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"Consider" Lin Mochen picked up the teacup "I’ll go in and accompany Lu Youchu at night and leave it to you"

Lin Mo-chen got up from the sofa and then patted Chuhang on the shoulder and walked into the lounge.
Lin Mochen walked beside Lu Ju and put the teacup.
He lifted the bed, held Lu You in his arms, warmed himself up, and gave her his temperature, hoping that her pale face would float with a pink blush, and that her skin would not be so cold as frost, and that she would open her eyes and smile at him.
Sometimes, the posture of the two people is like two small animals hugging each other for warmth.
Lin Mo-chen buried his face in his shoulder and neck, closed his eyes and smelled her deeply. The familiar smell was still charming and fragrant.
This familiarity made his chest surge with pain and joy, and her heart spread away.
He recalled the moment when Lu Yu fell, which made his heart stop.
He stretched out his hand to catch her, but he couldn’t catch anything. The feeling of beating him and defeating him made him miserable.
Fortunately, her life is not in danger. Fortunately, he found her. Fortunately, she can still hear her every heartbeat and feel her every breath.
Suddenly I feel that living is the best wealth.
When the gas flows quietly, it also passes silently. Everything is so beautiful.
Soon they returned to Baijing City, and the helicopter stopped at the top floor of the building directly. The morning morning attracted people to watch and marvel.
Here I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
☆ 14 In the final analysis, he failed to protect her well.
In the morning in Baijing, the morning light is charming and golden, and the morning light is coming out from the clouds, dyeing the clouds with gorgeous gold.
Lin Mo-chen came from a helicopter to blame Liu You, who was still sleeping.
He is tall and has long legs, a white shirt and simple dark trousers, while Wei Wei J is a natural walking hanger.
His shirt collar unbuttoned two beautiful collarbones, and his shirt was just propped up by his perfect texture, so he could see clearly the skin lines and smell sexy male hormones.
He carried the golden sunshine behind him, and his hair was wide and his shoulders were soft. The morning light enveloped him and his arms.
Coming against the light, the top of his balcony looks so ethereal and unreal that you can walk away in the wind at any time, and you should not desecrate the noble gods as high as that.
And people look up at him as if they were worshipping him.
Section 176
The morning breeze blows his soft and drooping black hair, and the whole city is charming. The light and shadow are more three-dimensional and profound. If the emperor is the most carefully carved, it will be pleasing to the eye.
Lin Mochen, however, regarded people on the ground as amazing and curious about him, and calmly looked at the notice and went to Tiantai from the medical staff.
The medical staff helped put Lu Yu and Chu Ye on a stretcher and then carried them.
While ChuHeng accompanied Lin Mochen to follow the hospital staff to the rooftop.
Gu Nanqing is responsible for driving the helicopter back to Moyuan and parking it before driving over.
From the rooftop to the ladder, Lin Mo-chen has been with Lu You all the time, and with one hand, she clasps her fingers and is intimate and entangled, unwilling to separate.
They went all the way to the emergency room and pushed Chu night and Lu Yu into the room to prepare for examination and treatment.
Chuheng has also changed his white gown to be neat and tidy without any wrinkles.
Although after a night of tossing, the plane Chu Heng had a rest and now looks in good spirits.
Chu Heng looked at Lin Mochen outside the emergency room and comforted him. "Now that you are in the hospital, don’t worry about the situation of Lu You. There shouldn’t be much problem. Just look at Chu Ye’s injury. What am I afraid of?"
When Chu Heng said this, his white face was also dyed with a faint smile, which made Lin Mo-chen feel at ease. The power of smiling is the best medicine for peace of mind.
Lin Mo-chen’s eyes swept to Chu Heng’s jade-like gentle face and gently ordered a head.
He must have believed in Chu Heng’s medical skills, and he did his best to be a fraternity. He really didn’t trust others except him.
It is because the injured person is worried about Lu, and she suffered from the night’s suffering and torture. It is natural for him to feel bad when he sees those large and small injuries to her skin.
"Then sit down and have a rest. Don’t drive yourself fidgety. What should you do if you are so nervous and wait for Lu to get better? Who’s going to take care of her? I think the first person she wants to see when she wakes up must be what you want to do. I don’t need to say more. "Chu Heng reached out from his robe pocket and patted Lin Mochen on the shoulder to cheer him up." Then I won’t say much when I go in. "
Chu Heng opened the door and entered the emergency room. He treated Lu You and Chu Ye was another famous doctor in the hospital.
Lin Mochen listened to ChuHeng’s words and sat down on the bench at the edge of the emergency room with long legs crossed.
He hasn’t relaxed since he received the news last night.
It’s always a long wait, and both Lu You and Chu Ye need a thorough examination.
Lin Mochen took out a mobile phone. It’s just past 7 o’clock.
He called Pang Bo in the past. "I can’t come to the company meeting today in Pang Bo. Let the vice president inform me if there is something that can’t be handled by email."
桑拿会所After talking to Pang Bo, he remembered something and dialed a number in mind.
After the other party picked it up, he smiled a little evil. "Manager Lin is willing to call me."
"Olson, do me a favor," said Lin Mochen.
"Lin always wants my help, but I have to pay the price," Olson said coldly. "I’m not interested in such a vulgar thing as money. What do you say?"
"I have nothing but money. You have no choice." Lin Mochen’s low voice was oppressive.
Olson there leng a not angry Lin Mochen threat is laughing "then tell me what it is"
"Chi Yiming, the vice president of Chi’s family, is missing in the Second Little Castle Peak Scenic Area. I want to see people die and see corpses." Lin Mo-chen calmly described the tone, but the anger in his chest had already burned up. "Your ability is not difficult to do."
Olson asked, "What?"
"You ask if it’s too much." Lin Mo-chen is affirmative. Naturally, he won’t tell him the reason.
"I don’t ask, but I want the price. You owe me a favor. When will it be up to me? If you agree, the deal will be made?" Ou Chu did not continue to ask.
He also knows Lin Mochen. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, he won’t talk about it. If he really wants to know the reason again, he will know it if he wants to check it out.
"I owe you a favor, but I won’t do anything against my will. If you agree, it’s a deal." Lin Mochen also wants to leave a back door for himself
"Lin Mo Chen, you are still so cautious and I won’t hurt you." Olson said softly, "I can’t bear to haha …"
"Give me news in three days, the sooner the better. I can’t wait." Lin Mochen felt that three days was already a limit.
He now wishes he could tear Chi Yiming to pieces and worry about Lu, so that the burning flame in his heart could be extinguished.
He didn’t expect Chi Yiming to take Lu You and put her in such danger without learning a lesson at all.
I’m afraid he can’t wait for three days at the thought that he may lose his worries about Lu.
"It seems that this pool Yiming is going to be in great trouble." Olson gloated that "offending Yan shouldn’t offend you."
"Call me if you have news, so I have work." Lin Mochen hung up with Olson.
Soon after, Gu Nanqing also rushed to the hospital to see Lin Mo-chen sitting in a rest chair.
He sat down next to Lin Mochen and put the paper breakfast bag in his hand. "What happened to Lu You and Chu Ye?"
"It should come out soon." Lin Mochen looked at his breakfast but had no appetite at all, but still picked up the milk and took a sip.
"This time can’t let Chi Yiming go again" Gu Na tilted his eyebrows.
"Can’t let him go, since he wants to play, I’ll let him have a good time." Lin Mochen put the bag aside.