Seville shortened the score gap.
There is still hope for them to equalize the score during the game.
However, three minutes later, after Qin Xiong retreated to the midfield to catch Lasdiarra’s ball, a largescale shift was once again instigated by Real Madrid to launch a deadly offensive.
After stopping the ball perfectly on the left in the frontcourt, Steer immediately crossed the ball to the middle. Van der Vaart stopped the ball and obliquely blocked the right side of the penalty area.
Higuain, a smoker, went into the penalty area without making any adjustment. palop barely blocked the ball for a while, and then he was disappointed to see Raul make up the shot in the penalty area and send the ball to the door!
There is not much time left in the 5:3 game. Raul’s second goal can be said to have helped Real Madrid seal the victory. Now let’s see if there will be a miracle belonging to Seville!
There are no miracles.
Bosque dropped the last two substitutions to strengthen the defense.
Seville finally swallowed five bullets at Pisjuan Stadium and suffered a big reversal!
At the end of the game, Seville people were in the same place.
They lost their emotions and suppressed their pain as much as losing a championship game.
Real Madrid’s generals encouraged each other to celebrate the victory and then left with their heads held high.
Real Madrid conceded two goals and played one less away from home. With Qin Xiong’s hat trick, Real Madrid played a fivegoal reversal.
After the game, many Spanish media recognized that Real Madrid had hit the La Liga championship and Qin Xiong’s performance was praised by critics.
Marca won the title of Qin Xiong wears a hat and Real Madrid hits the championship when Real Madrid performed at Pisjuan Stadium. Commentator Serhurola said that Qin Xiong was a bloodthirsty football field and a real Madrid is alive and strange
Real Madrid’s overall performance is also recognized as stable and powerful
The AS newspaper believes that Real Madrid showed its highest level at Pisjuan Stadium
Although Real Madrid has not won the honor, it has fully exerted its ability. Real Madrid has brought not only confidence and hope, but also fresh football.
National News made a headline on their sports homepage Immortal Qin Xiong to describe the performance of Real Madrid. When Real Madrid is on the verge of losing the hope of winning the championship, Qin Xiong makes everything possible, and it is still possible that it will take six days less.
Compared with the media touting Qin Xiong’s recognition that the team’s performance is higher than personal honor, Qin Xiong said after the game that the important thing is that the team won, not that I scored a lot of goals
Le Monde, another major newspaper in Spain, has lived for two years to form the theme slogan of Beijing Olympic Games for Real Madrid.
The same team, the same dream, Real Madrid’s incredible magic gives Barcelona continuous pressure and Qin Xiong is the magic of Real Madrid, and he has achieved his own wonders
Real Madrid returned to Madrid and immediately devoted themselves to postgame recovery. Now they have to prepare for the most crucial battle of the whole season. Their eyes are on the game in a Spanish national derby on a weekend!
桑拿按摩Another focus battle was played here in the 33rd round of La Liga match at Mestalla Stadium.
Barcelona is a guest to challenge Valencia
In the ninth minute of the game, the scoreboard number is still 2:2.
But just after the second minute of injury time, there was a picture that made Barcelona fans excited and crazy.
Messi suddenly came to the middle of the front line to catch Iniesta’s ball. After Eto ‘o’s cover suddenly changed direction and cut into the restricted area, he crossed the whole defense line of Valencia alone!
Then in the penalty area, he deftly volleyed the ball into the far corner of the goal.
After the goal, Messi rushed to the sidelines with a wild roar, and all Barcelona people went crazy.
Messi! Messi kills Valencia! 3:2! 3:2!
Barcelona didn’t let the lead over Real Madrid shrink before the national derby!
Messi is also leading Barcelona to the championship after Qin Xiong led Real Madrid to an incredible reversal!
Six days later, La Liga duo will meet in the national derby!
To be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has become the kings of the post9 5 s before it is drawn]
The pace of Spain’s national derby is approaching. Qin Xiong had a very quiet training ground and home at two o’clock this week before the game. He needed the most relaxation to ensure that he had enough energy to face the most important game in the final stage.
Several European and Spanish media have thoroughly analyzed the situation of winning the championship.
Simply put, defending champion Real Madrid is now four points behind Barcelona.
If Real Madrid can beat Barcelona at home, there is still the possibility of winning the championship because Barcelona will be distracted from the Champions League semifinal Chelsea game.
If it’s a draw, Barcelona’s chances of winning the championship will be very high because they can’t make a mistake in one of the four games!
And if Real Madrid loses to Barcelona at the Bernabeu, then the league will be over. Everyone can congratulate Barcelona on overthrowing Real Madrid’s rule in the past two years and regaining the league title!
As the national derby approaches, the atmosphere of the war becomes more and more intense.
However, unlike the past, people no longer regard it as a grudge between the central ruler and Catalan nationalists, but examine it from the perspective of its influence on the league title competition and interpret it from the perspective of two styles of football confrontation
This national derby is the purest confrontation of competitive colors.
Compared with the season, Barcelona’s main players have more Alves and Pique, but Guardiola insists on the unified 433 style of play. He has absolute control over the team and successfully teamed up to make the Rossoneri achieve outstanding results in the season. The wonderful scene is recognized as the popular white swan
Although Guardiola said regretfully after the first leg of the Champions League semifinal draw with Chelsea that it’s hard to play a wonderful game if the opponent doesn’t want to play, it didn’t change his attitude towards the national derby.
Although we will visit Madrid, Barcelona’s purpose is to attack and then attack.
It is precisely because Guardiola’s concept has been recognized by La Liga coaches that most of the colleagues said in the prediction that one game will affect the trend of the league, but Barcelona should be the ideal winner of the trophy because they played the best football
At present, Barcelona is fighting fiercely.
How Guardiola regulates the players’ psychology will have a farreaching impact on the team.
In this regard, Barcelona Jong confidently said, I see that the players are ready for multiline warfare to affect their physical fitness, but I value psychology more because their legs are dominated by the brain.
Guardiola decided to take a day off on April 3rd to relax.
Barcelona will also fly to Madrid at noon on May 2, and participate in the competition that night.
Guardiola hopes that in this way, the team can avoid the media as much as possible and maintain a good attitude.
Real Madrid trained as usual on April 3rd.
Although the oneway battle has made them in relatively good physical condition, Bosque also has concerns.
The former’s tight play in Barcelona and Chelsea made it difficult for the Blues to enter the frontcourt.
To avoid this situation, Bosco is preparing for the national derby, hoping that his brothers can hold the goal like Chelsea, but they should also be able to knock on the door of Barcelona like Valencia.
It is predicted that the outcome of the century war is that Spanish politicians will participate in activities every year.