Qin Xiong’s teammates are also laying in the thirdline attack point, but Qin Xiong has no plans to play the ball.

He has no teammates at this moment!
It is not that he is selfish, but that he and his teammates are actually enemies!
He’s just here to grab an opportunity that belongs to others, and he’s here to win his own amazing glory!
Less than 5 meters in front of him is Yilmaz, the midfielder of the Red Team, but Mops, on the contrary, is Yilmaz’s explosive power! But the speed is slightly inferior!
That is to say, the Yilmaz key steal will have a quick, accurate and malicious effect!
And Yilmaz also stuck to the key forward position. Qin Xiong suddenly slowed down the pace again in front of him, but instead of slowing down completely, he stuck the ball slowly to keep the combination of people and balls. This is the most common way with a poor rhythm. The purpose is to confuse opponents and lure them to hand over their body center of gravity first!
Mops also chased Qin Xiong behind one fast and one slow to see him getting closer and closer. Mops made a determined effort to shovel people behind his back. He didn’t dare to witness what he did in Fan Jiaer. He was going to knock Qin Xiong down from behind!
Just then Yilmaz fell!
Qin Xiong just finished the dynamic pause. Yilmaz’s foot is about to touch the ball, but Qin Xiong turns around and pulls the ball with his left foot!
Yilmaz was dumbfounded!
Marseille roundabout!
Yilmaz’s center of gravity has been handed over and he and Moppes, who couldn’t stop the car, collided headon!
When they fell to the ground, they didn’t forget to turn their heads and look at Qin Xiong. After finishing the Marseille roundabout, they continued to take the ball forward!
At this time, everyone on the sidelines gasped and was shocked by Qin Xiong’s performance!
Then Qin Xiong has come to the front of the red team’s back line. I have to say that Qin Xiong still wants to thank his teammates for their excellent running awareness, so that even if they guessed that Qin Xiong can’t play the ball, they can still spread their positions and make the attack points distributed reasonably.
Qin Xiong has to challenge the opponent’s double central defender!
Vermaelen Dunn!
17yearold Vermaelen has completely panicked!
Qin Xiong’s performance brought him unparalleled pressure.
Before the headon confrontation, Qin Xiong noticed Vermaelen’s panic, his eyes were reckless and he grabbed his body. He slowed down again and then made a shot!
Vermaelen immediately blocked in front of him, even his body blocked the shooting angle.
But for a second Vermaelen’s forehead oozed cold sweat.
False shot!
Qin Xiong made a simple shot, but didn’t shoot, and then changed direction with the ball in an understatement, so Vermaelen passed by!
Duane gritted his teeth and rushed at him too hard. Qin Xiong changed direction again with the ball and passed the last defender!
Go to the restricted area and face goalkeeper moisander!
Moisander abandoned the door and went straight for Qin Xiong. To Qin Xiong’s surprise, moisander threw himself two meters in front of him to block the angle, but Qin Xiong had not shot yet.
Qin Xiong realized that the young goalkeeper was also panicked.
He stepped on the football.
Moisander crawled in front of him. Qin Xiong pulled the ball half a meter horizontally with his right foot. The arch gently pushed the ball past moisander. He stretched out his hand to stop the difference of ten centimeters and could touch the football, but the distance was like a world away!
The football rolled slowly into the goal.
Qin Xiong held his head high and turned to look back at the shock!
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The training ground suddenly fell silent.
Everyone stared at Qin Xiong walking slowly back after breaking the door.
Behind Qin Xiong, goalkeeper moisander looks pale and he falls to the ground.
In front of Qin Xiong MoPuSi Yilmaz just got up and gnashed her teeth and felt ashamed and resentful!
A longdistance attack on Qin Xiong from the front of his own halfcourt penalty area stirred up the red team’s midfield and backcourt!
Vermaelen Duane’s pat on the face seems to cheer himself up. They were broken oneonone by Qin Xiong respectively. If it is a professional stadium, it will be a stain! If it’s an important game, they are sinners!
The yellow team player Qin Xiong’s teammates saw Qin Xiong’s eyes change significantly and marveled at the performance just now by this Asianfaced young man.
Through the halfcourt performance, Qin Xiong is biased towards the defensive players. It’s shameless that there are still people who feel condescending at rest!
They all remember that Qin Xiong said that he could play in midfield before training!
And many people have also issued a sneer.
Qin Xiong scored a goal. He didn’t have much excitement, but Freddie jumped up in situ on the sidelines, regardless of other people’s strange eyes. Qin Xiong applauded!
Freddie is proud at this moment!
What about Ajax?
So what if you are rich in genius?
Come and see the real genius here!
Rick Link, the director of youth training, was dumbfounded!
It’s probably been a long time since I’ve seen a player make such a wonderful performance from the backcourt!
Fan Jiaer dismissed the idea that he would continue to look.
It is impossible to say how shocking Fan Jiaer will be.
夜生活Not to mention that more than a decade ago, he personally trained a large number of geniuses. When he coached Barcelona twice, there were also many geniuses to work with. What’s more, in the top European stadiums, national team workers have witnessed too many geniuses.
It is too hasty to judge a young player by his performance in just over ten seconds.
But the objective evaluation must be given that Qin Xiong has already scored in Fan Jiaer’s mind!
First of all, Qin Xiong is very good at taking an active part in defense in the overall situation, and intercepting defense in the key position of the opponent’s offensive line.
Secondly, although the importance of today’s training match is still the strength and overall quality of players, it can’t be compared with professional competition.
But this is Ajax youth training base!
There will be no pawns here.