Chuyan can’t care so much. Just find out Wu Jiayang’s dialect number and take a deep breath before ordering it on demand.

The words rang for a while before I got through to "Hello ChuYan"
ChuYan one leng and then smile happily "ha ha that ah to me, I am ChuYan"
"Ha ha, I knew what’s wrong with talking at this time." Wu Jiayang asked with a smile.
"I" ChuYan paused.
"That Wu Jiayang I have left the hospital. I forgot to tell you when I left. How are you now?"
"Ha-ha" gave a hearty laugh when you heard it. "I knew you would call."
ChuYan a listen to not more embarrassed and then a quick smile.
Chu Yan said, "I’m sorry, I was in a hurry when I left."
Wu Jiayang laughed. "Forget it. It’s okay. I left soon after you left. How about you? Are you home now?"
Chu Yan nodded. "Well, I’m home."
She didn’t remember that she forgot to tell Wu Jiayang that she had left the hospital before she got home.
Chuyan was a little weak when she said this to Wu Jiayang. Uh-huh.
Wu Jiayang said with a smile, "I must have a good impression on Aunt Xie Liang when I have it another day. Otherwise, how can I meet such a good woman?"
Chuyan couldn’t help but get nervous when he said this.
She doesn’t know anything about Aunt Liang.
But the so-called depends on how Lan Xueer lies herself.
Wu Jiayang didn’t speak for a long time, and Chu Yan’s mouth was bubbling. What was behind it?
"Such a good female confidant! Haha!"
As soon as he finished ChuYan, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and knew that he was teasing her.
She couldn’t help laughing. "I didn’t expect you to play this trick. Well, then you should be ready. I’m welcome anytime, anywhere."
If Wu Jiayang just said that she was a girlfriend, Chu Yan would not be like anything, but she would contradict Wu Jiayang from the bottom of her heart.
After all, they didn’t meet once, but it was because of an own goal.
Although it’s quite easy to talk, anyway, the share of boyfriend and girlfriend depends on fate
It’s already Chu Yan’s limit to promise to go on a blind date. If this object takes the opportunity to hijack, Chu Yan is really disgusting.
The next day, everyone discussed the sensational jumping off a building yesterday.
Because someone photographed Mo Chengkun at that time, he was involved in the film.
Therefore, this sensational jumping event has been pushed to a new height.
Finally, Mo’s family came forward to clarify and cooperate with the police, saying that Mo always appeared there only to save people.
桑拿会所Although the incident finally subsided, Mo Jia and Mo Chengkun got a new round of notes.
But there are still many out.
What, because it’s Mo’s girlfriend, threatening him to get married?
Or all kinds of dog blood stories about heart breaker and spoony girl.
Chuyan was drunk when she heard these times.
While feeling the brain holes of netizens and people, I wonder how I would react if I met such a thing instead of seeing it with my own eyes.
She found herself thinking beyond that direction as well.
Shake your head. Sure enough, people are the same in their hearts.
I’m always looking forward to all kinds of dog blood, and I’m constantly spitting.
But now what’s your business?
After this incident, she seriously thought that it was time for her and Mo Chengkun to calm down.
Maybe it’s good to be apart.
So she didn’t listen to Zhang Na and went to see him every day.
Instead, I train myself every day and get into the crew to prepare.
In this way, after more than half a month, Chu Yan also entered the crew and the incident of jumping off the building has subsided, as if it had never happened.
The crew started as a shooting studio in A city, and Chu Yan would insist on going home every night.
This day, just when the car saw that there was no light in the Shengrong room opposite, it occurred to me that Shengrong really went abroad this time.
She really doesn’t have an acquaintance around here.