I can’t help sneering in my heart.

I’m afraid she forgot that she did something that made me hate her guts besides going hiking sexually.
-even if climbing is tricked, she always does the video herself, right?
She caused my baby to be born prematurely. Is this account so forgotten by her?
And doesn’t a person as big as her have any judgment?
She wants to attract Lu Xun and Ye Xiangyuan’s attention, which I can understand, but she also depends on the timing.
During the Chinese New Year, I knew that Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun were both busy at home. How could she make trouble for them?
I don’t blame Li Mulin for lying to her like this.
At the moment, she blushed and angrily accused Li Mulin.
However, she is probably cultivated and not good at swearing. She can stare at Li Mulin and scold a few painful words.
After about two minutes, Li Mulin came to her senses.
He ignored Gu Changyu and looked straight at Ye Xiangyuan. "When did you know?"
Thank you, ember! Thank you Xinya rice ball! Thank you, eleven or six rice balls! Thank you-(a little hard to recognize-_-|||) rice balls! Thank you Xiang Hui for two rice balls!
品茶Chapter 356 You have been abandoned by him.
Li Mulin asked when Ye Xiangyuan knew, not how.
About his heart Ye Xiangyuan does have something to find out about him.
Ye Xiangyuan glanced at him and said, "Strictly speaking, it should be more than 20 years ago when the Li family first started to do things in Korea."
Li Mulin opened his eyes and showed disbelief again.
I saw his hands clenched into fists, loosened and tightened again and again several times.
I don’t know whether it is nervousness or anxiety.
At this time, Ye Xiangyuan leisurely sat on the sofa and looked indifferent and calm.
It seems that Li Mulin is under house arrest at the moment, not him.
I couldn’t help secretly laughing.
The original Li Mulin is in a dominant position, but it looks so passive.
The situation was controlled by Ye Xiangyuan instead.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t wait for him to ask questions again and continued, "When Li Jiahe and Li family took refuge in Korea’s family and helped Korea’s family to do a lot afterwards, they came to Korea’s family to instruct you to help Li’s family secretly support Li jiaqi … These things were found by my uncle and my dad."
Li Mulin turned pale.
Ye Xiangyuan sink a way: "My dad and uncle were murdered by my brother. Although those forces behind Han Jiahe directed Li jiaqi to carry out it, your family also got a foot in it, which will never wash away … Since you were sent close to me at an early age, you must know the ins and outs very well."
His voice is faint. If you don’t listen carefully, you won’t recognize that he is full of emotions, like anger and sadness.
Is about thinking of uncle, leaf dad and eldest brother die let him self sustaining.
But even so, he is depressed and it is difficult for people to see.
I feel distressed and hold his hand gently.
His backhand pinched me a little hard.
I pinched his fingers to appease him.
It seems that he was really comforted before he spoke. "Eldest brother found some clues at that time, but you were afraid of exposure, so you set up a trap to hurt my eldest brother. He left something behind." He stared at Li Mulin’s way. "Sister-in-law pretended to be crazy to trace this matter."
Li Mulin blurted out, "Is she pretending to be crazy?"
Ye Xiangyuan swept his one eye without doing it.
Li Mulin probably wanted to come here for nothing and couldn’t help saying, "Treacherous!"
I sneer even more in my heart.
Farther than treachery and shame, where can I compare with them?
These people have caused the Ye family to be almost ruined.
The most important thing is that they also collaborated with the enemy to commit treason, which is a big crime from ancient times to modern times.
Li Mulin gritted his teeth. "So you knew I was a traitor a long time ago?"
Ye Xiangyuan nods "Yes"