Freeze nodded, It’s all right, but I’m going to recruit some brave soldiers, too. I can’t be less than him.

I rubbed my hands. That’s natural. Well, I thought about my future plan. I’ll just go back to Luoyang to report on my work the day after I play football with Qin Zhen, right? Ten days is enough for me to go back and forth.
Where are the adults’ families? Du Ji woke me up. Liaodong is not safe and much colder than the Central Plains …
I have to think carefully. What Bo Hou said seems to be true. I’m sending them back to Luoyang again. What about you?
Xu Huang and Li Dian looked at each other together and said, May follow the adults.
Du Ji did not refuse.
Zhang Ji is somewhat difficult. Adults are Nanyang people … I’m afraid I can’t stand Liaodong snow …
I’m a little reluctant to part with this medical sage, but considering his personal problems, I can’t force him to go with me. I can sigh, Let’s just say Zhongjing is familiar with the place. Then make a county magistrate in Handan first. Handan is also rich. When a county magistrate is two years old, you can accumulate a lot of money.
Adults can’t forget when they meet their benefactors. Zhang Zhongjing, a medical saint, slowly got up and gave me a deep worship.
At this moment, I knew that I had lost the best personal doctor of my time.
77 Abandon the family and the daughter
Male … Jia Mu hesitated and said, You said before that I would study for a few days …
I nodded. It’s great that you can understand. By the way, you can also help me guard the house. If there are other people who dare to harass my horse’s door, you can’t be a coward.
He scratched his head embarrassedly. That’s to discipline them to live or die!
How expensive Luoyang is, you can’t be too reckless. Du Ji kindly woke up with a wooden stake.
Well … Jia Mu obediently bowed his head. I know … I can cripple them at most.
You don’t want to waste the three noble families and brothers! I also have to wake him up and watch his hand.
The three fairs can’t fight Jiuqing, the big family, the big family, and the big family … He counted with his fingers. Can a giant businessman fight?
Can’t is as rich as an enemy. Generally, they collude with senior officials. You must never mess with them.
Can the conference semifinals fight?
Can’t destroy the national unity field is definitely not good.
Can readers play?
Don’t be careful of their rioting in the streets
Who else can I hit? He looked up and asked, Can you go to the fields and beat those old farmers?
I can’t help but lag behind him. The question is whether it is too sharp. I just found out that we are not to be taunted by anyone.
Don’t you dare to play honest farmers in the field? !” Freeze suddenly folded drink a way face is angry.
Dare not, dare not! Cheng Wu quickly hold the Jia Mu neck two people bow together.
I remembered that Cheng Wu told that story that day, and Cheng Yu hated bullying civilians very much.
Then who can I hit? Jia Mu or small grunted 1

Adult Xu Huang asked me about the return of ordinary foot soldiers …
Then there are Lao Gong, Man Cheng and Bo Hou who will distribute appropriate travelling expenses at the end of the month after counting the number of soldiers who plan to return home. I finally made up my mind
On orders, the three of them agreed.
Well, that’s about it. I gave a hand and suddenly felt relaxed. Qin array wants to fight for the first world war.
Qin Zhen is full of confidence. Just wash it and wait for death!

Several women who learned that they were going to be sent home had different reactions.
The Story Of Diu Sim accepted my arrangement when I was in the north, I couldn’t bear the cold. I’m afraid it’s even more unbearable to go to Liaodong …
Cai Yan protested extremely strongly. Are you kidding me? I only left Luoyang in early April to come to Handan to find you. Do I have to go back two months later? !”
That you say how to do? !” I spread my hands and explained to Xiao Zhao and Shuang’er, who were quite dissatisfied, It’s so cold in Liaodong, and it’s winter for twelve months a year, even if you can stand it, can you carry it in the past? Motherhood can’t be so selfish!
桑拿网Cai Yan, who got a reasonable explanation, soon came to her senses. She mumbled, If I had known I could stay for two months, I wouldn’t have brought him here hard …
Who would have expected that this time, when I finally got close to the Central Plains, I was able to compete for a few years, but I was still ruined by the ambitious Yuan Shao bastard! Speaking of the experience of Zhao Guoxiang for more than three months, I am the biggest victim!
Come on, let’s go back to Luoyang. It won’t be a burden to you. Cai Yan touched Xiao Yue’s hair.