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He played mahjong and depressed his family to laugh.

Instead of being embarrassed, Yujing cleared her throat and continued, "That’s my second uncle who loves his wife. I call it love me, love my dog."
This is a little more laughter.
Song Qingcheng didn’t interrupt and took a cup of water. The auricle was a little hot.
A young poker table joked, "I can’t see that my second cousin is still henpecked."
As soon as the voice fell, Yu Tingchuan was confused.
For a moment, others’ attention turned back to the card game.
About half an hour ago, the waiter sent Yujing to order food earlier.
Yujing picked up the mutton string and chewed it. It was delicious. She handed it to Song Qingcheng, a string of flesh and blood. "This is nothing fishy for you to eat."
Song Qingcheng ate a lot of dinner, but I still reached out and took it. I didn’t eat like Yujing. I ate it slowly. Maybe I was really not hungry. She didn’t have any taste, ate a third of it, put it back on the plate and took a strawberry to eat.
Yu Tingchuan plays mahjong and occasionally pays attention to the sofa side.
Sometimes the whole Song Dynasty can feel it.
She didn’t deliberately twist a head to look at her heart, which was already very practical.
It wasn’t long before the waiter brought the roast leg of lamb.
There is almost no break in laughter when playing cards in the living room.
Yujing grabbed the leg of lamb with disposable gloves to chew his mouth and rubbed the oil poker table. I don’t know who made a chagrin and exclaimed, accompanied by a supercilious look on the table, Yujing and Song Qingcheng said, "Look, juwan will have to pay it back if he wins the money."
The whole song dynasty watched Yujing chuckle supercilious look. I don’t know how to think of the corners of the mouth of the net expression pack. The eyebrows in the eyes are also smiling slightly.
Yu Jing noticed something and asked curiously, "What’s so funny?"
"Nothing" Song Qingcheng smiled "I just think you are cute"
"How does this sound like swearing?"
Yujing mumbled and handed over a bunch of grilled squid. "Eat quickly. Look, you are too thin. You have little face."
Song Qingcheng has been full and hasn’t moved a bite in his hand.
It’s almost half past ten in the evening.
A female elder of Yu’s family came out of the suite bedroom and went straight to the poker table. She was looking for someone else but Yu Tingchuan who had something to say to this nephew alone.
Yujing Song Qingcheng introduced "That’s my second aunt who doesn’t know why I’m looking for my second uncle."
The poker game has stopped over there.
Yutingchuan was called outside by Yu Jia’s second aunt.
Suite door yan song city back suddenly feel chest tightness happened Yujing handed a bunch of baked eggplant.
The whole song dynasty smelled the smell of oil smoke and felt sick, and it seemed that it was blocked by something. Later, it was really uncomfortable not to say hello to Yujing and got up and ran to health while covering her mouth.
I just walked to the toilet and couldn’t help bending over to vomit.
Just eat all spit it out.
Including undigested dinner.
I vomited until I didn’t have anything to vomit, but I still felt sick.
Outside, Yu Jing followed and knocked at the door. "What about Qingcheng?"
Song city very not easy to pressure retching * * open the faucet hand holding water gargle mood followed calm to wait for her to open the health door in addition to a little pale already can’t see it strange.
Yu Jing is worried, "Are you all right?"
"It’s okay" Song Qingcheng shook his head and still felt uncomfortable. "It may be that I ate too much and my stomach was a little stuffy in the room."
"Then go outside for a while." Yujing hurried to help her.
Song Qingcheng felt funny. "It’s nothing if I walk."
Yu Jing is dubious "Really?"
桑拿按摩  title="My second uncle doesn’t know where he went with my second aunt, or I’ll give him a call."
"No" Song Qingcheng stopped her "Now I am much better"
Air circulation in the corridor outside
Section 26
Yujing looked at Song Qingcheng’s face and recovered some color, making sure that she was not a sudden emergency. This just put her heart on her chest. "It really scared me. If you eat something, my second uncle must be anxious with me."
"It’s not that serious" Song Qingcheng laughed.
Yu Jing disagreed. "My second uncle looks at you in a very different way. Your eyes hurt just like his own. Do you think he will be comfortable?"
Yu Jing added, "Let’s go to the building and have a look around here. It’s not good. They won’t break up this mahjong game until half past eleven."
Talking two people walked to the door of the ladder.
There happened to be a ladder for Yujing to reach out and press the button immediately.
The original ladder will come to the top floor, but it stops at this floor.
The ladder door opened and the whole Song Dynasty saw Yutingchuan at a glance.
Yutingchuan is preparing to come out from the inside.
"Uncle?" Yu Jing was surprised
Yu Tingchuan didn’t expect to meet their deep sight here, and immediately went to Song Qingcheng. Then he looked at Yu Jing and asked, "How come it’s raining outside? Where are you going?"