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Well, I did the math. We started out on a small scale. Besides, this is a partnership with others. I won’t take it. Then I looked at my watch. Dad, just give me an intersection and stop. I’m going to visit Mei Jie.

Ok, I’ll take you there directly. After that, you can pay more attention to save me worry.
Well, don’t worry, everyone knows that I donated so much to tie me up! Night Shinohara said that it was not because she already had him again, but that she could not tell them for the time being.
Put the night Shinohara at the door of my sister’s community and watch her enter the community before driving away.
Road I always feel that this girl seems to have something to hide from us. Ye Fengnian said to himself.
Uncle Ye, don’t think about it. If she really has other ideas, there’s nothing she can do if she doesn’t talk about her temper. Sometimes I really don’t understand. Cece looks simple, but sometimes she is more mature than anyone else, strange girl!
Valerie Qi patted Ye Fengnian’s arm. Don’t worry too much. Xixi, that child is a thoughtful person. Let’s just be parents and support her. Besides, Master Ma also said that let the child do what he wants to do. Everything has its own destiny.
Sighed and nodded his head.
☆ 7 Little God of Wealth
Night Xiao Xi just knocked on Mei’s door and saw a face of excitement. TongFu.kabu Come and sit down quickly, Emma, my little grandmother of wealth, you are amazing!
Mei’s face, I don’t know him, provoked a smile at night.
Zhao Ge, come on, I can’t stand you. I’m just lucky! Say old and modest.
That younger sister, when you are inspired, tell the elder brother a bai TongFu.kabu quipped halfheartedly. In his heart, he also felt that night Shinohara was quite evil. He had no money to open a factory here and bought some lottery tickets there, so he got millions back. But who can believe this when he went out? But it happened to come true. Isn’t that amazing? He is a business firm, and he also believes in these things. This time, don’t talk about it. This luck makes him feel that this person must make friends for a long time, and maybe he can bring some luck to himself.
Now Zhao Kai thinks that in the future, he would never have imagined that he would talk about this memory and many things that happened to him more than once in front of his bosses for many years because he planted it later.
Now that the funds are in place to run the factory, we can get the agenda. Liu Mei is also very happy
Xixi, my house has been mortgaged. When do you think I can give you the money? Mei said bluntly
TongFu.kabu sat while listening to the old gods. At the beginning, they were holding the idea of embarrassment, but later they changed a little bit … Liu Mei did business. He didn’t object to this suite and car. What did he say was to give it to her? What did Liu Mei do with it? He wouldn’t intervene, but looking at Liu Mei, he really had the power to feel that his woman didn’t seem suitable for business, did he?
Night Shinohara’s heart would have been around ten bends. There are some things that need not be said to be done. It is true that the hot check was pulled out of his pocket and turned around and pushed to the front of Zhao Kai.
Zhao4 ge, we will trouble you for setting up a factory. You are familiar with it here. Our artificial production here is much lower than that in the south. We are not so large now. If you have any favor for finding a suitable factory for us, you can directly decide and give us the number in the end.
Liu Mei nasty she stared at TongFu.kabu hope don’t do this, you take this money first and let’s give it together when Akai finds a place.
Shinohara smiled at night. You’re no wonder that Zhao4 ge won’t be at ease. Even I have to worry about it. Paying attention to business is a good faith. Is Zhao4 ge an outsider? What are you thinking? Besides, you have to be independent in the future. I said I’ll do it. I said that those things that are outside are your business, but I don’t intervene. Since the division of labor has been decided beforehand, you have the company procedures, and everything from land, real estate, planning and fire protection will run away. Shall we start a company or run a family wine? Get in touch with them more. After you open, it’s all connections. After that, we can’t always count on Zhao Ge, can we? You are the boss, you can’t let others look down upon you!
With the last sentence finished, Liu Mei looked complicated. At night, Shinohara lowered her eyes to block the red eye. She suddenly turned white. What Shinohara did was definitely not just for fun. She wanted to make money. She wanted to help her and take her to that position …
桑拿论坛TongFu.kabu has no expression on the surface, but there are some mixed feelings in his heart. I wonder what Liu Mei did to make night Shinohara treat him like this …
When I planned to set up a factory early, I searched a lot of information on the Internet. Combined with the memories of past lives, the city they are talking about now is also the second line. If you really want to start a brand to make a name for yourself, it’s definitely not the best here. Now they can rely on those designs for the second line, but when they get to the firsttier cities, the requirements are higher. So their company must have higherlevel designers for production and processing, so you can choose Changshi, but she is not going to tell Liu Mei now that it’s too fast. Let’s play it slowly and surely!
The next day, some units have started to work in succession. TongFu.kabu immediately asked someone to pay attention to the factory. In the suburbs of Chang city, the original government supported some projects, but many idle factories were left behind. As soon as I heard that people wanted to come to the market, the government department gave the green light. Zhao Kai went through the formalities smoothly without spending any human money. When he got the formalities, he was called something in his heart. He usually had never been so happy. How come things went so smoothly at night? Isn’t she really lucky?
The factory is left with machines and workers. At night, Xiao Xixi networked several dryloading factories and took more than 20 machines at a cheap price. Liu Mei simply went back to her hometown and found all the people her mother knew who had closed down and installed factories. All of them were skilled workers, and they were required to get paid by the month. It was very easy to manage.
Night Shinohara and Liu Mei are now in charge of drawing drawings and making samples at home. Night Shinohara is in charge of installing mainstream trends. Liu Mei is the basis of her samples and ideas. Another one is that she has talent. Another one is that she has also touched the doorway here, and she has become familiar with it several times. But every time I watch the night Shinohara launch the theme, I admire it.
With these and previous experience in online sales, they started to make a batch of clothes and trousers according to the predetermined quantity, and the storefront has been found, just on the second floor of a department store in the city.
Because of the heavy investment in their store, you can directly see the pattern next to the escalator is good and the area is large. You can see it in the important building or by taking the stairs. The decoration in the store is very fashionable. The crystal chandelier exudes luxury light. The model in the window is wearing the main style. The purple imperial concubine chair is put aside in the rest area. In the coffee table, there are fragrant lily candy. In the fitting, brand high heels and some makeup are added to the small mirror, which is the most different from others. In this counter, there is a similar small table. The ground is gilded light yellow marble and the floortoceiling mirror definitely has a
What is the response?
On the opening day, Liu Mei and Night Shinohara were eager to be released by the crowded passenger flow in front of the counter.
It’s absolutely impulsive for women to disappear. Shinohara has always felt this way at night, and if it looks good, the money won’t be a problem. Her first counter opened the day before, and she made up the goods three times. Shinohara thought about it and decided to talk to Liu Mei again about her memory of beautiful accessories, such as handbags and scarves. After this business is really started, she can develop other industries. That is definitely a huge business kingdom.
That night, Shinohara received Liu Mei with a scream. Put the words away a little. She was also surprised when she heard the numbers inside. It seems that some things may not have to wait too long.
Mei Jie, when you look at our current market style list, you must ensure that the quantity is not too much. I would rather be out of stock than let us dress like that.
If that happens, it will make a lot less money. Liu Mei is puzzled. She is preparing to let the workers work overtime to deliver the goods. After the first day of sales, it will be so popular …
Let’s buy clothes is not cheap. They are just like when we bought them online. What is the picture? How many people will buy it if you crash the shirt casually? And I will tell you a marketing concepthunger marketing method!
Mei was confused and repeated, What is hunger marketing?
You, I won’t tell you that you also have brains at home. You should check it out and decide for yourself whether to increase production management. I will listen to you. Yeshinohashi said with a little meaning.
When you tell me directly, I can’t care if you don’t care, Liu Mei hurriedly asked.
No, I’ll let you choose not to say it this time. I’m going to take a shower. After that, Shinohara clicked and hung up.
Liu Mei some frustrated mouth chanting Zhao Kaigang came back from the outside to take off your coat and throw it on the sofa. Look at this Liu Mei. This frustration is that clothes can’t be bought well, so he used to prepare to comfort her.
But just after, I saw Liu Mei turn his head and pull his arm sadly and ask, Ah Kai, do you know what hunger marketing method is?
Hunger marketing? TongFu.kabu one leng, he discovered that since Liu Mei met that ghost girl at night, the words in his mouth have become more and more highend atmospheric cement, which sometimes makes him have some headaches. After all, he was not a learning material in those days. Besides his own efforts, there are still some things that he learned from his father. To put it bluntly, his business model is a wild road, not a regular army. Now it is professional to throw out such a word.
It seems that you don’t know. Liu Mei dumped such a statement and went to the room with slippers. He didn’t even give TongFu.kabu a look, which made this ya angry. That look in his eyes was contemptuous.
Thinking of this, he followed with a turn of his heel. He will see what the fucking hunger marketing method is then!
Gollum …
Fuck him, protest first …
I like him.
After TongFu.kabu and Liu Mei found the explanation of hunger marketing, they were ashamed. Zhao Kai coughed lightly, Mei, I’m hungry. What can I do?
Liu Mei also smiled. I’m hungry, too. Why don’t we cook noodles?
Line to deal with a bite, really don’t want to go out TongFu.kabu said milli image collapsed sofa.
Ready to face two people with a can of don’t know when to buy fermented bean curd to eat up Liu Mei finished eating and sighed ah kai, do you think I can do it? Compared with Cece, I think we are too different except for our age.
Come on, don’t be paranoid. I’m telling you, among so many people I’ve known since I was a child, there is no ghost girl like Xiao Yuxi. Don’t compare with her, otherwise it’s really funny that you can’t live. Since you are close, you can learn from each other’s strengths, and she can’t compare with you in some places. TongFu.kabu cheered her up. This consolation is that it is better to comfort Liu Mei than to comfort yourself. After seeing their online marketing model in Liu Mei, his company talked with those owners during the meeting, but it didn’t happen that they were decent.
After the sales volume of shopping malls began to blow out, it began to slowly fall back to normal. Because of the hunger marketing, some customers lost their customers, but the customers who like this brand are still the backbone. After all, this dress is expensive, and its followup is firstclass. Many customers want to attend any occasion, just call a salesperson or get something ready to go to the store to try it out, and then let people wear a makeup lane. It is a beautiful landscape that makes women in the same venue envy men and surprise their husbands. When they take it out, they all feel that it is very important for their daughterinlaw to buy this house simply by setting up a long
From the beginning, Liu Mei felt uneasy, bit by bit, and now he is proficient in managing the accounts and distributing everything. Even industrial and commercial tax is familiar with it. It is also convenient to inform and act before anything big or small.
Night Shinohara looked at Liu Mei and must have sent a financial report every week. I didn’t expect the gold to be half recovered now. It’s a huge profit!
Hand shaking the mouse at will, when the cursor falls, Jin Dongsheng’s head image is magnified immediately, and the man actually made his own head image.
This guy is doing business smoothly in Kyoto one after another. It’s getting harder and harder to come back. I can’t help but sigh at this thought. The weather in Kyoto is similar to this place, but it’s windy. I don’t know if he is dressed warmly. In the past, Jin Dongsheng had a bad habit, that is, he didn’t wear woolen pants in winter. He was dressed in autumn. At that time, she married him because she hated him a lot, so she couldn’t freeze to death. My fatherinlaw also talked about it when everyone was eating. It also suggested that she was in charge, but she
Later, when she was sorting things together, she secretly found a bottle of medicine in the corner of the wardrobe. It was said that it was used to treat rheumatism. It was estimated that Jin Dongsheng had frozen his legs at that time and often walked in pain in the middle of the night … He couldn’t lie down and sleep again until he started his activities. That’s it. When he was dying, she remembered that she was lying on his back and it was winter, but he stumbled and carried himself to the hospital like a stove …
Every time I think of that scene, it stings her heart and accuses her of her cold feelings over and over again …

I can go back to China and say that things will turn around.

And I suddenly miss life in my country.
Yeah, he’s a fugitive …
Ye Xiangyuan pulled me back into her arms and kissed me on the forehead. "We will go back."
I leaned against his chest for a few seconds and asked him, "Are we going to stay in the castle next?"
He stroked my back and whispered, "Well, stay here for a while … sleep well."
So I shrank into his arms and fell asleep slowly.
I would have been calm for a few days after a thrilling night.
I didn’t know that the next day I just came back from a walk with Xiaojin and saw a car drive into the castle.
spa会所The car stopped and Gu Changyu came.
I was very surprised.
What surprised me even more was that Li Mulin was sitting in the driver’s seat.
It turns out that he left yesterday to pick up Gu Changyu instead of running away?
I silently looked at Gu Changyu.
She was wearing a long white dress, full figure, supple long hair and skirt, blushing in the wind, and the morning light was even more beautiful.
When she saw me, she smiled and came over to greet me. "It’s been a long time."
I mumbled something at the corner of my mouth, but I couldn’t even say a word.
Thank you, shallow 5 rice balls! ^^
Chapter 35: You divorced Sam.
Li Mulin came over to Gu Changyu and smiled apologetically at me. "Sister-in-law, I brought the little fish."
I turned my eyes to him and still didn’t know what to say
Gu Changyu came out and said, "I don’t blame Mulin for secretly asking him to pick me up and not letting him tell you."
I pursed my lips and remained silent.
Gu Changyu glanced at me and smiled and asked, "Where is Ayuan?"
I looked at her silently.
After the video incident, she yelled at me. She should be ashamed to see me again or completely tear her face off. I never thought that she could greet me casually as if we were still close friends.
Section 32
But I can also see that she is careless about me and doesn’t take me seriously.
She asked Ye Xiangyuan at first, because she was sure that Ye Xiangyuan still occupied a more important position than me, so she would despise me …
What about Ye Xiangyuan? What will be the reaction?
He seems to have received the news from the country to talk about things with Pan Dong’s room.
How would he look if he saw Gu Changyu?
I was in a trance for a moment.
Or did Xiao Jin hold my hand and let me come to my senses?
I looked at Li Mulin and said, "I don’t blame you."
Then I took Xiao Jin to the castle and ignored Gu Changyu.
I’ve always been a grudge. She caused me to give birth prematurely, and my bad feelings can’t be easily eliminated.
What is Ye Xiangyuan’s attitude towards her? Is it still beyond my control? If Ye Xiangyuan is angry with my attitude towards Gu Changyu, I don’t think I need to go with him again.
Xiaojin obediently followed me and didn’t talk to Gu Changyu.
I suddenly felt a little embarrassed.
After all, this is a personal feud between Gu Changyu and me, but Xiao Jin has been in contact with Gu Changyu since childhood, and Gu Changyu should also have feelings.
It’s not my intention to let a child get caught.
I immediately let go of Xiao Jin’s hand.
Xiaojin grabbed me and motioned for me to squat down. It seems that she has something to say to me.
I hurriedly bend my knees to listen.
Xiaojin whispered in my ear, "Mom told me that Aunt Xiaoyuer did something wrong to make my brother ill. I don’t want to talk to her until Aunt Xiaoyu admitted her mistake … Do you think Xiaojin is sexual?"
I didn’t expect my sister-in-law to say these words to Xiao Jin, who was shocked.
Then the eyes ached.
When Ye Jia was two years old, I experienced too many hardships. Maybe I haven’t finished getting Ye Xiangyuan’s heart, but it is enough for me to remember my life if I can get the approval from my sister-in-law and Xiaojin.
I tried to hold back tears in my eyes and rubbed my head. "Xiao Jin is a principled boy."
Actually, I don’t want Xiao Jin to know these things, nor do I want to teach him hatred, nor do I want to keep him away from Gu Changyu.
But when Sister-in-law and Xiaojin said these things, they wanted to treat Xiaojin as an adult, and I didn’t want to put in a good word for the Virgin Gu Changyu.

Joke: Seibel, Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Qin Zhen, and Tuoba Ye are hard to be unfair regardless of whether they are given to one of them; The current situation … I have the lowest fighting capacity in the first battalion, and I really need foreign aid to supplement it!

After finishing the arrangement, I immediately went back to my bedroom and took a deep sleep. Yesterday, the consumption was so great that I couldn’t even get up and talk to Seibel and them more, so I could stay in bed and recuperate and try to recover before the war.
On July 11th, I was handsome and lightpedaled, and bought 1500 extra war horses from Zhang Liao. I carried ten days’ rations, and the flag was drummed and horsepower galloped towards the junction of Gudai County.
On the 12th, the Valley Governor Wang Dan of Juyang County, Valley County, gave a full face and went out of the city to meet him personally.
The situation in western Liaoning is critical. Lu Cishi can’t come here in person, so he can send me to help Wang Daren. I explained to Lu Zhi first. What’s the situation here?
He also immediately got down to business that Zhang Yan was hit by Jizhou secretariat Yuan Shao … after the collapse, he had a slight pause then he fled to Daijun, Valley County, and these days, it was better to fight like Wu Huan and rob nearly 100 tribes in a row. That Wu Huan’s adult was not a vegetarian, so dispatch troops and Zhang Yan fought a battle with thousands of casualties.
Killed nearly a hundred tribes? Tens of thousands of people have died? I count a tribe in my heart, even if there are 300 or 500 people, it will be tens of thousands of lives. Is Zhang Yan too efficient?
General Ma may not know that the Wuhuan tribe is not as good as dozens of Chinese people, and sometimes even one person claims to be down … He lowered his voice. It’s still an empty show, so it’s only a few hundred people.
Then you also said … thousands of people were killed and injured after a fierce battle? I found another spray point.
He came and said, General Ma is naturally used to big scenes, but there are not many people in the border counties of Northern States who have suffered more than a thousand deaths and injuries! My valley county people are only sixty thousand, and the generation county is only twelve or thirty thousand.
So that’s it … Zhuojun and Yuyang have a population peak, and there are barely four or five hundred thousand other counties that are used to being swept away by ethnic minorities. Can they run long ago? That Lord Wu Huan … how many horses does he have?
At the beginning of Xiping, Nan Lou claimed that Gu Wang was probably the most powerful among the counties in Wuhuan, claiming that there were more than 9,000 people attached to others and not 100,000 people. However, he has been fighting a lot with all parties and the forces of all ethnic groups have gradually lost. In the past two years, the power has gradually weakened and finally it has become a little quieter. He finally answered my question. At present, there are about 40,000 to 50,000 people who can be mastered.
I gasped. So many horses? Even if I can fight one enemy against a hundred, my soldiers can’t!
Ah, 40,000 to 50,000 is the total number. Excluding the old, weak, women and children, there are at most 30% of the soldiers who can fight. Wang Dan said quickly
Fiftythree percent is fifteen thousand …
However, my enemy is not the Wuhuan people, but the anticustomer advocates that Yan Jun Lu Zhi let me defeat him by thunder. I want him to retreat or go furthersurrender.
I’d better ask him to help me fight Gongsun Du …
My dream is very beautiful!
So … how many soldiers are there in Gujun? I asked another key question: the number of friendly troops.
He replied, There are 3,000 cases of a captain and 6,000.
You are only three thousand people? Weak! Zong a captain … who is it?
Wu Huan, a captain of the clan, he gave me a strange color, probably surprised by my knowledge. It is also a common practice that Valley and Daixian soldiers have always been in the hands of a captain.
I quickly nodded, I didn’t tell Wang Daren the truth when I first came to Youzhou.
He shook his head to express his understanding that a captain of Daijun Taishouzong has led an army to the mediation office and sent troops to the west as soon as the secretariat orders arrived.
Generation of county, valley, Wu Huan a captain tripartite Serenade also has ten thousand plus my ten thousand chosen men, even if Wu Huan soldiers don’t cooperate, it is enough to cope with Zhang Yan stragglers.
I feel at ease to hand over to Wang Dan. In that case, shall we set off tomorrow to solve this dispute?
He nodded. General Nengma can take care of each other, but most of the people in the government are footmen. It’s hard to say that three hundred miles is less than three days.
I feel that Lu Zhi’s expectation of my quick victory is about to fall …
46 Coalition dinner
On the afternoon of July 15th, fifteen hundred cavalry dragged two thousand soldiers to the junction of Gudai County.
Along the way, I finally got to know the situation of Gu Qiang Hu.
There are not only 70,000 Wu Huan, but also 20,000 or 30,000 Xianbei. Most of the cities are located at the foot of the Great Wall in the north. In the peaceful year, they will farm their land with peace of mind, herding horses, herding horses, trading freely and frankly, and occasionally paying business taxes. In case of famine, they turned into robbers and horse thieves, and swept the Han cities without mercy. If they were attacked by state and county soldiers, they immediately crossed the Great Wall and fled, which has always been a headache for the satrap and the secretariat.
And the valley of the Han nationality is only in his early sixties, and the black mouth is definitely not more than one hundred thousand …
I also have some understanding that many people have always been in favor of adopting a military solution to Wuhuan Xianbei, but on the one hand, the central government has always paid attention to benevolence, righteousness and education, and has always preferred to give money and food to the four foreigners rather than fight against each other; On the other hand, it is unrealistic for the alien people in Saibei grassland to leave the original grassland like wildfire never quite consumes them. They have never left the historical stage for a day in the long history of China for more than 3,000 years.
A captain of Huwu Huan was stationed in Zhongning County, the most in Huwu, and 6,000 standing soldiers were assembled to deter aliens. According to Wang Dan, the patriarch was Lu Zhi’s old department. A few years ago, Lu Zhi was convicted, and he was also demoted from Huwu Huan to the county magistrate. After Lu Zhi made a comeback, he resumed his position. Therefore, he was not too worried about his work and loyalty.
Wang Dan took me and introduced me to Zongzong and Daijun prefect Li Mo. Both of them are under forty years old, so they are considered as the younger generation among the two thousand stones. Of course, this kind of thing should never be compared with the second generation of Universiade officials. After seeing me, my attitude is very correct, and there is no trace of contempt or disgust from my face, which makes my heart very comfortable.
Since it is a fourway joint soldier, of course, the host of the official dinner party will take all the responsibility and hold a banquet in his camp that night.
Because I am a representative of the North General and a secretariat of Lu Zhi, my status is much higher than the other three, I am qualified to lead more departments to attend the banquet, except for battalion commanders Cheng Yu, Cheng Wufu, Du Ji and Zhang Ben Tian Yu, who all came to the camp with me.
Wang Dan and Li Mo have both sat and watched me make money and got up politely.
Ma’s honor is honorable, please take a seat. The abbot smiled and took my arm in his hands and led it to the main seat.
I pushed him to the main seat with my backhand. Lord Zong is the landlord. Can he usurp the host’s role?
品茶论坛  title=He also tried to resist, but he still couldn’t help sitting. I have also heard that Ma’s adult young hero saw it today, and it was so brave that he was so ashamed of himself.
It’s just a brute force, and there’s no other place except to pacify the country. I smiled and sat in my seat. Anyway, there are four main positions today. How to sit in the east, west, north and south looks the same.
Cheng Yu and Tian Yu sat next to me, while Xu Huang, Qin Zhen and others sat in a ball in no order, but with Du Ji present, everyone seemed extremely selfdisciplined …
It’s rare for Ma’s adult to be so humble at a young age. Li Mo praised, Ma’s adult brought the emperor’s life to Fu Jie and came to this incident. The three brothers want you to follow suit.
Where did Brother Li say? I can’t readily accept the younger brother Fu Jie is for Gongsun Du to command three adults at random? When the incident was decided by three adults, the younger brother was responsible for it.
Li Mo laughed. Brother Zong, look, look, you’re worried for nothing again, aren’t you?
The abbot’s face was ashamed. It was a young man who thought that Ma’s adult had punished Zongmou.
They frankly admitted that they were worried that I would deprive them of their command?
Why do I take the initiative to pour dirty water on my head? Isn’t this a drop in the population? !
One cup is not enough for three cups! I hey ran way
Three cups is three cups! The abbot did not refuse to move his throat, and three cups were already full.
Ladies and gentlemen, Wang Dan said with a smile, we have something important to do now, so I’m afraid we can’t let you enjoy the party tonight.
The abbot scolded, I’ve only had three drinks and you’re here to say something disappointing? !”
Li Mo asked, Isn’t it disappointing that you won’t let people drink before this dinner? Must be punished!

"Goblin, your body likes me!"

Section 27
"You talk nonsense!"
"I can prove it to you!"
"I don’t want to go away … go away …" Night Xihan realized that it was not good to drive him away.
"Goblin, are you deliberately drinking sleeping pills? You wouldn’t come out to see me because you knew I would come in, right? I am afraid that we will do this kind of thing. You will wake your parents too much before you drink it. Am I right? " He vomited evil ambiguous words, which made Ye Xihan want to slap him. If he thought so, he would be wrong. She hated him and didn’t want this person to appear in his mind, so she would drink sleeping pills and sleep. Of course, she wouldn’t tell him what she was thinking. She wouldn’t let him know that. She didn’t care about him.
"get out! Get out of here! " There’s nothing more asshole than him, okay? She tried to do this to her the night before her wedding!
"Ha ha ….. you don’t want me to roll for a while! I will make you comfortable and never leave me again! "
He opened his mouth and lifted her cheek with slender fingers.
Bow your head and kiss her lips.
Ye Xihan wants to push him away, but how can he be energetic? Kissed by him, his face began to look rosy. The most important thing was that his body changed strangely and shamefully because he kissed her.
His low-alcohol voice rang again. "How sensitive! I knew you couldn’t live without me! You like it when I do this to you? Baby, am I right? "
Eyelashes trembled at his words. There is no denying that he touched himself, but she won’t admit it! He hurt her. She shouldn’t be a bitch. She has feelings! Eager to deny this, she woke up a lot "MuLingTian … no! No! You are wrong! "
"Don’t deny it, goblin!" He continued to make the bad guys have needs, and he grasped this point. From this point on, no one can resist the essence of human nature. Since she deliberately rejected her and didn’t want him to get close to her and touch her, he always possessed her body.
Let her body adapt to him first.
It’s not far from the body sinking and centrifugal sinking!
It’s hard to win back her heart just by working hard and quietly. It’s futile for him to do more to make her love her for nothing. Now that she has decided that he is a bad guy and won’t give it to him, it almost turns out that he is not as good as directly dominating and possessing again! Until she is a minister!
Women have sex because of love! Because of love, I thought of giving myself to a man I love deeply!
Otherwise, women are always special to the first man who has his own body! Even if they don’t love each other, they are already this man subconsciously because their bodies are given to each other! And a generation must be this man!
Most women have this idea. This is the so-called place/woman complex!
Especially for this woman, the conservative thought in her bones tells him that she is not so easy to give herself to other men!
He should have done this from the moment she appeared!
But it’s not too late
Since she loves him once, she loves him the second time, depending on his way and method.
Some women get what they need in a more direct way without giving!
He touched the night Xi Han suddenly frowned "Mu Lingtian, if you touch me again, I …"
"You what … huh?" His voice is extremely charming and hoarse.
"I …"
"Goblin, do you want to tell me how many times I touch you? Would you like me to touch you? Are you afraid to like this feeling? "
"You talk nonsense! I … I’m sick of your touch! "
"Baby, have you ever seen an island movie?" He deliberately knew that she was pure in bone.
"You are disgusting …"
"Baby, have you ever seen a wretched man take over a beautiful girl?"
"Shut up!"
"They are also very sick at first, so men touch them! But after a long time, demand will replace the bottom of my heart! Finally, it becomes enjoyment! "
"You said … nausea makes me want to vomit!" Ye Xihan was angry and said something so shameful to her?
He hung down and bit her ear. "Goblin, soon you won’t disgust me, and you will feel better!" " After a pause, he continued, "and once I don’t touch you, you will feel uncomfortable!" " His voice struck her heart.
"you b!" Ye Xihan was angered by his words. Damn it, the most annoying thing is that his body has a reaction at this time!
He teased her with bad taste. "You have feelings, goblin! Want you to say you want it? I will give it to you! "
Night city han stared at him "you b … I don’t want it! You get out of here now … "Sleeping pills put her brain in a dormant state, and it’s much clearer to be angry with him at the moment! I have the strength to fight him.
"Good and strength to hit me? You are also welcome to have the strength to be tossed by me later … "
"Oh, don’t … don’t …" Her name was swallowed by him. He hugged her and kissed her with her little face.
Tonight, he is surprisingly patient. If he doesn’t want her in a hurry, he just touches her body.
She will have physical needs, which is the most powerful thing of human nature. He will make her face her own needs and resist.
From the beginning, she was nervous, repelled, angry and resisted, and her brain turned white with the feeling of lump.
She will never be his opponent in this matter. He can manipulate her as he wants! She can’t do anything at all!
"A leprechaun?" The wild voice of a wild animal echoed in her ears.
"Don’t! If you don’t leave, I will call someone! " She shouted, but she didn’t dare to shine at all. She didn’t dare to shout. She was afraid to wake her parents and let them see this disgusting scene! How embarrassed should I be?
"Baby, don’t suppress that your parents can’t hear you!" Mulingtian has a soft smile and ten thousand kinds of customs.
"What did you do?"
"Nothing is just a little bit of hypnotic drugs … baby, we have to sleep for a night. I’m afraid you’ll be depressed and can’t let go …"
夜网论坛"You bastard!" Ye Xihan was furious and beat her eyelids. A tear fell and she hoarse. "Do you have to do this?"

This is also the reason why the ball didn’t grab Lu Wenbin at the end of the half-court-physical exertion was too great.

Lu Wenbin is better than Gustavo in physical fitness and physical strength.
It is no wonder that Lu Wenbin’s attacker is more advantageous. Gustavo played half a game as if he had played the whole game.
However, Heinks can’t get Gustavo back, because it would be even worse if someone else kept an eye on Lu Wenbin.
Gustavo is more disciplined in tactics, so he won’t get the goal out of the limelight and get to know Lu Wenbin at random. There is no better way to keep an eye on Lu Wenbin than Gustavo in Bayern Munich.
Heinks can continue to give Gustavo the weight of keeping an eye on Lu Wenbin, but he can’t draw others to help.
Because the score is now behind Bayern Munich and it is two goals behind.
Bayern Munich must strengthen their attack at half time.
After a 15-minute break, both sides will fight again.
From the first minute of the half-time, Bayern launched a fierce attack on Real Madrid at half-time.
Shi Weins Tiger has simply given up the defense and went to midfield to organize an attack with Cross to storm the forbidden area of Real Madrid.
Real Madrid just contracted the defense and counterattacked, which made Lu Wenbin and Luo speed more effective.
In the fifth minute, Bayern’s attack was interrupted, and Alonso found the frontcourt winger with one foot long.
But when he got the ball and prepared to break through the flank, Luo was put down by Contento
This is a sidewalk, 4 meters away from the goal, and the Italian ball angle is a little off.
However, now Real Madrid opponents are interested in avoiding giving Real Madrid a good angle and distance. Lu Wenbin has a rare opportunity to kick the ball.
Therefore, even if the ball is a little far and a little biased, it is still given to Lu Wenbin to take the penalty.
约茶As a result, Lu Wenbin missed the goal without hitting the doorframe.
Advanced Italian ball skill 7 The door frame hit rate is still 3, which will fly directly out of the door frame range.
The next game continued Bayern’s defensive counterattack against Real Madrid.
Although there are many good defensive players in Real Madrid, the Bayern attack group is really strong
The long-term attack on Real Madrid’s defense line finally revealed a flaw and was seized by Bayern Munich.
In the 63rd minute, Shi Weins Tiger spiked past Khedira in the frontcourt, then Cros Cros broke through Alonso’s defense and found a ball route directly to Bayern’s forbidden area.
Thomas Muller started the offside at the same time, and the corner of the small forbidden area was caught by Cross, and the ball was stopped at a small angle.
The ball flew into the goal from the narrow gap in the casillas goalpost, and Bayern Munich finally pulled back one point again, making the score 23 short of one goal.
After regaining one point again, Bayern’s morale was greatly boosted, and he was ready to make persistent efforts to score another goal to equalize the score and complete the reversal.
However, Real Madrid’s defensive counterattack is not a decoration. Bayern soon tasted the bitter fruit of the backcourt after the big attack.
In the 72nd minute, Ribery’s dribbling was broken. Real Madrid played a quick counterattack ball and handed it to Lu Wenbin’s foot after Alonso and Ozil handed it.
Lu Wenbin turned his back on Gustavo to catch Ozil’s ball, but when Lu Wenbin was about to touch the ball, he came to a heel knocker and the ball passed, leaving Gustavo caught off guard and the ball bypassed Gustavo from both sides respectively.
The 19-point creativity makes Lu Wenbin’s stadium more and more casual and unpredictable.
After passing Gustavo, Lu Wenbin took the ball and cut the front of the forbidden area. Zemala hit the wall and passed Ram and Van Bitten.
Ze polo rolled into the forbidden zone, and Lu Wenbin ran past Ram and was about to kill in the forbidden zone.
At this moment, I felt something was wrong. boateng ran out of the forbidden zone and pulled a handful of Lu Wenbin, dragging Lu Wenbin down the forbidden zone line.
Although boateng stopped after a tug, he was still found by the referee.
At this time, it is a deliberate foul to stop the single-handed ball.
Therefore, boateng was shown a yellow card by the referee without hesitation and awarded Real Madrid a right-hand penalty area. The distance of the Italian ball outside the line was appropriate, but the position was slightly off.
However, Lu Wenbin was not picky about whether to let the ball out or take the penalty himself.
Although his skill didn’t cool down, Lu Wenbin kicked the ball into the corner of Bayern Munich goal with his exquisite Italian ball skills.
Neuer judged the right direction, but Lu Wenbin’s angle of the ball was too sharp, and he finally failed to save it.
Lu Wenbin thought that the ball flew into the goal and the commentator shouted excitedly.
"The goal is in, Luigi. The goal is in."
"The 71st goal Lu scored his 71st goal in the Champions League final by scoring twice."
"Lu tied Raul’s record of 71 Champions League goals and the game is not over yet. Lu still has a chance to surpass it."

He played mahjong and depressed his family to laugh.

Instead of being embarrassed, Yujing cleared her throat and continued, "That’s my second uncle who loves his wife. I call it love me, love my dog."
This is a little more laughter.
Song Qingcheng didn’t interrupt and took a cup of water. The auricle was a little hot.
A young poker table joked, "I can’t see that my second cousin is still henpecked."
As soon as the voice fell, Yu Tingchuan was confused.
For a moment, others’ attention turned back to the card game.
About half an hour ago, the waiter sent Yujing to order food earlier.
Yujing picked up the mutton string and chewed it. It was delicious. She handed it to Song Qingcheng, a string of flesh and blood. "This is nothing fishy for you to eat."
Song Qingcheng ate a lot of dinner, but I still reached out and took it. I didn’t eat like Yujing. I ate it slowly. Maybe I was really not hungry. She didn’t have any taste, ate a third of it, put it back on the plate and took a strawberry to eat.
Yu Tingchuan plays mahjong and occasionally pays attention to the sofa side.
Sometimes the whole Song Dynasty can feel it.
She didn’t deliberately twist a head to look at her heart, which was already very practical.
It wasn’t long before the waiter brought the roast leg of lamb.
There is almost no break in laughter when playing cards in the living room.
Yujing grabbed the leg of lamb with disposable gloves to chew his mouth and rubbed the oil poker table. I don’t know who made a chagrin and exclaimed, accompanied by a supercilious look on the table, Yujing and Song Qingcheng said, "Look, juwan will have to pay it back if he wins the money."
The whole song dynasty watched Yujing chuckle supercilious look. I don’t know how to think of the corners of the mouth of the net expression pack. The eyebrows in the eyes are also smiling slightly.
Yu Jing noticed something and asked curiously, "What’s so funny?"
"Nothing" Song Qingcheng smiled "I just think you are cute"
"How does this sound like swearing?"
Yujing mumbled and handed over a bunch of grilled squid. "Eat quickly. Look, you are too thin. You have little face."
Song Qingcheng has been full and hasn’t moved a bite in his hand.
It’s almost half past ten in the evening.
A female elder of Yu’s family came out of the suite bedroom and went straight to the poker table. She was looking for someone else but Yu Tingchuan who had something to say to this nephew alone.
Yujing Song Qingcheng introduced "That’s my second aunt who doesn’t know why I’m looking for my second uncle."
The poker game has stopped over there.
Yutingchuan was called outside by Yu Jia’s second aunt.
Suite door yan song city back suddenly feel chest tightness happened Yujing handed a bunch of baked eggplant.
The whole song dynasty smelled the smell of oil smoke and felt sick, and it seemed that it was blocked by something. Later, it was really uncomfortable not to say hello to Yujing and got up and ran to health while covering her mouth.
I just walked to the toilet and couldn’t help bending over to vomit.
Just eat all spit it out.
Including undigested dinner.
I vomited until I didn’t have anything to vomit, but I still felt sick.
Outside, Yu Jing followed and knocked at the door. "What about Qingcheng?"
Song city very not easy to pressure retching * * open the faucet hand holding water gargle mood followed calm to wait for her to open the health door in addition to a little pale already can’t see it strange.
Yu Jing is worried, "Are you all right?"
"It’s okay" Song Qingcheng shook his head and still felt uncomfortable. "It may be that I ate too much and my stomach was a little stuffy in the room."
"Then go outside for a while." Yujing hurried to help her.
Song Qingcheng felt funny. "It’s nothing if I walk."
Yu Jing is dubious "Really?"
桑拿按摩  title="My second uncle doesn’t know where he went with my second aunt, or I’ll give him a call."
"No" Song Qingcheng stopped her "Now I am much better"
Air circulation in the corridor outside
Section 26
Yujing looked at Song Qingcheng’s face and recovered some color, making sure that she was not a sudden emergency. This just put her heart on her chest. "It really scared me. If you eat something, my second uncle must be anxious with me."
"It’s not that serious" Song Qingcheng laughed.
Yu Jing disagreed. "My second uncle looks at you in a very different way. Your eyes hurt just like his own. Do you think he will be comfortable?"
Yu Jing added, "Let’s go to the building and have a look around here. It’s not good. They won’t break up this mahjong game until half past eleven."
Talking two people walked to the door of the ladder.
There happened to be a ladder for Yujing to reach out and press the button immediately.
The original ladder will come to the top floor, but it stops at this floor.
The ladder door opened and the whole Song Dynasty saw Yutingchuan at a glance.
Yutingchuan is preparing to come out from the inside.
"Uncle?" Yu Jing was surprised
Yu Tingchuan didn’t expect to meet their deep sight here, and immediately went to Song Qingcheng. Then he looked at Yu Jing and asked, "How come it’s raining outside? Where are you going?"

Lin IELTS is getting closer and closer to the minimum time limit given by the doctor. If you wait until david’s election, will it come?

How can everything be so coincidental? Allen can leave at the latest on the day of david’s election!
If only it were a little later, even a day later!
Mu Chuan saw that she hesitated, and he felt that it was almost enough to say. She would definitely give him a result tonight at the latest!
The man got up and said, "Think about it. After all, I like Allen very much, and he likes me very much. Although this method is a strategy, it is the only way to solve your problem at this time!"
Get up. He goes out with his cell phone.
Muchuan quickly booked a plane ticket.
At that moment, his hands were shaking …
He has made two preparations, and she will probably agree to his proposal, but there is still the possibility of refusing it, but there is no air ticket. He doesn’t care!
As soon as he left, the whole room left her swinging alone.
But the more quiet she is, the more afraid she feels.
After all, she couldn’t help calling david. She had never been so afraid to get through to a call.
Hold the hand and shake it all the time. It’s been ringing for a long time, and finally it’s answered over there.
桑拿But the sound made lily Ya’s whole heart sink.
Lin Ya eagerly asked with the last fantasy, "Is it convenient for david to answer the phone now? Is it not convenient for the other party to see me? "
Lily replied, "I’m sorry he went to the meeting yesterday and hasn’t come back yet. I guess you won’t see him before the election."
Disappointment struck Lin Yashen in an instant.
Hang up, she’s more six gods.
About thirty minutes later, Allen was pushed back to the ward
Lin Ya looked at him and felt that the child seemed to be paler and his eyes could not stop red.
Allen held out a small hand to hold her pale lips and smiled. "Mommy, I don’t hurt you. Don’t worry."
Lin Ya almost shed tears when her nose was sour. When she was good, she controlled her mouth and said, "Well, Mommy knows that Allen is the bravest!"
The little guy raised his hand and said happily, "Mommy, when I’m ready, shall we go to the amusement park?"
Lin Ya smiled bitterly. "Well, I’ll wait for you."
Muchuan went out for a long time and didn’t go back to the ward. When the man felt that he needed to give it to her, he thought clearly.
He reappeared at about three o’clock in the afternoon. Lin Ya had searched everywhere, but no one could help.
Seeing her come in, she went out with her bag.
I went to david and Alice, but they didn’t
I think Alice has an appointment with david at this time, and the election is very busy.
At six o’clock in the evening, she received a message from Muchuan, and he couldn’t help calling her after all.
The man whispered through the receiver, "Have you thought about it?"
She should have refused, but she has already taken the road and lost her refusal.
At that time, deep eyes looked out of the window in front of the sofa in Muchuan ward and said, "Is it difficult? Haven’t you decided whether to save him or not? "
Lin Ya doesn’t like the way he talks. "Muchuan, you know that’s not why I hesitate!"
"Hmm" Mu Chuan should be silent for a long time, and then speak again in a warm and magnetic voice. "Get married. I will listen to you after marriage."
He doesn’t know how hard it took him to suppress the excitement in his tone!
Lin Ya-hsin’s heart sank and there was a steady stream of traffic in front of her eyes, but she didn’t hear what he had just said.
There was no response from her for a long time, and he finally could not help but sigh and compromise, saying, "Then one year. If you feel unhappy afterwards, it won’t be difficult for you to leave me."
I don’t know how long it will be before he goes. He won’t wait for her answer.
But I heard a few inaudible "good"
Muchuan holds the words and raises a satisfactory radian with a tight thin lip.
"Well, pass me your things. I need to go back as soon as possible."
Then she asked softly, "Don’t you want me to go back with you?"
She seems to have to go with two people about the marriage certificate.
Muchuan chuckled, "Do you doubt my ability?"
Lin Ya was dazed, but it should be no problem for him to be able to do such a thing.
The man added, "My plane ticket is late. You’d better hurry."
"Good bye" Lin Ya hung up and stopped a car in a hurry to drive to his small apartment.
A moment later, Lin Ya took something and went to the hospital.
Muchuan has nothing to pack. He has everything with him.