Joke: Seibel, Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Qin Zhen, and Tuoba Ye are hard to be unfair regardless of whether they are given to one of them; The current situation … I have the lowest fighting capacity in the first battalion, and I really need foreign aid to supplement it!

After finishing the arrangement, I immediately went back to my bedroom and took a deep sleep. Yesterday, the consumption was so great that I couldn’t even get up and talk to Seibel and them more, so I could stay in bed and recuperate and try to recover before the war.
On July 11th, I was handsome and lightpedaled, and bought 1500 extra war horses from Zhang Liao. I carried ten days’ rations, and the flag was drummed and horsepower galloped towards the junction of Gudai County.
On the 12th, the Valley Governor Wang Dan of Juyang County, Valley County, gave a full face and went out of the city to meet him personally.
The situation in western Liaoning is critical. Lu Cishi can’t come here in person, so he can send me to help Wang Daren. I explained to Lu Zhi first. What’s the situation here?
He also immediately got down to business that Zhang Yan was hit by Jizhou secretariat Yuan Shao … after the collapse, he had a slight pause then he fled to Daijun, Valley County, and these days, it was better to fight like Wu Huan and rob nearly 100 tribes in a row. That Wu Huan’s adult was not a vegetarian, so dispatch troops and Zhang Yan fought a battle with thousands of casualties.
Killed nearly a hundred tribes? Tens of thousands of people have died? I count a tribe in my heart, even if there are 300 or 500 people, it will be tens of thousands of lives. Is Zhang Yan too efficient?
General Ma may not know that the Wuhuan tribe is not as good as dozens of Chinese people, and sometimes even one person claims to be down … He lowered his voice. It’s still an empty show, so it’s only a few hundred people.
Then you also said … thousands of people were killed and injured after a fierce battle? I found another spray point.
He came and said, General Ma is naturally used to big scenes, but there are not many people in the border counties of Northern States who have suffered more than a thousand deaths and injuries! My valley county people are only sixty thousand, and the generation county is only twelve or thirty thousand.
So that’s it … Zhuojun and Yuyang have a population peak, and there are barely four or five hundred thousand other counties that are used to being swept away by ethnic minorities. Can they run long ago? That Lord Wu Huan … how many horses does he have?
At the beginning of Xiping, Nan Lou claimed that Gu Wang was probably the most powerful among the counties in Wuhuan, claiming that there were more than 9,000 people attached to others and not 100,000 people. However, he has been fighting a lot with all parties and the forces of all ethnic groups have gradually lost. In the past two years, the power has gradually weakened and finally it has become a little quieter. He finally answered my question. At present, there are about 40,000 to 50,000 people who can be mastered.
I gasped. So many horses? Even if I can fight one enemy against a hundred, my soldiers can’t!
Ah, 40,000 to 50,000 is the total number. Excluding the old, weak, women and children, there are at most 30% of the soldiers who can fight. Wang Dan said quickly
Fiftythree percent is fifteen thousand …
However, my enemy is not the Wuhuan people, but the anticustomer advocates that Yan Jun Lu Zhi let me defeat him by thunder. I want him to retreat or go furthersurrender.
I’d better ask him to help me fight Gongsun Du …
My dream is very beautiful!
So … how many soldiers are there in Gujun? I asked another key question: the number of friendly troops.
He replied, There are 3,000 cases of a captain and 6,000.
You are only three thousand people? Weak! Zong a captain … who is it?
Wu Huan, a captain of the clan, he gave me a strange color, probably surprised by my knowledge. It is also a common practice that Valley and Daixian soldiers have always been in the hands of a captain.
I quickly nodded, I didn’t tell Wang Daren the truth when I first came to Youzhou.
He shook his head to express his understanding that a captain of Daijun Taishouzong has led an army to the mediation office and sent troops to the west as soon as the secretariat orders arrived.
Generation of county, valley, Wu Huan a captain tripartite Serenade also has ten thousand plus my ten thousand chosen men, even if Wu Huan soldiers don’t cooperate, it is enough to cope with Zhang Yan stragglers.
I feel at ease to hand over to Wang Dan. In that case, shall we set off tomorrow to solve this dispute?
He nodded. General Nengma can take care of each other, but most of the people in the government are footmen. It’s hard to say that three hundred miles is less than three days.
I feel that Lu Zhi’s expectation of my quick victory is about to fall …
46 Coalition dinner
On the afternoon of July 15th, fifteen hundred cavalry dragged two thousand soldiers to the junction of Gudai County.
Along the way, I finally got to know the situation of Gu Qiang Hu.
There are not only 70,000 Wu Huan, but also 20,000 or 30,000 Xianbei. Most of the cities are located at the foot of the Great Wall in the north. In the peaceful year, they will farm their land with peace of mind, herding horses, herding horses, trading freely and frankly, and occasionally paying business taxes. In case of famine, they turned into robbers and horse thieves, and swept the Han cities without mercy. If they were attacked by state and county soldiers, they immediately crossed the Great Wall and fled, which has always been a headache for the satrap and the secretariat.
And the valley of the Han nationality is only in his early sixties, and the black mouth is definitely not more than one hundred thousand …
I also have some understanding that many people have always been in favor of adopting a military solution to Wuhuan Xianbei, but on the one hand, the central government has always paid attention to benevolence, righteousness and education, and has always preferred to give money and food to the four foreigners rather than fight against each other; On the other hand, it is unrealistic for the alien people in Saibei grassland to leave the original grassland like wildfire never quite consumes them. They have never left the historical stage for a day in the long history of China for more than 3,000 years.
A captain of Huwu Huan was stationed in Zhongning County, the most in Huwu, and 6,000 standing soldiers were assembled to deter aliens. According to Wang Dan, the patriarch was Lu Zhi’s old department. A few years ago, Lu Zhi was convicted, and he was also demoted from Huwu Huan to the county magistrate. After Lu Zhi made a comeback, he resumed his position. Therefore, he was not too worried about his work and loyalty.
Wang Dan took me and introduced me to Zongzong and Daijun prefect Li Mo. Both of them are under forty years old, so they are considered as the younger generation among the two thousand stones. Of course, this kind of thing should never be compared with the second generation of Universiade officials. After seeing me, my attitude is very correct, and there is no trace of contempt or disgust from my face, which makes my heart very comfortable.
Since it is a fourway joint soldier, of course, the host of the official dinner party will take all the responsibility and hold a banquet in his camp that night.
Because I am a representative of the North General and a secretariat of Lu Zhi, my status is much higher than the other three, I am qualified to lead more departments to attend the banquet, except for battalion commanders Cheng Yu, Cheng Wufu, Du Ji and Zhang Ben Tian Yu, who all came to the camp with me.
Wang Dan and Li Mo have both sat and watched me make money and got up politely.
Ma’s honor is honorable, please take a seat. The abbot smiled and took my arm in his hands and led it to the main seat.
I pushed him to the main seat with my backhand. Lord Zong is the landlord. Can he usurp the host’s role?
品茶论坛  title=He also tried to resist, but he still couldn’t help sitting. I have also heard that Ma’s adult young hero saw it today, and it was so brave that he was so ashamed of himself.
It’s just a brute force, and there’s no other place except to pacify the country. I smiled and sat in my seat. Anyway, there are four main positions today. How to sit in the east, west, north and south looks the same.
Cheng Yu and Tian Yu sat next to me, while Xu Huang, Qin Zhen and others sat in a ball in no order, but with Du Ji present, everyone seemed extremely selfdisciplined …
It’s rare for Ma’s adult to be so humble at a young age. Li Mo praised, Ma’s adult brought the emperor’s life to Fu Jie and came to this incident. The three brothers want you to follow suit.
Where did Brother Li say? I can’t readily accept the younger brother Fu Jie is for Gongsun Du to command three adults at random? When the incident was decided by three adults, the younger brother was responsible for it.
Li Mo laughed. Brother Zong, look, look, you’re worried for nothing again, aren’t you?
The abbot’s face was ashamed. It was a young man who thought that Ma’s adult had punished Zongmou.
They frankly admitted that they were worried that I would deprive them of their command?
Why do I take the initiative to pour dirty water on my head? Isn’t this a drop in the population? !
One cup is not enough for three cups! I hey ran way
Three cups is three cups! The abbot did not refuse to move his throat, and three cups were already full.
Ladies and gentlemen, Wang Dan said with a smile, we have something important to do now, so I’m afraid we can’t let you enjoy the party tonight.
The abbot scolded, I’ve only had three drinks and you’re here to say something disappointing? !”
Li Mo asked, Isn’t it disappointing that you won’t let people drink before this dinner? Must be punished!