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"Don’t worry, we masters stay here just to watch the game. I will be the only one who will compete with you today!" Ling Feiyang said bluntly

"Ling float in the sky you also te big some! Cijunshan can’t tell the difference with you. Let me try this time to see how important you are! " A beggar in gray suddenly jumped into the contest table with laughter. It was Solang Kampot, the king of growth law!
Ling Feiyang ignored this fake Hong Qigong and turned to Imam Hashshashin and said, "It’s too much trouble to fight one by one. Please let these four French kings together!"
"Ling Feiyang actually wants to play four!" Ling float in the sky that even a big shot like Imam Hashshashin can’t help but face a change!
"You’re too small to chew! If you want a pair of four, then beat me first! " The sudden push of Solang Kampot, the king of the growth law, is just a move to "shock a hundred miles"!
Ling Feiyang sneer at one and push the same trick with both hands "shocking thyme"!
Bang! The intersection of the four palms suddenly sounded deafening, which seemed to suppress the thunder in the sky! to be continued
Chapter 511 Ling Feiyang VS False Four Musts
Facing the storm at the top of Huashan Mountain, Ima Hashshashin, the deputy leader of teaching, provoked Ling Feiyang, but she was awe-inspiring and decided to face the strong enemy alone!
The four kings of Tibetan esoteric Ningma Sect are "flame knives", and the martial arts of martial uncle Basruk are no less than the growth of the four wonders of the Central Plains. The French king Solang Kampot is very confident in his own strength and has made a move to "shock a hundred miles" Ling Feiyang recklessly!
However, some people in the place didn’t expect that Ling Feiyang’s body wouldn’t budge after two people’s palms, but Solang Kampot almost fell down after taking three steps back!
All of a sudden, more than 60 Song heroes watched the contest on the stage and lost one thing!
Ling Feiyang defeated Dong Xie, Xi Du, Nan Di, Bei Gai and Zhong urchin respectively during the sword competition in Huashan, but the truth is that Ling Feiyang didn’t try his best!
Ling Feiyang’s reason for doing this is just to let the Song Kingdom know more about the martial arts of the top masters. If Ling Feiyang tries his best, there will be less than a few hundred moves!
"You are no match for me. Let the three of them together!" Ling Feiyang looked at Solang Kampot contemptuously and said
"Ling Feiyang is crazy!" With the voice, a sharp finger pointed to the wind "before" and stabbed from the side. The French king Pubadoji has already shot!
Ling Feiyang dodged this one-yang finger and then the right index finger stabbed out. It was the six-pulse Excalibur Shangyangjian!
Puba Duoji felt a strong wind coming on my face and jumped quickly. Although he escaped this finger, he was surprised out in a cold sweat!
Puba Duoji made an expression of eyes to Solang Kampot, and both of them jumped forward at the same time and attacked Ling Feiyang!
"If you can eliminate tension and maintain a peaceful mind, you can fight with your hands at any time!" Ling Feiyang remembered the sentiment he got just now when he played against the old urchin Zhou Botong. He moved his left hand at will and pointed it out at the same time, and hit it with his right hand!
Ling Feiyang’s hand, Pubadoji and Solang Kampot, were both stunned because Ling Feiyang’s left hand made it a Yang fingering method and his right hand made it a dragon’s twenty palms!
"How can this Ling Feiyang use two different martial arts at the same time?" Puba Duoji and Solang Kampot thought about it in their hearts, but it was still a struggle with one Yang and one Zhang Ling Feiyang.
Ling Feiyang has one enemy and two enemies, but after the Vietnam War, he fought more and more bravely. After dozens of strokes, Ling Feiyang’s left hand was replaced by a six-pulse Excalibur, while his right hand used the ten-palm six-pulse Excalibur, which was more powerful than the one-yang finger and the ten-palm after the dragon’s twenty-palm. Both Pubadoji and Solang Kampot were forced by Ling Feiyang to retreat one after another, and they could not resist!
"Before," a small stone suddenly shot up from the side and went straight to Ling Feiyang’s chest!
Finger flick avatar! Wide-eyed French king Zahi Bing Zo has made moves!
Three months ago, Zahi Bing Zo killed Guo Jing’s mother, Ping Li!
Although the small wind that broke this stone was hidden in the wind and rain, it was still heard by Ling Feiyang, so his left hand used a trick of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" to force Pubadoji and Solang Kampot to open their right hands at the same time and also pop up a small stone to smash this small stone in Zahi Bing Zo!
Zahi Bing Zo suddenly deceives his body and his palms are more encrypted than the raindrops in the sky, or five virtual realities or virtual realities are constantly slapping Ling Feiyang. It is the Peach Blossom Island martial arts "the palm of the Excalibur"!
Ling Feiyang used his left hand to fight the ancient tomb school martial arts. tight encirclement was bound to resolve all Zahi Bing Zo offensives, but his right hand continued to use the dragon’s ten hands to force Pubadoji and Solang Kampot to be close!
"Goo, goo, goo!" I heard that the French king Gesandra’s legs crouched with his arms bent over his shoulders, and his mouth made a whinny sound, and his hands pushed to Ling Feiyang like an avalanche!
Ling Feiyang was attacked by three people at the same time, which has made it possible to resist Gesandra’s "Frog Skill" and immediately used the "Spiral Nine Shadows" Flying Skill body to spin rapidly and rushed to more than forty feet!
King of four * * attacked the tribe, but then blocked Ling Feiyang’s placement. Unexpectedly, Ling Feiyang’s high school used the "snake-like raccoon dog turn" technique, and the body drifted to the side for more than 20 feet, leaving a treetop in Gu Song in one thousand!
One yang refers to! Pubadoji, the French king of the country, pointed out that he stabbed the top of his head and flew!
Hung-chien is on the land! Ling Feiyang met up with a palm to smash Pubado’s guitar wind!
Finger flick avatar! Zahi Bing Zo, the king of Guangmu, pops up a small stone again. The target is not Ling Feiyang’s body but Ling Feiyang’s feet and branches!
At the same time, I heard that Gesandra, the king of France, and Solang Kampot, the king of growth, jumped up at the same time, making use of the frog’s skill and making use of the dragon’s ten palms to slap Ling Feiyang at the same time!
Ling Feiyang tiptoe branches and then the elastic body shape generated by the bending of pine branches has jumped over another branch at the square foot!
Click! Ling Feiyang’s original foothold branches were broken by pebbles, and the power of the frog and the dragon’s ten palms also fell at the same time!
At the same time, Puba Duoji, the French king, also jumped a branch with flying skills. However, he hasn’t come yet, but he has already made moves to Ling Feiyang.
Before! A sharp and swift refers to the wind stabbing Pubaduoji, which is the six-pulse Excalibur. Don’t rush the sword! Puba Duoji knew that he couldn’t resist and quickly turned his body upside down from the treetops and fell back to the ground.
Ling Feiyang, the king of the treetops, laid siege to him, but every time he jumped on the treetops, he was immediately forced by Ling Feiyang!
Four * * Wang exchanged a look with each other and suddenly went to the side of the pine tree trunk and surrounded it in four directions. At the same time, he shot his right palm and hit the pine tree trunk!
Click! This thousand-year-old Gu Song trunk is more than three feet thick, but the four kings’ palm forces are actually broken from it! The pine tree immediately dumped a large number of pine branches on the ground, and the trunk was pressed against the tournament venue!
Ling Feiyang’s figure jumped off the pine tree and fell to the ground as the pine branches fell!
Boom! This pine tree, which is dozens of feet high, splashed all over the sky with a thump. Ling Feiyang’s feet just touched the ground, but King Si * * has worn a rain curtain and approached him again! to be continued
Chapter 512 Small phase work
In Huashan Sword Tournament, Ling Fei promoted the four great French kings of Tibetan esoteric Ningma Sect to protect him.
Ling Feiyang made a thousand-year-old Gu Song’s four great French kings deal with it. However, the four great French kings combined with four people to strike off this thousand-year-old Gu Song!
Ling Feiyang lost his height advantage and was immediately surrounded by the four great French kings. All kinds of superb martial arts, such as Excalibur Palm, Frog Skill, One Yang Finger and Dragon Ten Palm, came at Ling Feiyang one after another. Although Ling Feiyang had the skill of fighting with both hands, he was still left and right, and he was unable to make four people walk back and forth. He tried his best to dodge and evade these alternate bombings.
桑拿论坛The four great French kings of Tubo are all as excellent as the four unique skills. However, now the four of them can’t stand Ling Feiyang together for a while, and they are all angry and competing for credit. Everyone wants to be the first to knock Ling Feiyang down.
Ling Feiyang knows this situation clearly in his heart. If he continues to go, he will lose to these four French kings sooner or later, but he also knows that he can never lose!
Ling Feiyang carefully observed the martial arts of four people while avoiding the attack of the four great French kings with flexible and exquisite footwork. At this time, the French king Solang Kampot was using a palm "Kang Long has regrets" to attack Ling Feiyang’s other, but Ling Feiyang suddenly discovered one thing!
The move of "Kang Long has regrets" should be that the left leg bends slightly, the right arm bends, and the right palm draws a circle to push Sorangkampo forward. The deviation is that the left leg and knee are slightly shaken when the right palm hits!
This kind of subtle jitter is certainly impossible for ordinary people to notice, but Ling Feiyang has made several times that "Kang Long has regrets" and he is still very familiar with this trick and immediately captures it!
Ling Feiyang is still using Lingbo to step away from Solang Kampot. The other three great French kings don’t leave breathing space for Ling Feiyang to continue to besiege Ling Feiyang. Ling Feiyang’s body repeatedly dodged the brain but began to think rapidly!
"The shaking of his left knee must be due to unstable disk! The reason for the instability of the disc is probably that some acupuncture points in the leg are blocked when the qi is running! " Ling Feiyang immediately thought, "This will never happen when I and the seven ambassadors make this move’ Kang Long has regrets’. Is it true that he has defeated the dragon and ten palms?"
Flint ling float in the sky suddenly thought of a person in my mind!