Even Cai Tianqi likes women and dares to touch his hands. This is to offend Tao Zhi’s silk field!

Out of the bar, Tao Zhi Ling still looks pale and blue in shock! But I didn’t expect Cai Tianqi to appear in front of me at this time.
That coat is big and warm, and it drives away all fears at once.
Walking Tao Zhi Ling secretly lifted his head and glanced at Cai Tianqi. He saw his frown and didn’t say a word, but he couldn’t hide the breathtaking beauty of the silk. He could see that he was angry now, but what was he angry about? Is it because that bald eagle insulted himself? Or because
It didn’t take long for Cai Tianqi to finally endure. "Who told you to go to that place?"
Tone is almost roar out.
"I" Tao Zhi Ling was surprised and didn’t know how to explain it to him. I’ve never seen him so angry. Is that because of myself?
There was a touch in my heart.
However, before waiting for her, Cai Tianqi suddenly said, "I guess you don’t want to go there because you have no money!"
Tao Zhi Ling’s heart "hitched" and gnashed her teeth with anger. Others can insult themselves so much, but he can’t!
Although she knows that she can’t be such a woman, Cai Tianqi still has to say this because he is really angry, but now all the city people regard her as a young lady. At this time, she should go to such things less, but instead of hiding, she swaggered there. Can people not be angry when they see all this?
See her silent Cai Tianqi deliberately said "what? Am I wrong? If you’re not looking for a man, what are you doing in that place? That place is so populous. If you’re not selling it, tell me. Why did you show up there? You say it! " Cai Tianqi’s veins stood out.
Tao Zhiling, who became angry from embarrassment, really wanted the horse to slap him in the face, but on second thought, she smiled again. "Yes, I went there to do miss, so why did you go there?"
The rhetorical question of "you" made Cai Tianqi feel as if he didn’t know how to answer well.
It’s his turn to say anything. Tao Zhi Ling pursues "What’s the matter? Am I wrong? "
"I" is really angry. I want to put her in the army. Now she has turned Cai Tianqi’s face muscles beating with anger. Does this woman know how much she misses her? But what did she choose instead of herself?
Tao Zhiling looked at him angrily. "Stop it. I have something urgent to find you."
Section 12
"Something urgent?" Cai Tianqi asked, "What’s so important?"
Tao Zhiling knew that now was the best time to ask for money. "I want to borrow ten thousand dollars from you!"
"borrow money?" Cai Tianqi was startled. "What do you want this money for?"
"Because my hometown was robbed of land, the man said that if we could give him 10 thousand yuan, he would give us the title deed, and if he couldn’t get it out, he wouldn’t want to live there."
Cai Tianqi after listening to the eyebrows a wrinkly "your old house? Didn’t you live in a quadrangle for more than twenty years? Can people still live in that room? "
☆ Chapter 242 Difficulties have been solved.
"Of course this can live!" Tao Zhi ling is a little humbled. Tell the truth. I can’t tell which day the room will collapse.
Cai Tianqi thought for a moment, "Where do you live? I think it’s better to live in my house, where the environment is so angry and fresh!"
"No, there are reporters everywhere recently. If I live in your house, there will be a lot of topics to talk about. I am tired enough and don’t want to implicate you."
Cai Tianqi’s heart was touched by this. It seems that this little woman still has a good position in her heart.
The more so, the less I can lend her money, so he "I won’t lend you money if you won’t live in my house!" "
"You" TaoZhi ghatpot nasty didn’t expect that he would be so hard-hearted heart gas is coming "don’t you really from ruin? Anyway, we are friends. "
"Do you want to climb with me now?" Cai Tianqi approached her with a wry smile. "If you really want to climb with me, it’s not impossible, but you have to do something!"
Looking at his hostile eyes, Tao Zhiling involuntarily took a step back. "What action?"
"What do you say?"
Hang it all! It’s really hang it all! How come people are all from ruin? At this time, he has to make a deal with himself? Tao Zhiling was so angry that her roots itched. "Cai Tianqi, I really need that money now!"
"Then what are you hesitating about? Take action if you want money. There is no lunch in this world. Why? No? Then I will go! " After that, he turned his head and sat in the assistant’s car without looking back, ready to leave.
夜生活"Hello" Tao Zhi Ling hurried after the car. If he didn’t help himself, he really didn’t know what else to do. "Are you so heartless? Do you really want from ruin? "
"I didn’t say I want from ruin. I just want to pull in a little with you and save it. Remember to come to me if you want something nice, and then we will continue to discuss whether it is good for men and women or good for men and women!"
"Hey!" Tao Zhiling slammed his foot on the car and asked for a sports car. "Cai Tianqi, you turtle!"
But the car had already left before the words were finished.
Assistant in the rearview mirror to see her figure concerned tunnel "master, you really don’t give money to miss tao? You have never been so cruel to her at ordinary times. "
Cai Tianqi didn’t have a heavy heart in the car until the figure of Tao Zhi Ling was far behind the handlebar. He said, "Find out where Momo Tao’s hometown is at once."
When the assistant heard it, he was puzzled. "What are you doing there?" But on second thought, he got up. It seems that he is going to get into trouble with that bully. No wonder he was so cruel just now!
For that kind of person, the soft way is impossible. If he succeeds this time, there will surely be another excuse to keep asking for money. Thinking of this, he immediately replied, "Yes! Young master! " With that, he stepped on the gas pedal and left quickly.
When Tao Zhiling left the bar, she thought about it for a long time and went back to her hometown by bus.
At this time, it is already very late, and I will see my mother sitting on the lawn alone in a daze, but I didn’t expect that when she arrived home, she would find her mother cleaned up in the house.
Strange! He hasn’t given the money to Emperor Zhao yet. How could he be so kind as to let his mother live in first? Maybe this conscience has been discovered?
Gently walked in, and the dim light made the environment here look even colder. Yao Yawei’s thin figure was busy in a room alone, and suddenly Tao Zhi Ling felt sour.
At this time, Yao Yawei, who was cleaning the table, found that she quickly turned around and smiled, "Tao, are you back?" And she hurried to meet up with excitement.
TaoZhi ghatpot strange tunnel "mom, why did you come in? Emperor Zhao, did he give you a hard time? "
"no! Today, he took the initiative to give me the title deed, and he didn’t say anything. After saying it, he wouldn’t bother us and fled. "
"No! He would be so kind as to send it over? That money thing. "
"He said no and promised that he wouldn’t ask us for another penny."
Tao Zhiling was confused. "This is strange. Why did he give us the title deed?"
Yao Yawei said, "I was just about to ask you about this, me or what did you do to make him change?"
"No, I went out to borrow money today, but I didn’t borrow anything!"
If you don’t borrow anything, will Emperor Zhao automatically deliver the title deed? Yao Yawei was silent. "Who did you go to today?"
Although Yao Yawei has never seen a real Cai Tianqi, she also learned from the news that there are many things with Cai Tianqi. "Haven’t you found anyone except Tianqi?"
Tao Zhi Ling shook her head. "After looking for him, I thought it was getting late and it was impossible to borrow so much money in such a short time."
Yao Yawei was silent for a moment. "Is Tianqi usually good to you?"
"Yes!" Tao zhi ling want to also don’t want to say
"Does he like you?"
Speaking of this question, Tao Zhiling smiled slightly without embarrassment. "He said he likes me!" "
This is not telling the truth by himself. He did confess to himself, but whether he really meant it or not is 90% sure.
Yao Yawei clapped his hands at this moment and said, "That’s right. If I didn’t guess wrong, he must have settled this matter. You don’t know if Emperor Zhao came here and was beaten. Look at my eyes. If Tianqi didn’t help us, who else would have helped him?"
Yes, it is true that Cai Tianqi will do this now, and it is his habit to fight violence with violence.