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The baby kicked her again as if he could understand her, and touched her belly funny, as if she could feel her touch and move again.

When interacting with the baby every day, she has to sigh that although she can’t see her life, she can feel the growth in her belly.
Yun Qianxue sat up because her stomach was too big, and she seemed a little clumsy. At the end of pregnancy, her waist also hurt badly. She worked hard every time she got up.
When Anchen got up, he would give her a considerate hand every time she got up. She was often moved by his thoughtfulness. Although pregnancy was hard, it became a kind of happiness because of his company.
After she sat up, she got up slowly. She went to the curved floor-to-ceiling window, opened the shade curtains, and the golden sun shone in the afternoon. The whole room seemed to be plated with a layer of golden light.
She pushed open the window and walked out of the balcony to see the scenery, green grass, flowers, trees, rockeries and gazebo. The scenery in the courtyard is very good. She has lived here for nearly a year, but she still can’t get tired of seeing the scenery of Wancheng.
She looked at the window for a long time before she went upstairs slowly. It was very quiet. The servants all worked and rested. Sister Qiao was carefully wiping a crystal vase in the living room.
Sister Qiao smiled when she saw Yun Qianxue. "Second mistress, you are up. You are ready to eat fruit, and red jujube tea is still warm in a thermos. Do you want to drink tea or eat fruit first?"
Yun Qianxue looked outside and smiled, "Let’s all go to the pavilion. I’ll go out and get some candied fruit."
In September, the summer heat has faded, and outdoor activities are still quite comfortable, so she thought it would be good for her baby to sit outside and breathe fresh air and smell flowers.
"Good second housewife" Qiao Jie replied and went into the kitchen and began to carry things out. Yun Qianxue also moved to the gazebo with a recliner.
Yun Qianxue sat in a recliner and held a cup of jujube tea in his hand. The cool breeze in the pavilion blew the whole person up.
She can’t say how comfortable she is drinking delicious jujube tea and blowing the wind.
After drinking tea for a while, she put the teacup on the chair lazily. Just because the child was noisy and didn’t sleep well, it was too comfortable to sit here, and the drowsiness began to hit. Soon, she slept on the recliner.
Sleeping in a daze, she vaguely smelled a fragrance of flowers and opened her eyes, which turned out to be a bunch of white lilies
As soon as her eyes lit up, I turned around and bumped into Anchen’s eyes full of affection. He squatted beside her and looked at her softly, as if he had looked at her for a long time.
Her heart instantly turned into water, soft and soft with a little bit of sweetness.
She smiled. "Why did you come back so early today?"
He chuckled, "Because you told me to come back early today, I promised."
"Are you finished with your work?" She asked
"It’s the most important thing to stay with your wife when you can never finish your work."
She smiled with a sweet face and wanted to jump into his arms at once, but at this time he handed the bouquet to her and said, "wife, I love you."
She took the bouquet and put it to her nose. She took a deep breath and smiled gently. "It smells good. I like it."
She got up and kissed him on the face. He sat down on the couch where she had just sat, and then pulled her to sit on his leg.
She gained a lot of weight after pregnancy, but he still hugged her unexpectedly. He bowed his head and found her lips and kissed them.
She tilted her head slightly to cater to his kiss for a long time before he reluctantly let her go.
He touched her belly and sighed. He has been a monk for a long time and he hasn’t dared to touch her since she entered the third trimester.
The reason why he sighed was that her ears warmed up slightly.
He raised his hand to smooth her forehead hair behind her ear and asked softly, "How do you feel today?"
Every time he sees his wife working so hard, he hopes that the child will come out quickly, but now it is full-term, and the child still stays in her stomach honestly.
"Good. I took a nap. I just sat here and fell asleep again."
"I wish I could sleep. I can’t wait to see you toss and turn every night. My child will come out quickly and stop torturing you."
Yun Qianxue smiled a gentle face. "I don’t think this is a kind of torture, but I still hope that the child will come out quickly because I am looking forward to meeting the baby."
Anchen put her hand on her belly judo "Did you hear that, little baby? Your mommy wants to meet you, so come out quickly. "
The baby in the belly kicked Yun Qianxue very hard. Yun Qianxue felt funny. "He probably heard you and kicked me again."
"Listen when you hear it, and try to come out early when you hear it."
"Can you still fight for such a thing?"
"Well, of course, if he wants to come up with it, he will fight for it himself."
Cloud thousand snow "…"
As if it were the fulfillment of Anchen’s words, Yun Qianxue was preparing to go for a walk in the courtyard after dinner, but there was a pain in her abdomen.
Yun Qianxue was startled by the sudden pain in her stomach. She turned to look at Anchen and exclaimed, "Anchen’s child seems to be really coming out."
桑拿会所What a coincidence! I just finished telling him to come out in the evening. I didn’t expect this kid to come out so soon.
Anchen was so surprised that she bent over and picked her up and shouted, "Somebody hurry to prepare a car for the hospital."
Lin Shu-wan and others in the room were surprised to hear Anchen shouting and hurried to let people drive out.
Yun Qianxue saw that Anchen was so nervous that his sweat came out. "Don’t worry, the doctor said that the first child usually doesn’t hurt soon. It’s only a long time before the baby comes out."
An Chen listened to Yun Qianxue’s words and finally stabilized his mind, but every time he saw her face wrinkled with pain, he felt so distressed that he couldn’t help shivering.
"The wife is very painful? I made an agreement with Muyang to let you have an analgesic delivery, so it’s good for you to endure the pain for a while. "Anchen couldn’t wait for the car to get to the hospital faster so that it could relieve pain.
Yun Qianxue shook his head. "The pain can’t be relieved so quickly. You can wait until the palace mouth is opened to a certain extent. Don’t worry, I can still bear this pain."