The bag in hand is very low-key, but the sharp-eyed person can see that it is a limited-edition low-key luxury ball.

"But Miss Mo, didn’t you notice at three o’clock?"
桑拿会所MoWenWan look slightly stiff turned casual magnanimous said
"That should be that I made you an hour late when I remembered wrong."
Wang Yan sneered at Mo Wenwan’s weakness. "It’s the first time I’ve seen someone else’s head when I remember wrong."
"If you are late, you will be late. Others will not say anything, but this attitude is very problematic."
"Forget it. She’s a big shot, so we should wait for her. After all, it’s just booming."
Listen to these weird words, Qin Miaomiao’s mouth is hooked. It seems that Mo Wenwan’s eye drops are really good. She just came here and pulled so much hatred.
Mo Wen wan’s face is to introduce her to these celebrities, but in fact, she wants to cut off her possibility of making friends with these people
The entertainment circle is very big, and it is not common for a person to play around with some power interest chains on the backs of these celebrities.
In particular, they form an inherent circle, and it is difficult to fit in with them, but it is easy to be excluded from them.
Mo Wen-wan is very powerful. She was given a Mawei as soon as she came.
She smiled lightly and said, "I’m sorry. I brought a friend here, too. Do you mind?"
Lv Pingting sneered, "This is a private club, and it’s not like all cats and dogs can enter Miss Qin. You’d better weigh it."
"Wen Wan, look at who you invited. Didn’t you say that only people with a certain status can enter Morton Manor? Don’t lower our level."
Mo Wenwan pretended to be embarrassed, smiled and said, "Miss Qin, I’m so sorry. It’s really not for ordinary people to enter here, or let your friends avoid it."
At this time, a deep voice came over.
"Oh, it seems that we are not welcome in this place, Mr. Hilton. Let’s go."
They looked intently and gasped in a gasp.
What a beautiful boy with a golden shoulder and a deep outline. There is something handsome but fascinating in her beauty, but she is a man on her chest. Someone exclaimed.
God, is he the most popular model in the fashion circle?
Chapter 399 Face the second wave
"What Wall"
"You don’t know that his first show last year was Hilton’s new spring show, and then he became the hottest male model. He was praised by Hilton for his muse’s handsome face. The typhoon made him a top male model in just half a year, but I didn’t expect him to disappear after half a year. He quit the modeling circle and many people lamented it.
At this time, someone exclaimed, "Isn’t the person around him Mr. Hilton?"
Everyone was shocked. It was Hilton.
Isn’t the iconic black glasses, short white hair and cold face with a leading crutch in their hands the godfather of fashion Hilton?
Miss Qin was able to invite Hilton especially to invite Wall, who had disappeared for more than half a year.
That’s not a deep background. Then who is?
They feel their faces burning and aching.
Qin Miaomiao secretly spit while listening to those people.
Holy shit, the boss turned out to be the hottest model
Isn’t he from a bodyguard family?
And when did this Hilton guy invite him?
Qin Miao Miao couldn’t help asking him in a low voice, "You are really a model."
The boss coughed, "Who doesn’t have a sideline yet, right? Please don’t puncture it."
But you haven’t played too much in your old sideline, have you? The hottest male model heard that every step requires money to calculate the sky-high price.
She suddenly realized the meaning of former Lu Qing’s words, and sure enough, she could kill the quartet with him.
Her bodyguard regiment is really all stunts.
No, it’s stunning.
Who dares to say that he is beautiful if he is so arrogant?
Not even a man. Women are afraid to die of shame.
Mo Wenwan was the first to return to absolute being, and hurriedly walked forward to squeeze out a gentle smile.
"I didn’t expect it to be Mr. Hilton. Hello, I’m Mo Wen Wanji, your assistant. I wonder if you are interested in attending the new conference held in our country."