He is stronger than two years ago!

On skill or physical quality?
Qin Xiong’s growth is obviously in the gap between them.
But fortunately, China has a Qin Xiong!
This can reassure them a little.
After all, football is not a personal sport.
How can Qin Xiong be strong again?
Other attacking players in Portugal don’t care about Qin Xiong.
They also feel that it is natural for China to put on an iron bucket array
You will be beaten if you are weak and backward!
Is it any surprise that the China team put on a defensive posture on the spot?
Portugal didn’t even think of scorn and ridicule.
Take it for granted.
Maybe they think they can get the ideal victory after playing the game for 9 minutes step by step, and then take a rest before preparing for the knockout.
Portugal’s longrange star tried to make a personal breakthrough in front of the restricted area at the bottom of the team.
Fortunately, for the China team, it is fortunate that Figo is old, Ronaldo is angry and bullfighting, and some of them are alone in defending China. The defense looks stable.
However, the scene is slightly tragic.
Xu Yunlong was suffocated by Deco for two feet in a row, and Sun was ravaged by Figo’s play at the bottom line. Li Weifeng stretched his leg to stop Ronaldo’s longrange shot, and almost blocked it with an own goal. Sun Jihai blocked Ronaldo’s shot.
The scene of China team is extremely passive.
Not every successful defense can be an opportunity to switch between attack and defense. Most of the time, it is a successful defense, and then the defense line should be adjusted to defend.
I have to say that Zheng Zhi played well in this game. He made up for the defense from the midfield to the back line. In many cases, he forced Portugal to play well at the end of the game.
Portugal is strong as a whole, but it actually has weaknesses in the front line, which is their weakness.
No matter the opportunities created or the Portuguese team did a good job, no one could play the role of terminator.
After China created a counterattack opportunity, the Portuguese team’s containment of Qin Xiong was also in place. They followed the example of the Mexican team and achieved good results.
However, with the passing of the game, Portugal took the advantage but won the game, which changed the mentality of their players.
Midfielders frequently forward to try to break China’s tight defense as an unexpected point in the attack.
In the 41st minute of the game, Deco pushed the offensive in the middle, and Figo came to the middle to meet Deco and handed it to Figo. Figo crossed the sun and intercepted it. At the end of the penalty area, Ronaldo obliquely inserted the ball to grab the front point and planned to attack at a small angle. Li Weifeng directly blocked Ronaldo’s shooting angle.
After the football bounced out, Zheng Zhi controlled the ball and handed it obliquely to Zhao Junzhe, the forward runner.
Zhao Junzhe saw Qin Xiong’s running track ahead. Qin Xiong pulled to the left road. Zhao Junzhe directly transported the ball to Qin Xiong’s front with a big foot and an oblique length.
This ball almost killed Qin Xiong!
A little big!
And a little high!
Qin Xiong gritted his teeth and rushed forward along the sidewalk. At this time, Ma Niqie came to help defend the fullback Miguel and rushed to plan to form a double team
Qin Xiong jumped up directly when the football was about to go out of line, and the front punch pushed the ball behind Miguel!
When the football flew over Miguel’s head, Miguel immediately turned around, but when he turned around, he was startled to see a fast figure outside the sideline in sturm und drang!
Qin Xiong!
He overtook the outside line!
Miguel lost. Turn around and start again.
Qin Xiong was stunned by the audience, overtaking around the outside line and turning into the line and getting stuck in front of Miguel.
The football that he headed to the baseline was very close to him.
The football bounced forward
Defender Melanie rushed to the side to destroy the China team. This counterattack was just when Qin Xiong was about to meet. He wanted to clear the ball and reached out. Qin Xiong was faster than him, but his right foot slightly pushed the ball to the middle. Miguel saw the football flying over his head and Qin Xiong changed direction and entered the penalty area!
Many defenders of the Portuguese team were completely shocked and frightened!
This scene is too familiar!
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