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I laughed, too.

That’s what they used to do. I didn’t take part in it and I’m not interested in exploring it.
Gu Changyu looked at me gently. "See you at school then."
I was dazed and suddenly remembered that Nan Nan had said that she was an architecture student in our school and Ye Xiangyuan was a visiting professor.
Before she left, she added, "Sometimes let’s go shopping together. Asun and Ayuan are too busy to accompany me, and there is no one around me to play with me."
Although I didn’t believe that she would have no friends if she was such a charming girl and so beautiful, I still answered politely.
She may not really ask me out anyway.
Ye Xiangyuan light way "go"
There seems to be a trace of impatience in the tone.
I’m busy with him
He didn’t say a word all the way until he got to the car, and he seemed angry.
The atmosphere is a little dull.
I looked at him holding the steering wheel with slender fingers and whispered, "Don’t you like me playing with Miss Gu?"
Wen Yan Ye glanced at me from the far side.
I looked him in the eye
Ye Xiangyuan was quiet for a few seconds before he said flatly, "You think too much."
I don’t believe that he was unhappy just now. I’m sure it’s not my illusion.
Maybe he doesn’t want me to get too close to his friends. After all, he and I are not real lovers.
Chapter 4 I need you too
A lot of emotions welled up in my heart, and finally I was relieved.
Since he doesn’t like it, I’ll pay more attention in the future.
What’s more, my agreement with him is still open to question.
I turned a topic and said, "Xiao Jin sleeps alone. I wonder if he will wake up in the middle of the night and be afraid …"
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a look. "There are servants to take care of him."
I whispered, "I still want to talk to you about today."
Ye Xiangyuan was silent for a moment and suddenly stopped the car.
This is a street that is not very busy. Occasionally, cars pass by and gallop away.
It’s still drizzling, and the wiper keeps moving back and forth
Street lamps on both sides shine through rain, fog and leaves, and the dark images are graceful.
I hesitated. "Since you made up your mind to bring me here today, I know there must be no room for manoeuvre. If you disagree with me, you have to agree …"
He didn’t go out.
I paused. "But I still want to be honest. We don’t pretend to get married …"
He turned slightly and looked at me with one hand on the steering wheel.
I avoided his sight and continued, "Everyone knows that you have a fiancee. I can still attend such an occasion if necessary … I can also help you take care of Xiao Jin … I like him too … We will keep it like this …"
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly interrupted me, "Uncle and aunt are still awake?"
I can’t understand why he turned to this matter.
He stared at me closely.
I said, "I just called them, and they don’t trust me. I haven’t slept yet."
喝茶约茶  title=Ye Xiangyuan started the car.
I was surprised and said, "I really want to discuss with you … I hope you can tell me what you think."
Ye Xiangyuan casually hit the steering wheel and said, "It’s impossible to make a set since it’s a show."
I frown. "But it’s not necessary …"
According to my idea, I can be a shield for him, but that’s all. We don’t interfere in each other’s lives, and we can remain independent and free whether in our circle of friends or at work.
He didn’t discuss this with me. "Since my uncle and aunt didn’t sleep, I’ll take this opportunity to kiss."
I’m terrified
This is a little sudden …
At this time, it happened to be a red light. He stopped the car and gently reminded me to stare at me. "We must get married at the right time."
I forgot to think about his dark and attractive eyes.
His lip angle slowly evokes an arc, and my forehead slightly swells, so I sit up straight again and look straight ahead.
I feel my cheeks burning and my head is a mess.
There was no conversation all the way, and the car was quiet.
He succeeded in blocking all my words.
I was joking when I came to kiss you, but I ended up in my building. Ye Xiangyuan actually followed me to the car and went into the corridor with me.
I stopped him at the entrance of the ladder. "You know that Ning Qi has just passed. Now you go to my house and say that you want to marry me. I’m afraid my parents can’t digest it …"
Ye Xiangyuan is deeply watching me not to talk.