More than 70,000 meters. Now this distance should be almost won? However, as soon as I had this idea in my heart, I was hurriedly denied by him

No, the previous games almost lost the qualification because of carelessness. There must be no more problems!
Read this he just some distractions eyes lit up again at this moment.
Just then, he saw a complex difficulty of fault and flash monster in the road ahead. There are four faults in this position. Each fault has a width of about five or six meters, and every two faults has a flat section with a width of one monster, and every flat section has a flash monster.
At the same time, each fault also has a flash of wings, which is slightly lower than the level of the flash in the flat section.
A few thousand meters ahead, this terrainsimilar section of the road also appeared, but at that time, the track speed was slightly lower, and at this time, Mo Tianyuan had already run to the track of more than 70,000 meters, and the speed was no less than that at the beginning of the speed mode!
When the speed is different, some difficult points on the track are slightly different. For example, if there is a difficulty, it takes two jumps in front to turn over, and if the speed is fast, sometimes it takes one jump to get through it safely. If this is the case,
It is suspected that some unexpected dangers will occur when the road section adopts the original method.
Seeing the flash fault phase section ahead, Mo Tianyuan quickly turned over with the help of a jump and turned to the first short truncated section, then crushed the monster in the flat section. He knew that if he still wanted to adopt the original method, it would be dangerous …
362 Chapter 362 Limit through doublespring platform jumping
In the first few kilometers, players with the same terrain need to step on the mobs in each short truncated section, then turn over and jump, and then when they reach the flash monster side, they will jump twice to turn over the fault and just fall to the second short truncated ground behind the fault.
However, although the terrain of this section in front of Mo Tianyuan is almost the same as that of the previous section, due to the increase of speed, it is suspected that if you go through the road again, the car will be destroyed here.
I saw him step on the first short and flat monster and then suddenly turn over and jump. Before he touched the flash monster, he had already started the second jump!
And this is bound to fall behind the short cut flat, and the track speed is used to the forward momentum, so the track cycling boy really happened to fall on the second short cut flat flash monster! Then Mo Tianyuan did the same thing in the same road ahead, and climbed over those sections that should have been in danger!
After walking out of the last fault, he jumped over the edge of the fault and a flame leaned over and slipped out of the front baffle.
Fortunately, the old technology is better … Mo Tianyuan’s back channels were lucky enough to have a little mistake in that difficult surface just now, so many obstacles are bound to leave a life.
Seeing that the track had reached more than 73 thousand meters at this time, his heart relaxed a little, but just as he was about to rest his finger, he saw another fault figure on the edge of the flat section ahead
Ah, it’s just an ordinary fault. There should be no big threat. Mo Tianyuan’s eyebrows didn’t look at the fault ahead
Controlling the bicycle boy, he has come to the edge of the flat ground at this time, but for a moment he suddenly shouted in surprise, Why is the sleeping trough here? ����
It turns out that the track in front of Mo Tianyuan is a classic doublespring platform section.
There are three faults in this section, each of which has a square and a spring. The first fault is slightly shorter and the length is about four or five meters. The length of each of the back two faults is about 15 meters!
If the first fault can still jump in succession, then it is more difficult to jump over the second and third floors than to climb to the sky. After the super junior line, most players find that the fourstep jump can jump directly from the second spring position to the flat ground in front, which can greatly reduce the error rate of this section.
On the first short fault, a few thousand meters before the track meets this situation, it often takes two consecutive jumps to turn over the fault plane, and then jumps over the doublespring platform by stepping on the spring. However, because of the fast speed of the track, the first fault makes the two consecutive jumps fail to step on the first spring platform. Because of the high speed of the track, the player’s two consecutive jumps will move forward a lot!
Mo Tianyuan frowned …
He found that at this time, he had just made a jump look like he could get over the first fault, but it was impossible to get over the flash and fall to the first spring platform. Moreover, if two consecutive jumps were made at this time, the landing point of the two consecutive jumps would extend back about three or four meters from the first spring platform position!
If you can’t step on the spring in a row, two jumps will step into the fault behind the spring …
At this critical juncture, Mo Tianyuan didn’t have the slightest panic. He rehearsed several situations that were about to happen in his mind, and then he saw that he was controlling the bicycle boy. At the end of the first jump, he just clicked the 2point jump button!
In the middle of the screen, the bicycle boy then turned over the first spring platform and continued to fly forward with the help of this double jump!
At the end of the second jump, he clicked the jump button again, and the bicycle boy started the third jump at this time!
If someone watches his talk on the spot, they will exclaim and wonder, Does he want to jump directly from the left edge of the first fault to the second spring platform with the help of four jumps? God! This can be nearly twenty meters away!
Just three consecutive jumps to the end, and finally the second spring platform shadow appeared on the left screen edge in Mo Tianyuan’s eyes! When he saw his heart, he was happy to say that he was right after all.
When the triple jump castrated nearly, Mo Tianyuan clicked the jump key to release the last triple jump …
The moment when the cyclist is about to fall into the fault is like hitting the chicken blood and suddenly soaring again, and its last landing point is the second spring platform position!
The young cyclist who just dropped the spring platform was instantly bounced and strutted over the track ahead.
This MoTianYuan apex hanging that tone is finally slowly put to …
From the front of the first fault to the second spring platform, this route is about 20 meters long. His exquisite four consecutive jumps have saved the cyclist from danger!
You know that’s nearly 20 meters fault …
Even if you want to jump over a 20meterlong fault in a few thousand meters in front of the track, it is impossible to help players jump so far with four jumps because of the slow inherent speed of the track. However, even this 70,000meterlong track did not expect Tianyuan himself to fly from that fault so safely in the middle of the operating point!
With the distance widening, there will be more and more obstacles on the track. Many times, there will be one or two flash monsters in the three faults, which makes Mo Tianyuan a little lucky. Except for the flash monster in the first short fault, there is no flash monster in the second fault, which makes him jump over the long and short floors and can’t help but feel glad that if there is a flash monster there, he will never jump over.
After stepping on the second spring, the elastic force of the spring will send people to a position not far from the flat ground in front. At this time, it is necessary to click a little jump key to easily pass the last long fault.
But what surprised Mo Tianyuan was that the picture of the bicycle boy’s progress was still at this moment just after being bounced by the second spring …
Chapter 363 The Sun retired from the group
Lie trough! This last fault has a flash monster! ���� Mo Tianyuan was startled to find that he had just passed the first two faults and cheered the cycling boy. This last fault actually failed to hang up his tragic fate …
And the culprit that caused him to die was the flash monster in the last fault!
If there is a flash in the fault in front of the spring in the doublespring platform section, you must pay attention to two consecutive jumps after being bounced by the spring, otherwise it may be directly bounced by the spring.
There is nothing strange about the middle fault, and it should be calm in the end, but who knows that the 25 thousandmile long March is coming to an end, but Li Qian was besieged!
careless … mo Tianyuan language touched the nose.
I don’t know what the score is in this game. If I can beat that guy from the sea, it’s okay. If unfortunately, I haven’t run as far as him, it’s really weak.
However, his worry didn’t last long. A few minutes later, the news of the result of the game had already appeared in the 100member semifinals group.
The result of the Super League Tiancheng Division Night Thousand Mounds vs fqi Rain and Night Thousand Mounds wins!
lh ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ ؼ????200022
fqi shiqi vsfqi Zhai ying fqi shiqisheng!
Seeing the news on the screen, Mo Tianyuan finally breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the game was finally won.
The final total score of the three winners …
桑拿会所The first place is the dark night!
second place fqi flag!
The third high wind �� Tianyuan! First of all, let’s congratulate the three winners. Their superb performance once again made us appreciate the gorgeous charm of running every day. Of course, three players were accidentally eliminated in this game. Don’t be discouraged. Your strength has been recognized by our city’s cool running players. The memory of participating in the Super League in the next few days will definitely make you unforgettable!
Come on, let’s take a break. The player with the highest total score in this game will advance directly to the last game the day after tomorrow, and the second and third players will hold the semifinals promotion tournament. The winner will get the chance to compete with the first player in today’s game and participate in the game the day after tomorrow …
At this moment, in the early morning of the club in the open sea, Wei’ an looked at this passage on the mobile phone screen, which was simply blindsided.
I wipe I lost? ? ����
Look at that lh ؼ Dark Devil vs Blast, Tianyuan Blast, Tianyuan wins! The words Wei an can’t help but wonder if he is wrong. How is it possible? How could I lose! ? Isn’t that small in strength? How did you beat me in this game?