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"Zhuang Zhuang, my mother and I will take you back to Jiang Jia. We can take care of it here."

Nanny just understood "Mrs. Jiang said she wanted me to …"
Is he still so kind?
He couldn’t wait for her to disappear from his world. He himself said that he just looked at her and was an eyesore. "He said it was his business. Go ahead." He opened the door and motioned for the nanny to leave quickly. She didn’t believe that she couldn’t live on her own unless she was forced by Jiang Junyue.
Nanny has finally cast a glance at Xiaozhuangzhuang. "Mrs. Zhuangzhuang recently drank milk powder to drink more than half a bottle, in addition, she has to supplement some rice porridge and rice paste to pee twice in the evening …" I said one by one that after all, with Xiaozhuangzhuang for a long time, she naturally had feelings, but Lan Jingyi forbade her to stay, and it was not good for her to stay back and report to Jiang Junyue.
Lan Jingyi is very embarrassed from the bottom of her heart, but it’s not that she really doesn’t want Jiang Junyue. Second, she can’t afford to pay the nanny. She can’t afford a family. The expenses are enough for her to earn, and the children can eat better. She is not at ease.
Two dishes were fried in the evening, and the children have already fed Lan Qing and sat down. "When will the lacrosse come back?" Can Jiang Junyue eat two dishes of green vegetables without even meat? Lan Qing is suspicious
"Mom, he won’t come again. Eat quickly."
"You really broke up?" Heavy asked LanQing a face of worry.
"So he returned Zhuang Zhuang to you?"
"Pa" chopsticks fell on the table. "Yi Yi, have you ever thought that he still has you in his heart?"
"No" If he had her in his heart, he wouldn’t have said such cruel words.
"If he really wants to break up with you, then he will give you the child, which proves that he has you in his heart. The child loves Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang. He gave it to you because he didn’t want you to be sad. He wanted the children to accompany you, Yi Yi. I think he wants you to be separated. There must be feelings. Tell mom what happened between you and him?"
Here we go again. Mom looks just like Cheng Qingyang. She was wrong about Jiang Junyue, but she already apologized, didn’t she?
"Mom, if you don’t want to help me with my children, you can go back to France." She was really wronged when she put chopsticks in her hand. In this day, she put all her figure, but after all, Jiang Junyue separated. She didn’t want to talk about it. I really didn’t want to talk about it with outsiders, but she didn’t want to be wronged when she got home.
"Yi yi you …"
"I won’t eat, mom. Please help me look after it. I’ll go out and have a look around." After that, her heart will be in a mess when mom goes back to France. She shouldn’t say that, but it’s impossible to get it back when she gets angry and wronged. She wants to go out and be upset except upset.
It’s already dark. From early to this time, she drank a little water and didn’t eat anything. She didn’t eat at noon, and she couldn’t eat at night.
She flew out of the small apartment building and walked alone. In the night, she was utterly confused, but she also fell.
She and Jiang Junyue really broke up.
The street is full of excitement, especially for those large and small stores, where the New Year is coming. Everyone buys new year’s goods and then waits for a family reunion at home for the New Year.
But this year she can spend it with her children and mother.
Walking along the road, there are new red lanterns hanging everywhere, and she looks particularly happy, but her world is pale
In front of a newsstand, a few people bought the evening paper and talked about "President Jiang’s engagement has been cancelled again"
"I heard that there have been several fiancé es. First, a surname Yin was several years ago. Then a surname Luo seems to be the daughter of a famous business tycoon in our city. Finally, a surname Lan broke off her engagement."
"Rich people love to toss about and wish to change one every day."
"It’s not …"
"The boss gave me an evening paper." Lan Jingyi went to the newsstand and bought an evening paper.
Sure enough, she and Jiang Junyue broke off their engagement in the last corner, but the news was not big, but she looked absolutely dazzling
品茶论坛  title=She stared at the word street lamp and pulled her shadow so long that he completely eliminated her last thoughts. From then on, it turned out that Jiang Junyue had nothing to do with him. He was so rude.
I don’t know when the newspaper in my hand turned into small pieces. As she walked, she tore and tore the scraps of paper all the way. The road was broken and completely broken
Just as the scraps of paper drifted across the road, a black Land Rover car slowly passed by. A pair of dark eyes looked at the petite figure drifting away not far away. Jiang Junyue turned the steering wheel and his hand trembled slightly.
This time he hurt her really badly.
But, Yi, do you know?
Hurt you and hurt myself even harder.
Hurt you a little, hurt me very much …
The stumbling figure gradually drifted away and broke into foam, and the confetti fluttered. Lan Jingyi couldn’t walk any further, and her body was light, as if it were not her own mind. She went back to the scenes after Jiang LaCrosse met. Those pictures were so beautiful that she didn’t believe that everything Jiang LaCrosse did was true.
Does he really want her?
He looked as if he could reach out and touch it, but when she did reach out and touch it, it was nothing.
"Pour what want to be so cruel to me? What is it? " She murmured that she had apologized to him in a low profile. What more does he want from her?
Chapter 165 He must have a secret
Section 95
Let her beg him?
Thinking about two little babies in a small apartment, Lan Jingyi is sad. They will grow up in a family without father’s love from now on, which is really cruel for children.