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Seeing Song Qingcheng lying on a cane chair, although Yu Tingchuan’s mouth was not forced to ask questions, when her hand was held, the strength and warmth of the man’s hand let her know that he was not much more relaxed than himself.

Song Qingcheng didn’t go to the hospital. It was Jiang Chi who came to Yunxi Road Park with the obstetrician in the right class.
The doctor gave her a simple examination and concluded that the nosebleed was caused by the secretion of various hormones by the secretory system to stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa blood vessels, which caused 2% pregnant women to have this situation, not a cold, so they don’t have to worry too much.
It’s hard for men to stay in the bedroom when they have a checkup.
When the doctor put away the stethoscope, Song Qingcheng also sat up at home. After passing through the floor-to-ceiling glass, she saw Yu Tingchuan and Jiang Chi talking on the front lawn of the villa. He had a cigarette in his hand and seemed to ease his mood by smoking.
Song city reflection may be his previous performance too panic scared others.
Because of this accident, Yu Tingchuan is not going to let her go to the charity dinner.
I thought that I had asked Aunt Gong to buy cucumbers, and I was going to apply a mask, and I was going to get a bowl of egg whites, but I didn’t want her to go to Song Qingcheng to feel that my enthusiasm was instantly extinguished.
Yu Tingchuan looked at her and smiled, "Are you unhappy?"
After pregnancy, she became more and more ignorant and had to hide her emotions.
"No," Song Qingcheng bowed his head and looked up and sat on the sofa. One carpet on tiptoe looked bored. "Then you go and I’ll watch it at home every night."
Yu Tingchuan poured her a cup of boiling water and then began to talk, "It is important to put health first before the due date."
Song Qingcheng’s mood still didn’t improve until he fell asleep.
When Yu Tingchuan saw her thinking so much about the doctor leaving, she did say that it was okay to give in. "If there is no discomfort in the afternoon, I will go to the charity banquet later."
"Still not going" Song Qingcheng turned his back on him and came to "pregnant women should stay at home"
Yu Tingchuan said, "Isn’t it hot to be wrapped in a blanket?"
Song city vague should be a.
Seeing that she is still’ angry’, Yu Tingchuan can hug people. "Go if you want, and then sit in a quiet corner and eat whatever you want. You don’t have to deal with anyone deliberately."
Finally, Song Qingcheng slowly turned around and she said, "I have no clothes."
This means to go.
Yu Tingchuan said, "Heaven has sent it here."
The next afternoon, Xu Dong came to Yunxi Road No.1 Garden with two sets of ladies’ evening gifts and a stylist. The evening gift was a pregnant woman’s style, a knee skirt, a black one and a nude one. According to her facial features and skin color, the stylist suggested that she wear a black V-leader skirt. If she was afraid of catching cold, she would wear a cardigan coat with the same color outside.
Song Qingcheng gained about 2 pounds this pregnancy, except for her original body contour. When she changed her black evening gift, her long hair and supple shawl head reappeared in the living room because of her facial features, which made people feel shine at the moment.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t ask the stylist to put on heavy makeup for her, but she simply put on a foundation lipstick, which is also suitable for pregnant women, and she chose shoes flat to avoid her falling down.
Yu Tingchuan personally put shoes on her when she was leaving the house.
This time, Gao Chao tried to finish writing some days of abuse, and today he still wants the fairies to hug him ~
In order to appease the injured hearts of fairies, I will tell you a secret. Why do you like Yunbao so much? Do you not like a grandson who looks exactly like you when you were a baby? [Mrs. Yu, I want to plug it back and be reborn …]
In the charity foundation, I learned from the Angel Foundation in reality. Personally, I have never been in contact with charities. The information is online search _ [з∠з] _ If there is any mistake, please correct me.
☆, Chapter 44 Charity Dinner Beaumont smiles.
Song Qingcheng Xuankou looked down at his sandals and buckled the man. She held the shoe cabinet by the wall with one hand and put her bulging abdomen with the other.
This scene reminds Song Qingcheng of trying on a wedding dress.
-Yu Tingchuan is squatting to help her wear shoes.
His appearance in a suit and tie makes people feel very strong and calm, but seeing him so considerate and tripping over the whole Song Dynasty, I can’t help feeling how time flies.
What happened last year seems to be very, very far away from her.
Now she is the mother of another child.
Yu Tingchuan gently let go of her ankle, put her hands on her knees, got up and began to ask, "Take two steps and try to change shoes if they don’t fit."
Song Qingcheng obedient Xuan place walked back and forth and the shoes were very comfortable.
She had just decided that Yu Tingchuan had reached out and touched her clavicle with his fingers. Song Qingcheng didn’t look up to avoid it, and then the flower bud was taken out of the neckline of the skirt by Yu Tingchuan. Compared with the platinum diamond necklace, this flower bud was very special, and the brown necklace rope made her neck skin white and transparent.
I haven’t left the stylist with Song Qingcheng’s coat and praised "My wife’s skin is really good. It’s the first time I saw such a beautiful pregnant woman."
Song city smell speech rushed stylist smiled slightly.
Then she turned to ask Yu Tingchuan, "Will I steal others’ thunder if I am so beautiful?"
"…" Xu Dong put his fist in his mouth and couldn’t help laughing.
Yutingchuan looked at the whole Song Dynasty with his hands holding his belly, which was a little clumsy and revealed a bit of awkwardness. After listening to her’ narcissistic troubles’ inquiry, he also smiled and took advantage of her waist to smell her faint fragrance, but she was spoiled. "It’s so beautiful that you can hide at home and see no one."
"is the golden house hidden?" Songqingcheng avenue
Xu Dong and stylist still have a side Yu Tingchuan to cater to her with a smile.
Song Qingcheng said, "It should be a golden house with a big belly."
This evening Yu Tingchuan took his wife to dinner.
桑拿网Charity Dinner A five-star hotel in Nancheng has held these years, and the Shanyou Angel Foundation has attracted many social celebrities to donate. The annual banquet is invited to attend, including business people and entertainment stars.
Go to the door of the banquet hall and see the pose in front of the signature wall, so that the reporter can take photos. Song Qingcheng, a female artist, feels that she should not steal the limelight.