Bynum got the rebound and immediately jumped back to finish a twohanded dunk when the basket man defended.

Ji Guoshi rushed to him from one side to flatter him, but the distance was too far. He returned to the basket from outside the threepoint line, leaving Bynum, a small miscellaneous fish, to be cleaned up. Ji Guoshi immediately pressed it from it.
Bynum’s physical coordination is generally unstable in the middle, and he plopped down to the floor and fell half to death!
Ji was ashamed that he didn’t hear the referee whistle, and he didn’t care what he picked up the cover and threw the basketball at the frontcourt quickly …
Before Brevin Knight shot out and caught the basketball, there was no Lakers defender to score the ball easily.
Four assists and three blocked shots, so I’m pretty hung up today.
Ji Guo was ashamed to see that the referee didn’t blow his foul, and he was in a good mood. He was afraid that the referee would blow the home whistle. Now it seems that no one in the league wants them. Maybe this has something to do with david stern watching the ball on the spot
Phil jackson was very dissatisfied with the goal, and rarely protested against the referee on the sidelines. Since Bynum was blocked by Ji Guo’s shame, the referee has been lying on the ground and suspended the game behind the Brevin Knight basket.
I remember that Bynum was reimbursed this season? Ji Guo was ashamed to see Bynum. It seemed that he was really hurt. He hurriedly took off for himself in his heart.
I didn’t play in the playoffs after being reimbursed. Ji Guoqiu remembered it better than him.
It’s not that I’m unlucky. I did cover the basketball. That’s a good hat. The referee didn’t even blow it.
What do you explain and no one says you did it on purpose?
Lakers fans obviously don’t think so. Some people have called Ji Guo a murderer, a red fox, a communist panda and so on.
What does this have to do with me? Ji Guoqiu was in distress situation when he heard someone calling the Communist Panda.
Don’t say the name Communist Panda, I think it’s better than your other nicknames. Ji Guoshi felt that these Americans were surprised that they wouldn’t call names by adding the word Communist. Is this powerful?
Ji Guoshi shook his head and looked at it. He was sweating all the time. The little shark was also a little guilty. Before Bynum was carried out, he took the initiative to go forward and said, I’m sorry to wait until you recover. We’ll fight in the bowling alley.
Bynum smelled a sigh of relief and pointed to Ji’s humiliating head and fainted directly.
At the same time, the Lakers players looked at Ji Guo with great shame and bad eyes. If it weren’t for his words, there would be nothing wrong with them, and they would have been beaten.
Ji Guo was ashamed to feel the hostile eyes around him, thinking that if he was beaten here, it would be a big loss and he quickly turned and fled to his own half.
When Jackson heard the team doctor’s initial diagnosis that Bynum was injured in his right knee again, he immediately knew that the injury of the little shark might not be lighter this time. The right knee is where Bynum’s old injury is, and the big knee is the most vulnerable place. Once he is injured repeatedly, he will not recover.
After the game resumed, the Lakers players were obviously affected by Bynum’ s injury. The attention of both ends of the offense and defense was not as good as that of the former, and the Clippers took the opportunity to hit a wave: Jackson quickly called a timeout.
In the third quarter, 7 minutes and 5 seconds, the score was 6:54, and the Lakers were 6 points behind the Clippers.
Chapter one hundred and twentyone Put your stick away
Ji Guoshame took advantage of the Lakers’ weak line defense to wreak havoc on the Lakers’ basket, increasing his data to 1 point, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks, and his shooting percentage became 2 of 9 shots. Today, he hit both shots as dunks.
No matter how bad the Communist Fox feels, he finally didn’t buckle the ball just after Kobe Bryant once attracted the Clippers to doubleteam, just like Kwame Brown on the other side.
The detained basketball flew straight off the court and almost hit the angry Zen master in the head.
This fool! On the sidelines, julia roberts Lakers fans couldn’t help cursing Kwame Brown’s poor performance.
Emma Roberts muttered, Brother Panda is much better than that big nigger.
Ji Guoqiu is indeed much better than kwame brown. He has scored 24 points, 1 rebound, 3 assists and 2 blocks. Today, he is expected to get the first 3+1 in his career.
Do you want me to help you score?
Isn’t this nonsense? If you don’t give me the ball, you can’t throw it yourself.
Mom, I kindly help you and you still laugh at me? Kindness is treated as a liver and lung!
Ji Guo was ashamed to scold and notice that Jackson, the Lakers’ substitute, couldn’t help but get angry and flew into a rage at the Lakers players! This is rare. Grandpa KFC has always been angry and arrogant, and he is still sitting still. He rarely growls and scolds players like * * Vicky to get them into the state.
However, because it is extremely rare, even Kobe Bryant can’t be reckless in the face of Phil Jackson’s roar. The attitude of Lakers players on the scene is more positive than before
Ji Guoqiu couldn’t even dunk in the online throw. Kwame Brown prevented him from going outside the threesecond zone and dribbled with Percy to break through Kobe Bryant.
It is estimated that Bynum’s triangle offense has been reimbursed, but it is still better than Kwame Brown. Little sharks can help Kobe get involved in defensive forces.
The Lakers can’t even get close to Bynum now, but they can really score points by Kobe Bryant’s personal ability
The three of them jumped together in the basket, and Ji Guoqiu fanned Kobe Bryant’s basketball to Peter Pan. Once again, he twisted into an Sshape to avoid the cover of Ji Guoqiu in the middle of the basket, and at the same time, he used his iron elbow as a cover to force Percy to retreat. In the middle of the basket, two people defended the clippers and scored the ball. By the way, he also made a foul of Ji Guoqiu.
The referee blew the whistle and wrongly awarded a defensive foul, but in fact, Ji Guoqiu met Kobe Bryant’s hairy panda warrior and finally saw the foul.
Is the referee blind?
Of course, it’s not that the referee clearly knows that this goal is farfetched, but if you don’t do it, the Lakers will not be as good as the Clippers Bynum. How can the Lakers play?
David stern nodded secretly in the audience. This kind of competition is a test of the referee’s ability to control the game. The more fair and wonderful, the better the measurement, the better the referee can enforce the law.
The volute is a crane!
Ji Guo’s shame was pulled to the perimeter by Rad Manovic. When he saw Kobe playing with his brother in the basket, he couldn’t help but admire it.
桑拿会所Aren’t you Kohei?
Bullshit! I’ve always been Komi!
Komi also elbowed his idol?
Who says that Komi can’t elbow Kobe? It’s one thing and one thing.
Go to the mud horse! Ji Guoqiu couldn’t help swearing. This is his third foul. It looks safe, but if he does it again, he will rest in the third quarter. Most players will be fouled at this time, which will affect their defensive strength.
Kobe Bryant hit Peter Pan with a penalty. He has scored 29 points through this penalty and is expected to be 4+ today.
The Clippers attacked the Lakers at Jackson’s behest, relaxed their defense against Ji’s humiliation, and chose the appropriate doubleteam to play an outstanding role in Ji’s national hatred online.
Ji Guo was ashamed to look at the front two steps away, and Rad Manovic felt deeply despised.
Is this treating me like a gorilla?
Brevin Knight dribbled to the frontcourt and immediately put the basketball to the low position when he saw Ji Guoqiu in place.
Ji Guoqiu attracted two Lakers players in the low post and suddenly turned around and pretended to attack the basket, but basketball was assigned to outsiders from behind his head to see the defender of Ji Guoqiu.
Odom quickly made up for Ji’s humiliation, and so on, that is, his basketball was assigned to Artest again.
Kobe Bryant made up for this slow step. Artest raised his hand and hit a threepointer!
Beast’s threepoint shooting percentage has reached 3% this season, and it was close to 4% at the beginning of the season. Although he is a juryman, the threepointer on the outside feels quite good.
Ji Guo was ashamed to dare not shoot easily in this game, but it was not bad to brush and assist.
Never mind him, we can’t lose our position. Kobe complained to Odom that he was very dissatisfied with Lamar Odom’s defense.
Odom didn’t dare to say more and nodded to show his knowledge.
Kobe brought the ball to the frontcourt by himself, and leaned sideways outside the 45degree threepoint line on the flank, pushing Posey to a foot from the basket, and immediately turned around to shoot and pretended to shake his opponent.
Posey saw through Kobe’s fake action and ignored it.
Kobe shook it, and when he saw that the opponent didn’t move, he immediately pretended to turn around and jump shot …
Lakers fans cheered loudly in hands in the air after Kobe Bryant threw a basketball into the basket!
Boss, shooting is goodlooking, so every shot you throw can be taken to Jinli, and every ball is so picturesque.
Posey shook his head. Today, when he defended Kobe Bryant alone, he rarely succeeded in preventing this difficult guy, especially when shooting like this, which hurt the defender’s enthusiasm, as if he could not prevent it anyway.