Instead, it was Cheng Wu who accepted my words. Although this achievement method is strong and strong, it should be practiced calmly when practicing gas. Adults obviously know what it means. He did not forget to praise me when explaining the key points.

Zhao Cheng finally opened his eyes and he curled his lips. Young master, why don’t you go to your room and hold your sister here?
Finally, I was cruel enough to kick him in the chest, and he screamed, stretching his arms forward and leaning back.
That’s you, right? I haven’t seen you out for ten and a half months. You just want to find some excitement when you come out? I moved one or two wrists and didn’t make a ringing sound on purpose.
Zhao Cheng didn’t fall awkwardly from the stone. He was very flexible and turned over in half, just lying on the ground.
I whistled, Toad is amazing, Lao Zhao?
He suddenly raised his head, his legs shot and his whole body went out like an arrow.
I immediately put my left arm across my chest and my right fist was slightly clenched and ready to go.
But … I’m getting farther and farther away when I see Zhao Cheng’s toe on the stone. Please spare the villain, master!
The sword and gun fight suddenly stopped, and the long knife dialed the wooden gun to reach Xiao Dai’s throat
It’s winter again.
The weather in this ghost is getting cold so fast. Although I am magical, I am still flesh and blood after all. After all, I can’t resist the storm of heaven and earth, but I have bought clothes myself.
Saibei is not afraid to let more than Wuwei. Jia Yu would have wrapped himself up.
It seems that Gu Zang is a little colder. Xiao Zhao said that there is not much pressure in wearing fur.
Well, it’s so cold. Shuang’er stamped her feet and pulled up my right hand. Go home? Don’t wander around outside.
I nodded. It seems that the winter in Saibei is very difficult. Go home. I still want to walk around the city.
The Story Of Diu Sim tightened her neckline and frowned, Cicada is really not used to being so cold so early. Among the four girls around me, The Story Of Diu Sim has lived in the Central Plains since she was a child. Jia Yu, Xiao Zhao and Shuang’er, however, are born and raised in Xiliang, and their resistance to low temperature is stronger than The Story Of Diu Sim.
The original quiet city gradually made a noise.
The wheels creaked and slowly drove out of the street, and the hooves became more and more lively.
I immediately reached out and recruited Pang Gan, the brigade commander of the prohealth brigade. What?
Pang Gan also stretched out his hand to send himself.
品茶The return message told me that these vehicles are all winter clothes sent by Jia Changshi to Gaoque Chicken Lusai
I told Pang Gan to escort four family members back to the mansion, and I went to the source of the chariots and horses with a sense of responsibility.
It was Jia Xu, who was directing the soldiers to move a cart of clothes to two places in batches. Although he was wearing a coat, he still couldn’t hide his thin figure.
Mr. Wenhe took advantage of a group of vehicles to leave the treasury and I asked, Why did you send clothes today?
Jia Xu took the hand and handed over a bowl of hot water. After blowing it in a hurry, he rushed to his mouth and drank two times. Today is additional clothes.
He glanced at me. It’s snowing in the north of Gaoque!
I suddenly realized and was slightly surprised. So early?
He shrugged. What is it that you and I are in such a hurry to send someone to deliver clothes?
It’s already the end of October in the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar … It’s not impossible to think that it was late when it snowed in midNovember.
No wonder it suddenly turned cold today … I looked at the sky and muttered.

Just entering November, Linrong City also ushered in the first snow this winter.
The snowfall is not large, and it is slightly mixed with some rain, so it is not enough to cover the large foundation of Yuan Ye. Snowflakes will dissolve when they fall to the ground. At best, they will wet and paint the streets and lanes.
The colder the weather gets, the fewer people come and go on the streets. Although most of the people in the city are strong (original) ethnic minorities, no one will deliberately run to the street to show their strong chest muscles.
I can feel the chill from the body of the flying star gun when I practice it every dayalthough my weapon will not be placed in the open air.
At the tenth day of the tenth lunar month, Xiao Dai led a purchasing group to the south to purchase winter goods, mainly because of Hedong Dayan. I can see that he finally found a job, and he was quite eager to be happy.
Jia Xu Cheng Yu toured the main mass gathering points in six cities of Shuofang County, mainly checking whether the county magistrates in each place did their duty to the employees and solved the sufferings of the people by the way, and determining whether the ruling officials treated the original Han residents and the newly moved residents equally.
This used to be a formalism in my opinion, but it really became a meticulous work in the hands of Mr. Jia Cheng. It took them twenty days to finish the evaluation and when they returned to Linrong and formed a report, Xiao Dai also led the purchasing group back to Shuofang.
It has quietly entered December.
At the end of the year, I woke up and had to consider a very serious problem.
According to the convention, all counties and counties should pay tribute to the court before the New Year. Huangfugu’s own father’s experience tells me that there is still one year to pay taxes in proportion.
I immediately felt a pain in my heart. Can I not pay?
He nodded. They should be thankful that the North has just returned to the big fellow and we didn’t ask the court to give us funds …