Ye Xiangyuan would leave, but he actually came over and was hugged by me.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the blue of his eyes and the pain in his eyes.
He stared into my eyes and said slowly, "I’m sorry. I didn’t know you cared so much …"
I smiled bitterly. "Do you think I should mind?"
He looked at me for a while and said, "If something happens to you, I think Asun will be just like me because you are my wife."
I was silent for a few seconds and shook my head. "No, it’s different. Brother Lu Xun doesn’t like me …"
I am even more convinced that if I go missing on New Year’s Eve, at least Gu Changning won’t be so anxious.
In Lu Xun … Maybe he will be hindered by Ye Xiangyuan’s help, but I don’t think he will disregard Gu Changyu’s wishes, let alone run out without asking Gu Changyu’s consent.
At the end of the day, it was because Ye Xiangyuan loved Gu Changyu that he acted like that last night.
Leaf to the distance "if you mind, I will pay attention to …"
I interrupted him, "You’re just saying that to cover up your thoughts about the little fish … you don’t have to hide anything from us, okay?"
Ye Xiangyuan tightened his arm firmly and said "bad"
I really don’t understand why he just won’t let me go.
Is it because I am still profitable?
"Ye Xiangyuan" I called him.
He looked at me quietly with his head down.
There is still tenderness in that eye, but how much sincerity does this tenderness have?
I wrinkled my nose and said, "Can you see that I love you so much that I don’t care that there is still someone living in your heart?"
He didn’t do it.
Tears rolled down my heart quietly, and the depression almost tore me apart. I couldn’t help begging him anymore. "I feel really bad. My heart seems to have been ripped away … You promised me to stay away from the little fish, but what you did made me feel that you would love her forever …"
Ye Xiangyuan still looked at me silently without opening his mouth, revealing some indescribable emotion in his eyes.
I bit my mouth to stop myself from crying.
But once the emotions break out, they can’t stop.
I sobbed, "I also told you that if you can’t do it, I won’t love you anymore … I will hurt if you break my heart again and again …" I grabbed my chest and was "Please leave me alone"
He grabbed my hand and put it on his lips to kiss, but he didn’t speak.
I hate his attitude.
品茶论坛This attitude of holding me in the palm of your hand and hurting me without fear.
I think he will drive me crazy sooner or later.
I want to stay away from him before I collapse.
I didn’t pull away my hand and looked at him with tears in my eyes, sobbing, "I gave you my love for the first time … I gave you my body and mind … but what is my heart?" To put it bluntly, you just treat me as a tool. You want me to be obedient and stay with you … But I also said at the beginning that if you lie to me, I will leave you … "
He gently touched the corner of my eye and let me vent without doing anything.
My head was groggy and I almost died crying. "You know, I really hate you … since it’s a tool, you have to give me all kinds of hints and hopes … what do you want me to do now? I hate myself for being such an unreasonable bitch … but I can’t help it … Ye Xiangyuan, I can’t help but hate it … Will you just leave me alone? "
He quietly kissed my eyes and my forehead.
I was so sad that I couldn’t get away from crying, and my head felt dizzy and my stomach suddenly hurt.
I vaguely heard him shouting in my ear, "Eleven, what’s wrong with you?"
My tears keep falling, but somehow I suddenly feel that I can’t open my eyes.
Then I lost consciousness.
I smelled disinfectant when I woke up.
When I opened my eyes, I found that my hands were hanging with water. It turned out that I was in the hospital.
Then I remembered that I was talking to Ye Xiangyuan, maybe I fainted because of emotional excitement.
I couldn’t help feeling my belly.
I don’t know if the baby is affected, but the stomach has stopped hurting, so there shouldn’t be much problem.
I remember hearing Ye Xiangyuan calling my name anxiously before I fainted.
Did he bring it to the hospital?
But there is no one in the ward, and he is not with me.
I guess … Let’s forget about Gu Changyu’s disappearance.
I sigh lightly and my head still hurts.
Looking up at the window, it was the beginning of the lights.