Long summer suddenly zheng in distress situation proved to be like father, like father, a virtue to send out what will never be taken back. Who should I give it to or who should I give it to? This Yu Enze has been wearing amethyst for so long. Is it today that he gave it to his son? This persistent and overbearing maniac.

"Yes, yes, thank you, Uncle Zhang. I love it." Amber couldn’t put it down.
"Amber, it’s time for us to go and say goodbye to our uncle." long summer is afraid that she will continue to stay face to face with Yu Enze and hide her true feelings. She will be unable to restrain herself from bursting out. What if it doesn’t end well then? She can urge Amber to leave with her as soon as possible.
"Uncle Zhang, can I see you again?" Amber was reluctant to part.
"Will my uncle come here to see you if he comes to Beijing again?" Yu Enze said gently to Anbao.
"Well, Mommy, we must move here soon." Amber is full of expectations.
Looking at long summer and Amber’s distant figure, Yu Enze’s previous bright eyes gradually dimmed, and he saw long summer in such a hurry that he didn’t even come to greet her.
"Wrong" In hindsight, Yu Enze suddenly realized something. "Anbao said that he had never seen his father. How could he say that his father should be as good-looking as me? Isn’t his father Chen Moran? long summer took him to see the house? Didn’t she live in Chen Moran villa with Anbao?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two I will break with you.
The sun shone through the floor-to-ceiling glass window into long summer’s office, and the soft halo swayed with beautiful ripples. It was net suspended and warm, and neutral. Xia Zheng was immersed in drawing a design draft, and his mobile phone suddenly rang.
It was the same phone number five years ago. Although she deleted his phone number since she left him, she kept it in her mind.
She had expected that he would call. After all, she only met him yesterday. It is not difficult for him to find out her latest private phone number. It is whether she will answer or not.
Hesitantly, long summer still picked up "Hello". Her voice didn’t recognize a ripple, but her heartbeat was out of rhythm.
"long summer is my Yu Enze", Yu Enze’s tone is soft and faint, revealing long-suppressed thoughts and concerns.
Hearing Yu Enze’s opening moment, long summer’s heart suddenly ached. She tried her best to restrain her emotions, but her voice was still calm. However, she couldn’t help but hold her fist in one hand. "Enze, what can I do for you?"
"Do you have it at noon? I’m in your workshop building cafe now. Can we meet if it’s convenient?" Although Yu Enze expressed respect for the other party’s questioning words, the implied expectation has leaked.
See or not?
Contradictions long summer is very entangled in silence. If you see her, will you hide your true feelings for many years and go out of control to pour out your heart to him? If you don’t see her, will it seem that she is too fickle and disloyal? She has always had him in her heart, and you should cherish it if you miss her.
"Well, I’ll find you downstairs now." It took a long time for long summer to hear himself slowly coming out.
Elegantly decorated café two-person bag in exquisite white porcelain cup, one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk and one-third foamed milk. The three ingredients are evenly and slowly mixed together, and the pure white is spread and spread, and the rich dark brown gradually forms the center of the slender edge, and then tiny particles of cinnamon powder are sprinkled to deliberately make way for a four-leaf clover symbolizing luck.
A symbol of lucky four-leaf clover
So what she’s been through these years is lucky or unlucky?
Is it lucky or unfortunate that she brought Yu Enze?
Long summer put her hands around the cup of cappuccino in front of her, and her fingers tightened slowly, and a thin mist rose in her eyes. Her voice suddenly became hoarse. "You remember that I love cappuccino for so many years."
"I remember all your hobbies and habits" because I have never forgotten you. Yu Enze stared at the sentence behind long summer, which he kept in his heart.
Long summer’s throat ached, and she hurriedly bowed her head to avoid his earnest and affectionate eyes.
She took a sip of cappuccino, which should be delicate and sweet with grandma Niu’s fragrance, but it was so rough and bitter in her mouth at this time, just as she was full of sadness and depression now
When people are unhappy, even the sense of taste will become disordered, and sweet taste will become bitter until it reaches the heart.
"Are you all right these years?" The two agreed.
Long summer and Yu Enze Zheng at the same time and then smiled at each other to ease the previous awkward and dignified atmosphere.
"How have you been in long summer these years?" Yu Enze asked earnestly.
"Well, how about you?" long summer didn’t meet Yu Enze’s focus and some sharp eyes.
"I’m fine, too." Yu Enze replied softly. The line of sight always stayed with long summer.
"I will come to Beijing this time."
"Invited by an old friend for many years to attend the opening ceremony of his new company"
"You’re always running around, so pay attention to your health."
"I know"
After some greetings, the two fell into words.
Win at this time
There is always a lot to say, but when it comes to face to face, I don’t know where to start.
spa会所"long summer, I have many questions for you today." Finally, Yu Enze broke the peace. He didn’t forget his original intention of coming to see long summer.
"What’s the problem?" long summer looked at Yu Enze in confusion.
"You" Yu Enze paused for a moment and then the phoenix eyes locked long summer tightly. "What do you want to take Amber out to see the house? And Amber is not Chen Moran, right?"
Two heart-sensitive issues immediately caught long summer off guard. When she looked at the opposite face in shock, Yu Enze was already serious.
See long summer didn’t answer Yu Enze and continue to ask long summer "What’s wrong with you and Chen Moran? What have you been keeping from me about Amber?"
"Enze, I don’t know what you’re talking about." long summer seemed impatient and unwilling to face Yu Enze.
"You know," Yu Enze, who was annoyed, increased his tone. "long summer, don’t run away from Amber again. He is not you and Chen Moran. He is you and my child." Although he is questioning, he is very positive.
"Enze, I can’t understand what you’re talking about. I’m sorry, I’m going back to the workshop." long summer was so flustered by Yu Enze’s coercion that she didn’t expect Yu Enze to know the truth so quickly. She was temporarily overwhelmed and could escape quickly.
Yu Enze a pull was about to leave long summer sharp phoenix eyes full of rebuke "you don’t admit it, but you do this to me and Amber. Do you think it’s fair? If you don’t tell me the truth, I’ll go to Chen Moran and ask you clearly."
"Enze, don’t fool around." long summer drank a lot. She didn’t want to get involved in another koo Yu Enze in this dispute between her and Chen Moran, otherwise things would get worse.
"I’m fooling around" Yu Enze felt that long summer’s words were angry and funny. "Who the hell is long summer? It’s you. You lied to me and Amber for five years. What on earth do you think? Do you know that you are really selfish?"
"I’m selfish. I’ll be selfish. You didn’t know I’m from Su Lixia until today?" long summer yelled at Yu Enze, and tears welled up in her eyes. Step by step, she pushed Yu Enze to the corner. "Yu Enze can think of me as you like. I don’t care.
Just as I beg you to stay away from that Chen Moran, can you mind my business and let Amber and I have a few more days of peace? "
Yu Enze stupefied looking at the shortness of breath long summer why stay away from Chen Moran and let her and Amber spend a few more days in peace, why did she say such strange things?
"long summer, you tell me if Chen Moran did something wrong to you. Is he bad to you and Amber? You tell me." Yu Enze immediately clenched long summer’s shoulder and was anxious and worried. He asked long summer over and over again.
Long summer slammed away Yu Enze’s cold tears and then ordered him to "leave Yu Enze’s business alone. If you dare to go to Chen Moran, I’ll give you a break." After that, long summer decisively pushed open the door and left.
"If you dare to go to Chen Moran, I’ll break with you." A word seems to put Yu Enze’s instant nail in place and he can’t step out. He seems to hear his heart suddenly freeze into ice and burst into pieces in an instant.
"Anbao Anbao has a surname of Uncle Zhang looking for you. He said you know him. Come with the teacher." In the afternoon, the class leader of the free activity class suddenly came to the playground and stopped Anbao, who was playing football.