Nan Zhai smiled, Not stupid?

Qin Leran put his face on his face and rubbed it like a courtship kitten. I’m not stupid, brother, you’re stupid.
Listening to her soft voice, Nan Zhai’s heart melted and she couldn’t help holding her head and kissing her tenderly.
The two men were so bored that they kissed each other. One of them entered the room for a long time and they didn’t find it.
After waiting for half a day, Nan Zhai hasn’t found his Louis coughing heavily to wake Nan Zhai up.
Nan Zhai called him over to discuss things so that he couldn’t have a good time with his woman. But Nan Zhai held his woman there, and it was really an eyesore for you.
Hearing the cough, Qin Leran quickly escaped from Nan Zhai’s arms and blushed and said, Brother Lie, you talk about me and I’ll wait for you next door.
She knew that my brother had something to discuss with Louis and left.
As soon as Qin Leran walked away, Nan Zhai’s face suddenly sank, and he handed a document to Louis. I came to the news not long ago and you have a look.
What? Louis asked or picked up the information to read.
Another clue to the person behind your information, Nan Zhai said.
The snow continues
There is a white mountain in heaven and earth, but it is still white, and it can’t see any color.
Qin Leran sat by the window and looked at the flying snow. I don’t know where to fly.
What exactly are Brother Lie and Louis talking about?
Do we really need to talk for that long?
She waited for an hour, two hours and three hours … They talked and seemed to forget her.
喝茶约茶She knows that Brother Liede has a lot of things to do, and she also understands that he should try not to get him into trouble, but she will also chat if she is kept waiting for so long at a time.
Sigh Qin Leran withdrew his eyes.
Her days can’t go on like this. She must find something to do for herself so that she won’t think about it.
But what can she find to do?
Before, I could volunteer to go hiking with Ya Ya and some of them …
Now several of them are going to graduate in 2008 to prepare for their internship, and she can’t do anything alone.
Chapter 95 No matter how busy you are, remember her.
Ding Rinrin …
Just when Qin Leran was thinking, the phone rang.
She looked sideways and saw that it was Lin Xiaoxiao.
She answered vigorously and said, What’s the little thing?
Lin Xiaoxiao was so excited that he sounded like chicken blood. Do you remember what I told you?
What is it? Qin Leran has no impression of little things about Lin.
Have you forgotten? Lin Xiaoxiao some disappointed voice.
Little you tell me again Although not facing Lin Xiaoxiao face to face, I forgot what others said cleanly. Qin Leran is still somewhat embarrassed.
Lin Xiao asked you to come with me to open a new club for a friend of mine. You promised me.
Well! Anyway, I have nothing to do these days. When will you call me? Qin Leran is worried that he has nothing to be distracted. It’s not something that will come to you.
Listening to Qin Leran’s frank promise to Lin Xiaoxiao, he resumed his happy tone. It’s better to hit the sun when you choose another day. Let’s go abroad for a visit. Brother Tiannan Zhai will definitely have no time to worry about you, so we can go out and make waves together.
Qin Leran immediately asked, My brother is going to visit abroad?
Brother Lie is going abroad to visit again. Why hasn’t she heard anything?
Brother Le Ran Nan Zhai didn’t tell you about your visit abroad? At the other end, Lin Xiaoxiao was silent for a moment and added, I was also watching my brother ask someone to help him pack his bags. He is going to visit Nan Zhai’s brother abroad. If I didn’t tell you, I might have made a mistake.
The more Lin Xiaoxiao explained to Qin Leran, the more uncomfortable he felt. Everyone thought that Nan Zhai should have told her before going abroad, but he didn’t tell her.
Le Ran, are you all right? Didn’t hear Qin Leran answer Lin Xiaoxiao repeatedly asked Leran, Leran …
I’m fine Qin Leran smiled.
Brother Lie is so busy in business and personal affairs that he has to deal with many things. It is not surprising that he forgot to tell her about his visit abroad for a while.
She must tell her before the meeting if Brother Lie is going to visit abroad.
Just finished talking to Lin Xiaoxiao, my brother came to see her.
She turned back and smiled at him. Brother Lie, you are finished.
There is still something to deal with Nan Zhai looked at her apologetically. It’s getting late. I’ll accompany you to dinner first.
He is so busy, but he still wants to take time to have dinner with her. Just now, a little unpleasantness rises in his heart and disappears instantly.
Qin Leran hugged Nan Zhai’s arm and smiled. Brother Lie, you accompany me to dinner for a while and I will work overtime with you.
Nan Zhai nodded her head well
Nan Zhai was very upset because he had been unhappy two days ago. No matter how busy he was, he tried to take time to have dinner with her.
Take an hour to have dinner with her every day, and she will be as happy as if the whole world dotes on her. This little girl is so contented.
Brother Lie, do you have anything to tell me? On the way to the restaurant, Qin Leran asked him.
hmm? What is it? Nan Zhai looked down slightly and saw that her eyelashes were as beautiful as a small fan. She couldn’t help but bow her head and kiss her. What do you want to hear?
Don’t you have anything to tell me? Qin Leran asked questions and told himself in his heart that if my brother didn’t tell her, he must not even remember himself.
Nan Zhai thought for a moment. Little girl, do you want me to say I like you every day?
He is a big man, and he is really not good at saying some disgusting love words. It has exceeded his limit to say it once in a while.
It’s really hard for him to talk every day.
Brother Lie, you really can’t remember what you said to me? She woke up like this, and my brother can’t remember what he’s been busy all day. It’s really hard for her brother.
See Qin Leran a face of serious Nan Zhai seriously wanted to think about it and finally thought of visiting abroad.
He had planned to tell Qin Leran about it in the afternoon, but later he needed support because of a call from Louis, and then he got some new news and threw it behind his head.
These days, he has been busy finding out the black hand behind the scenes and always ignores the little girl beside him.
And this little girl is young and small, but she also understands that he will not quarrel with him, and he will not be sensible, which makes people feel distressed.
He rubbed her head and said apologetically, However, I will leave early in the morning when I am going abroad for a few days.
I confirmed that my brother was going abroad to visit her, and I didn’t see my brother Qin Leran for many days, but I still smiled and said, My brother, go abroad to visit, and wait for you at home.