But everyone in the lab knows that when it comes to studying Professor Yuan, it’s almost crazy!

If it weren’t for Mr. Gu and Professor Yuan’s agreement, Professor Yuan would fulfill Mr. Gu’s requirements and Mr. Yuan would meet all Professor Yuan’s experimental needs! Mr. yuan did the experiment, even if he killed someone, he would not hesitate to do it!
Knowing that Xu Jing was not in danger of life, Xu Tao breathed a sigh of relief for the time being. When his eyes fell on Xu Jing and he showed traces of ankles outside his pants, Xu couldn’t help but burst into flames again.
What have you all done to her! Xu Tao didn’t stretch out his hand to lift Xu Jing’s pants. He was afraid that he would see more things he didn’t want to see after lifting them! The anger will be out of control!
Didn’t leave the white eyes looked at them coldly and went on to say
At this level, you should be glad that when someone came over, the whole limb was gone. Now, while Professor Yuan hasn’t changed his mind, you’d better get out of here.
With that, the two men put their hands into their white robe pockets and turned and left.
Pell sent them in and left half an hour later, leaving two people to take care of them. He sent Xu Tao and them away after the end.
Xu Tao’s face was gloomy, and the responsible caretaker saw that Xu Jing had been carried out, so they let Xu Tao leave.
Xu Tao will Xu Jing whole up and then with the two men behind him.
I don’t know how long it took all the way, and when I reached my destination, I was awakened, only to find that I didn’t know when I fell asleep in the process!
The first thing Xu Tao did after the car was to take Xu Jing to the hospital!
He was in a hurry, and everyone in the hospital was startled by Xu Jing in his hand. Some doctors and nurses were fighting, oxygen and ambulance beds.
What is the patient’s condition?
The doctor took a small tube and reached over Xu Jing’s eyelids for inspection.
It’s best to give her a physical examination. I’m not sure if her body is still there … Xu said as he stretched out his hand to pull up Xu Jing’s calf pants, and he was shocked all over.
However, what did he see? He didn’t see anything.
There should have been a scar on Xu Jing’s ankle and calf, but now there is nothing!
At this time, the doctor seems to have made a preliminary examination of Xu Jing and said, Mr. Xu, I don’t think there is anything wrong with your wife. She just fainted and it’s nothing serious.
As a result, in the end, oxygen and all those firstaid tools are not available
After the doctors and nurses left, Xu went to sit next to Xu Jing and found that I didn’t know when Xu Jing’s face had returned to normal, ruddy and not like a patient with physical problems.
Xu Tao couldn’t think of putting out his hand to wipe his face. He didn’t believe that there was something wrong with his previous memory.
Section 125
So he sat up from his chair and looked as if he had made up his mind.
Without too much delay, Xu Tao’s face at the police station was quite serious and scary.
He wants to report that someone has a secret base in the ruins to carry out experiments by illegal people.
As soon as the police heard that it was illegal and people came to carry out the experiment, they immediately straightened their posture and sent people directly to several cars to follow Xu Tao to guide them to their destination.
However, let them check the ruins several times and finally find that this is a simple ruin!
Xu Tao looked confused and stared at the surrounding environment. Is it a word or those wastes? They came exactly the same!
The route is still clearly recorded in his mind! In just a few hours, Xu Tao didn’t believe those people could get all the instruments out of the laboratory!
The key is the original hidden entrance theory. They can’t find it anywhere!
It’s like the whole thing has disappeared! Get out of his sight!
The police accompanied him for more than an hour before he left. If he didn’t look at the other person, he seemed to be the president of a certain company. They all wondered if the other person was deliberately looking for trouble to play with the police.
Xu Tao can’t figure out how he can be white enough. Since Pell can take him to the secret base, he is naturally ready. Otherwise, how could they be stupid enough to let Xu Tao know that he has caught something and leaked his whereabouts?
After Xu Tao got into the car, they tampered with him, causing confusion in his consciousness and memory, and then quietly tampered with him when he left. All this is due to the drugs made by Professor Yuan.
However, Xu Tao’s bad luck is not over yet.
When he returned to the hospital, he found that he was not close to the ward, and it was a mess, and all kinds of noises, doctors and nurses were walking around.
I have already pressed her to give her a sedative!
You evil animals don’t let me go quickly! Wait till I bring my sword and see if I don’t destroy you one by one!
桑拿论坛Xu Jing, who was under pressure, looked fierce and grinned at the doctors and nurses! Struggling and writhing, the nurse holding her hand almost couldn’t help it!
What’s going on!
Xu Tao’s whole face changed greatly, and the nurse immediately explained it to him!
As soon as Mrs. Xu woke up, she was like this. She grabbed the fruit knife next to her and shouted that even the nurses who cared for Mrs. Xu were cut by Mrs. Xu!
When Xu Tao heard it, she saw a nurse next to her crying face, pressing gauze on her arm to stop bleeding.
After giving Xu Jing a sedative, the doctor discussed with Xu Tao to let him transfer Xu Jing to a hospital specializing in mental treatment.
Xu Tao a listen to the whole face sank!
Whether it’s the police station or Xu Jing’s illness, all this makes him feel unusually heavy.
I don’t know how many cups I drank at Chu Yang’s banquet.
☆ What’s the matter with 34 Han Yichen?
Yan Chu Yang drank a lot of booze, and when the party almost dispersed, her company, caojun, reached out and helped her step by step to the exit, and she accidentally fell down.
Cao Jun brought a driver to the party. The driver was a private driver in caojun. It was half an hour ago that caojun called the driver and asked him to go back first.
Caojun is not tall and wears high heels to grind Chu Yang, which is almost the height of Chu Yang’s neck.
Although Chu Yang is slim, but his height is not low, he still has a certain weight. caojun labored to stretch out his hand and look around Chu Yang’s shoulder. His whole face was almost red, and he walked towards the car with Chu Yang.
The receptionist at the gate saw a middleaged man in his fifties struggling with a drunken woman and kindly walked over.
Can I help you, sir?
As a result, when caojun heard the sound, he looked up as if he were suddenly frightened.
Hehe, no, I can do it myself.
With that, caojun’s face was cold again, and even his hands were drawn out to signal to the receptionist, so he hurriedly continued to walk with his research Chu Yang body and walked to the car.
The receptionist looked at caojun walking left and right, and the background was confused. Then she turned around and went back to her post to see if there was any place where she needed his help.
When it was almost time to get to the car, caojun called the driver to come, then helped open the door and helped Yan Chu Yang into the car together.
Caojun also got out of the car and the whole person was panting for the seat of the beach car.
Reach out and bring Ann to caojun and let him drive on behalf of the driver.
Boss, where are we going to drive? On behalf of the driver, I asked caojun back
Caojun looked back after a trip to the back seat to sleep in Chu Yang and then said a place.
Go to the nearest hotel nearby
When the driver heard it, he reached out and started the engine. He skillfully turned the steering wheel and the car began to move slowly.
The banquet is not over yet. Yang Lihua Gu Tianqi left half an hour after they left, and he left before.