She said that Ling Mohan was filial to her like a mother-in-law, and that she had earned a good daughter for no reason.

Yunqianxue listened to her quietly, and the mother and daughter talked for a long time. Finally Yunqianxue was too tired to sleep.
品茶  title=Cao Chunlan looked at her sleeping, and she got up and tucked her in. She sighed gently as she watched her sleeping.
"Cher, I’d rather you didn’t have friends with Fang An all your life." Cao Chunlan said in his heart.
She watched Yunqianxue for a long time before she walked out of her daughter’s room.
In the living room, Yunhao and Anchen return chess. Cao Chunlan said, "It’s getting late for my wife. Anchen must be tired after flying for several hours and rushing here nonstop. Let him rest early."
Yun Hao nodded again and again. "Well, you’re right. I can’t stop with one flag. It’s rare for me to meet such a good opponent."
"Dad, I’m not tired. I want you not to abandon me. How long have I been with you?" Anchen laughed.
Yunhao gave a hand. "No, no, you go to rest. By the way, Yan Yan will leave it to us to take care of you. Go to rest."
Yun Hao put away the chess game after he finished, no matter who won or lost the game.
Anchen nodded and walked towards Yunqian Snow House, only to find that his wife had fallen asleep.
He sat by the bed and looked at her quietly. He raised his hand and stroked her face gently.
Maybe she didn’t like sleeping and was disturbed. She frowned slightly, then turned over and went back to sleep.
Anchen looked at her and smiled gently. "What a lazy pig! What time is it now? You went to sleep."
Although he said that, he was lying beside her, and when he came to bed, he felt the warmth around him. She adjusted her posture and nested in his arms.
His wife threw herself at him and pleased him. He bowed his head and kissed her, holding her to sleep with satisfaction.
Xiaoxu ran full moon wine was held by Ling family, and Ling’s father and mother invited many guests. Ling family was very lively this day.
The guests who came to drink the full moon wine all praised Ling Fu for being lucky. Ling Fu’s face was full of joy, and the moment when he was dissatisfied with Xia Yuyao before the flower was spent disappeared completely.
Xia Yuyao gave birth to two children in a row, which gave him a long face and he was very satisfied.
Yun Qianxue came early, and she was chatting with Xia Yuyao before his guests came.
Xia Yuyao must have been taken good care of when sitting on the moon. The whole person looks mellow. Her face is tender and tender, and thousands of snow can’t help but pinch her face and praise, "Gee, this day is really moist. Look at this skin. You can squeeze out water."
Xia Yuyao waved her hand. "Come on, you’re not white and tender."
Yun Qianxue laughed and saw that boudoir was so happy. She was really satisfied.
Yun Qianxue will take out a gift for Xiaoxu Ran and hand it to Xia Yuyao. "Yaoyao, this is my gift for Xu Ran."
"Then I’ll thank the dopted mother for Xu Ran." Xia Yuyao took Yunqianxue and handed her the exquisite gift box. She opened the box and saw that there was a delicate gold bracelet inside. She couldn’t help but praise, "What fine workmanship and snow! You have a good eye."
Yun Qianxue chuckled, "Hehe, it’s a good thing you quickly put it on him to see if it’s appropriate."
Xia Yuyao nodded and took the bracelet out of the box and carefully gave it to Xiaoxu.
The little guy is wearing a yellow jumpsuit today, and the color of the gold bracelet just matches his clothes.
He stared at the gold bracelet curiously, and soon when he bent his hand, he put it to his mouth and chewed it with relish. Yun Qianxue was frightened and hurriedly pulled his hand away. "Xu Ran, this is not something to eat. You can’t eat it."
The little guy wait for a while looked at Yun Qianxue with a smile.
Yun Qianxue cried happily, "Ah, he is smiling at me. It’s so cute."
Section 211
Xia Yuyao laughed. "Well, he likes you very much because he seldom laughs at ordinary times."
Yun Qian Xue couldn’t help but pick up Xiaoxu from the bed. She held her arms and kissed his tender little face.
The little guy twisted his neck and looked at Yunqian Snow and laughed.
Xia Yuyao said, "You should have a second child while the snow is young."
Yun Qian Xue said, "Well, we are all natural. When we are pregnant, we will want it."
"That’s fine. I’ll give you contraception."
"No, but I may not be easy to conceive, and it is not easy to win prizes."
"It depends on fate. It took me a long time to get pregnant."
After chatting for a while in the boudoir room, Ling Mohan came in. He looked at Xia Yuyao and said, "It’s almost time for Yaoyao. Let’s go."
Xia Yuyao looked at Yunqian Snow Road. "Let’s have a rest in your building. I’ll let someone call you."
Yun Qianxue waved his hand. "It’s okay for you to go to work, regardless of me. It’s not my first time to come here. I’ll go myself later."
Xia Yu Yao nodded and greeted the guests with the child in her arms with Ling Mo Han. Yun Qianxue sat in the living room drinking tea and soon saw Anchen coming.
Yun Qianxue asked, "Where have you just been?"
"I chatted with Uncle Ling for a while. I think Ling will accompany you when they go less." Anchen replied.
"It’s okay. I can take care of myself. You have something to do."
"What can I do? Nothing is as important as being with my wife."