They all remember that Qin Xiong said that he could play in midfield before training!
And many people have also issued a sneer.
Qin Xiong scored a goal. He didn’t have much excitement, but Freddie jumped up in situ on the sidelines, regardless of other people’s strange eyes. Qin Xiong applauded!
Freddie is proud at this moment!
What about Ajax?
So what if you are rich in genius?
Come and see the real genius here!
Rick Link, the director of youth training, was dumbfounded!
It’s probably been a long time since I’ve seen a player make such a wonderful performance from the backcourt!
Fan Jiaer dismissed the idea that he would continue to look.
It is impossible to say how shocking Fan Jiaer will be.
夜生活Not to mention that more than a decade ago, he personally trained a large number of geniuses. When he coached Barcelona twice, there were also many geniuses to work with. What’s more, in the top European stadiums, national team workers have witnessed too many geniuses.
It is too hasty to judge a young player by his performance in just over ten seconds.
But the objective evaluation must be given that Qin Xiong has already scored in Fan Jiaer’s mind!
First of all, Qin Xiong is very good at taking an active part in defense in the overall situation, and intercepting defense in the key position of the opponent’s offensive line.
Secondly, although the importance of today’s training match is still the strength and overall quality of players, it can’t be compared with professional competition.
But this is Ajax youth training base!
There will be no pawns here.

Seeing Song Qingcheng lying on a cane chair, although Yu Tingchuan’s mouth was not forced to ask questions, when her hand was held, the strength and warmth of the man’s hand let her know that he was not much more relaxed than himself.

Song Qingcheng didn’t go to the hospital. It was Jiang Chi who came to Yunxi Road Park with the obstetrician in the right class.
The doctor gave her a simple examination and concluded that the nosebleed was caused by the secretion of various hormones by the secretory system to stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa blood vessels, which caused 2% pregnant women to have this situation, not a cold, so they don’t have to worry too much.
It’s hard for men to stay in the bedroom when they have a checkup.
When the doctor put away the stethoscope, Song Qingcheng also sat up at home. After passing through the floor-to-ceiling glass, she saw Yu Tingchuan and Jiang Chi talking on the front lawn of the villa. He had a cigarette in his hand and seemed to ease his mood by smoking.
Song city reflection may be his previous performance too panic scared others.
Because of this accident, Yu Tingchuan is not going to let her go to the charity dinner.
I thought that I had asked Aunt Gong to buy cucumbers, and I was going to apply a mask, and I was going to get a bowl of egg whites, but I didn’t want her to go to Song Qingcheng to feel that my enthusiasm was instantly extinguished.
Yu Tingchuan looked at her and smiled, "Are you unhappy?"
After pregnancy, she became more and more ignorant and had to hide her emotions.
"No," Song Qingcheng bowed his head and looked up and sat on the sofa. One carpet on tiptoe looked bored. "Then you go and I’ll watch it at home every night."
Yu Tingchuan poured her a cup of boiling water and then began to talk, "It is important to put health first before the due date."
Song Qingcheng’s mood still didn’t improve until he fell asleep.
When Yu Tingchuan saw her thinking so much about the doctor leaving, she did say that it was okay to give in. "If there is no discomfort in the afternoon, I will go to the charity banquet later."
"Still not going" Song Qingcheng turned his back on him and came to "pregnant women should stay at home"
Yu Tingchuan said, "Isn’t it hot to be wrapped in a blanket?"
Song city vague should be a.
Seeing that she is still’ angry’, Yu Tingchuan can hug people. "Go if you want, and then sit in a quiet corner and eat whatever you want. You don’t have to deal with anyone deliberately."
Finally, Song Qingcheng slowly turned around and she said, "I have no clothes."
This means to go.
Yu Tingchuan said, "Heaven has sent it here."
The next afternoon, Xu Dong came to Yunxi Road No.1 Garden with two sets of ladies’ evening gifts and a stylist. The evening gift was a pregnant woman’s style, a knee skirt, a black one and a nude one. According to her facial features and skin color, the stylist suggested that she wear a black V-leader skirt. If she was afraid of catching cold, she would wear a cardigan coat with the same color outside.
Song Qingcheng gained about 2 pounds this pregnancy, except for her original body contour. When she changed her black evening gift, her long hair and supple shawl head reappeared in the living room because of her facial features, which made people feel shine at the moment.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t ask the stylist to put on heavy makeup for her, but she simply put on a foundation lipstick, which is also suitable for pregnant women, and she chose shoes flat to avoid her falling down.
Yu Tingchuan personally put shoes on her when she was leaving the house.
This time, Gao Chao tried to finish writing some days of abuse, and today he still wants the fairies to hug him ~
In order to appease the injured hearts of fairies, I will tell you a secret. Why do you like Yunbao so much? Do you not like a grandson who looks exactly like you when you were a baby? [Mrs. Yu, I want to plug it back and be reborn …]
In the charity foundation, I learned from the Angel Foundation in reality. Personally, I have never been in contact with charities. The information is online search _ [з∠з] _ If there is any mistake, please correct me.
☆, Chapter 44 Charity Dinner Beaumont smiles.
Song Qingcheng Xuankou looked down at his sandals and buckled the man. She held the shoe cabinet by the wall with one hand and put her bulging abdomen with the other.
This scene reminds Song Qingcheng of trying on a wedding dress.
-Yu Tingchuan is squatting to help her wear shoes.
His appearance in a suit and tie makes people feel very strong and calm, but seeing him so considerate and tripping over the whole Song Dynasty, I can’t help feeling how time flies.
What happened last year seems to be very, very far away from her.
Now she is the mother of another child.
Yu Tingchuan gently let go of her ankle, put her hands on her knees, got up and began to ask, "Take two steps and try to change shoes if they don’t fit."
Song Qingcheng obedient Xuan place walked back and forth and the shoes were very comfortable.
She had just decided that Yu Tingchuan had reached out and touched her clavicle with his fingers. Song Qingcheng didn’t look up to avoid it, and then the flower bud was taken out of the neckline of the skirt by Yu Tingchuan. Compared with the platinum diamond necklace, this flower bud was very special, and the brown necklace rope made her neck skin white and transparent.
I haven’t left the stylist with Song Qingcheng’s coat and praised "My wife’s skin is really good. It’s the first time I saw such a beautiful pregnant woman."
Song city smell speech rushed stylist smiled slightly.
Then she turned to ask Yu Tingchuan, "Will I steal others’ thunder if I am so beautiful?"
"…" Xu Dong put his fist in his mouth and couldn’t help laughing.
Yutingchuan looked at the whole Song Dynasty with his hands holding his belly, which was a little clumsy and revealed a bit of awkwardness. After listening to her’ narcissistic troubles’ inquiry, he also smiled and took advantage of her waist to smell her faint fragrance, but she was spoiled. "It’s so beautiful that you can hide at home and see no one."
"is the golden house hidden?" Songqingcheng avenue
Xu Dong and stylist still have a side Yu Tingchuan to cater to her with a smile.
Song Qingcheng said, "It should be a golden house with a big belly."
This evening Yu Tingchuan took his wife to dinner.
桑拿网Charity Dinner A five-star hotel in Nancheng has held these years, and the Shanyou Angel Foundation has attracted many social celebrities to donate. The annual banquet is invited to attend, including business people and entertainment stars.
Go to the door of the banquet hall and see the pose in front of the signature wall, so that the reporter can take photos. Song Qingcheng, a female artist, feels that she should not steal the limelight.

I can’t help sneering in my heart.

I’m afraid she forgot that she did something that made me hate her guts besides going hiking sexually.
-even if climbing is tricked, she always does the video herself, right?
She caused my baby to be born prematurely. Is this account so forgotten by her?
And doesn’t a person as big as her have any judgment?
She wants to attract Lu Xun and Ye Xiangyuan’s attention, which I can understand, but she also depends on the timing.
During the Chinese New Year, I knew that Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun were both busy at home. How could she make trouble for them?
I don’t blame Li Mulin for lying to her like this.
At the moment, she blushed and angrily accused Li Mulin.
However, she is probably cultivated and not good at swearing. She can stare at Li Mulin and scold a few painful words.
After about two minutes, Li Mulin came to her senses.
He ignored Gu Changyu and looked straight at Ye Xiangyuan. "When did you know?"
Thank you, ember! Thank you Xinya rice ball! Thank you, eleven or six rice balls! Thank you-(a little hard to recognize-_-|||) rice balls! Thank you Xiang Hui for two rice balls!
品茶Chapter 356 You have been abandoned by him.
Li Mulin asked when Ye Xiangyuan knew, not how.
About his heart Ye Xiangyuan does have something to find out about him.
Ye Xiangyuan glanced at him and said, "Strictly speaking, it should be more than 20 years ago when the Li family first started to do things in Korea."
Li Mulin opened his eyes and showed disbelief again.
I saw his hands clenched into fists, loosened and tightened again and again several times.
I don’t know whether it is nervousness or anxiety.
At this time, Ye Xiangyuan leisurely sat on the sofa and looked indifferent and calm.
It seems that Li Mulin is under house arrest at the moment, not him.
I couldn’t help secretly laughing.
The original Li Mulin is in a dominant position, but it looks so passive.
The situation was controlled by Ye Xiangyuan instead.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t wait for him to ask questions again and continued, "When Li Jiahe and Li family took refuge in Korea’s family and helped Korea’s family to do a lot afterwards, they came to Korea’s family to instruct you to help Li’s family secretly support Li jiaqi … These things were found by my uncle and my dad."
Li Mulin turned pale.
Ye Xiangyuan sink a way: "My dad and uncle were murdered by my brother. Although those forces behind Han Jiahe directed Li jiaqi to carry out it, your family also got a foot in it, which will never wash away … Since you were sent close to me at an early age, you must know the ins and outs very well."
His voice is faint. If you don’t listen carefully, you won’t recognize that he is full of emotions, like anger and sadness.
Is about thinking of uncle, leaf dad and eldest brother die let him self sustaining.
But even so, he is depressed and it is difficult for people to see.
I feel distressed and hold his hand gently.
His backhand pinched me a little hard.
I pinched his fingers to appease him.
It seems that he was really comforted before he spoke. "Eldest brother found some clues at that time, but you were afraid of exposure, so you set up a trap to hurt my eldest brother. He left something behind." He stared at Li Mulin’s way. "Sister-in-law pretended to be crazy to trace this matter."
Li Mulin blurted out, "Is she pretending to be crazy?"
Ye Xiangyuan swept his one eye without doing it.
Li Mulin probably wanted to come here for nothing and couldn’t help saying, "Treacherous!"
I sneer even more in my heart.
Farther than treachery and shame, where can I compare with them?
These people have caused the Ye family to be almost ruined.
The most important thing is that they also collaborated with the enemy to commit treason, which is a big crime from ancient times to modern times.
Li Mulin gritted his teeth. "So you knew I was a traitor a long time ago?"
Ye Xiangyuan nods "Yes"

"Got it, Mommy. Good night."

"good night"
After putting words, Gao Xiaobai wanted to open the wardrobe, took out her little pajamas and went out in her arms.
"Grandma, grandma, dad, it’s late when I’m going to take a shower and go to bed. Go home early and rest, and Xiaobai won’t leave you." Gao Xiaobai said with a pure and lovely smile on his lips.
The faces of the three people are not all embarrassed. Is this child marching orders to them?
Korea’s old lady hurriedly stretched out his hand and pushed Han Shan motioned for him to persuade him in the past.
Han Han picked his eyebrows and walked over and squatted down to hold the little shoulder and said, "Why don’t Xiao Bai go home with his father? You see, grandma and grandma have come to pick you up specially. Do you have the heart to let them down? "
Gao Xiaobai took a sip of his mouth, black and white, and big eyes glanced at Mrs. Han and Zhong Yuhong. "But I promised Mommy I wouldn’t leave her."
"No one asked you to leave your mother." Mrs. Han leaned in and whispered coaxed, "Xiaobai, why don’t you go back with us and wait for your mother to come back from her hometown, and your father will come and pick her up again?"
Gao Xiaobai looked at Han Yan’s little face full of worries. "But I read in the newspaper that dad is very playboy and has a lot of women outside. If I go back with you, will there be other women looking for the door with their children?" What if mommy and I are bullied by them again? "
"…" Han Yan has a black line. "Children’s newspapers are all scribbled. Don’t look after it. Be good."
Gao Xiaobai looked at him with big eyes blinking. "The teacher once said that a fly can’t make a sound without biting an egg."
Han Dong "…"
I haven’t spoken yet, and I was slapped by the old lady Han as soon as I "snapped" …
After the fight, Mrs. Han endured the heartache and smiled at Gao Xiaobai and said, "Xiaobai, your father is not sensible and your grandmother has taught him a lesson for you. Don’t worry, our Korean family will recognize your mother and other women and children, and I will kick them out!"
Han Dong "…"
Zhong Yuhong also came over and advised, "Yes, Xiaobai’s new home is very beautiful. Besides grandma, grandma, grandpa and aunt playing with you, grandma’s cooking is also delicious. What do you like to eat? Can I make it for you every day? We can take you to play wherever you want. "
Gao Xiaobai cocked his little head and seriously considered it. Finally, he shook his head and said, "No, I promised Mommy. I can’t keep my word. Let’s wait for Mommy to come back and go with her."
All "…"
"Xiao Bai’s father will sleep with you here tonight, okay?" Han Shu said, settling for second best.
Gao Xiaobai shook his head. "Don’t get used to sleeping alone."
Han Dong "…"
"And my bed is very small, and you are too fat. I’m afraid you will collapse the bed." Gao Xiaobai added again.
In the end, the old lady Han was reluctant, but it was too late to watch. The little guy insisted on continuing the stalemate. I am afraid there is no good result. I am reluctant to leave with my daughter-in-law and Sun Xian.
Tandem two cars just left the new city community Chang Huanyan and came back in a Gao Xiaoxiao suv.
Gao Xiaobai opened the door for her and then took a small pajamas to take a shower.
"Xiao Bai!" Chang Huan Yan suddenly stopped him.
She didn’t come to sell her coat next to the tea table, pointing to the cigarette case that Han Han deliberately left with a lighter and asked, "Who is this?" Did you have a guest at home just now? "
Gao Xiaobai blinked. "Well, that’s my father. He may have forgotten to take it with him."
With that, he calmed down the bathroom door
Section 51
Dad? Chang Huanyan looked at the expensive high-end lighter and the whole person began to get messy in the wind.
So … Five years ago, that fucking rapist showed up? !
Chang Huanyan rushed to call Gao Xiaoxiao, but the other end was "Sorry, the number you dialed is no longer available"
It was really late when she looked at it. She sighed and sent a text message first. "I just got home. Xiao Bai told me that his father just came home. What happened?" Please let me know as soon as you turn it on! "
Rui yuan shou fu Han Jia
Han Zhengming is watching financial news on the sofa in the living room.
桑拿After seeing four people come back together, he was surprised and asked, "How did you come back together? Go on a blind date with aunt? "
Han Shao changed his slippers without saying anything and went straight back to the building.
Mrs. Han’s backache came over and sat in her mouth muttering, "I don’t even kiss each other anymore."
"…" Han Zhengming frowned. "Mom, what do you mean?"
I don’t know if I’m tired or not in the mood. Mrs. Han rubbed her waist and didn’t bother to explain.
"Alas, this old man is tired for a while, and his waist will not straighten up." After that, he didn’t get up and started walking towards the bedroom.
Han Zhengming looked at Han’s old lady at a loss when she was about to speak, but she suddenly stopped and turned her head and said, "By the way, Yu Hong, you should go to bed early and accompany me to the mall in the afternoon. I want to buy several sets of seasonal clothes for Xiaobai and buy him some toys."
"Good mother, I will accompany you in the past in the afternoon". Sun Zhongyu’s face is full of tenderness at the thought of cute and handsome.
Han Zhengming stared at Zhong Yuhong behind the old lady’s door and asked, "Who is Xiaobai? What on earth did you do tonight? "
Zhong Yuhong just wanted to explain Bao Fang and frowned and asked, "Where is Xia Xia?"
"Why are you looking for her! Answer my question first, "Han Zhengming said impatiently.
Zhong Yuhong also said impatiently, "I don’t want to say it at once. I have to explain it to her separately every time."
After all, it’s too complicated. It’s tiring to explain it again …
Han Zhengming said kindly, "That Gu called to the north, so she went to dinner with him, and when will she come back?"
"… why don’t you stop it?" Zhong Yuhong was angry. "Why didn’t Xia Xia give up and let her go? Why didn’t you know how to cherish yourself?"

"Oh, well, it’s up to you, Dad. I’m sure you can do it well."

Zhang Xian ended the conversation with a wry smile. Did he tell his father that the hateful guy had robbed him of his first kiss? It seems that my first kiss is finished, and I have to be lost by someone I despise. The more I think about it, the more angry I really want to go over there and beat that guy out. But when I think about his identity and importance, I’d better forget it and be careful. Don’t even give him everything except my first kiss. That would be terrible.
☆        ☆        ☆
I searched my room for three hours, but I still didn’t get any news about Teana, but there was new progress for Li Yueqiang. It turned out that when he was young, he was a’ dream’ enterprise, a small employee specializing in archaeological companies, and this company closed down after Li Yueqiang’s father left, and Li Yueqiang died mysteriously shortly after his father left, leaving Li Yueqiang and his wife at that time when Li Yueqiang was only 15 years old. A year later, Li Yueqiang began his amazing entrepreneurial career.
On the other hand, the results of the investigation on "Oriental Gods" made me realize that this enterprise has too many mysterious colors. It’s really worthy of the name "Oriental Gods". Their chief executive name is Oriental Gods, and I don’t know whether to set off the enterprise name with this name or the original president’s name, and then there is the enterprise name, but after a round of investigation, it can’t be found except the president’s name.
I put my thoughts away and went to bed with the microcomputer. Today, I saw another scene in my dream. Chris and Zhang Xian kept flashing pebbles. In front of my eyes, Chris was soft and beautiful. Zhang Xian was overbearing and clever, each with its own characteristics, and then there was a heavenly dance. It was like riding a toucan and singing a piano. Everything flashed before my eyes like a glance at the lights. I finally fixed the name. I have seen the vague beauty many times. All the ins and outs seem to be because of her. She is so familiar with me that I feel like her, but every day when I arrive here, my consciousness gradually fades.
Chapter 17 Three days
Chapter 17 Three days
The next morning, Zhang Xian still cooked breakfast for me as usual, but my eyes were full of disdain and anger. I wanted to hold her in my arms again, but on second thought, it didn’t seem so good. After all, the other person was a girl. Although no one taught me that men and women were not close, I still knew such common sense things, but it was difficult on impulse.
After she left, I started me again
☆        ☆        ☆
In the game, a man in a suit is reporting something to the soldiers in the main city of Linbing, a small town attached to the capital.
"President, you can’t always play games, but also manage the company’s specific business operations."
"How much turnover did you say was higher this month!" Seeing this middle-aged man who belongs to himself and is his guardian, Linbing is annoyed that he is over 26 years old and still has to take care of others. The management performance of a company has risen, so there are so many words to say. Of course, these promotions are for an hour or two after Linbing’s spare time, so he can finish all the things in the company, meet guests and hold important meetings, and just leave them to the subordinate to do his own policy of grasping major policies.
"The monthly turnover is 5% higher, but the president, you always play games. If people know about it, it can be …"
"Line line so many words at ordinary times haven’t said enough to enter the game without telling me. Anyway, the company’s performance has to go up. What can I do? Didn’t you see that I was the president of the first guild in the game? There are more things inside than outside. How can I manage so much outside? "
"It seems that there is some light and heavy."
"I don’t know what is light and what is heavy? I don’t know how the old man sent you such a long-winded person to spy on me. "
"The president is not monitoring, but monitoring."
"That’s not the same! Oh, forget it. I haven’t finished telling you a hundred words. I’ll line you up again. I’ll cut you down now. Anyway, it’s the game. Don’t let me be the last trick! "
☆        ☆        ☆
Tianwu, a small town affiliated to Ji Fen, is gathering in the third city. All the officers and important members of the Wonderland Girls’ Union have held a special meeting. The topic is impressively that I will discuss how to deal with the elegant player.
"Everyone knows that this player’s behavior seriously hurts women’s dignity. Although the series has been cancelled, our alliance has not yet decided how to deal with this matter. Please give us an opinion."
First of all, two vice presidents spoke-"Xi Xi". "President, I insist on killing him back to the first level. I believe he has already practiced high again, right? Moreover, I seriously despise the practice of exchanging unified punishment for other players’ weapons and equipment. "
Vice President Er Ye, that is, the disease method, molested the dancer and said, "I don’t agree that since Tong has forgiven him, we don’t need to take care of this at all, and we haven’t seen that princess at all. It’s hard to say what’s tricky and elegant in it. Is that player still a beginner? Do you think about how capable the beginner can be? "
One of the officers said, "I don’t have much ability for beginners. I agree that the first place in the challenge LV7 level is beginners, which proves that beginners are not necessarily weak."
"The beginner is probably elegant, and I don’t know who couldn’t see the screenshot clearly at the beginning, which made us busy for a while."
Maybe we should ask each other face to face. Maybe it’s not what we think.
Tianwu couldn’t come to a conclusion when he saw the people in the meeting talking endlessly. He couldn’t help shouting "Stop!"
Immediately, the whole meeting room stopped quarreling.
"Since everyone can’t come to a final result, let’s just forget it. Whatever you want to do in your heart must be done in your own name. After that, we don’t care about it. Now our guild is the first. We must strengthen the recruitment of people and training to help the battle formation." Tianwu glanced at the seats and everyone continued, "How are you recruiting people manually?"
"The president has recently joined the game, and the players are gradually increasing. The recruitment is very smooth."
"Leaf you trainer? Have you chosen the professional collocation? "
"President, everything is going on. I believe that the basic formation will be trained in a few weeks. Then it will be no problem to attack the capital city with that formation."
"Well, do what you have to do. Let’s all go when the elegant events are over."
Tianwu finished and everyone filed away. At this time, Tianwu was left. One person said that Tianwu had an opponent in her eyes. Who told her that she was a loser? Since she entered the game in the second month, she made an attack on the capital city. After the fiasco after the war, Tianwu was bent on attacking the capital.
The elegant event is just a means for her to become famous. However, there are still many players and even more female players because of this event. Now that this matter has passed, it is necessary to think of a means to declare the fairyland girls’ alliance. It has never been interesting to be elegant. This person is just a flash in the pan for her. This countless people can’t afford to lift the waves.
☆        ☆        ☆
In the past three days, I have been practicing day and night, and finally I have practiced LV4 in the last day, and almost all my professional skills have been filled. If I want to practice LV5 again, I can pick up the difference between a wise man and a sage, but it is very big. Look at my current state and I am very satisfied. Now, even if I compete with Tianwu again, I will not fall behind again. The goal of this week’s challenge is to let Tianwu know that he is powerful.
夜网论坛☆        ☆        ☆
In the past three days, I have been searching the Internet for information, by the way, to supplement my lack of social knowledge. In the past three days, Zhang Xian came to my room late, but she was far away from me and didn’t dare to come near me. I tried to talk to her several times, but she ignored me. It seems that I really hurt her, but didn’t she say that she was IQ1? Isn’t EQ (Emotional Intelligence) 1 angry with me for so long?
In the past three days, I have been with Chris for an hour every day. After knowing that she is an NPC, my attitude towards her is completely different. It is still good to cuddle from time to time. Although I still talk about whether I love her or not, I occupy a very important position in my heart. After all, I have been made since I was fifteen years old, and few people are so sincere to me. Even if she is an NPC, I will recognize her.
Chapter ten wings
Chapter ten wings
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☆        ☆        ☆
Chapter ten wings
When I entered the game on the third day, Ma received a message about the disease. He said that he would take an exam today and might not come until noon. In the message, he also asked me when I would train together. I was so despised by a 9-level guy who called me a 6-level person to train together, which seriously discriminated against his wisdom. Of course, in the message, Chris accounted for almost half of it. I really doubt how Tong could make such a real NPC, but how could I enjoy the beauty’s favor if it was not made by Tong? Ha ha! However, one of the messages was left by the dark fire in the challenge. I feel good about this assassin, and I need help urgently. I haven’t solved this problem yet.
I sent a message back to Dark Fire, and made an appointment to meet at a hotel called Kecha in the northeast of the capital at noon. After that, I went to all Tianjin in Chris. Now the Tianjin body guard NPC knows who I am and is very polite to say hello first, which greatly * * * * my vanity.
Soon I went outside Chris’s room and heard "ha ha ha ha" laughing inside. I wondered what was so funny. When I opened the door, I was shocked to see the scene in the room.
Chris is still wearing that white half-length feather dress, with long shiny hair and her face on her side. That’s not the point. The point is that she has a pair of snow-white wings on her back, just like an angel. At first glance, she is a female angel in front of my eyes.
Chris was shocked when she saw me come in. Hehe, she chuckled and twisted around me. Her hands held my neck, and the snow-white wings wrapped us up. I felt her soft body and those wings were slightly warm, and I felt a kind of unspeakable comfort.
"Have you finished leng? Don’t be a gawk for so long. "
"Oh no Chris, why do you have wings?"
"Do you want to know? This is conditional. "
"conditions? What conditions? "
"I’ll tell you when you close your eyes!"
I closed my eyes in accordance with the words. Within a second, I felt that my lips were tightly attached to two equally hot lips. After I tasted kissing Zhang Xian, I really didn’t like this mouth-to-mouth feeling. When I gave a warm response, Chris’s kiss was almost intoxicated. When I was about to further infringe on my tongue, Chris’s lips left me. I suddenly felt a false feeling. It should be that the girl appeared blurred eyes and I actually appeared. But what’s the matter? I like this kiss very much. It feels great.
"Why do you stay in a daze?"
I didn’t come to my senses until Chris said it. I scraped her nose gently (I don’t know when it became a habit) and held her shoulder and asked, "Where did Chris learn these things to cheat boys?"
"What cheat the boy? Don’t you like it? Why is it different in "100 secrets of boy communication"? "
Sweat, what is this? I haven’t seen it, but if I want to see it, I should also watch "One Hundred Secrets of Girl Communication". I haven’t seen it normally, but I still want to thank it for letting me enjoy a round. But how do I feel that Chris enjoys the feeling more than me?
"Chris, what happened to your wings?" I said, stroking the snow-white wings gently, saying that it feels really good.
"This? Guess! "