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Jianhui leaned over and said a few words to him in early summer and autumn. Jianhui nodded and walked away.

President’s office opened the door in early summer and autumn and went in. Luo Haobo sat at his desk.
Yang Xiaoning, you have succeeded Luo Haobo said to early summer and autumn.
In the early summer and autumn, I bypassed my desk, sat on chairs, and my eyes fell on Luo Haobo’s face. In my life, except for meeting you blindly and being quiet and gentle, he is a success. You are a big failure in my life.
I have already said that this is all quiet and soft. What did that bitch do with me? You just don’t believe me?
Luo Haobo said to early summer and autumn with a face of pain
You want me to believe you? Early summer and autumn looked at Luo Haobo seriously. I will believe you if you jump from the window.
If you want me to die, why bother? Luo Haobo laughed. Xiao Ning, do you want to take my shares?
You’re right. Early summer and autumn honestly nodded. It was natural for me to take it back.
It’s very simple to get it back. Luo Haobo leaned slightly on his arm to support the table and looked at the early summer and autumn with his face in his hand. If you divorce Yan Junzhe and marry me, I will transfer the shares to you.
Ha ha! In the early summer and autumn, I suddenly chuckled, full of irony and ridicule.
She had to admit that Luo Haobo was shameless to a certain extent.
Luo Hao Bo, can you be a little more ashamed? Early summer and autumn smiled and asked Luo Haobo, Do you think I might marry you? Your memory doesn’t seem very good. Have you forgotten how I died?
I really want to cut Luo Haobo’s head open in early summer and autumn to see what’s inside.
They are enemies, and she hates him. She thinks all the time that if she makes him worse, isn’t he afraid that she will chop him to death with an axe in the middle of the night?
Xiao Ning, I’m serious. If you want Junwen Company, consider it carefully. Luo Haobo directly ignored the irony in the eyes of early summer and autumn and said seriously, You know I always love you.
Love me? If you love me, jump off a building! Although I said I didn’t get what belonged to me, I was very happy to see you die with my own eyes, although I was sorry.
In early summer and autumn, I smiled with a smile in my eyes, but there was no cold.
spa会所If there is no way to get back the shares from Luo Haobo, she hopes that he will die early.
I wouldn’t die so willingly without you, Luo Haobo smiled. If you don’t marry me, you can stay with me for one night and I will give you 10% of my shares.
Luo Haobo stared at the early summer and autumn eyes and said slowly, word by word
I felt very handsome before today, and the second watch came to everyone! Thank you for your encouragement!
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Rebirth after the Movie/I love Mumu
Undead wounds heal themselves, die and die.
This is a rebirth
Xia Rao, the former winner, was gouged out by a sword and died in the blazing fire.
Reborn to the third year of high school, the girl Jane Rao stepped on love rat’s hand blade, the base girl’s stunning face and the blessing of the film queen.
This is a warm marriage
Erbo forced her to marry a poor cripple, but this cripple is not only rich and powerful, but also so familiar.
Lengthening the wedding car, millions of wedding dresses and millions of people celebrate the wedding banquet!
The rich and powerful filmwinning emperor is graceful, simple and precious, and pampered by thousands of people
[Favorite Wen Wen Nu Qiang Wen Shuang Jie abuse oneonone pet to the extreme]
☆, Chapter 147 Solve Luo Haobo (2)
Pa is crunchy.
Luo Haobo’s voice just fell in summer and early autumn, and he took the coffee on the table and threw it directly at Luo Haobo.
Luo Haobo had prepared himself. As soon as the cup fell, it made a crisp sound, and the coffee flowed everywhere.
Rarely in early summer and autumn was Luo Haobo so angry that she was ashamed to control it.
Luo Haobo’s armchair smiled and looked at the early summer and autumn with a slight blush.
I’m not angry, but I think you’re disgusting. I looked at Luo Haobo coldly in early summer and autumn. Don’t want to be as ashamed as everyone else.
I don’t think I’m ashamed. On the contrary, I think it’s a wish in my heart. I told you I love you …
Shut up
A cold drink in early summer and autumn broke Luo Haobo’s words, Don’t tell me love, don’t defile the word love. People like this are not qualified to talk about love, and you don’t deserve love.
Luo Haobo face smile slightly stiff stiff soon returned to normal.
If you don’t believe me, there’s nothing you can do. When do you think about it, give me an answer, and I’ll wait for your good news.
Section 214
Luo Haobo smiled at the early summer and autumn, and got up and walked away when he got angry in the early summer and autumn.
In early summer and autumn, the eyes are shining with gloomy and uncertain light. Luo Hao Bo, we’ll see!
The office door was pushed open and Jianhui came in, holding a pile of information in his hand.
I have sorted out the general information of summer, Jianhui said to the early summer and autumn.
It’s really hard for you. Early summer and autumn smiled at Jianhui. I have to take a trip to the China Banking Regulatory Commission. This time I will thoroughly check Luo Haobo and Quiet Soft.
Luo Haobo, don’t hurt Liu Xia. She can’t help him. She still makes Luo Haobo prostrate.

Zhao Cheng and Pang Gan directly jumped on horseback. Let’s get ready for lunch! Young master won’t be able to get out for a while!

Zhao Cheng and Pang Gan directly jumped on horseback. Let’s get ready for lunch! Young master won’t be able to get out for a while!
Chasing for life hissed and ran towards the backyard.
Two old people in Jia’s family are basking in the sun again, and they didn’t even get up when they saw me galloping past.
All the way to the Jia family’s exclusive yard
People go in and out locked.
桑拿Feed the dog out of the hole … Oh, there is no dog hole in our house.
Climbing slowly from horseback, I raised my hand and knocked at the door outside the courtyard.
Knocking on the knocker made three crunches on the iron plate.
The silence echoed in the courtyard.
I knocked on the door for a while.
Jia’s yard is not big, and it’s only half a minute’s distance from the house to the gate.
But I waited for three minutes, but I was delayed in answering.
There are two possibilities that Jia Yu is not at home … Jia Yu doesn’t want to go to the door.
I sighed and chased my head against my back hoof and gently scratched on the ground.
Just break in.
I patted my head and squatted in leg press to prepare for the activity.
Although the walls of the courtyard are not as high as the imperial city, they are more than one foot high. Without a crooked neck tree as a pedal, I’m afraid it’s hard to jump over with my legs alone.
Well, you can stick a wall on me! I dragged myself to the corner and pushed him to the wall.
Don’t move, don’t move!
I am unwilling to shake my head and nostrils and snort and puff.
I stepped on the saddle with my feet in the stirrup, and I jumped over the wall.
Being strongly impacted, she ran out screaming for her life.
Squatting on the wall, I took a breath and almost slipped and fell off …
The cat walked two steps around the wall, and I spread my arms to imitate the eagle jumping from high, but I felt worse than a bat.
There was a sharp pain in my heel, and I was jumping around the yard.
Even with such a loud noise, Jia Yu didn’t take the initiative to show up.
I rubbed my numb heels through my boots and walked on the stone steps in front of my house.
Er … I looked around for a while and didn’t know which girl should be advanced. Jia Yu never told me when her boudoir was, but I couldn’t move my legs.
According to common sense, this amidst nature is for the householder, but Jia Xu nature is for the parents …
Then according to the principle that men are left and women are right, I turned and walked in the right hand direction.
Stretched out his hand and pushed it, and it was tightly closed.
I had a dry cough and cleared my throat. Sister Yu, I am your super brother! I feel goose bumps all over myself.
Door movement
So I can continue to shout, Sister Yu, although we are not officially married, we are already … bah. I seem to be a little outspoken. We are clean and clean, but it’s just wishful thinking … Just give me the door! What is the logic?
If you don’t let me in, you can at least show your face and let me have a look! I settle for the second best. I’m going back to Shuofang today to see you again. I don’t know what year it is! I pushed the door again.


Seville shortened the score gap.
There is still hope for them to equalize the score during the game.
However, three minutes later, after Qin Xiong retreated to the midfield to catch Lasdiarra’s ball, a largescale shift was once again instigated by Real Madrid to launch a deadly offensive.
After stopping the ball perfectly on the left in the frontcourt, Steer immediately crossed the ball to the middle. Van der Vaart stopped the ball and obliquely blocked the right side of the penalty area.
Higuain, a smoker, went into the penalty area without making any adjustment. palop barely blocked the ball for a while, and then he was disappointed to see Raul make up the shot in the penalty area and send the ball to the door!
There is not much time left in the 5:3 game. Raul’s second goal can be said to have helped Real Madrid seal the victory. Now let’s see if there will be a miracle belonging to Seville!
There are no miracles.
Bosque dropped the last two substitutions to strengthen the defense.
Seville finally swallowed five bullets at Pisjuan Stadium and suffered a big reversal!
At the end of the game, Seville people were in the same place.
They lost their emotions and suppressed their pain as much as losing a championship game.
Real Madrid’s generals encouraged each other to celebrate the victory and then left with their heads held high.
Real Madrid conceded two goals and played one less away from home. With Qin Xiong’s hat trick, Real Madrid played a fivegoal reversal.
After the game, many Spanish media recognized that Real Madrid had hit the La Liga championship and Qin Xiong’s performance was praised by critics.
Marca won the title of Qin Xiong wears a hat and Real Madrid hits the championship when Real Madrid performed at Pisjuan Stadium. Commentator Serhurola said that Qin Xiong was a bloodthirsty football field and a real Madrid is alive and strange
Real Madrid’s overall performance is also recognized as stable and powerful
The AS newspaper believes that Real Madrid showed its highest level at Pisjuan Stadium
Although Real Madrid has not won the honor, it has fully exerted its ability. Real Madrid has brought not only confidence and hope, but also fresh football.
National News made a headline on their sports homepage Immortal Qin Xiong to describe the performance of Real Madrid. When Real Madrid is on the verge of losing the hope of winning the championship, Qin Xiong makes everything possible, and it is still possible that it will take six days less.
Compared with the media touting Qin Xiong’s recognition that the team’s performance is higher than personal honor, Qin Xiong said after the game that the important thing is that the team won, not that I scored a lot of goals
Le Monde, another major newspaper in Spain, has lived for two years to form the theme slogan of Beijing Olympic Games for Real Madrid.
The same team, the same dream, Real Madrid’s incredible magic gives Barcelona continuous pressure and Qin Xiong is the magic of Real Madrid, and he has achieved his own wonders
Real Madrid returned to Madrid and immediately devoted themselves to postgame recovery. Now they have to prepare for the most crucial battle of the whole season. Their eyes are on the game in a Spanish national derby on a weekend!
桑拿按摩Another focus battle was played here in the 33rd round of La Liga match at Mestalla Stadium.
Barcelona is a guest to challenge Valencia
In the ninth minute of the game, the scoreboard number is still 2:2.
But just after the second minute of injury time, there was a picture that made Barcelona fans excited and crazy.
Messi suddenly came to the middle of the front line to catch Iniesta’s ball. After Eto ‘o’s cover suddenly changed direction and cut into the restricted area, he crossed the whole defense line of Valencia alone!
Then in the penalty area, he deftly volleyed the ball into the far corner of the goal.
After the goal, Messi rushed to the sidelines with a wild roar, and all Barcelona people went crazy.
Messi! Messi kills Valencia! 3:2! 3:2!
Barcelona didn’t let the lead over Real Madrid shrink before the national derby!
Messi is also leading Barcelona to the championship after Qin Xiong led Real Madrid to an incredible reversal!
Six days later, La Liga duo will meet in the national derby!
To be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has become the kings of the post9 5 s before it is drawn]
The pace of Spain’s national derby is approaching. Qin Xiong had a very quiet training ground and home at two o’clock this week before the game. He needed the most relaxation to ensure that he had enough energy to face the most important game in the final stage.
Several European and Spanish media have thoroughly analyzed the situation of winning the championship.
Simply put, defending champion Real Madrid is now four points behind Barcelona.
If Real Madrid can beat Barcelona at home, there is still the possibility of winning the championship because Barcelona will be distracted from the Champions League semifinal Chelsea game.
If it’s a draw, Barcelona’s chances of winning the championship will be very high because they can’t make a mistake in one of the four games!
And if Real Madrid loses to Barcelona at the Bernabeu, then the league will be over. Everyone can congratulate Barcelona on overthrowing Real Madrid’s rule in the past two years and regaining the league title!
As the national derby approaches, the atmosphere of the war becomes more and more intense.
However, unlike the past, people no longer regard it as a grudge between the central ruler and Catalan nationalists, but examine it from the perspective of its influence on the league title competition and interpret it from the perspective of two styles of football confrontation
This national derby is the purest confrontation of competitive colors.
Compared with the season, Barcelona’s main players have more Alves and Pique, but Guardiola insists on the unified 433 style of play. He has absolute control over the team and successfully teamed up to make the Rossoneri achieve outstanding results in the season. The wonderful scene is recognized as the popular white swan
Although Guardiola said regretfully after the first leg of the Champions League semifinal draw with Chelsea that it’s hard to play a wonderful game if the opponent doesn’t want to play, it didn’t change his attitude towards the national derby.
Although we will visit Madrid, Barcelona’s purpose is to attack and then attack.
It is precisely because Guardiola’s concept has been recognized by La Liga coaches that most of the colleagues said in the prediction that one game will affect the trend of the league, but Barcelona should be the ideal winner of the trophy because they played the best football
At present, Barcelona is fighting fiercely.
How Guardiola regulates the players’ psychology will have a farreaching impact on the team.
In this regard, Barcelona Jong confidently said, I see that the players are ready for multiline warfare to affect their physical fitness, but I value psychology more because their legs are dominated by the brain.
Guardiola decided to take a day off on April 3rd to relax.
Barcelona will also fly to Madrid at noon on May 2, and participate in the competition that night.
Guardiola hopes that in this way, the team can avoid the media as much as possible and maintain a good attitude.
Real Madrid trained as usual on April 3rd.
Although the oneway battle has made them in relatively good physical condition, Bosque also has concerns.
The former’s tight play in Barcelona and Chelsea made it difficult for the Blues to enter the frontcourt.
To avoid this situation, Bosco is preparing for the national derby, hoping that his brothers can hold the goal like Chelsea, but they should also be able to knock on the door of Barcelona like Valencia.
It is predicted that the outcome of the century war is that Spanish politicians will participate in activities every year.

Nan Zhai smiled, Not stupid?

Qin Leran put his face on his face and rubbed it like a courtship kitten. I’m not stupid, brother, you’re stupid.
Listening to her soft voice, Nan Zhai’s heart melted and she couldn’t help holding her head and kissing her tenderly.
The two men were so bored that they kissed each other. One of them entered the room for a long time and they didn’t find it.
After waiting for half a day, Nan Zhai hasn’t found his Louis coughing heavily to wake Nan Zhai up.
Nan Zhai called him over to discuss things so that he couldn’t have a good time with his woman. But Nan Zhai held his woman there, and it was really an eyesore for you.
Hearing the cough, Qin Leran quickly escaped from Nan Zhai’s arms and blushed and said, Brother Lie, you talk about me and I’ll wait for you next door.
She knew that my brother had something to discuss with Louis and left.
As soon as Qin Leran walked away, Nan Zhai’s face suddenly sank, and he handed a document to Louis. I came to the news not long ago and you have a look.
What? Louis asked or picked up the information to read.
Another clue to the person behind your information, Nan Zhai said.
The snow continues
There is a white mountain in heaven and earth, but it is still white, and it can’t see any color.
Qin Leran sat by the window and looked at the flying snow. I don’t know where to fly.
What exactly are Brother Lie and Louis talking about?
Do we really need to talk for that long?
She waited for an hour, two hours and three hours … They talked and seemed to forget her.
喝茶约茶She knows that Brother Liede has a lot of things to do, and she also understands that he should try not to get him into trouble, but she will also chat if she is kept waiting for so long at a time.
Sigh Qin Leran withdrew his eyes.
Her days can’t go on like this. She must find something to do for herself so that she won’t think about it.
But what can she find to do?
Before, I could volunteer to go hiking with Ya Ya and some of them …
Now several of them are going to graduate in 2008 to prepare for their internship, and she can’t do anything alone.
Chapter 95 No matter how busy you are, remember her.
Ding Rinrin …
Just when Qin Leran was thinking, the phone rang.
She looked sideways and saw that it was Lin Xiaoxiao.
She answered vigorously and said, What’s the little thing?
Lin Xiaoxiao was so excited that he sounded like chicken blood. Do you remember what I told you?
What is it? Qin Leran has no impression of little things about Lin.
Have you forgotten? Lin Xiaoxiao some disappointed voice.
Little you tell me again Although not facing Lin Xiaoxiao face to face, I forgot what others said cleanly. Qin Leran is still somewhat embarrassed.
Lin Xiao asked you to come with me to open a new club for a friend of mine. You promised me.
Well! Anyway, I have nothing to do these days. When will you call me? Qin Leran is worried that he has nothing to be distracted. It’s not something that will come to you.
Listening to Qin Leran’s frank promise to Lin Xiaoxiao, he resumed his happy tone. It’s better to hit the sun when you choose another day. Let’s go abroad for a visit. Brother Tiannan Zhai will definitely have no time to worry about you, so we can go out and make waves together.
Qin Leran immediately asked, My brother is going to visit abroad?
Brother Lie is going abroad to visit again. Why hasn’t she heard anything?
Brother Le Ran Nan Zhai didn’t tell you about your visit abroad? At the other end, Lin Xiaoxiao was silent for a moment and added, I was also watching my brother ask someone to help him pack his bags. He is going to visit Nan Zhai’s brother abroad. If I didn’t tell you, I might have made a mistake.
The more Lin Xiaoxiao explained to Qin Leran, the more uncomfortable he felt. Everyone thought that Nan Zhai should have told her before going abroad, but he didn’t tell her.
Le Ran, are you all right? Didn’t hear Qin Leran answer Lin Xiaoxiao repeatedly asked Leran, Leran …
I’m fine Qin Leran smiled.
Brother Lie is so busy in business and personal affairs that he has to deal with many things. It is not surprising that he forgot to tell her about his visit abroad for a while.
She must tell her before the meeting if Brother Lie is going to visit abroad.
Just finished talking to Lin Xiaoxiao, my brother came to see her.
She turned back and smiled at him. Brother Lie, you are finished.
There is still something to deal with Nan Zhai looked at her apologetically. It’s getting late. I’ll accompany you to dinner first.
He is so busy, but he still wants to take time to have dinner with her. Just now, a little unpleasantness rises in his heart and disappears instantly.
Qin Leran hugged Nan Zhai’s arm and smiled. Brother Lie, you accompany me to dinner for a while and I will work overtime with you.
Nan Zhai nodded her head well
Nan Zhai was very upset because he had been unhappy two days ago. No matter how busy he was, he tried to take time to have dinner with her.
Take an hour to have dinner with her every day, and she will be as happy as if the whole world dotes on her. This little girl is so contented.
Brother Lie, do you have anything to tell me? On the way to the restaurant, Qin Leran asked him.
hmm? What is it? Nan Zhai looked down slightly and saw that her eyelashes were as beautiful as a small fan. She couldn’t help but bow her head and kiss her. What do you want to hear?
Don’t you have anything to tell me? Qin Leran asked questions and told himself in his heart that if my brother didn’t tell her, he must not even remember himself.
Nan Zhai thought for a moment. Little girl, do you want me to say I like you every day?
He is a big man, and he is really not good at saying some disgusting love words. It has exceeded his limit to say it once in a while.
It’s really hard for him to talk every day.
Brother Lie, you really can’t remember what you said to me? She woke up like this, and my brother can’t remember what he’s been busy all day. It’s really hard for her brother.
See Qin Leran a face of serious Nan Zhai seriously wanted to think about it and finally thought of visiting abroad.
He had planned to tell Qin Leran about it in the afternoon, but later he needed support because of a call from Louis, and then he got some new news and threw it behind his head.
These days, he has been busy finding out the black hand behind the scenes and always ignores the little girl beside him.
And this little girl is young and small, but she also understands that he will not quarrel with him, and he will not be sensible, which makes people feel distressed.
He rubbed her head and said apologetically, However, I will leave early in the morning when I am going abroad for a few days.
I confirmed that my brother was going abroad to visit her, and I didn’t see my brother Qin Leran for many days, but I still smiled and said, My brother, go abroad to visit, and wait for you at home.

Ping Li didn’t even think that when he heard the news, he didn’t feel happy and Japanese. Ping Li just bought clothes and sat in the roadside flower bed. That woman just walked away. How could she be so natural and unrestrained and leave without condemnation?

Death is god’s best relief for mankind, and that woman got it so easily.
The world seems to become quiet as soon as possible. There is no lover and no enemy. It seems that there is a lonely person. Ping Li feels that all the focus of his life has been disturbed and his breathing has become so meaningless.
Mommy! With the pure sound, Xiao Tangjiao has run to Ping Li’s eyes. Aunt has washed my face. Am I not so annoying?
In the eyes of the child, it is obvious to please Ping Li and cherish the child. Tears quickly blurred the whole world. This is the best gift that God gave her. How can she have such a pair of good children? She wants them to hold up a day. She wants to be their proudest example. This is what she should walk in Ping Li.
Yao Jia has told me what to do with the ashes? Xia Shuang is a little doubting Ping Li’s mind. It’s really a little embarrassing.
Just put it in the crematorium. I don’t want that person to affect my life again! Ping Li gave Tang Jiao a new dress and spoiled and kissed the little guy. Everything was relieved when he saw the child’s face smiling.
Let Jiajia come back. The police will handle it! Ping Li didn’t want to take the children to deepen the concept of death. That woman should not occupy too many memories of the children. It’s cruel!
I think so! Xia Shuang, it seems that that woman deserved it, and she also harmed others’ happiness before she died. It is really hateful!
Anyway, they are all going to die, and they have to build a Tang Shu. It’s so evil to make people feel so sad! Even if you die, you have to go to hell to atone. You must never have a chance to see Don!
Xia Shuang detests evil and curses finally gave Yao Jia a message. Of course, Ping Li also called Shu Yuehua, mainly to say something about Tang Jiao. Shu Yuehua also gave birth to a lot of sighs that her granddaughter is always rare for Ping Li to be so generous. She also nodded her approval.
Life seems to have turned back to the origin, and people seem to have changed. Ping Li began to work hard to adapt without Tang Shu. Every day, she believed that she would definitely reassure the man!
It feels good to wake up naturally. I don’t know if it was too painful to toss about the day before. Everyone slept soundly, and their clothes were dry and they were much more comfortable to wear.
You haven’t slept? When I wake up, I feel distressed when I see a man’s amorous eyes.
I slept and Wesley took turns to rest! Lu Fengxing gently kissed the woman’s forehead. Did you sleep well?
hmm! Happiness nodded. My husband’s arms are particularly solid!
Well, it’s estimated that everyone here will sleep like this. You can feel safe! Lu Fengxing’s lip angle evoked a smile. Once he especially hoped that women could have such dependence on him, but whether he could still give her such dependence was really uncertain.
Get up early and have some cookies. I think it’s a change of taste! Wesley handed over the food to everyone.
It’s better to have this kind of plastic packaging or we’ll really go hungry! Miao sighed and opened the bag.
I don’t know what will happen further ahead. If I can keep breathing like this, I’d rather stay here and not go anywhere! Marisa is lazy, leaning on the man’s shoulder and looking forward, her eyes are confused.
I think the owner of the tomb can open this door. Maybe he has realized our difficulties and wants to give me a chance to live! I began to be optimistic when I chewed cookies.
How can have such not necessarily? This is an ancient tomb or a thousandyearold tomb. Do you think it is possible for the tomb owner to know about us now? Marisa and Miao talked about science.
I don’t know. Now I think everything can’t be seen from the perspective of modern humans, or it will all be solved! Miao has now abandoned his insistence on scientific ideas because there seems to be no science in this place.
Don’t scare me. Do you think we can meet a jumping mummy later? Marisa was taken aback by her words.
God forbid! I really don’t want Marisa to have the crow’s mouth effect.
By this time, it was already noon, and everyone was very effective in saving a meal. After finishing everything, everyone started again with their bags on their backs.
The passage seems to be very long, and it has always been a slope. In some places, the slope is quite steep. If the ground is smooth enough, it can be used as a slide. Everybody walk carefully. It is still the formation after Wesley’s popularity.
You sound like water running! Wesley suddenly stopped.
Are we close to the underground river? Martha looked back at her eyes. It was a long way to go.
I don’t know, but there seems to be no light ahead! Weiss steadied his emotions and took a torch from the stone wall. Everyone will take one, so it will be more two degrees!
good! Everyone responded by taking torches from the stone wall.
Lu Fengxing looked at his watch. They all walked this road for more than two hours, showing how far the present position is from the surface. I really don’t think this road is right for Lu Fengxing, and I began to look forward to a miracle.
Sure enough, if you walk out of the distance of more than ten meters, the passage will be opened, and there will be no decorative painting, and the surrounding stone walls will not be polished. It seems that you have returned to a natural feeling.
What is the place ahead? Marisa grabbed Wesley. I don’t think this place looks like a place to go out. Why don’t we go back? Maybe there are other ways to go?
When we are here, we must go to see the sound of river water, which may give us new enlightenment! Wesley tried to comfort Martha.
I’m scared! Marisa nervously pulled into Wesley’s sleeve.
Lisa, it was so dangerous in front of us that we all survived. It will be fine! The light comforts Marisa and seems to comfort herself.
following! WoohooMarisa threw herself into Miao’s arms directly. It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t been naughty and provoked Ram, these things wouldn’t have happened!
Without these, it’s not all your fault. I’m very happy to find the fashion. We can definitely go out and be strong! I’m angry with Marisa and I hope that I can pity some of them. It’s not easy to walk together like this.
hmm! Marisa wiped her tears and got well again. Everyone started to move on behind Wesley.
When Lu Fengxing saw that Marisa had twisted her hand, she reached out and put her hands in her hands, clasping her fingers tightly. That was their mutual dependence and support. No matter what else lay ahead, that belief would not be erased.
After walking for more than ten meters, it no longer feels like a passage. As soon as I entered a natural cave, there were dark roots everywhere, and I couldn’t form a good line of sight. Stepping on the ground with my feet was no longer a paved slate, as black as sand, but it was soft and felt like I was going to sink in.
桑拿论坛The water seems to be coming from the front! Wesley raised his torch in the distance.
where there is wat, there is usually life. is this where those animals live? Miao’s heart is tense, too. I wonder if those mollusks will attack again.
Don’t scare me! Marisa’s heart thumped.
I’m just scaring myself! Lu Fengxing’s knuckles are much tighter.

Well, I did the math. We started out on a small scale. Besides, this is a partnership with others. I won’t take it. Then I looked at my watch. Dad, just give me an intersection and stop. I’m going to visit Mei Jie.

Ok, I’ll take you there directly. After that, you can pay more attention to save me worry.
Well, don’t worry, everyone knows that I donated so much to tie me up! Night Shinohara said that it was not because she already had him again, but that she could not tell them for the time being.
Put the night Shinohara at the door of my sister’s community and watch her enter the community before driving away.
Road I always feel that this girl seems to have something to hide from us. Ye Fengnian said to himself.
Uncle Ye, don’t think about it. If she really has other ideas, there’s nothing she can do if she doesn’t talk about her temper. Sometimes I really don’t understand. Cece looks simple, but sometimes she is more mature than anyone else, strange girl!
Valerie Qi patted Ye Fengnian’s arm. Don’t worry too much. Xixi, that child is a thoughtful person. Let’s just be parents and support her. Besides, Master Ma also said that let the child do what he wants to do. Everything has its own destiny.
Sighed and nodded his head.
☆ 7 Little God of Wealth
Night Xiao Xi just knocked on Mei’s door and saw a face of excitement. TongFu.kabu Come and sit down quickly, Emma, my little grandmother of wealth, you are amazing!
Mei’s face, I don’t know him, provoked a smile at night.
Zhao Ge, come on, I can’t stand you. I’m just lucky! Say old and modest.
That younger sister, when you are inspired, tell the elder brother a bai TongFu.kabu quipped halfheartedly. In his heart, he also felt that night Shinohara was quite evil. He had no money to open a factory here and bought some lottery tickets there, so he got millions back. But who can believe this when he went out? But it happened to come true. Isn’t that amazing? He is a business firm, and he also believes in these things. This time, don’t talk about it. This luck makes him feel that this person must make friends for a long time, and maybe he can bring some luck to himself.
Now Zhao Kai thinks that in the future, he would never have imagined that he would talk about this memory and many things that happened to him more than once in front of his bosses for many years because he planted it later.
Now that the funds are in place to run the factory, we can get the agenda. Liu Mei is also very happy
Xixi, my house has been mortgaged. When do you think I can give you the money? Mei said bluntly
TongFu.kabu sat while listening to the old gods. At the beginning, they were holding the idea of embarrassment, but later they changed a little bit … Liu Mei did business. He didn’t object to this suite and car. What did he say was to give it to her? What did Liu Mei do with it? He wouldn’t intervene, but looking at Liu Mei, he really had the power to feel that his woman didn’t seem suitable for business, did he?
Night Shinohara’s heart would have been around ten bends. There are some things that need not be said to be done. It is true that the hot check was pulled out of his pocket and turned around and pushed to the front of Zhao Kai.
Zhao4 ge, we will trouble you for setting up a factory. You are familiar with it here. Our artificial production here is much lower than that in the south. We are not so large now. If you have any favor for finding a suitable factory for us, you can directly decide and give us the number in the end.
Liu Mei nasty she stared at TongFu.kabu hope don’t do this, you take this money first and let’s give it together when Akai finds a place.
Shinohara smiled at night. You’re no wonder that Zhao4 ge won’t be at ease. Even I have to worry about it. Paying attention to business is a good faith. Is Zhao4 ge an outsider? What are you thinking? Besides, you have to be independent in the future. I said I’ll do it. I said that those things that are outside are your business, but I don’t intervene. Since the division of labor has been decided beforehand, you have the company procedures, and everything from land, real estate, planning and fire protection will run away. Shall we start a company or run a family wine? Get in touch with them more. After you open, it’s all connections. After that, we can’t always count on Zhao Ge, can we? You are the boss, you can’t let others look down upon you!
With the last sentence finished, Liu Mei looked complicated. At night, Shinohara lowered her eyes to block the red eye. She suddenly turned white. What Shinohara did was definitely not just for fun. She wanted to make money. She wanted to help her and take her to that position …
桑拿论坛TongFu.kabu has no expression on the surface, but there are some mixed feelings in his heart. I wonder what Liu Mei did to make night Shinohara treat him like this …
When I planned to set up a factory early, I searched a lot of information on the Internet. Combined with the memories of past lives, the city they are talking about now is also the second line. If you really want to start a brand to make a name for yourself, it’s definitely not the best here. Now they can rely on those designs for the second line, but when they get to the firsttier cities, the requirements are higher. So their company must have higherlevel designers for production and processing, so you can choose Changshi, but she is not going to tell Liu Mei now that it’s too fast. Let’s play it slowly and surely!
The next day, some units have started to work in succession. TongFu.kabu immediately asked someone to pay attention to the factory. In the suburbs of Chang city, the original government supported some projects, but many idle factories were left behind. As soon as I heard that people wanted to come to the market, the government department gave the green light. Zhao Kai went through the formalities smoothly without spending any human money. When he got the formalities, he was called something in his heart. He usually had never been so happy. How come things went so smoothly at night? Isn’t she really lucky?
The factory is left with machines and workers. At night, Xiao Xixi networked several dryloading factories and took more than 20 machines at a cheap price. Liu Mei simply went back to her hometown and found all the people her mother knew who had closed down and installed factories. All of them were skilled workers, and they were required to get paid by the month. It was very easy to manage.
Night Shinohara and Liu Mei are now in charge of drawing drawings and making samples at home. Night Shinohara is in charge of installing mainstream trends. Liu Mei is the basis of her samples and ideas. Another one is that she has talent. Another one is that she has also touched the doorway here, and she has become familiar with it several times. But every time I watch the night Shinohara launch the theme, I admire it.
With these and previous experience in online sales, they started to make a batch of clothes and trousers according to the predetermined quantity, and the storefront has been found, just on the second floor of a department store in the city.
Because of the heavy investment in their store, you can directly see the pattern next to the escalator is good and the area is large. You can see it in the important building or by taking the stairs. The decoration in the store is very fashionable. The crystal chandelier exudes luxury light. The model in the window is wearing the main style. The purple imperial concubine chair is put aside in the rest area. In the coffee table, there are fragrant lily candy. In the fitting, brand high heels and some makeup are added to the small mirror, which is the most different from others. In this counter, there is a similar small table. The ground is gilded light yellow marble and the floortoceiling mirror definitely has a
What is the response?
On the opening day, Liu Mei and Night Shinohara were eager to be released by the crowded passenger flow in front of the counter.
It’s absolutely impulsive for women to disappear. Shinohara has always felt this way at night, and if it looks good, the money won’t be a problem. Her first counter opened the day before, and she made up the goods three times. Shinohara thought about it and decided to talk to Liu Mei again about her memory of beautiful accessories, such as handbags and scarves. After this business is really started, she can develop other industries. That is definitely a huge business kingdom.
That night, Shinohara received Liu Mei with a scream. Put the words away a little. She was also surprised when she heard the numbers inside. It seems that some things may not have to wait too long.
Mei Jie, when you look at our current market style list, you must ensure that the quantity is not too much. I would rather be out of stock than let us dress like that.
If that happens, it will make a lot less money. Liu Mei is puzzled. She is preparing to let the workers work overtime to deliver the goods. After the first day of sales, it will be so popular …
Let’s buy clothes is not cheap. They are just like when we bought them online. What is the picture? How many people will buy it if you crash the shirt casually? And I will tell you a marketing concepthunger marketing method!
Mei was confused and repeated, What is hunger marketing?
You, I won’t tell you that you also have brains at home. You should check it out and decide for yourself whether to increase production management. I will listen to you. Yeshinohashi said with a little meaning.
When you tell me directly, I can’t care if you don’t care, Liu Mei hurriedly asked.
No, I’ll let you choose not to say it this time. I’m going to take a shower. After that, Shinohara clicked and hung up.
Liu Mei some frustrated mouth chanting Zhao Kaigang came back from the outside to take off your coat and throw it on the sofa. Look at this Liu Mei. This frustration is that clothes can’t be bought well, so he used to prepare to comfort her.
But just after, I saw Liu Mei turn his head and pull his arm sadly and ask, Ah Kai, do you know what hunger marketing method is?
Hunger marketing? TongFu.kabu one leng, he discovered that since Liu Mei met that ghost girl at night, the words in his mouth have become more and more highend atmospheric cement, which sometimes makes him have some headaches. After all, he was not a learning material in those days. Besides his own efforts, there are still some things that he learned from his father. To put it bluntly, his business model is a wild road, not a regular army. Now it is professional to throw out such a word.
It seems that you don’t know. Liu Mei dumped such a statement and went to the room with slippers. He didn’t even give TongFu.kabu a look, which made this ya angry. That look in his eyes was contemptuous.
Thinking of this, he followed with a turn of his heel. He will see what the fucking hunger marketing method is then!
Gollum …
Fuck him, protest first …
I like him.
After TongFu.kabu and Liu Mei found the explanation of hunger marketing, they were ashamed. Zhao Kai coughed lightly, Mei, I’m hungry. What can I do?
Liu Mei also smiled. I’m hungry, too. Why don’t we cook noodles?
Line to deal with a bite, really don’t want to go out TongFu.kabu said milli image collapsed sofa.
Ready to face two people with a can of don’t know when to buy fermented bean curd to eat up Liu Mei finished eating and sighed ah kai, do you think I can do it? Compared with Cece, I think we are too different except for our age.
Come on, don’t be paranoid. I’m telling you, among so many people I’ve known since I was a child, there is no ghost girl like Xiao Yuxi. Don’t compare with her, otherwise it’s really funny that you can’t live. Since you are close, you can learn from each other’s strengths, and she can’t compare with you in some places. TongFu.kabu cheered her up. This consolation is that it is better to comfort Liu Mei than to comfort yourself. After seeing their online marketing model in Liu Mei, his company talked with those owners during the meeting, but it didn’t happen that they were decent.
After the sales volume of shopping malls began to blow out, it began to slowly fall back to normal. Because of the hunger marketing, some customers lost their customers, but the customers who like this brand are still the backbone. After all, this dress is expensive, and its followup is firstclass. Many customers want to attend any occasion, just call a salesperson or get something ready to go to the store to try it out, and then let people wear a makeup lane. It is a beautiful landscape that makes women in the same venue envy men and surprise their husbands. When they take it out, they all feel that it is very important for their daughterinlaw to buy this house simply by setting up a long
From the beginning, Liu Mei felt uneasy, bit by bit, and now he is proficient in managing the accounts and distributing everything. Even industrial and commercial tax is familiar with it. It is also convenient to inform and act before anything big or small.
Night Shinohara looked at Liu Mei and must have sent a financial report every week. I didn’t expect the gold to be half recovered now. It’s a huge profit!
Hand shaking the mouse at will, when the cursor falls, Jin Dongsheng’s head image is magnified immediately, and the man actually made his own head image.
This guy is doing business smoothly in Kyoto one after another. It’s getting harder and harder to come back. I can’t help but sigh at this thought. The weather in Kyoto is similar to this place, but it’s windy. I don’t know if he is dressed warmly. In the past, Jin Dongsheng had a bad habit, that is, he didn’t wear woolen pants in winter. He was dressed in autumn. At that time, she married him because she hated him a lot, so she couldn’t freeze to death. My fatherinlaw also talked about it when everyone was eating. It also suggested that she was in charge, but she
Later, when she was sorting things together, she secretly found a bottle of medicine in the corner of the wardrobe. It was said that it was used to treat rheumatism. It was estimated that Jin Dongsheng had frozen his legs at that time and often walked in pain in the middle of the night … He couldn’t lie down and sleep again until he started his activities. That’s it. When he was dying, she remembered that she was lying on his back and it was winter, but he stumbled and carried himself to the hospital like a stove …
Every time I think of that scene, it stings her heart and accuses her of her cold feelings over and over again …

More than 70,000 meters. Now this distance should be almost won? However, as soon as I had this idea in my heart, I was hurriedly denied by him

No, the previous games almost lost the qualification because of carelessness. There must be no more problems!
Read this he just some distractions eyes lit up again at this moment.
Just then, he saw a complex difficulty of fault and flash monster in the road ahead. There are four faults in this position. Each fault has a width of about five or six meters, and every two faults has a flat section with a width of one monster, and every flat section has a flash monster.
At the same time, each fault also has a flash of wings, which is slightly lower than the level of the flash in the flat section.
A few thousand meters ahead, this terrainsimilar section of the road also appeared, but at that time, the track speed was slightly lower, and at this time, Mo Tianyuan had already run to the track of more than 70,000 meters, and the speed was no less than that at the beginning of the speed mode!
When the speed is different, some difficult points on the track are slightly different. For example, if there is a difficulty, it takes two jumps in front to turn over, and if the speed is fast, sometimes it takes one jump to get through it safely. If this is the case,
It is suspected that some unexpected dangers will occur when the road section adopts the original method.
Seeing the flash fault phase section ahead, Mo Tianyuan quickly turned over with the help of a jump and turned to the first short truncated section, then crushed the monster in the flat section. He knew that if he still wanted to adopt the original method, it would be dangerous …
362 Chapter 362 Limit through doublespring platform jumping
In the first few kilometers, players with the same terrain need to step on the mobs in each short truncated section, then turn over and jump, and then when they reach the flash monster side, they will jump twice to turn over the fault and just fall to the second short truncated ground behind the fault.
However, although the terrain of this section in front of Mo Tianyuan is almost the same as that of the previous section, due to the increase of speed, it is suspected that if you go through the road again, the car will be destroyed here.
I saw him step on the first short and flat monster and then suddenly turn over and jump. Before he touched the flash monster, he had already started the second jump!
And this is bound to fall behind the short cut flat, and the track speed is used to the forward momentum, so the track cycling boy really happened to fall on the second short cut flat flash monster! Then Mo Tianyuan did the same thing in the same road ahead, and climbed over those sections that should have been in danger!
After walking out of the last fault, he jumped over the edge of the fault and a flame leaned over and slipped out of the front baffle.
Fortunately, the old technology is better … Mo Tianyuan’s back channels were lucky enough to have a little mistake in that difficult surface just now, so many obstacles are bound to leave a life.
Seeing that the track had reached more than 73 thousand meters at this time, his heart relaxed a little, but just as he was about to rest his finger, he saw another fault figure on the edge of the flat section ahead
Ah, it’s just an ordinary fault. There should be no big threat. Mo Tianyuan’s eyebrows didn’t look at the fault ahead
Controlling the bicycle boy, he has come to the edge of the flat ground at this time, but for a moment he suddenly shouted in surprise, Why is the sleeping trough here? ����
It turns out that the track in front of Mo Tianyuan is a classic doublespring platform section.
There are three faults in this section, each of which has a square and a spring. The first fault is slightly shorter and the length is about four or five meters. The length of each of the back two faults is about 15 meters!
If the first fault can still jump in succession, then it is more difficult to jump over the second and third floors than to climb to the sky. After the super junior line, most players find that the fourstep jump can jump directly from the second spring position to the flat ground in front, which can greatly reduce the error rate of this section.
On the first short fault, a few thousand meters before the track meets this situation, it often takes two consecutive jumps to turn over the fault plane, and then jumps over the doublespring platform by stepping on the spring. However, because of the fast speed of the track, the first fault makes the two consecutive jumps fail to step on the first spring platform. Because of the high speed of the track, the player’s two consecutive jumps will move forward a lot!
Mo Tianyuan frowned …
He found that at this time, he had just made a jump look like he could get over the first fault, but it was impossible to get over the flash and fall to the first spring platform. Moreover, if two consecutive jumps were made at this time, the landing point of the two consecutive jumps would extend back about three or four meters from the first spring platform position!
If you can’t step on the spring in a row, two jumps will step into the fault behind the spring …
At this critical juncture, Mo Tianyuan didn’t have the slightest panic. He rehearsed several situations that were about to happen in his mind, and then he saw that he was controlling the bicycle boy. At the end of the first jump, he just clicked the 2point jump button!
In the middle of the screen, the bicycle boy then turned over the first spring platform and continued to fly forward with the help of this double jump!
At the end of the second jump, he clicked the jump button again, and the bicycle boy started the third jump at this time!
If someone watches his talk on the spot, they will exclaim and wonder, Does he want to jump directly from the left edge of the first fault to the second spring platform with the help of four jumps? God! This can be nearly twenty meters away!
Just three consecutive jumps to the end, and finally the second spring platform shadow appeared on the left screen edge in Mo Tianyuan’s eyes! When he saw his heart, he was happy to say that he was right after all.
When the triple jump castrated nearly, Mo Tianyuan clicked the jump key to release the last triple jump …
The moment when the cyclist is about to fall into the fault is like hitting the chicken blood and suddenly soaring again, and its last landing point is the second spring platform position!
The young cyclist who just dropped the spring platform was instantly bounced and strutted over the track ahead.
This MoTianYuan apex hanging that tone is finally slowly put to …
From the front of the first fault to the second spring platform, this route is about 20 meters long. His exquisite four consecutive jumps have saved the cyclist from danger!
You know that’s nearly 20 meters fault …
Even if you want to jump over a 20meterlong fault in a few thousand meters in front of the track, it is impossible to help players jump so far with four jumps because of the slow inherent speed of the track. However, even this 70,000meterlong track did not expect Tianyuan himself to fly from that fault so safely in the middle of the operating point!
With the distance widening, there will be more and more obstacles on the track. Many times, there will be one or two flash monsters in the three faults, which makes Mo Tianyuan a little lucky. Except for the flash monster in the first short fault, there is no flash monster in the second fault, which makes him jump over the long and short floors and can’t help but feel glad that if there is a flash monster there, he will never jump over.
After stepping on the second spring, the elastic force of the spring will send people to a position not far from the flat ground in front. At this time, it is necessary to click a little jump key to easily pass the last long fault.
But what surprised Mo Tianyuan was that the picture of the bicycle boy’s progress was still at this moment just after being bounced by the second spring …
Chapter 363 The Sun retired from the group
Lie trough! This last fault has a flash monster! ���� Mo Tianyuan was startled to find that he had just passed the first two faults and cheered the cycling boy. This last fault actually failed to hang up his tragic fate …
And the culprit that caused him to die was the flash monster in the last fault!
If there is a flash in the fault in front of the spring in the doublespring platform section, you must pay attention to two consecutive jumps after being bounced by the spring, otherwise it may be directly bounced by the spring.
There is nothing strange about the middle fault, and it should be calm in the end, but who knows that the 25 thousandmile long March is coming to an end, but Li Qian was besieged!
careless … mo Tianyuan language touched the nose.
I don’t know what the score is in this game. If I can beat that guy from the sea, it’s okay. If unfortunately, I haven’t run as far as him, it’s really weak.
However, his worry didn’t last long. A few minutes later, the news of the result of the game had already appeared in the 100member semifinals group.
The result of the Super League Tiancheng Division Night Thousand Mounds vs fqi Rain and Night Thousand Mounds wins!
lh ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ????200022
fqi shiqi vsfqi Zhai ying fqi shiqisheng!
Seeing the news on the screen, Mo Tianyuan finally breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the game was finally won.
The final total score of the three winners …
桑拿会所The first place is the dark night!
second place fqi flag!
The third high wind �� Tianyuan! First of all, let’s congratulate the three winners. Their superb performance once again made us appreciate the gorgeous charm of running every day. Of course, three players were accidentally eliminated in this game. Don’t be discouraged. Your strength has been recognized by our city’s cool running players. The memory of participating in the Super League in the next few days will definitely make you unforgettable!
Come on, let’s take a break. The player with the highest total score in this game will advance directly to the last game the day after tomorrow, and the second and third players will hold the semifinals promotion tournament. The winner will get the chance to compete with the first player in today’s game and participate in the game the day after tomorrow …
At this moment, in the early morning of the club in the open sea, Wei’ an looked at this passage on the mobile phone screen, which was simply blindsided.
I wipe I lost? ? ����
Look at that lh ؼ Dark Devil vs Blast, Tianyuan Blast, Tianyuan wins! The words Wei an can’t help but wonder if he is wrong. How is it possible? How could I lose! ? Isn’t that small in strength? How did you beat me in this game?

Chapter 33 The ball attracts attention

See the ball into the net Lu Wenbin immediately shout a turn teammates to celebrate.
桑拿论坛Commentators from all over the world also roared to pay tribute to Lu Wenbin’s 11 goals in the Champions League in a single season and the 4 th goal in the year.
One more goal will tie Van Nistelrooy’s single-season goal record of 12 goals and Gadmull’s annual total goal record of 5 goals.
Many people expect Lu Wenbin to equal or break the record, but today’s heavy rain has really had a serious impact on both sides, including Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin never made it in the fourth minute of the half-court after the volley.
Segmented reading 156
The total number of goals scored in the year is temporarily stopped by 4 goals.
Good Glasgow Rangers didn’t score either.
Finally, Hoffenheim won a small victory away from home, scored three points and scored 15 points in the fifth victory of the Champions League group stage.
At the same time, in another group match, Seville actually lost to Unioria, and Unioria surpassed Seville by 7 points and jumped to the second place in the group by 6 points.
Seville, from La Liga, has the risk that the group will not qualify.
The final round of the group stage is Hoffenheim against Unirea Seville against Glasgow Rangers.
If Hoffenheim is locked in the first place in the group and deliberately loses to Uniria, Seville will win the third place in the group to play in the Europa League no matter what the match between Seville and Glasgow Rangers is.
This suspicion is quite unpleasant. Seville can expect Hoffenheim not to release water in the last round.
Lu Wenbin scored 1 goal, won 10,000, won 20,000, and got a total of 30,000 experience rewards. The experience of the system rose by 17 levels, 3.995 million.
Although there was no tie record or a total goal record, Lu Wenbin kept refreshing the continuous goals in various competitions, 11 goals in the Champions League and 4 goals in the year, and gained heavy media coverage after the game.
After all, four goals a year is already a data that people can stop at the mountains.
It is possible that Lu Wenbin can surpass Muller’s annual record of five goals in one game.
Ralph gave the team a day off after returning to Germany.
Then on November 2 nd, Hoffenheim played Dortmund at home in the 14th round of Bundesliga.
This game is just like a Champions League game. The weather is bad, and Rinkar County is covered with heavy rain.
Nevertheless, the game has attracted much attention.
Not only are the stands almost full, but fans wearing raincoats or umbrellas also have to watch the ball live, and dozens of national TV stations broadcast the ball live, and hundreds of reporters from the world media report it live.
In addition to being suspended for three Bundesliga games at the beginning of the season, Lu Wenbin has not failed to score in his game last season.
Lu Wenbin has achieved the horror record of scoring goals in more than two games in league, cup, Champions League and national team since he returned from suspension.
If Lu Wenbin continues to score goals in this game, on the one hand, he will continue to score more goals in a row, on the other hand, he will be less equal to Gadmull’s annual goal record of 5 goals.
So the ball is eye-catching
At 15:3 local time, with the whistle of the referee, the match of Hoffenheim vs Dortmund officially started in heavy rain.
Even in the rain, Hoffenheim didn’t give up their 433 attack formation.
However, after a rainy battle, Iankel was a little cold and missed a game. Simunic’s partner Nihlsson started the double central defenders, and the tacit understanding was somewhat reduced.
In the 12th minute, Hoffenheim didn’t score a goal at home. Dortmund, Charley Simunic and Nihlsson took the lead in scoring the goal. The goal was their center barrios.
Only a few hundred visiting fans in the stands suddenly cheered in the heavy rain, and Dortmund players also rushed to celebrate in the heavy rain.
However, Hoffenheim equalized the score in less than a minute.
In the 21st minute, Eduardo was pulled down by Dortmund defender schmelzer when he broke through in the frontcourt, and he won a goal in the frontcourt.
It is not easy to score goals in sports in heavy rain, but bug’s general Italian ball skills will not be disturbed much
After Lu Wenbin started the Italian ball system skill, he controlled his body and kicked a curved ball into Dortmund’s goal.
Although goalkeeper Wei Dengle made a save, he couldn’t help but watch the ball fly into the net from his eyes.
In the 21st minute, Lu Wenbin equalized the score with a direct ball from Hoffenheim, and the score was 11.
Of course, the most important thing is not that Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim equalized the score, but that Lu Wenbin’s total number of goals in 29 natural years reached 5, which tied the record of 5 goals created by Gadmuller in 1972.
When Lu Wenbin intended the ball to fly into the goal, the whole stadium was boiling.
Fans threw away their umbrellas one after another. In the heavy rain, Lu Wenbin’s annual five balls were excited, clapping, cheering and screaming. Lu Wenbin’s name resounded throughout the venue.
All the commentators in the commentary booth and the live broadcast hosts in various countries also shouted wildly.
"The goal is scored."
"Italian ball directly breaks the door"
"Five goals Lu scored his fifth goal of the year, equalling Gadmull’s record of five goals of the year."

Bynum got the rebound and immediately jumped back to finish a twohanded dunk when the basket man defended.

Ji Guoshi rushed to him from one side to flatter him, but the distance was too far. He returned to the basket from outside the threepoint line, leaving Bynum, a small miscellaneous fish, to be cleaned up. Ji Guoshi immediately pressed it from it.
Bynum’s physical coordination is generally unstable in the middle, and he plopped down to the floor and fell half to death!
Ji was ashamed that he didn’t hear the referee whistle, and he didn’t care what he picked up the cover and threw the basketball at the frontcourt quickly …
Before Brevin Knight shot out and caught the basketball, there was no Lakers defender to score the ball easily.
Four assists and three blocked shots, so I’m pretty hung up today.
Ji Guo was ashamed to see that the referee didn’t blow his foul, and he was in a good mood. He was afraid that the referee would blow the home whistle. Now it seems that no one in the league wants them. Maybe this has something to do with david stern watching the ball on the spot
Phil jackson was very dissatisfied with the goal, and rarely protested against the referee on the sidelines. Since Bynum was blocked by Ji Guo’s shame, the referee has been lying on the ground and suspended the game behind the Brevin Knight basket.
I remember that Bynum was reimbursed this season? Ji Guo was ashamed to see Bynum. It seemed that he was really hurt. He hurriedly took off for himself in his heart.
I didn’t play in the playoffs after being reimbursed. Ji Guoqiu remembered it better than him.
It’s not that I’m unlucky. I did cover the basketball. That’s a good hat. The referee didn’t even blow it.
What do you explain and no one says you did it on purpose?
Lakers fans obviously don’t think so. Some people have called Ji Guo a murderer, a red fox, a communist panda and so on.
What does this have to do with me? Ji Guoqiu was in distress situation when he heard someone calling the Communist Panda.
Don’t say the name Communist Panda, I think it’s better than your other nicknames. Ji Guoshi felt that these Americans were surprised that they wouldn’t call names by adding the word Communist. Is this powerful?
Ji Guoshi shook his head and looked at it. He was sweating all the time. The little shark was also a little guilty. Before Bynum was carried out, he took the initiative to go forward and said, I’m sorry to wait until you recover. We’ll fight in the bowling alley.
Bynum smelled a sigh of relief and pointed to Ji’s humiliating head and fainted directly.
At the same time, the Lakers players looked at Ji Guo with great shame and bad eyes. If it weren’t for his words, there would be nothing wrong with them, and they would have been beaten.
Ji Guo was ashamed to feel the hostile eyes around him, thinking that if he was beaten here, it would be a big loss and he quickly turned and fled to his own half.
When Jackson heard the team doctor’s initial diagnosis that Bynum was injured in his right knee again, he immediately knew that the injury of the little shark might not be lighter this time. The right knee is where Bynum’s old injury is, and the big knee is the most vulnerable place. Once he is injured repeatedly, he will not recover.
After the game resumed, the Lakers players were obviously affected by Bynum’ s injury. The attention of both ends of the offense and defense was not as good as that of the former, and the Clippers took the opportunity to hit a wave: Jackson quickly called a timeout.
In the third quarter, 7 minutes and 5 seconds, the score was 6:54, and the Lakers were 6 points behind the Clippers.
Chapter one hundred and twentyone Put your stick away
Ji Guoshame took advantage of the Lakers’ weak line defense to wreak havoc on the Lakers’ basket, increasing his data to 1 point, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks, and his shooting percentage became 2 of 9 shots. Today, he hit both shots as dunks.
No matter how bad the Communist Fox feels, he finally didn’t buckle the ball just after Kobe Bryant once attracted the Clippers to doubleteam, just like Kwame Brown on the other side.
The detained basketball flew straight off the court and almost hit the angry Zen master in the head.
This fool! On the sidelines, julia roberts Lakers fans couldn’t help cursing Kwame Brown’s poor performance.
Emma Roberts muttered, Brother Panda is much better than that big nigger.
Ji Guoqiu is indeed much better than kwame brown. He has scored 24 points, 1 rebound, 3 assists and 2 blocks. Today, he is expected to get the first 3+1 in his career.
Do you want me to help you score?
Isn’t this nonsense? If you don’t give me the ball, you can’t throw it yourself.
Mom, I kindly help you and you still laugh at me? Kindness is treated as a liver and lung!
Ji Guo was ashamed to scold and notice that Jackson, the Lakers’ substitute, couldn’t help but get angry and flew into a rage at the Lakers players! This is rare. Grandpa KFC has always been angry and arrogant, and he is still sitting still. He rarely growls and scolds players like * * Vicky to get them into the state.
However, because it is extremely rare, even Kobe Bryant can’t be reckless in the face of Phil Jackson’s roar. The attitude of Lakers players on the scene is more positive than before
Ji Guoqiu couldn’t even dunk in the online throw. Kwame Brown prevented him from going outside the threesecond zone and dribbled with Percy to break through Kobe Bryant.
It is estimated that Bynum’s triangle offense has been reimbursed, but it is still better than Kwame Brown. Little sharks can help Kobe get involved in defensive forces.
The Lakers can’t even get close to Bynum now, but they can really score points by Kobe Bryant’s personal ability
The three of them jumped together in the basket, and Ji Guoqiu fanned Kobe Bryant’s basketball to Peter Pan. Once again, he twisted into an Sshape to avoid the cover of Ji Guoqiu in the middle of the basket, and at the same time, he used his iron elbow as a cover to force Percy to retreat. In the middle of the basket, two people defended the clippers and scored the ball. By the way, he also made a foul of Ji Guoqiu.
The referee blew the whistle and wrongly awarded a defensive foul, but in fact, Ji Guoqiu met Kobe Bryant’s hairy panda warrior and finally saw the foul.
Is the referee blind?
Of course, it’s not that the referee clearly knows that this goal is farfetched, but if you don’t do it, the Lakers will not be as good as the Clippers Bynum. How can the Lakers play?
David stern nodded secretly in the audience. This kind of competition is a test of the referee’s ability to control the game. The more fair and wonderful, the better the measurement, the better the referee can enforce the law.
The volute is a crane!
Ji Guo’s shame was pulled to the perimeter by Rad Manovic. When he saw Kobe playing with his brother in the basket, he couldn’t help but admire it.
桑拿会所Aren’t you Kohei?
Bullshit! I’ve always been Komi!
Komi also elbowed his idol?
Who says that Komi can’t elbow Kobe? It’s one thing and one thing.
Go to the mud horse! Ji Guoqiu couldn’t help swearing. This is his third foul. It looks safe, but if he does it again, he will rest in the third quarter. Most players will be fouled at this time, which will affect their defensive strength.
Kobe Bryant hit Peter Pan with a penalty. He has scored 29 points through this penalty and is expected to be 4+ today.
The Clippers attacked the Lakers at Jackson’s behest, relaxed their defense against Ji’s humiliation, and chose the appropriate doubleteam to play an outstanding role in Ji’s national hatred online.
Ji Guo was ashamed to look at the front two steps away, and Rad Manovic felt deeply despised.
Is this treating me like a gorilla?
Brevin Knight dribbled to the frontcourt and immediately put the basketball to the low position when he saw Ji Guoqiu in place.
Ji Guoqiu attracted two Lakers players in the low post and suddenly turned around and pretended to attack the basket, but basketball was assigned to outsiders from behind his head to see the defender of Ji Guoqiu.
Odom quickly made up for Ji’s humiliation, and so on, that is, his basketball was assigned to Artest again.
Kobe Bryant made up for this slow step. Artest raised his hand and hit a threepointer!
Beast’s threepoint shooting percentage has reached 3% this season, and it was close to 4% at the beginning of the season. Although he is a juryman, the threepointer on the outside feels quite good.
Ji Guo was ashamed to dare not shoot easily in this game, but it was not bad to brush and assist.
Never mind him, we can’t lose our position. Kobe complained to Odom that he was very dissatisfied with Lamar Odom’s defense.
Odom didn’t dare to say more and nodded to show his knowledge.
Kobe brought the ball to the frontcourt by himself, and leaned sideways outside the 45degree threepoint line on the flank, pushing Posey to a foot from the basket, and immediately turned around to shoot and pretended to shake his opponent.
Posey saw through Kobe’s fake action and ignored it.
Kobe shook it, and when he saw that the opponent didn’t move, he immediately pretended to turn around and jump shot …
Lakers fans cheered loudly in hands in the air after Kobe Bryant threw a basketball into the basket!
Boss, shooting is goodlooking, so every shot you throw can be taken to Jinli, and every ball is so picturesque.
Posey shook his head. Today, when he defended Kobe Bryant alone, he rarely succeeded in preventing this difficult guy, especially when shooting like this, which hurt the defender’s enthusiasm, as if he could not prevent it anyway.

And Han Qingshan can convince Ji Shu through Monet’s mouth, which is not something that ordinary people can do.

I’m more alert to Han Qingshan.
Ji Shu continued to advise me, "Eleventh, you must believe me this time. Mr. Han won’t lie to me."
Said the Korean castle peak looked at.
And Han Qingshan gave him a smile.
My heart is cold and hum. Han Qingshan is really good at acting.
Just as I was thinking about how to answer the phone, I didn’t expect the door to be suddenly pushed open.
I was startled and looked up. It was Ye Xiangyuan!
And he followed Gu Changning and his brother and sister behind him.
Gu Changning strode to the bed and stared at me and Jishu. "You are in a hurry to let you go. It turned out that you have already found a spare tire." His gloomy face turned from Jishu to Han Qingshan’s face. "There is more than one spare tire."
Chapter 3 let you slander my sister
I wonder why not only Han Qingshan came in the middle of the night, but Ye Xiangyuan and Gu Changning’s brother and sister also appeared here.
This is a bit of a coincidence.
Even because Han Qingshan and Jishu were found, the bodyguard may also inform Ye Xiangyuan.
I can’t help looking at the door.
Pan Dongzheng stood straight by the door, perhaps aware of my eyes. He paused and nodded at me.
I drooped my eyelids thoughtfully.
At the moment, Gu Changning still has a black face with thick disdain and ridicule.
I looked at him hesitating to let Han Qingshan and Ji Shu leave.
I’m not afraid of being misunderstood, but I always feel that it’s not normal for either Han Qingshan or Ye Xiangyuan to come here at night.
Now I can’t believe both of them.
If I can, I don’t even want to talk to them
My mind was rolling. Gu Changning spoke again. He turned to see Ye Xiangyuan sarcastically. "You see, you are worried about her for nothing. People have already found a good home."
I can’t help looking at him.
He often wronged me like this, and I have long been accustomed to it.
But after knowing that Gu Changyu had framed me, he still sympathized with me. Even if Gu Changyu tried to defend himself in the end, he didn’t look me in the eye. Instead, he always knew that Gu Changyu was guilty of lying to me.
But how did you change your attitude now?
And when did Ye Xiangyuan worry about me?
He hasn’t appeared since I had a fight, and I haven’t inquired about him.
I really think today is Lantern Festival, and he will accompany Gu Changyu again.
Just now, he appeared with Gu Changyu. I guess it’s not wrong.
But what, Lu Xun?
Don’t these four people often go out together?
I was thinking that Gu Changyu suddenly went to the bed and took my hand and asked softly, "Are you still angry with me?"
Section 276
I silently watched her slowly pull her hand back.
However, she seemed to be more gentle when she didn’t see my resistance. "You must be angry with me, right?"
I smiled and said nothing.
She looked at me softly with tears in her eyes. "Don’t be angry, and I don’t want to rob Ayuan with you …"
I hook my mouth and don’t want to hide my sarcasm at all.
She didn’t want to rob me of what Ye Xiangyuan did, but she was so disgusting.
I sneered repeatedly, but I didn’t argue with her. I don’t even want to talk to her now. Anyway, I know that no matter what I say, she is always weak and wronged, and Ye Xiangyuan and Gu Changning will recognize me as bullying her.
Is probably see I don’t talk Gu Changyu Diane eyebrow frowning lightly.
She gave me a look of disapproval at JiShu’s face. "Are you angry with Ayuan, too? But even if you are angry, you can’t mix with these people … Why didn’t you listen when I advised you? "
My face sank and I was very unhappy.
What is she implying?
Just like Gu Changning, I think I provoked Han Qingshan and Jishu.
But Gu Changning is much more straightforward than her. Her innuendo is uncomfortable.
I can’t help looking at these two brothers and sisters. They keep accusing me, but it’s not true at all.
They just want to lead Ye Xiangyuan to misunderstand …
桑拿网I’m a little bloody
But soon I took a deep breath to calm myself down.
Gu Changyu was so angry that he spit out a few mouthfuls of blood. Later, the doctor examined me and said that he was angry and rushed to the heart, so he could not be stimulated any more.
So I have to calm myself down
It’s not worthwhile for someone like Gu Changyu to suffer like this.
I stared at a face in silence. Gu Changyu was hesitating to say something to block her mouth.
I didn’t expect to talk to her suddenly. "Little Three has the face to slander the original match and is so confident. Does the original family turn black and white upside down like this? I’ve learned a lot today."

Instead, it was Cheng Wu who accepted my words. Although this achievement method is strong and strong, it should be practiced calmly when practicing gas. Adults obviously know what it means. He did not forget to praise me when explaining the key points.

Zhao Cheng finally opened his eyes and he curled his lips. Young master, why don’t you go to your room and hold your sister here?
Finally, I was cruel enough to kick him in the chest, and he screamed, stretching his arms forward and leaning back.
That’s you, right? I haven’t seen you out for ten and a half months. You just want to find some excitement when you come out? I moved one or two wrists and didn’t make a ringing sound on purpose.
Zhao Cheng didn’t fall awkwardly from the stone. He was very flexible and turned over in half, just lying on the ground.
I whistled, Toad is amazing, Lao Zhao?
He suddenly raised his head, his legs shot and his whole body went out like an arrow.
I immediately put my left arm across my chest and my right fist was slightly clenched and ready to go.
But … I’m getting farther and farther away when I see Zhao Cheng’s toe on the stone. Please spare the villain, master!
The sword and gun fight suddenly stopped, and the long knife dialed the wooden gun to reach Xiao Dai’s throat
It’s winter again.
The weather in this ghost is getting cold so fast. Although I am magical, I am still flesh and blood after all. After all, I can’t resist the storm of heaven and earth, but I have bought clothes myself.
Saibei is not afraid to let more than Wuwei. Jia Yu would have wrapped himself up.
It seems that Gu Zang is a little colder. Xiao Zhao said that there is not much pressure in wearing fur.
Well, it’s so cold. Shuang’er stamped her feet and pulled up my right hand. Go home? Don’t wander around outside.
I nodded. It seems that the winter in Saibei is very difficult. Go home. I still want to walk around the city.
The Story Of Diu Sim tightened her neckline and frowned, Cicada is really not used to being so cold so early. Among the four girls around me, The Story Of Diu Sim has lived in the Central Plains since she was a child. Jia Yu, Xiao Zhao and Shuang’er, however, are born and raised in Xiliang, and their resistance to low temperature is stronger than The Story Of Diu Sim.
The original quiet city gradually made a noise.
The wheels creaked and slowly drove out of the street, and the hooves became more and more lively.
I immediately reached out and recruited Pang Gan, the brigade commander of the prohealth brigade. What?
Pang Gan also stretched out his hand to send himself.
品茶The return message told me that these vehicles are all winter clothes sent by Jia Changshi to Gaoque Chicken Lusai
I told Pang Gan to escort four family members back to the mansion, and I went to the source of the chariots and horses with a sense of responsibility.
It was Jia Xu, who was directing the soldiers to move a cart of clothes to two places in batches. Although he was wearing a coat, he still couldn’t hide his thin figure.
Mr. Wenhe took advantage of a group of vehicles to leave the treasury and I asked, Why did you send clothes today?
Jia Xu took the hand and handed over a bowl of hot water. After blowing it in a hurry, he rushed to his mouth and drank two times. Today is additional clothes.
He glanced at me. It’s snowing in the north of Gaoque!
I suddenly realized and was slightly surprised. So early?
He shrugged. What is it that you and I are in such a hurry to send someone to deliver clothes?
It’s already the end of October in the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar … It’s not impossible to think that it was late when it snowed in midNovember.
No wonder it suddenly turned cold today … I looked at the sky and muttered.

Just entering November, Linrong City also ushered in the first snow this winter.
The snowfall is not large, and it is slightly mixed with some rain, so it is not enough to cover the large foundation of Yuan Ye. Snowflakes will dissolve when they fall to the ground. At best, they will wet and paint the streets and lanes.
The colder the weather gets, the fewer people come and go on the streets. Although most of the people in the city are strong (original) ethnic minorities, no one will deliberately run to the street to show their strong chest muscles.
I can feel the chill from the body of the flying star gun when I practice it every dayalthough my weapon will not be placed in the open air.
At the tenth day of the tenth lunar month, Xiao Dai led a purchasing group to the south to purchase winter goods, mainly because of Hedong Dayan. I can see that he finally found a job, and he was quite eager to be happy.
Jia Xu Cheng Yu toured the main mass gathering points in six cities of Shuofang County, mainly checking whether the county magistrates in each place did their duty to the employees and solved the sufferings of the people by the way, and determining whether the ruling officials treated the original Han residents and the newly moved residents equally.
This used to be a formalism in my opinion, but it really became a meticulous work in the hands of Mr. Jia Cheng. It took them twenty days to finish the evaluation and when they returned to Linrong and formed a report, Xiao Dai also led the purchasing group back to Shuofang.
It has quietly entered December.
At the end of the year, I woke up and had to consider a very serious problem.
According to the convention, all counties and counties should pay tribute to the court before the New Year. Huangfugu’s own father’s experience tells me that there is still one year to pay taxes in proportion.
I immediately felt a pain in my heart. Can I not pay?
He nodded. They should be thankful that the North has just returned to the big fellow and we didn’t ask the court to give us funds …

"It seems that it’s time to talk to you. Scarlett takes care of Chris."

"Sister Yi, I will take good care of it." Carrie picked up Chris and walked to the hall.
Can Lanxun be advanced [Longhua] now?’
I don’t know, even I can’t be advanced [Longhua], but there is another way if you have to try.’
What method?’
You? What does this mean?’
Blend with me, this is the only way, but after blending, we can never be separated. I don’t really want to blend with you, and I …’
After forever inseparable? This is a problem. Is there no other way?’
Yes, but …’
What can we do now that we have a quick answer?’
Marry me’
"Marry me, and I’ll merge with you if you promise."
Do you want to know this? You are a dragon, I am a person, and …’
And what didn’t you see you now? Which part can say you are human? There is not much time for you to promise or not to promise.’
Okay, what do I promise to do?’
You don’t move to look at me’
As soon as Lan Xun finished speaking, I felt that my body had changed, and my back wings were actually recovered. My body began to shrink, and a pair of enlarged antlers grew on my head. After shrinking, my skin began to grow longer, and my skin split like a hard plate, and four African claws emerged from my body.
Mu Haoer watched me change and didn’t stop it at all, because she was too clear about her own strength, which was not predicted by modern human beings.
The pain in my body soon disappeared. When I opened my eyes, I saw my body. What kind of dragon was it? I’ve never seen a dragon before. I never even thought that a dragon could be like this.
The memory of Lan Xun and my memory overlap, and I know what I am now. This is a kind of dragon with five claws. This dragon lives in the depths of the universe, and this dragon will come to the planet when it is born, and when the planet is destroyed, the species will break through the cocoon and become a new’ golden dragon with five claws’.
"This is your trick? Are you kidding? What can Yi Long-shaped monsters do to me? Now I am the strongest in this world, "Mu Haoer said dismissively.
I’m smiling. Of course, others think it’s just that the dragon’s mouth is open. I’ll show you how powerful the five-claw golden dragon is, opening its huge mouth and spitting out a ball the size of a football. This is the only weapon of the five-claw golden dragon, the Dragon Ball!
Face upwards ao-ao, a body whirls around Mu Haoer, and the dragon ball keeps blinking. The dragon ball shadow flashes in the spacious hall.
"Trick" Mu Haoer stretched out his hands, and the blue light was like a soul. The dragon ball was pursued in the hall. Whenever a blue light caught up with the dragon ball, it was a little dim and flew around Mu Haoer. From time to time, my strong tail swept to Mu Haoer, but it seemed that strong momentum reached the blue light protection range, and I was turned back by Mu Haoer with a light cut, which made me angry.
Am I so miserable? No, I would never agree.
But is there any other way? The strongest dragon ball root can’t get close to her. She looks strong, and her body doesn’t care for her at all. Is this what the Snow Queen said about growing up?
"We have arrived at the gate. Shall we go in now?" Iron man asked at the door.
"No, wait, it’s nothing even if we go in now. Just now, you also saw that the group of monsters suddenly appeared and said that someone stopped us from moving forward, but the soldiers, soldiers and rain are not elegant and I don’t know where to go. There are only a few of us left. We should seriously consider how to get to the back road."
桑拿会所Everyone deeply felt that the present situation was not optimistic, and interjected, "It’s time to give us a weapon left in the face of the disease."
"Well, divide the remaining people into three groups. You are in charge. Finally, I will lead the team to play striker Xi Hakuei. How about you meet?"
Disease method hasn’t finished yet. Leaf’s sad eyes made disease method shudder and immediately changed to "It’s hard for you to assassinate you in the evening, so you can leave your helper there in the evening."
"Let’s go!" The first order of the disease brought the remaining knight lords and the Temple Crusaders into the gate, and after five minutes, Xixi and the assassination also brought the second batch into the Iron Man Belt, but the third batch did not enter for a long time and an unimaginable thing happened.
————-reading recommendation: to worship the romantic empire.
Chapter 11 Making God (2)
In front of the gate stood a man who should never have been here, Lan Fengyun Locke, and another man was impressively an iron man.
"President Locke, you’d better find a way. Now the situation inside should be almost mastered, right?"
Locke laughed. "Of course, how can our dark society be so simple? The power has been mastered by us, and now all that is left is the final restriction."
"Oh, that’s great, and it won’t cost me ten years’ profit to make this game. Otherwise, we really can’t get in."
"Two happy too early? We can’t relax our vigilance until the power reaches us. Let’s discuss what we should do one by one. "
Locke and Lan Fengyun also felt a little arrogant.
"Of course, who would have guessed that Brother Iron Man was the owner of the family? Haha, I don’t think those guys who broke their heads would have thought that your daughter was really good and mastered the’ power’ so quickly!"
"Don’t be too happy. It’s just an adopted daughter. Now we need to install the equipment to limit’ strength’ as soon as possible. Why don’t we set it here?"
Lan Fengyun asked doubtfully, "Do you really set up equipment here? What if they don’t come out or have it to send some? "
Locke laughed when he heard it. "You are really busy, President of Blue University. How can you forget who is the power?"? Don’t the iron man brothers just say a word? "
Lan Fengyun realized that he was worried when he heard it.

Joke: Seibel, Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Qin Zhen, and Tuoba Ye are hard to be unfair regardless of whether they are given to one of them; The current situation … I have the lowest fighting capacity in the first battalion, and I really need foreign aid to supplement it!

After finishing the arrangement, I immediately went back to my bedroom and took a deep sleep. Yesterday, the consumption was so great that I couldn’t even get up and talk to Seibel and them more, so I could stay in bed and recuperate and try to recover before the war.
On July 11th, I was handsome and lightpedaled, and bought 1500 extra war horses from Zhang Liao. I carried ten days’ rations, and the flag was drummed and horsepower galloped towards the junction of Gudai County.
On the 12th, the Valley Governor Wang Dan of Juyang County, Valley County, gave a full face and went out of the city to meet him personally.
The situation in western Liaoning is critical. Lu Cishi can’t come here in person, so he can send me to help Wang Daren. I explained to Lu Zhi first. What’s the situation here?
He also immediately got down to business that Zhang Yan was hit by Jizhou secretariat Yuan Shao … after the collapse, he had a slight pause then he fled to Daijun, Valley County, and these days, it was better to fight like Wu Huan and rob nearly 100 tribes in a row. That Wu Huan’s adult was not a vegetarian, so dispatch troops and Zhang Yan fought a battle with thousands of casualties.
Killed nearly a hundred tribes? Tens of thousands of people have died? I count a tribe in my heart, even if there are 300 or 500 people, it will be tens of thousands of lives. Is Zhang Yan too efficient?
General Ma may not know that the Wuhuan tribe is not as good as dozens of Chinese people, and sometimes even one person claims to be down … He lowered his voice. It’s still an empty show, so it’s only a few hundred people.
Then you also said … thousands of people were killed and injured after a fierce battle? I found another spray point.
He came and said, General Ma is naturally used to big scenes, but there are not many people in the border counties of Northern States who have suffered more than a thousand deaths and injuries! My valley county people are only sixty thousand, and the generation county is only twelve or thirty thousand.
So that’s it … Zhuojun and Yuyang have a population peak, and there are barely four or five hundred thousand other counties that are used to being swept away by ethnic minorities. Can they run long ago? That Lord Wu Huan … how many horses does he have?
At the beginning of Xiping, Nan Lou claimed that Gu Wang was probably the most powerful among the counties in Wuhuan, claiming that there were more than 9,000 people attached to others and not 100,000 people. However, he has been fighting a lot with all parties and the forces of all ethnic groups have gradually lost. In the past two years, the power has gradually weakened and finally it has become a little quieter. He finally answered my question. At present, there are about 40,000 to 50,000 people who can be mastered.
I gasped. So many horses? Even if I can fight one enemy against a hundred, my soldiers can’t!
Ah, 40,000 to 50,000 is the total number. Excluding the old, weak, women and children, there are at most 30% of the soldiers who can fight. Wang Dan said quickly
Fiftythree percent is fifteen thousand …
However, my enemy is not the Wuhuan people, but the anticustomer advocates that Yan Jun Lu Zhi let me defeat him by thunder. I want him to retreat or go furthersurrender.
I’d better ask him to help me fight Gongsun Du …
My dream is very beautiful!
So … how many soldiers are there in Gujun? I asked another key question: the number of friendly troops.
He replied, There are 3,000 cases of a captain and 6,000.
You are only three thousand people? Weak! Zong a captain … who is it?
Wu Huan, a captain of the clan, he gave me a strange color, probably surprised by my knowledge. It is also a common practice that Valley and Daixian soldiers have always been in the hands of a captain.
I quickly nodded, I didn’t tell Wang Daren the truth when I first came to Youzhou.
He shook his head to express his understanding that a captain of Daijun Taishouzong has led an army to the mediation office and sent troops to the west as soon as the secretariat orders arrived.
Generation of county, valley, Wu Huan a captain tripartite Serenade also has ten thousand plus my ten thousand chosen men, even if Wu Huan soldiers don’t cooperate, it is enough to cope with Zhang Yan stragglers.
I feel at ease to hand over to Wang Dan. In that case, shall we set off tomorrow to solve this dispute?
He nodded. General Nengma can take care of each other, but most of the people in the government are footmen. It’s hard to say that three hundred miles is less than three days.
I feel that Lu Zhi’s expectation of my quick victory is about to fall …
46 Coalition dinner
On the afternoon of July 15th, fifteen hundred cavalry dragged two thousand soldiers to the junction of Gudai County.
Along the way, I finally got to know the situation of Gu Qiang Hu.
There are not only 70,000 Wu Huan, but also 20,000 or 30,000 Xianbei. Most of the cities are located at the foot of the Great Wall in the north. In the peaceful year, they will farm their land with peace of mind, herding horses, herding horses, trading freely and frankly, and occasionally paying business taxes. In case of famine, they turned into robbers and horse thieves, and swept the Han cities without mercy. If they were attacked by state and county soldiers, they immediately crossed the Great Wall and fled, which has always been a headache for the satrap and the secretariat.
And the valley of the Han nationality is only in his early sixties, and the black mouth is definitely not more than one hundred thousand …
I also have some understanding that many people have always been in favor of adopting a military solution to Wuhuan Xianbei, but on the one hand, the central government has always paid attention to benevolence, righteousness and education, and has always preferred to give money and food to the four foreigners rather than fight against each other; On the other hand, it is unrealistic for the alien people in Saibei grassland to leave the original grassland like wildfire never quite consumes them. They have never left the historical stage for a day in the long history of China for more than 3,000 years.
A captain of Huwu Huan was stationed in Zhongning County, the most in Huwu, and 6,000 standing soldiers were assembled to deter aliens. According to Wang Dan, the patriarch was Lu Zhi’s old department. A few years ago, Lu Zhi was convicted, and he was also demoted from Huwu Huan to the county magistrate. After Lu Zhi made a comeback, he resumed his position. Therefore, he was not too worried about his work and loyalty.
Wang Dan took me and introduced me to Zongzong and Daijun prefect Li Mo. Both of them are under forty years old, so they are considered as the younger generation among the two thousand stones. Of course, this kind of thing should never be compared with the second generation of Universiade officials. After seeing me, my attitude is very correct, and there is no trace of contempt or disgust from my face, which makes my heart very comfortable.
Since it is a fourway joint soldier, of course, the host of the official dinner party will take all the responsibility and hold a banquet in his camp that night.
Because I am a representative of the North General and a secretariat of Lu Zhi, my status is much higher than the other three, I am qualified to lead more departments to attend the banquet, except for battalion commanders Cheng Yu, Cheng Wufu, Du Ji and Zhang Ben Tian Yu, who all came to the camp with me.
Wang Dan and Li Mo have both sat and watched me make money and got up politely.
Ma’s honor is honorable, please take a seat. The abbot smiled and took my arm in his hands and led it to the main seat.
I pushed him to the main seat with my backhand. Lord Zong is the landlord. Can he usurp the host’s role?
品茶论坛  title=He also tried to resist, but he still couldn’t help sitting. I have also heard that Ma’s adult young hero saw it today, and it was so brave that he was so ashamed of himself.
It’s just a brute force, and there’s no other place except to pacify the country. I smiled and sat in my seat. Anyway, there are four main positions today. How to sit in the east, west, north and south looks the same.
Cheng Yu and Tian Yu sat next to me, while Xu Huang, Qin Zhen and others sat in a ball in no order, but with Du Ji present, everyone seemed extremely selfdisciplined …
It’s rare for Ma’s adult to be so humble at a young age. Li Mo praised, Ma’s adult brought the emperor’s life to Fu Jie and came to this incident. The three brothers want you to follow suit.
Where did Brother Li say? I can’t readily accept the younger brother Fu Jie is for Gongsun Du to command three adults at random? When the incident was decided by three adults, the younger brother was responsible for it.
Li Mo laughed. Brother Zong, look, look, you’re worried for nothing again, aren’t you?
The abbot’s face was ashamed. It was a young man who thought that Ma’s adult had punished Zongmou.
They frankly admitted that they were worried that I would deprive them of their command?
Why do I take the initiative to pour dirty water on my head? Isn’t this a drop in the population? !
One cup is not enough for three cups! I hey ran way
Three cups is three cups! The abbot did not refuse to move his throat, and three cups were already full.
Ladies and gentlemen, Wang Dan said with a smile, we have something important to do now, so I’m afraid we can’t let you enjoy the party tonight.
The abbot scolded, I’ve only had three drinks and you’re here to say something disappointing? !”
Li Mo asked, Isn’t it disappointing that you won’t let people drink before this dinner? Must be punished!

I can go back to China and say that things will turn around.

And I suddenly miss life in my country.
Yeah, he’s a fugitive …
Ye Xiangyuan pulled me back into her arms and kissed me on the forehead. "We will go back."
I leaned against his chest for a few seconds and asked him, "Are we going to stay in the castle next?"
He stroked my back and whispered, "Well, stay here for a while … sleep well."
So I shrank into his arms and fell asleep slowly.
I would have been calm for a few days after a thrilling night.
I didn’t know that the next day I just came back from a walk with Xiaojin and saw a car drive into the castle.
spa会所The car stopped and Gu Changyu came.
I was very surprised.
What surprised me even more was that Li Mulin was sitting in the driver’s seat.
It turns out that he left yesterday to pick up Gu Changyu instead of running away?
I silently looked at Gu Changyu.
She was wearing a long white dress, full figure, supple long hair and skirt, blushing in the wind, and the morning light was even more beautiful.
When she saw me, she smiled and came over to greet me. "It’s been a long time."
I mumbled something at the corner of my mouth, but I couldn’t even say a word.
Thank you, shallow 5 rice balls! ^^
Chapter 35: You divorced Sam.
Li Mulin came over to Gu Changyu and smiled apologetically at me. "Sister-in-law, I brought the little fish."
I turned my eyes to him and still didn’t know what to say
Gu Changyu came out and said, "I don’t blame Mulin for secretly asking him to pick me up and not letting him tell you."
I pursed my lips and remained silent.
Gu Changyu glanced at me and smiled and asked, "Where is Ayuan?"
I looked at her silently.
After the video incident, she yelled at me. She should be ashamed to see me again or completely tear her face off. I never thought that she could greet me casually as if we were still close friends.
Section 32
But I can also see that she is careless about me and doesn’t take me seriously.
She asked Ye Xiangyuan at first, because she was sure that Ye Xiangyuan still occupied a more important position than me, so she would despise me …
What about Ye Xiangyuan? What will be the reaction?
He seems to have received the news from the country to talk about things with Pan Dong’s room.
How would he look if he saw Gu Changyu?
I was in a trance for a moment.
Or did Xiao Jin hold my hand and let me come to my senses?
I looked at Li Mulin and said, "I don’t blame you."
Then I took Xiao Jin to the castle and ignored Gu Changyu.
I’ve always been a grudge. She caused me to give birth prematurely, and my bad feelings can’t be easily eliminated.
What is Ye Xiangyuan’s attitude towards her? Is it still beyond my control? If Ye Xiangyuan is angry with my attitude towards Gu Changyu, I don’t think I need to go with him again.
Xiaojin obediently followed me and didn’t talk to Gu Changyu.
I suddenly felt a little embarrassed.
After all, this is a personal feud between Gu Changyu and me, but Xiao Jin has been in contact with Gu Changyu since childhood, and Gu Changyu should also have feelings.
It’s not my intention to let a child get caught.
I immediately let go of Xiao Jin’s hand.
Xiaojin grabbed me and motioned for me to squat down. It seems that she has something to say to me.
I hurriedly bend my knees to listen.
Xiaojin whispered in my ear, "Mom told me that Aunt Xiaoyuer did something wrong to make my brother ill. I don’t want to talk to her until Aunt Xiaoyu admitted her mistake … Do you think Xiaojin is sexual?"
I didn’t expect my sister-in-law to say these words to Xiao Jin, who was shocked.
Then the eyes ached.
When Ye Jia was two years old, I experienced too many hardships. Maybe I haven’t finished getting Ye Xiangyuan’s heart, but it is enough for me to remember my life if I can get the approval from my sister-in-law and Xiaojin.
I tried to hold back tears in my eyes and rubbed my head. "Xiao Jin is a principled boy."
Actually, I don’t want Xiao Jin to know these things, nor do I want to teach him hatred, nor do I want to keep him away from Gu Changyu.
But when Sister-in-law and Xiaojin said these things, they wanted to treat Xiaojin as an adult, and I didn’t want to put in a good word for the Virgin Gu Changyu.

Freeze nodded, It’s all right, but I’m going to recruit some brave soldiers, too. I can’t be less than him.

I rubbed my hands. That’s natural. Well, I thought about my future plan. I’ll just go back to Luoyang to report on my work the day after I play football with Qin Zhen, right? Ten days is enough for me to go back and forth.
Where are the adults’ families? Du Ji woke me up. Liaodong is not safe and much colder than the Central Plains …
I have to think carefully. What Bo Hou said seems to be true. I’m sending them back to Luoyang again. What about you?
Xu Huang and Li Dian looked at each other together and said, May follow the adults.
Du Ji did not refuse.
Zhang Ji is somewhat difficult. Adults are Nanyang people … I’m afraid I can’t stand Liaodong snow …
I’m a little reluctant to part with this medical sage, but considering his personal problems, I can’t force him to go with me. I can sigh, Let’s just say Zhongjing is familiar with the place. Then make a county magistrate in Handan first. Handan is also rich. When a county magistrate is two years old, you can accumulate a lot of money.
Adults can’t forget when they meet their benefactors. Zhang Zhongjing, a medical saint, slowly got up and gave me a deep worship.
At this moment, I knew that I had lost the best personal doctor of my time.
77 Abandon the family and the daughter
Male … Jia Mu hesitated and said, You said before that I would study for a few days …
I nodded. It’s great that you can understand. By the way, you can also help me guard the house. If there are other people who dare to harass my horse’s door, you can’t be a coward.
He scratched his head embarrassedly. That’s to discipline them to live or die!
How expensive Luoyang is, you can’t be too reckless. Du Ji kindly woke up with a wooden stake.
Well … Jia Mu obediently bowed his head. I know … I can cripple them at most.
You don’t want to waste the three noble families and brothers! I also have to wake him up and watch his hand.
The three fairs can’t fight Jiuqing, the big family, the big family, and the big family … He counted with his fingers. Can a giant businessman fight?
Can’t is as rich as an enemy. Generally, they collude with senior officials. You must never mess with them.
Can the conference semifinals fight?
Can’t destroy the national unity field is definitely not good.
Can readers play?
Don’t be careful of their rioting in the streets
Who else can I hit? He looked up and asked, Can you go to the fields and beat those old farmers?
I can’t help but lag behind him. The question is whether it is too sharp. I just found out that we are not to be taunted by anyone.
Don’t you dare to play honest farmers in the field? !” Freeze suddenly folded drink a way face is angry.
Dare not, dare not! Cheng Wu quickly hold the Jia Mu neck two people bow together.
I remembered that Cheng Wu told that story that day, and Cheng Yu hated bullying civilians very much.
Then who can I hit? Jia Mu or small grunted 1

Adult Xu Huang asked me about the return of ordinary foot soldiers …
Then there are Lao Gong, Man Cheng and Bo Hou who will distribute appropriate travelling expenses at the end of the month after counting the number of soldiers who plan to return home. I finally made up my mind
On orders, the three of them agreed.
Well, that’s about it. I gave a hand and suddenly felt relaxed. Qin array wants to fight for the first world war.
Qin Zhen is full of confidence. Just wash it and wait for death!

Several women who learned that they were going to be sent home had different reactions.
The Story Of Diu Sim accepted my arrangement when I was in the north, I couldn’t bear the cold. I’m afraid it’s even more unbearable to go to Liaodong …
Cai Yan protested extremely strongly. Are you kidding me? I only left Luoyang in early April to come to Handan to find you. Do I have to go back two months later? !”
That you say how to do? !” I spread my hands and explained to Xiao Zhao and Shuang’er, who were quite dissatisfied, It’s so cold in Liaodong, and it’s winter for twelve months a year, even if you can stand it, can you carry it in the past? Motherhood can’t be so selfish!
桑拿网Cai Yan, who got a reasonable explanation, soon came to her senses. She mumbled, If I had known I could stay for two months, I wouldn’t have brought him here hard …
Who would have expected that this time, when I finally got close to the Central Plains, I was able to compete for a few years, but I was still ruined by the ambitious Yuan Shao bastard! Speaking of the experience of Zhao Guoxiang for more than three months, I am the biggest victim!
Come on, let’s go back to Luoyang. It won’t be a burden to you. Cai Yan touched Xiao Yue’s hair.