"Don’t worry, we masters stay here just to watch the game. I will be the only one who will compete with you today!" Ling Feiyang said bluntly

"Ling float in the sky you also te big some! Cijunshan can’t tell the difference with you. Let me try this time to see how important you are! " A beggar in gray suddenly jumped into the contest table with laughter. It was Solang Kampot, the king of growth law!
Ling Feiyang ignored this fake Hong Qigong and turned to Imam Hashshashin and said, "It’s too much trouble to fight one by one. Please let these four French kings together!"
"Ling Feiyang actually wants to play four!" Ling float in the sky that even a big shot like Imam Hashshashin can’t help but face a change!
"You’re too small to chew! If you want a pair of four, then beat me first! " The sudden push of Solang Kampot, the king of the growth law, is just a move to "shock a hundred miles"!
Ling Feiyang sneer at one and push the same trick with both hands "shocking thyme"!
Bang! The intersection of the four palms suddenly sounded deafening, which seemed to suppress the thunder in the sky! to be continued
Chapter 511 Ling Feiyang VS False Four Musts
Facing the storm at the top of Huashan Mountain, Ima Hashshashin, the deputy leader of teaching, provoked Ling Feiyang, but she was awe-inspiring and decided to face the strong enemy alone!
The four kings of Tibetan esoteric Ningma Sect are "flame knives", and the martial arts of martial uncle Basruk are no less than the growth of the four wonders of the Central Plains. The French king Solang Kampot is very confident in his own strength and has made a move to "shock a hundred miles" Ling Feiyang recklessly!
However, some people in the place didn’t expect that Ling Feiyang’s body wouldn’t budge after two people’s palms, but Solang Kampot almost fell down after taking three steps back!
All of a sudden, more than 60 Song heroes watched the contest on the stage and lost one thing!
Ling Feiyang defeated Dong Xie, Xi Du, Nan Di, Bei Gai and Zhong urchin respectively during the sword competition in Huashan, but the truth is that Ling Feiyang didn’t try his best!
Ling Feiyang’s reason for doing this is just to let the Song Kingdom know more about the martial arts of the top masters. If Ling Feiyang tries his best, there will be less than a few hundred moves!
"You are no match for me. Let the three of them together!" Ling Feiyang looked at Solang Kampot contemptuously and said
"Ling Feiyang is crazy!" With the voice, a sharp finger pointed to the wind "before" and stabbed from the side. The French king Pubadoji has already shot!
Ling Feiyang dodged this one-yang finger and then the right index finger stabbed out. It was the six-pulse Excalibur Shangyangjian!
Puba Duoji felt a strong wind coming on my face and jumped quickly. Although he escaped this finger, he was surprised out in a cold sweat!
Puba Duoji made an expression of eyes to Solang Kampot, and both of them jumped forward at the same time and attacked Ling Feiyang!
"If you can eliminate tension and maintain a peaceful mind, you can fight with your hands at any time!" Ling Feiyang remembered the sentiment he got just now when he played against the old urchin Zhou Botong. He moved his left hand at will and pointed it out at the same time, and hit it with his right hand!
Ling Feiyang’s hand, Pubadoji and Solang Kampot, were both stunned because Ling Feiyang’s left hand made it a Yang fingering method and his right hand made it a dragon’s twenty palms!
"How can this Ling Feiyang use two different martial arts at the same time?" Puba Duoji and Solang Kampot thought about it in their hearts, but it was still a struggle with one Yang and one Zhang Ling Feiyang.
Ling Feiyang has one enemy and two enemies, but after the Vietnam War, he fought more and more bravely. After dozens of strokes, Ling Feiyang’s left hand was replaced by a six-pulse Excalibur, while his right hand used the ten-palm six-pulse Excalibur, which was more powerful than the one-yang finger and the ten-palm after the dragon’s twenty-palm. Both Pubadoji and Solang Kampot were forced by Ling Feiyang to retreat one after another, and they could not resist!
"Before," a small stone suddenly shot up from the side and went straight to Ling Feiyang’s chest!
Finger flick avatar! Wide-eyed French king Zahi Bing Zo has made moves!
Three months ago, Zahi Bing Zo killed Guo Jing’s mother, Ping Li!
Although the small wind that broke this stone was hidden in the wind and rain, it was still heard by Ling Feiyang, so his left hand used a trick of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" to force Pubadoji and Solang Kampot to open their right hands at the same time and also pop up a small stone to smash this small stone in Zahi Bing Zo!
Zahi Bing Zo suddenly deceives his body and his palms are more encrypted than the raindrops in the sky, or five virtual realities or virtual realities are constantly slapping Ling Feiyang. It is the Peach Blossom Island martial arts "the palm of the Excalibur"!
Ling Feiyang used his left hand to fight the ancient tomb school martial arts. tight encirclement was bound to resolve all Zahi Bing Zo offensives, but his right hand continued to use the dragon’s ten hands to force Pubadoji and Solang Kampot to be close!
"Goo, goo, goo!" I heard that the French king Gesandra’s legs crouched with his arms bent over his shoulders, and his mouth made a whinny sound, and his hands pushed to Ling Feiyang like an avalanche!
Ling Feiyang was attacked by three people at the same time, which has made it possible to resist Gesandra’s "Frog Skill" and immediately used the "Spiral Nine Shadows" Flying Skill body to spin rapidly and rushed to more than forty feet!
King of four * * attacked the tribe, but then blocked Ling Feiyang’s placement. Unexpectedly, Ling Feiyang’s high school used the "snake-like raccoon dog turn" technique, and the body drifted to the side for more than 20 feet, leaving a treetop in Gu Song in one thousand!
One yang refers to! Pubadoji, the French king of the country, pointed out that he stabbed the top of his head and flew!
Hung-chien is on the land! Ling Feiyang met up with a palm to smash Pubado’s guitar wind!
Finger flick avatar! Zahi Bing Zo, the king of Guangmu, pops up a small stone again. The target is not Ling Feiyang’s body but Ling Feiyang’s feet and branches!
At the same time, I heard that Gesandra, the king of France, and Solang Kampot, the king of growth, jumped up at the same time, making use of the frog’s skill and making use of the dragon’s ten palms to slap Ling Feiyang at the same time!
Ling Feiyang tiptoe branches and then the elastic body shape generated by the bending of pine branches has jumped over another branch at the square foot!
Click! Ling Feiyang’s original foothold branches were broken by pebbles, and the power of the frog and the dragon’s ten palms also fell at the same time!
At the same time, Puba Duoji, the French king, also jumped a branch with flying skills. However, he hasn’t come yet, but he has already made moves to Ling Feiyang.
Before! A sharp and swift refers to the wind stabbing Pubaduoji, which is the six-pulse Excalibur. Don’t rush the sword! Puba Duoji knew that he couldn’t resist and quickly turned his body upside down from the treetops and fell back to the ground.
Ling Feiyang, the king of the treetops, laid siege to him, but every time he jumped on the treetops, he was immediately forced by Ling Feiyang!
Four * * Wang exchanged a look with each other and suddenly went to the side of the pine tree trunk and surrounded it in four directions. At the same time, he shot his right palm and hit the pine tree trunk!
Click! This thousand-year-old Gu Song trunk is more than three feet thick, but the four kings’ palm forces are actually broken from it! The pine tree immediately dumped a large number of pine branches on the ground, and the trunk was pressed against the tournament venue!
Ling Feiyang’s figure jumped off the pine tree and fell to the ground as the pine branches fell!
Boom! This pine tree, which is dozens of feet high, splashed all over the sky with a thump. Ling Feiyang’s feet just touched the ground, but King Si * * has worn a rain curtain and approached him again! to be continued
Chapter 512 Small phase work
In Huashan Sword Tournament, Ling Fei promoted the four great French kings of Tibetan esoteric Ningma Sect to protect him.
Ling Feiyang made a thousand-year-old Gu Song’s four great French kings deal with it. However, the four great French kings combined with four people to strike off this thousand-year-old Gu Song!
Ling Feiyang lost his height advantage and was immediately surrounded by the four great French kings. All kinds of superb martial arts, such as Excalibur Palm, Frog Skill, One Yang Finger and Dragon Ten Palm, came at Ling Feiyang one after another. Although Ling Feiyang had the skill of fighting with both hands, he was still left and right, and he was unable to make four people walk back and forth. He tried his best to dodge and evade these alternate bombings.
桑拿论坛The four great French kings of Tubo are all as excellent as the four unique skills. However, now the four of them can’t stand Ling Feiyang together for a while, and they are all angry and competing for credit. Everyone wants to be the first to knock Ling Feiyang down.
Ling Feiyang knows this situation clearly in his heart. If he continues to go, he will lose to these four French kings sooner or later, but he also knows that he can never lose!
Ling Feiyang carefully observed the martial arts of four people while avoiding the attack of the four great French kings with flexible and exquisite footwork. At this time, the French king Solang Kampot was using a palm "Kang Long has regrets" to attack Ling Feiyang’s other, but Ling Feiyang suddenly discovered one thing!
The move of "Kang Long has regrets" should be that the left leg bends slightly, the right arm bends, and the right palm draws a circle to push Sorangkampo forward. The deviation is that the left leg and knee are slightly shaken when the right palm hits!
This kind of subtle jitter is certainly impossible for ordinary people to notice, but Ling Feiyang has made several times that "Kang Long has regrets" and he is still very familiar with this trick and immediately captures it!
Ling Feiyang is still using Lingbo to step away from Solang Kampot. The other three great French kings don’t leave breathing space for Ling Feiyang to continue to besiege Ling Feiyang. Ling Feiyang’s body repeatedly dodged the brain but began to think rapidly!
"The shaking of his left knee must be due to unstable disk! The reason for the instability of the disc is probably that some acupuncture points in the leg are blocked when the qi is running! " Ling Feiyang immediately thought, "This will never happen when I and the seven ambassadors make this move’ Kang Long has regrets’. Is it true that he has defeated the dragon and ten palms?"
Flint ling float in the sky suddenly thought of a person in my mind!

"Zhuang Zhuang, my mother and I will take you back to Jiang Jia. We can take care of it here."

Nanny just understood "Mrs. Jiang said she wanted me to …"
Is he still so kind?
He couldn’t wait for her to disappear from his world. He himself said that he just looked at her and was an eyesore. "He said it was his business. Go ahead." He opened the door and motioned for the nanny to leave quickly. She didn’t believe that she couldn’t live on her own unless she was forced by Jiang Junyue.
Nanny has finally cast a glance at Xiaozhuangzhuang. "Mrs. Zhuangzhuang recently drank milk powder to drink more than half a bottle, in addition, she has to supplement some rice porridge and rice paste to pee twice in the evening …" I said one by one that after all, with Xiaozhuangzhuang for a long time, she naturally had feelings, but Lan Jingyi forbade her to stay, and it was not good for her to stay back and report to Jiang Junyue.
Lan Jingyi is very embarrassed from the bottom of her heart, but it’s not that she really doesn’t want Jiang Junyue. Second, she can’t afford to pay the nanny. She can’t afford a family. The expenses are enough for her to earn, and the children can eat better. She is not at ease.
Two dishes were fried in the evening, and the children have already fed Lan Qing and sat down. "When will the lacrosse come back?" Can Jiang Junyue eat two dishes of green vegetables without even meat? Lan Qing is suspicious
"Mom, he won’t come again. Eat quickly."
"You really broke up?" Heavy asked LanQing a face of worry.
"So he returned Zhuang Zhuang to you?"
"Pa" chopsticks fell on the table. "Yi Yi, have you ever thought that he still has you in his heart?"
"No" If he had her in his heart, he wouldn’t have said such cruel words.
"If he really wants to break up with you, then he will give you the child, which proves that he has you in his heart. The child loves Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang. He gave it to you because he didn’t want you to be sad. He wanted the children to accompany you, Yi Yi. I think he wants you to be separated. There must be feelings. Tell mom what happened between you and him?"
Here we go again. Mom looks just like Cheng Qingyang. She was wrong about Jiang Junyue, but she already apologized, didn’t she?
"Mom, if you don’t want to help me with my children, you can go back to France." She was really wronged when she put chopsticks in her hand. In this day, she put all her figure, but after all, Jiang Junyue separated. She didn’t want to talk about it. I really didn’t want to talk about it with outsiders, but she didn’t want to be wronged when she got home.
"Yi yi you …"
"I won’t eat, mom. Please help me look after it. I’ll go out and have a look around." After that, her heart will be in a mess when mom goes back to France. She shouldn’t say that, but it’s impossible to get it back when she gets angry and wronged. She wants to go out and be upset except upset.
It’s already dark. From early to this time, she drank a little water and didn’t eat anything. She didn’t eat at noon, and she couldn’t eat at night.
She flew out of the small apartment building and walked alone. In the night, she was utterly confused, but she also fell.
She and Jiang Junyue really broke up.
The street is full of excitement, especially for those large and small stores, where the New Year is coming. Everyone buys new year’s goods and then waits for a family reunion at home for the New Year.
But this year she can spend it with her children and mother.
Walking along the road, there are new red lanterns hanging everywhere, and she looks particularly happy, but her world is pale
In front of a newsstand, a few people bought the evening paper and talked about "President Jiang’s engagement has been cancelled again"
"I heard that there have been several fiancé es. First, a surname Yin was several years ago. Then a surname Luo seems to be the daughter of a famous business tycoon in our city. Finally, a surname Lan broke off her engagement."
"Rich people love to toss about and wish to change one every day."
"It’s not …"
"The boss gave me an evening paper." Lan Jingyi went to the newsstand and bought an evening paper.
Sure enough, she and Jiang Junyue broke off their engagement in the last corner, but the news was not big, but she looked absolutely dazzling
品茶论坛  title=She stared at the word street lamp and pulled her shadow so long that he completely eliminated her last thoughts. From then on, it turned out that Jiang Junyue had nothing to do with him. He was so rude.
I don’t know when the newspaper in my hand turned into small pieces. As she walked, she tore and tore the scraps of paper all the way. The road was broken and completely broken
Just as the scraps of paper drifted across the road, a black Land Rover car slowly passed by. A pair of dark eyes looked at the petite figure drifting away not far away. Jiang Junyue turned the steering wheel and his hand trembled slightly.
This time he hurt her really badly.
But, Yi, do you know?
Hurt you and hurt myself even harder.
Hurt you a little, hurt me very much …
The stumbling figure gradually drifted away and broke into foam, and the confetti fluttered. Lan Jingyi couldn’t walk any further, and her body was light, as if it were not her own mind. She went back to the scenes after Jiang LaCrosse met. Those pictures were so beautiful that she didn’t believe that everything Jiang LaCrosse did was true.
Does he really want her?
He looked as if he could reach out and touch it, but when she did reach out and touch it, it was nothing.
"Pour what want to be so cruel to me? What is it? " She murmured that she had apologized to him in a low profile. What more does he want from her?
Chapter 165 He must have a secret
Section 95
Let her beg him?
Thinking about two little babies in a small apartment, Lan Jingyi is sad. They will grow up in a family without father’s love from now on, which is really cruel for children.

If we win the King’s Cup of Spain, La Liga and Champions League again, Real Madrid will play the sixth title of the season after the sixth title of the year, and defend the Champions League and the triple title by the way.

Even the triple crown and the sixth crown can defend their titles. Let’s say how abnormal Real Madrid is now.
夜网论坛  title=However, on how abnormal Real Madrid is, Atletico Madrid will not be afraid to play Real Madrid.
They won’t back down even if they know they will lose.
This is the Madrid derby, and it is also the same city derby to which the champion belongs.
After Fa Erkao scored a hat trick in the European Super Cup and lost to Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid held its breath.
Now the two sides finally meet again in the final, and Atletico Madrid has given birth to the will to avenge themselves.
Even the Bernabeu Atletico played a very good game.
First of all, goalkeeper courtois, a Belgian goalkeeper who is younger than Lu Wenbin on loan from Chelsea, has played very well for two consecutive seasons.
Last season, he helped Atletico Madrid win the UEFA Cup championship season, and also helped Atletico Madrid reach the final of the King’s Cup and set two clean sheets in the league, the longest clean sheet record in Atletico’s history.
The final of the King’s Cup, Madrid Derby courtois, continued his hot state in the past two seasons and still had it.
Perhaps the championship battle against Real Madrid and Lu Wenbin made courtois excited and changed the motivation of the game.
In the 5th minute, after Lu Wenbin broke through the flank, he hit the ball at a 45-degree angle. After cutting the flank, he grabbed the point and threw his head at the door.
As a result, I went straight to the dead corner, and this header was actually dragged out of the beam by courtois
Later, Lu Wenbin’s corner kick was shot from a moderate angle and was directly held in courtois’s arms.
In the 13th minute, at the bottom of Di Maria’s sidewalk, Lu Wenbin made a direct volley without stopping.
The ball went straight to the goal like a cannonball, and the result was that courtois reacted quickly and jumped out.
Courtois’s brave play ensured that the goal was not lost for a while
At the same time, striker Fa Erkao is as crazy as the European Super Cup.
In the first minute, Fa Erkao’s offside successfully received Garcia’s direct plug from the front waist and finished shooting in the forbidden area.
Casillas had already surrendered, and as a result, the shot hit the post and bounced back to the forbidden area, and Carvalho was kicked out of the border.
If it weren’t for the help of the goalpost, I’m afraid Real Madrid would have fallen behind at the Bernabeu Stadium.
Both sides failed to score a goal in the first 2 minutes.
Finally, in the 24th minute, the deadlock was broken, and it was Lu Wenbin, the most famous and expensive player.
Lu Wenbin first broke through to the frontcourt with the ball in the middle and then inserted it for Luo himself on different sides.
At the bottom of Luobian Road, Lu Wenbin rushed into the forbidden area to grab the central defender Godin and Miranda, and jumped to the top and headed the ball into the goal.
This fast and powerful header courtois finally failed to stop it.
However, in the 37th minute, Fa Erkao equalised the score with a solo performance by Atletico Madrid.
Then it wasn’t long before the referee blew the half-time whistle and the two sides entered the halftime with 11 points.
After a 15-minute break, the second half began.
As far as everyone is concerned, this pair of sworn enemies still need enter the dragon for a while. At the fourth minute, Lu Wenbin just started 3 minutes at halftime, and once banned a strong long-range shot outside the area, which caused goalkeeper courtois to get rid of it and gave Zema a chance to make up the shot.
Real Madrid took a 21-point lead just at halftime.
Atletico Madrid naturally fought back to equalize the score, but Fa Erkao’s goal at half-time was like a flash in the pan, and it was no longer the glory of the European Super Cup hat trick.
In the 57th minute, Atletico Madrid had a good shot in the forbidden area and Fa Erkao kicked the ball out of the stands.
If you don’t score, you will be punished
Real Madrid scored again in the 73rd minute.
This time, I just dropped the second ball. Zema received Ozil’s assist. The low shot in the forbidden area was blocked by courtois’s foot
However, Lu Wenbin beat the ball into the goal in the forbidden area.
Real Madrid leads Atletico Madrid 31.
With two minutes left in the game, Real Madrid’s lead of two goals is almost a lock.
The tenacious Atletico Madrid fought to the end, but always broke through the Real Madrid defense line and the casillas goal
In the 6th minute, Atletico Madrid midfielder Adrian did have a good shot, and the shot outside the area had already passed the attacking goalkeeper casillas.
As a result, the ball fell in front of the goal and was desperately defended by Lu Wenbin, and it was hooked out of the goal.
Lu Wenbin completed a rescue from the frontcourt to the backcourt.
If this goal is scored, Atletico Madrid can still fight for it in a few minutes, but it is almost hopeless that the goal is still two goals behind Atletico Madrid.
Sure enough, Atletico didn’t score a goal in the last few minutes.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the game ended, and Real Madrid won the King’s Cup of Spain in 212-2013 by beating rival Atletico Madrid 31.
This season, Real Madrid has won four championships, and then the La Liga champion and the Champions League champion will complete the great cause of the annual six-crown.
After the annual six-crown, Real Madrid will have another season of six-crown, which people can look forward to.
Chapter 647 Gleizman
After winning the King’s Cup, Lu Wenbin also won the defending King’s Cup champion award, adding 50,000 experience and 5 skill points, and the balance of skill points increased to 25.
After winning the King’s Cup, Real Madrid celebrated for a few hours at the Bernabeu Stadium and then broke up.
Because only three days apart, Real Madrid will usher in the penultimate round of the league.
To win this league, no matter how Barcelona plays in the second place, Real Madrid will win the first round, which is three points ahead of Barcelona at present.
However, the bad news is that both Ronaldo and Xabi Alonso played because of physical discomfort. Although they followed them to the away game, they did not make the big list and sat in the stands in the end.
In addition, Pepe, the main central defender, has also been suspended for accumulating yellow cards and can be topped by young Vara.
On May 2nd, Real Madrid, home of Real Sociedad Stadium, challenged Real Sociedad away. The 37th round of La Liga 212213 officially started.
Real Sociedad has played well in the season. At present, it ranks fourth in La Liga, which is just the end of the Champions League qualification. Fourth place in La Liga can get a place in the Champions League qualification, fifth place and sixth place is the Europa League.
However, the gap between the points of Valencia and Malaga, the fifth place in the Royal Society, is very small. There are still two rounds left in the league. The Royal Society has not locked in the fourth place and is still in danger of being surpassed by Valencia or Malaga.
And it is very dangerous. If Real Madrid loses this round and Valencia wins, Valencia will take the fourth place in Real Madrid.
Therefore, this game is a championship for Real Madrid, and it is equally important for the real society. It is necessary to fight hard for the Champions League qualification.
The Champions League and the Europa League are two different worlds, and the world’s attention and bonus income are very different.
Note and bonus income will also affect the team’s season transfer. It is easier to introduce players who are qualified for the Champions League, and the bonus can be higher. The transfer and salary will be higher, and the qualification for the Europa League will be lowered by one level.
Therefore, Real Madrid will fight for honor and the Royal Society will also fight for the Champions League qualification.
After the game started, the Royal Society played a very active role in cheering for the home fans, and the state was really good.
Section reading 34
Very good. It’s a big threat to Real Madrid’s backcourt

"Got it, Mommy. Good night."

"good night"
After putting words, Gao Xiaobai wanted to open the wardrobe, took out her little pajamas and went out in her arms.
"Grandma, grandma, dad, it’s late when I’m going to take a shower and go to bed. Go home early and rest, and Xiaobai won’t leave you." Gao Xiaobai said with a pure and lovely smile on his lips.
The faces of the three people are not all embarrassed. Is this child marching orders to them?
Korea’s old lady hurriedly stretched out his hand and pushed Han Shan motioned for him to persuade him in the past.
Han Han picked his eyebrows and walked over and squatted down to hold the little shoulder and said, "Why don’t Xiao Bai go home with his father? You see, grandma and grandma have come to pick you up specially. Do you have the heart to let them down? "
Gao Xiaobai took a sip of his mouth, black and white, and big eyes glanced at Mrs. Han and Zhong Yuhong. "But I promised Mommy I wouldn’t leave her."
"No one asked you to leave your mother." Mrs. Han leaned in and whispered coaxed, "Xiaobai, why don’t you go back with us and wait for your mother to come back from her hometown, and your father will come and pick her up again?"
Gao Xiaobai looked at Han Yan’s little face full of worries. "But I read in the newspaper that dad is very playboy and has a lot of women outside. If I go back with you, will there be other women looking for the door with their children?" What if mommy and I are bullied by them again? "
"…" Han Yan has a black line. "Children’s newspapers are all scribbled. Don’t look after it. Be good."
Gao Xiaobai looked at him with big eyes blinking. "The teacher once said that a fly can’t make a sound without biting an egg."
Han Dong "…"
I haven’t spoken yet, and I was slapped by the old lady Han as soon as I "snapped" …
After the fight, Mrs. Han endured the heartache and smiled at Gao Xiaobai and said, "Xiaobai, your father is not sensible and your grandmother has taught him a lesson for you. Don’t worry, our Korean family will recognize your mother and other women and children, and I will kick them out!"
Han Dong "…"
Zhong Yuhong also came over and advised, "Yes, Xiaobai’s new home is very beautiful. Besides grandma, grandma, grandpa and aunt playing with you, grandma’s cooking is also delicious. What do you like to eat? Can I make it for you every day? We can take you to play wherever you want. "
Gao Xiaobai cocked his little head and seriously considered it. Finally, he shook his head and said, "No, I promised Mommy. I can’t keep my word. Let’s wait for Mommy to come back and go with her."
All "…"
"Xiao Bai’s father will sleep with you here tonight, okay?" Han Shu said, settling for second best.
Gao Xiaobai shook his head. "Don’t get used to sleeping alone."
Han Dong "…"
"And my bed is very small, and you are too fat. I’m afraid you will collapse the bed." Gao Xiaobai added again.
In the end, the old lady Han was reluctant, but it was too late to watch. The little guy insisted on continuing the stalemate. I am afraid there is no good result. I am reluctant to leave with my daughter-in-law and Sun Xian.
Tandem two cars just left the new city community Chang Huanyan and came back in a Gao Xiaoxiao suv.
Gao Xiaobai opened the door for her and then took a small pajamas to take a shower.
"Xiao Bai!" Chang Huan Yan suddenly stopped him.
She didn’t come to sell her coat next to the tea table, pointing to the cigarette case that Han Han deliberately left with a lighter and asked, "Who is this?" Did you have a guest at home just now? "
Gao Xiaobai blinked. "Well, that’s my father. He may have forgotten to take it with him."
With that, he calmed down the bathroom door
Section 51
Dad? Chang Huanyan looked at the expensive high-end lighter and the whole person began to get messy in the wind.
So … Five years ago, that fucking rapist showed up? !
Chang Huanyan rushed to call Gao Xiaoxiao, but the other end was "Sorry, the number you dialed is no longer available"
It was really late when she looked at it. She sighed and sent a text message first. "I just got home. Xiao Bai told me that his father just came home. What happened?" Please let me know as soon as you turn it on! "
Rui yuan shou fu Han Jia
Han Zhengming is watching financial news on the sofa in the living room.
桑拿After seeing four people come back together, he was surprised and asked, "How did you come back together? Go on a blind date with aunt? "
Han Shao changed his slippers without saying anything and went straight back to the building.
Mrs. Han’s backache came over and sat in her mouth muttering, "I don’t even kiss each other anymore."
"…" Han Zhengming frowned. "Mom, what do you mean?"
I don’t know if I’m tired or not in the mood. Mrs. Han rubbed her waist and didn’t bother to explain.
"Alas, this old man is tired for a while, and his waist will not straighten up." After that, he didn’t get up and started walking towards the bedroom.
Han Zhengming looked at Han’s old lady at a loss when she was about to speak, but she suddenly stopped and turned her head and said, "By the way, Yu Hong, you should go to bed early and accompany me to the mall in the afternoon. I want to buy several sets of seasonal clothes for Xiaobai and buy him some toys."
"Good mother, I will accompany you in the past in the afternoon". Sun Zhongyu’s face is full of tenderness at the thought of cute and handsome.
Han Zhengming stared at Zhong Yuhong behind the old lady’s door and asked, "Who is Xiaobai? What on earth did you do tonight? "
Zhong Yuhong just wanted to explain Bao Fang and frowned and asked, "Where is Xia Xia?"
"Why are you looking for her! Answer my question first, "Han Zhengming said impatiently.
Zhong Yuhong also said impatiently, "I don’t want to say it at once. I have to explain it to her separately every time."
After all, it’s too complicated. It’s tiring to explain it again …
Han Zhengming said kindly, "That Gu called to the north, so she went to dinner with him, and when will she come back?"
"… why don’t you stop it?" Zhong Yuhong was angry. "Why didn’t Xia Xia give up and let her go? Why didn’t you know how to cherish yourself?"

He played mahjong and depressed his family to laugh.

Instead of being embarrassed, Yujing cleared her throat and continued, "That’s my second uncle who loves his wife. I call it love me, love my dog."
This is a little more laughter.
Song Qingcheng didn’t interrupt and took a cup of water. The auricle was a little hot.
A young poker table joked, "I can’t see that my second cousin is still henpecked."
As soon as the voice fell, Yu Tingchuan was confused.
For a moment, others’ attention turned back to the card game.
About half an hour ago, the waiter sent Yujing to order food earlier.
Yujing picked up the mutton string and chewed it. It was delicious. She handed it to Song Qingcheng, a string of flesh and blood. "This is nothing fishy for you to eat."
Song Qingcheng ate a lot of dinner, but I still reached out and took it. I didn’t eat like Yujing. I ate it slowly. Maybe I was really not hungry. She didn’t have any taste, ate a third of it, put it back on the plate and took a strawberry to eat.
Yu Tingchuan plays mahjong and occasionally pays attention to the sofa side.
Sometimes the whole Song Dynasty can feel it.
She didn’t deliberately twist a head to look at her heart, which was already very practical.
It wasn’t long before the waiter brought the roast leg of lamb.
There is almost no break in laughter when playing cards in the living room.
Yujing grabbed the leg of lamb with disposable gloves to chew his mouth and rubbed the oil poker table. I don’t know who made a chagrin and exclaimed, accompanied by a supercilious look on the table, Yujing and Song Qingcheng said, "Look, juwan will have to pay it back if he wins the money."
The whole song dynasty watched Yujing chuckle supercilious look. I don’t know how to think of the corners of the mouth of the net expression pack. The eyebrows in the eyes are also smiling slightly.
Yu Jing noticed something and asked curiously, "What’s so funny?"
"Nothing" Song Qingcheng smiled "I just think you are cute"
"How does this sound like swearing?"
Yujing mumbled and handed over a bunch of grilled squid. "Eat quickly. Look, you are too thin. You have little face."
Song Qingcheng has been full and hasn’t moved a bite in his hand.
It’s almost half past ten in the evening.
A female elder of Yu’s family came out of the suite bedroom and went straight to the poker table. She was looking for someone else but Yu Tingchuan who had something to say to this nephew alone.
Yujing Song Qingcheng introduced "That’s my second aunt who doesn’t know why I’m looking for my second uncle."
The poker game has stopped over there.
Yutingchuan was called outside by Yu Jia’s second aunt.
Suite door yan song city back suddenly feel chest tightness happened Yujing handed a bunch of baked eggplant.
The whole song dynasty smelled the smell of oil smoke and felt sick, and it seemed that it was blocked by something. Later, it was really uncomfortable not to say hello to Yujing and got up and ran to health while covering her mouth.
I just walked to the toilet and couldn’t help bending over to vomit.
Just eat all spit it out.
Including undigested dinner.
I vomited until I didn’t have anything to vomit, but I still felt sick.
Outside, Yu Jing followed and knocked at the door. "What about Qingcheng?"
Song city very not easy to pressure retching * * open the faucet hand holding water gargle mood followed calm to wait for her to open the health door in addition to a little pale already can’t see it strange.
Yu Jing is worried, "Are you all right?"
"It’s okay" Song Qingcheng shook his head and still felt uncomfortable. "It may be that I ate too much and my stomach was a little stuffy in the room."
"Then go outside for a while." Yujing hurried to help her.
Song Qingcheng felt funny. "It’s nothing if I walk."
Yu Jing is dubious "Really?"
桑拿按摩  title="My second uncle doesn’t know where he went with my second aunt, or I’ll give him a call."
"No" Song Qingcheng stopped her "Now I am much better"
Air circulation in the corridor outside
Section 26
Yujing looked at Song Qingcheng’s face and recovered some color, making sure that she was not a sudden emergency. This just put her heart on her chest. "It really scared me. If you eat something, my second uncle must be anxious with me."
"It’s not that serious" Song Qingcheng laughed.
Yu Jing disagreed. "My second uncle looks at you in a very different way. Your eyes hurt just like his own. Do you think he will be comfortable?"
Yu Jing added, "Let’s go to the building and have a look around here. It’s not good. They won’t break up this mahjong game until half past eleven."
Talking two people walked to the door of the ladder.
There happened to be a ladder for Yujing to reach out and press the button immediately.
The original ladder will come to the top floor, but it stops at this floor.
The ladder door opened and the whole Song Dynasty saw Yutingchuan at a glance.
Yutingchuan is preparing to come out from the inside.
"Uncle?" Yu Jing was surprised
Yu Tingchuan didn’t expect to meet their deep sight here, and immediately went to Song Qingcheng. Then he looked at Yu Jing and asked, "How come it’s raining outside? Where are you going?"

I stared at her to see if she was pretending.

She has been "Ye Xiangyuan is me! It’s me! "
Then she fell to the ground in a long hair, just like fighting for a toy child to win or not.
Go and detain her when you are a bodyguard.
I saw that her hands and feet were forced to open and handcuff the bedpost firmly, and when she struggled, the chain kept ringing, and then she screamed, which sounded so harsh.
Then I saw the doctor in a white coat enter the room and sedate her.
She was quiet to sleep completely.
It suddenly dawned on me that she was mentally ill and would hallucinate, occasionally awake and remember hatred in her heart.
But if you want to hate her, shouldn’t you hate herself more?
She brought it all on herself.
But a cold-blooded selfish person like her may never admit that she is wrong.
Chapter 14 What if you are separated from Ye Xiangyuan?
Back in my room, I lay down on the bed with my head resting on my hands, staring at the ceiling above my head with some self-effacing.
I found that seeing Xiaoyan go crazy with my own eyes didn’t make me happy.
Not that I sympathize with her.
Yes, as Li Yuyan said, I am also a poor man.
桑拿Compared with Xiaoyan, I say no, who is worse?
Xiao Jia was driven out of China, and she was forced to look at the center of the earth without family support, thinking of someone who could never give her a response.
How different am I from her?
Although my parents are still healthy, they were forced to emigrate, and now I am alone.
I love Ye Xiangyuan, but he has another lover in his heart. He is gentle and indulgent to me, but he is just acting for me to show to outsiders.
The most frustrate thing is that I got caught in his weave net despite knowing it.
I don’t know how long it took before the lights in the room came on automatically.
I didn’t notice it was already dark outside.
Someone brought in food, except for my favorite Chili fried meat, chicken soup, fish and even fruit.
It must be Gu Changning’s special photo again.
I don’t want to hide my eyes and ears. Li Yuyan suspects that I must stay in the thorns.
He is treated well except that he is not free.
I look at the rich dishes but have no appetite.
May be due to see Xiaoyan field some depressed.
I still lay in bed and didn’t move.
Then I felt quiet all around, and found that the decoration in the room was all white, and the oil paintings were all inclined to abstract hole colors. It was horrible to look closely.
It’s late again, and suddenly I dare not close my eyes and sleep.
What’s more, there are strange steps in the corridor at this time.
I was so scared that my head was covered by the inner part, but the dark bed made me even more afraid that I could stare at the back of the door with my eyes open.
It happened that the door was knocked.
I got such a fright that my heart was going to be scared out.
Then the door was opened.
I looked over with trepidation and it turned out to be South-South!
How did South-South appear here? !
I was relieved, and at the same time, I was filled with doubts. I quickly jumped to hold her hand and eagerly asked, "Why are you here? Are you caught?" Who arrested you? "
Nannan held my hand tightly and said, "Don’t worry, I wasn’t caught. Lu Xun found me and asked me to accompany you."
I stare big eyes.
She touched my hair. "Lu Xun told me everything, don’t be afraid. We’ll get through this."
I couldn’t help jumping into her arms and crying.
I didn’t cry in front of Lu Xun and Gu Changning, in front of my sister-in-law or in the face of Xiao Jin.
Because I know they can’t help me, let alone comfort me.
I don’t want to show weakness in front of them either.
South and South are different. She is my best friend and she can understand all my emotions, whether happy or sad.
She hugged me, patted me gently on the back and coaxed me. "It’s okay … it’s okay …"
I cried my eyes out.
She always comforted me gently and didn’t interrupt my crying.

Ye Xiangyuan’s eyes flitted across the corners of my mouth from my face. "Well, I’ll live until you get well."

I called him "What do you mean I’m Ji Shu …"
He chuckled, "I’m jealous on purpose."
I "…"
He smiled and squeezed my hand and said, "Let’s wait for Xiaojin and her parents-in-law to come."
I nodded and looked at him hesitantly. "Does the country … matter?"
He gave me a slow look with chopsticks and said, "The verdict has come. I am a fugitive now."
Chapter 33
I stare big eyes
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and nodded my nose. "Are you afraid?"
I looked at him wait for a while consciousness shook his head.
The smile on his lips deepened. Suddenly, he buckled the back of my head against my forehead and stared at me in a low voice. "Then you will be a fugitive with me."
My eyes are still wide open and I can’t speak at all.
If he is really wanted in person, he is really going to live in exile after that.
But I don’t think his face looks angry or anxious at all.
He kept smiling.
Does this mean that … everything is not so bad?
I secretly guessed and couldn’t help thinking that since he promised to tell me everything, he didn’t go on talking now, which made me scared …
I am condescending that he pinched my nose and smiled slightly. "Of course, the wanted man is false."
I can’t help looking at him.
He leaned in and kissed my face, smiled and gave me a bowl of soup. "Let’s talk while eating."
It turns out that this is a scene between him and Asun, and of course it is also a face-to-face agreement. The purpose is not only to expose Li jiaqi, but also to crack down on those forces outside China.
I listened to him calmly, but I was soul-stirring
Although the wanted man is false, he is now in a more dangerous situation than the wanted man.
I had vaguely heard him go abroad before, and those forces secretly planned for many years. How could they spare him once things broke out?
And now we in France are always facing each other’s containment and tracking.
I don’t know if those forces have Han Qingshan, maybe not only him, but just Han Qingshan is enough to scare people.
Han Qingshan is not an easy man to deal with.
He must be trying his best to find us now, or he already knows where we are, but he is planning a deeper conspiracy …
Thought of here, my heart instantly reached my throat.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t comfort me, but he stared at me and turned the subject after drinking the soup. "The Li family did things with those behind the scenes many years ago, and Li Mulin was arranged to be with me since childhood. Through me, I knew my eldest brother’s movements, and later my eldest brother’s sacrifice also contributed to him …"
I suddenly zheng.
Is Li Mulin involved in Ye Dage’s affair?
I can’t help looking at him.
He must be very sad to become an enemy, right?
What’s more, this young man killed his eldest brother …
Ye Xiangyuan received my silent eyes for a moment and said lightly, "From the day I knew he was against me, I was ready to settle accounts with him one day."
His tone is so indifferent that people can’t recognize emotions.
But I think he was still shocked when he learned the truth.
I couldn’t help reaching out and stroking his face gently.
He smiled, grabbed my hand and put it on his lip and kissed me. "The Li family is very clever. They not only sent Li Mulin to approach me, but also turned against my grandfather."
Rebel against ye Li?
In the past six months, I have rarely thought of such a person as Ye Li. After all, he had been far away by Ye Xiang and didn’t know life and death.
I didn’t expect him to be turned against.
Rebellion is not a joke. It may involve treason …
I blurted out, "Is he the same nature as the Li family?"
Ye Xiangyuandao "That’s not true. He is the older generation and still loyal to the country, but he has done a lot of things, and his nature is similar to that of the Li family."
桑拿会所I can’t help but take a breath. I just don’t know what to say
Treason is such a thing. Anyway, I think it takes an animal to do it.
Imagine how well a person will live if he doesn’t love his country. Will his conscience be disturbed when he dreams at midnight? Will his ancestors swear at him in his dreams …
I used to think that Ye Li’s partiality to the third party was disgusting, but I never thought that he would do something harmful to the national interests.
This is more than just the word disgusting
It took me a long time to say with difficulty, "Are the cards in his hand those forces?"
Ye Xiangyuan nodded and shook his head, revealing a sarcastic smile at the corner of his mouth. "He has a strong card in his hand and is loyal to him, but he was given to manipulate chess."
In other words, the so-called cards in Ye Li’s hands are also those forces.
This is a bit sad.
But I have no sympathy for Ye Li at all.
He’s eccentric. The most unforgivable thing is that he killed Ye Dad and Ye Dabo.
Especially when Teng Jun finally died, he even killed Ye Xiangyuan and wanted to save Ye Sanye …
Just as I was falling into memory, Ye Xiangyuan broke my thoughts lightly. "You don’t worry about my grandfather’s exposure. To outsiders, my grandfather has passed away. Even if I dig up those old things, it won’t wave to me … I’m just telling you that Li Jiahe Li Mulin were enemies of Ye’s family from the beginning."

I thought Han Qingshan said with a smile, "Xiaoyan will live with you and take care of you and your children when the time comes."

This is a bolt from the blue.
I can’t help but stare at my eyes for once.
He asked Xiaoyan to stay with me because he wanted to spy on me.
But Xiaoyan couldn’t wait to kill me. She’s mean and capable of anything …
I’m sure I can’t sleep well if she stays with me.
It happened that Xiaoyan saw me beaten and proudly reminded Jiao Jiao of the red lips. "I will take good care of you."
The malicious meaning in her charming smile made me shudder.
I don’t want to know what she will do to take care of me
My head turned rapidly and ignored her, but turned to Han Qingshan to sneer at "I already understand what you want to do, but I want to remind you that I am still Ye Xiangyuan’s wife and his nephew is here …"
Speaking of which, I paused to look at his expression.
It’s a pity that his face as usual without any ups and downs.
I gritted my teeth and said, "Have you ever thought about Ye Xiangyuan’s reaction when you do this?"
Han Qingshan smiled slightly. "He must be angry. So what? I have his nephew and his son. Do you think I’m afraid of him?"
He really wanted to threaten Ye Xiangyuan with us.
I squinted at him intensely.
His lips smile more thick "since I have done these things, I am not afraid to talk to Ye Er less."
Section 25
I said, "You really are going for Ye Jia."
Han Qingshan laughed and nodded "yes".
I frowned. "Do you want Ayuan’s life?"
Han Qingshan look at me deeply and didn’t answer my question.
After a while, he said, "These things are all yours. Stay here with peace of mind. If you listen, I will ensure your safety."
I sneer
Is he coaxing children?
I’m Ye Xiangyuan’s wife. How can he and Ye Xiangyuan stay out of it for me?
Besides, there are Xiao Jin and the baby. If they threaten Ye Xiangyuan, I will definitely fight him hard.
What’s more, he let Xiaoyan spy on me.
How can I be safe with Xiaoyan? I have to guard against being killed by her every day.
So he just didn’t let me feel better
About I saw that I didn’t do it. Han Qingshan paused and said, "I came here today to bring Xiaoyan. You are old friends and talk more."
Then he got up and planned to leave.
Xiaoyan smiled at me and replied, "I’ll catch up with her."
I ignored her and stopped Han Qingshan Road to "wait"
Han Qingshan stopped.
夜生活I looked at him and said, "Why isn’t Ji Shu with you?"
Second, he said that Ji Shu would wait for me abroad, but now Ji Shu hasn’t shown up. I’m a little worried that Han Qingshan’s kicking down the bridge is a threat to Ji Shu’s safety.
Han Qingshan smiled and laughed. "He’s fine."
But his tone sounds quite meaningful.
I couldn’t help saying, "What did you do to him?"
"He?" Han Qingshan disdainfully evoked the corners of his mouth. "Don’t worry that he is just an idiot and I never understand an urgent person … I won’t touch him."
I don’t know what, I don’t believe him.
He can benefit Ji Shu once and benefit the second time.
Although Ji Shu is a little confused, I have bad blood with him, but we grew up together. I know that he is not a bad person. If he is so hurt by Han Qingshan or Han Qingshan, my heart will be uneasy.
I took a deep breath and said, "Don’t hurt him … He can’t threaten you …"
Han Qingshan looked at me for a long time and suddenly laughed. "Since you are so interested in Jishu, I will bring him to accompany you."
Chapter 31 Who is in the same boat with you
I am stupefied.
I immediately realized that he saw that I was worried that Ji Shu was going to threaten me with Li Jishu.
Although I have already been monitored by him, one more Jishu will make me think more and be more obedient.
Thinking of this, I simply refused, "No, I don’t know him very well."
Han Qingshan noncommittally looked at me for a moment before leaving.
Xiaoyan and I are left in the living room.
She’s from Han Qingshan. I can’t kick her out. Of course, even if I kick her out, she won’t leave.
But I don’t want to talk to her, let alone stay with her, let alone arrange accommodation for her.
Anyway, there are many rooms in the house, so she can just choose one.
I got up to go back to the building.

Lin IELTS is getting closer and closer to the minimum time limit given by the doctor. If you wait until david’s election, will it come?

How can everything be so coincidental? Allen can leave at the latest on the day of david’s election!
If only it were a little later, even a day later!
Mu Chuan saw that she hesitated, and he felt that it was almost enough to say. She would definitely give him a result tonight at the latest!
The man got up and said, "Think about it. After all, I like Allen very much, and he likes me very much. Although this method is a strategy, it is the only way to solve your problem at this time!"
Get up. He goes out with his cell phone.
Muchuan quickly booked a plane ticket.
At that moment, his hands were shaking …
He has made two preparations, and she will probably agree to his proposal, but there is still the possibility of refusing it, but there is no air ticket. He doesn’t care!
As soon as he left, the whole room left her swinging alone.
But the more quiet she is, the more afraid she feels.
After all, she couldn’t help calling david. She had never been so afraid to get through to a call.
Hold the hand and shake it all the time. It’s been ringing for a long time, and finally it’s answered over there.
桑拿But the sound made lily Ya’s whole heart sink.
Lin Ya eagerly asked with the last fantasy, "Is it convenient for david to answer the phone now? Is it not convenient for the other party to see me? "
Lily replied, "I’m sorry he went to the meeting yesterday and hasn’t come back yet. I guess you won’t see him before the election."
Disappointment struck Lin Yashen in an instant.
Hang up, she’s more six gods.
About thirty minutes later, Allen was pushed back to the ward
Lin Ya looked at him and felt that the child seemed to be paler and his eyes could not stop red.
Allen held out a small hand to hold her pale lips and smiled. "Mommy, I don’t hurt you. Don’t worry."
Lin Ya almost shed tears when her nose was sour. When she was good, she controlled her mouth and said, "Well, Mommy knows that Allen is the bravest!"
The little guy raised his hand and said happily, "Mommy, when I’m ready, shall we go to the amusement park?"
Lin Ya smiled bitterly. "Well, I’ll wait for you."
Muchuan went out for a long time and didn’t go back to the ward. When the man felt that he needed to give it to her, he thought clearly.
He reappeared at about three o’clock in the afternoon. Lin Ya had searched everywhere, but no one could help.
Seeing her come in, she went out with her bag.
I went to david and Alice, but they didn’t
I think Alice has an appointment with david at this time, and the election is very busy.
At six o’clock in the evening, she received a message from Muchuan, and he couldn’t help calling her after all.
The man whispered through the receiver, "Have you thought about it?"
She should have refused, but she has already taken the road and lost her refusal.
At that time, deep eyes looked out of the window in front of the sofa in Muchuan ward and said, "Is it difficult? Haven’t you decided whether to save him or not? "
Lin Ya doesn’t like the way he talks. "Muchuan, you know that’s not why I hesitate!"
"Hmm" Mu Chuan should be silent for a long time, and then speak again in a warm and magnetic voice. "Get married. I will listen to you after marriage."
He doesn’t know how hard it took him to suppress the excitement in his tone!
Lin Ya-hsin’s heart sank and there was a steady stream of traffic in front of her eyes, but she didn’t hear what he had just said.
There was no response from her for a long time, and he finally could not help but sigh and compromise, saying, "Then one year. If you feel unhappy afterwards, it won’t be difficult for you to leave me."
I don’t know how long it will be before he goes. He won’t wait for her answer.
But I heard a few inaudible "good"
Muchuan holds the words and raises a satisfactory radian with a tight thin lip.
"Well, pass me your things. I need to go back as soon as possible."
Then she asked softly, "Don’t you want me to go back with you?"
She seems to have to go with two people about the marriage certificate.
Muchuan chuckled, "Do you doubt my ability?"
Lin Ya was dazed, but it should be no problem for him to be able to do such a thing.
The man added, "My plane ticket is late. You’d better hurry."
"Good bye" Lin Ya hung up and stopped a car in a hurry to drive to his small apartment.
A moment later, Lin Ya took something and went to the hospital.
Muchuan has nothing to pack. He has everything with him.

Even in the Star Game, the group stage and the semi-final were in full swing. It was these three games that the ghost was beaten and the audience was beaten.

Now the ghost is bloody, and the audience is alert. They like the team shouting and looking forward to the miracle.
"Is there a chance? ! Is there a chance? ! "Xiao Chengjiang asked Lu Zhan that this raid also ignited his hope for the nether world and empathized with lpl players. He asked twice.
"I really want to say" Lu Zhan shook his head.
The audience rekindled their hopes for the nether world, but Lu Zhan despaired of the nether world for the first time at that moment.
The so-called bystander Qing Lu Zhan has seen behind this group battle.
"The tree probably didn’t expect to be seconds, but after this time, the opposite side may not suffer because there are four displacement skills in the nether world, and three big moves have been made. Unless you retreat quickly, there is such a big equipment gap. The result of this team battle will still be lost, but the nether world is very difficult to gain an advantage, and it is too difficult for them not to actually die." Lu Zhan said slightly.
Will you lose if you go back and fight?
Xiao Chengqiang never doubted the tactical analysis of Lu Zhan. Although he didn’t understand it, Bai Lu Zhan said it was right. But would the nether world choose not to fight this group?
What happened in the camera told him not to.
The Ghost Living Five are obviously going to pursue the victory and kill the big tree. Five people will immediately move to Dalong Canyon. Their idea is very simple. At the very least, let’s fight a half-blood dragon before Dalong takes off!
As a result, to the unexpected, sk1 people not only did not escape, but also reflected on their arrival.
The two teams met at the fork in the road to the half-area red buff
Nobody wants to leave. Nine people quickly fought together.
Su Huanjen Pan Sen top front "when" a dizzy ritz and output.
But at this point, Ritz had already gained meat. There was no big move. The ghost didn’t kill Ritz for the first time, but Ritz woke up and hit him back.
Ray, blue light, pieces of the ghost array light up, and the ghost people start to lose blood quickly, and the output firepower of his position is also coming.
Everyone is targeting Su Huanjen. Obviously, he just set up a deception tree to make these people want revenge.
At this time, there is not much technical content, and there is a fight for blood.
Su Huanjen, however, was not afraid to attack each other at the front, and so were his teammates.
The country’s first auxiliary eyi topped the second position, and the country’s first wilderness efeng has already entered the enemy line.
This is the last professional competition trip for these two people. If they lose this game, it will be their last game. They tried their best in this team battle.
However, Ritz was too meaty, and the gap in equipment suppressed their output, so it was easy to kill Ritz, but there was a spider in the front row behind him.
After all, Sanfatan is better than their array. There are so many tanks, and it is enough for South Korea’s ad big mouth to output safely at the back.
One kill, two kill, three kill. Pan Sen took three kill.
At the same time, Mouth got four kills.
Including Persson, four members of the Ghost Team have been killed, while sk1 has lost one.
In the face of this ending, the audience was stunned and didn’t know what to do at this time.
"Team battles have been played well enough, but the equipment gap is too big." Lu Zhan shook his head.
It’s a flash. The ghost on the screen has left Pan Sen alone
Chapter 763 The hero is dying
Su Huanjen didn’t give up. He faced each other alone, and the three of them were still making the final output, but everyone knew that he couldn’t get it up.
No matter how well you fight, it is hard to resist the equipment gap between the two sides. This battle not only failed to pursue the victory, but also may lose more important things.
Pan Sen is dead, and Su Huanjen can’t turn the tide alone.
SK1 took this opportunity to directly push ad back to the Ghost Heights, and they broke down the defensive tower with a wave of soldiers and began to dismantle the crystal.
By this time, the earliest death of the ghost, efeng, had come out. He fucked himself to fight the blind monk to defend the crystal all the way.
However, SK1 players are addicted to seeing people come out and haven’t left yet. efeng was so anxious that the blind monk chased him with a kick.
But as soon as I arrived in Leeds, a blind monk was stably controlled.
Skill minus D Passive Ritz’s big move D is too short. This time, it is played with big move skills. The blind monk’s blood volume has been lost. South Korea’s ad and auxiliary and output cooperate with each other to once again kill the blind monk for seconds.
There was a sound of regret in the audience. The blind monk was killed from kicking to coming without making an output, which made them feel depressed and the crystal was dropped.
The general trend is gone. This is what all the audience have been thinking about, and this situation will be confirmed after the performance of a word.
Unless SK1 makes a big mistake, the nether world can’t make a comeback, but will they make a mistake?
At the bottom of the broadcast screen, there are close-ups of the players in the small and medium-sized windows. They seem to be relaxed and can’t wait to win the championship trophy.
Look at their stable mentality, and everyone realizes that the ghost is really over …
No one doubts that the world series will once again fall to the finals.
It’s that the players in the nether world haven’t given up today’s frequent mistakes, and the newcomers are still looking for opportunities.
Every team battle that followed, the nether world grabbed a very beautiful first hand, and even though the equipment was poor, they tried their best to do the team battle.
It’s a pity that the array gap is too big. With the three Fatan departments being very fleshy, it is difficult to kill people.
In 32 minutes, the three paths of the nether world were broken, and all the players persisted, but they were able to save the day.
In 33 minutes, the team battle of the nether world failed again. SK1 spider hung himself up arrogantly and rushed to the new couple who returned to the spring to be single.
"Being abused by the spring!"
China fans can’t accept this scene. It’s like hanging a primary school student.
喝茶约茶A wave of super soldiers came to the hometown of the underworld to explode the picture. When the frame was fixed, many players in the underworld had not yet come back to life
At the end of the game, the pilot cut out the game screen and pointed the camera at the player SK1 from both sides. The people there were very excited, but it was dead here.
Efeng and eyi are a pair of brothers, both burying their faces in their hands and sitting in the middle of the new couple, Shan could not help crying.
Of the five people, he is the most violent. He knows that he has to bear a lot of responsibility for losing the game, but even if he takes the blame himself, he hopes that the ghost will win.
Among the ghosts, there is Su Huanjen with a calm back chair.
Su Huanjen, a famous player in the world lol world, is well known to all who watch the live broadcast, regardless of the enemy or their own people, I am afraid they want to see Su Huanjen’s mood at this moment.
However, no one can read anything from his calm face.
SK1 shook hands, too. They were thinking about the trophy. No one communicated with the ghost more symbolically and left.
Su Huanjen has been sitting quietly like this without looking at them.
Eyi got up and patted him on the shoulder and said a few words of comfort to him. He looked up and saw Su Huanjen open his mouth but didn’t know what to say.

The bag in hand is very low-key, but the sharp-eyed person can see that it is a limited-edition low-key luxury ball.

"But Miss Mo, didn’t you notice at three o’clock?"
桑拿会所MoWenWan look slightly stiff turned casual magnanimous said
"That should be that I made you an hour late when I remembered wrong."
Wang Yan sneered at Mo Wenwan’s weakness. "It’s the first time I’ve seen someone else’s head when I remember wrong."
"If you are late, you will be late. Others will not say anything, but this attitude is very problematic."
"Forget it. She’s a big shot, so we should wait for her. After all, it’s just booming."
Listen to these weird words, Qin Miaomiao’s mouth is hooked. It seems that Mo Wenwan’s eye drops are really good. She just came here and pulled so much hatred.
Mo Wen wan’s face is to introduce her to these celebrities, but in fact, she wants to cut off her possibility of making friends with these people
The entertainment circle is very big, and it is not common for a person to play around with some power interest chains on the backs of these celebrities.
In particular, they form an inherent circle, and it is difficult to fit in with them, but it is easy to be excluded from them.
Mo Wen-wan is very powerful. She was given a Mawei as soon as she came.
She smiled lightly and said, "I’m sorry. I brought a friend here, too. Do you mind?"
Lv Pingting sneered, "This is a private club, and it’s not like all cats and dogs can enter Miss Qin. You’d better weigh it."
"Wen Wan, look at who you invited. Didn’t you say that only people with a certain status can enter Morton Manor? Don’t lower our level."
Mo Wenwan pretended to be embarrassed, smiled and said, "Miss Qin, I’m so sorry. It’s really not for ordinary people to enter here, or let your friends avoid it."
At this time, a deep voice came over.
"Oh, it seems that we are not welcome in this place, Mr. Hilton. Let’s go."
They looked intently and gasped in a gasp.
What a beautiful boy with a golden shoulder and a deep outline. There is something handsome but fascinating in her beauty, but she is a man on her chest. Someone exclaimed.
God, is he the most popular model in the fashion circle?
Chapter 399 Face the second wave
"What Wall"
"You don’t know that his first show last year was Hilton’s new spring show, and then he became the hottest male model. He was praised by Hilton for his muse’s handsome face. The typhoon made him a top male model in just half a year, but I didn’t expect him to disappear after half a year. He quit the modeling circle and many people lamented it.
At this time, someone exclaimed, "Isn’t the person around him Mr. Hilton?"
Everyone was shocked. It was Hilton.
Isn’t the iconic black glasses, short white hair and cold face with a leading crutch in their hands the godfather of fashion Hilton?
Miss Qin was able to invite Hilton especially to invite Wall, who had disappeared for more than half a year.
That’s not a deep background. Then who is?
They feel their faces burning and aching.
Qin Miaomiao secretly spit while listening to those people.
Holy shit, the boss turned out to be the hottest model
Isn’t he from a bodyguard family?
And when did this Hilton guy invite him?
Qin Miao Miao couldn’t help asking him in a low voice, "You are really a model."
The boss coughed, "Who doesn’t have a sideline yet, right? Please don’t puncture it."
But you haven’t played too much in your old sideline, have you? The hottest male model heard that every step requires money to calculate the sky-high price.
She suddenly realized the meaning of former Lu Qing’s words, and sure enough, she could kill the quartet with him.
Her bodyguard regiment is really all stunts.
No, it’s stunning.
Who dares to say that he is beautiful if he is so arrogant?
Not even a man. Women are afraid to die of shame.
Mo Wenwan was the first to return to absolute being, and hurriedly walked forward to squeeze out a gentle smile.
"I didn’t expect it to be Mr. Hilton. Hello, I’m Mo Wen Wanji, your assistant. I wonder if you are interested in attending the new conference held in our country."

Ye Xiangyuan would leave, but he actually came over and was hugged by me.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the blue of his eyes and the pain in his eyes.
He stared into my eyes and said slowly, "I’m sorry. I didn’t know you cared so much …"
I smiled bitterly. "Do you think I should mind?"
He looked at me for a while and said, "If something happens to you, I think Asun will be just like me because you are my wife."
I was silent for a few seconds and shook my head. "No, it’s different. Brother Lu Xun doesn’t like me …"
I am even more convinced that if I go missing on New Year’s Eve, at least Gu Changning won’t be so anxious.
In Lu Xun … Maybe he will be hindered by Ye Xiangyuan’s help, but I don’t think he will disregard Gu Changyu’s wishes, let alone run out without asking Gu Changyu’s consent.
At the end of the day, it was because Ye Xiangyuan loved Gu Changyu that he acted like that last night.
Leaf to the distance "if you mind, I will pay attention to …"
I interrupted him, "You’re just saying that to cover up your thoughts about the little fish … you don’t have to hide anything from us, okay?"
Ye Xiangyuan tightened his arm firmly and said "bad"
I really don’t understand why he just won’t let me go.
Is it because I am still profitable?
"Ye Xiangyuan" I called him.
He looked at me quietly with his head down.
There is still tenderness in that eye, but how much sincerity does this tenderness have?
I wrinkled my nose and said, "Can you see that I love you so much that I don’t care that there is still someone living in your heart?"
He didn’t do it.
Tears rolled down my heart quietly, and the depression almost tore me apart. I couldn’t help begging him anymore. "I feel really bad. My heart seems to have been ripped away … You promised me to stay away from the little fish, but what you did made me feel that you would love her forever …"
Ye Xiangyuan still looked at me silently without opening his mouth, revealing some indescribable emotion in his eyes.
I bit my mouth to stop myself from crying.
But once the emotions break out, they can’t stop.
I sobbed, "I also told you that if you can’t do it, I won’t love you anymore … I will hurt if you break my heart again and again …" I grabbed my chest and was "Please leave me alone"
He grabbed my hand and put it on his lips to kiss, but he didn’t speak.
I hate his attitude.
品茶论坛This attitude of holding me in the palm of your hand and hurting me without fear.
I think he will drive me crazy sooner or later.
I want to stay away from him before I collapse.
I didn’t pull away my hand and looked at him with tears in my eyes, sobbing, "I gave you my love for the first time … I gave you my body and mind … but what is my heart?" To put it bluntly, you just treat me as a tool. You want me to be obedient and stay with you … But I also said at the beginning that if you lie to me, I will leave you … "
He gently touched the corner of my eye and let me vent without doing anything.
My head was groggy and I almost died crying. "You know, I really hate you … since it’s a tool, you have to give me all kinds of hints and hopes … what do you want me to do now? I hate myself for being such an unreasonable bitch … but I can’t help it … Ye Xiangyuan, I can’t help but hate it … Will you just leave me alone? "
He quietly kissed my eyes and my forehead.
I was so sad that I couldn’t get away from crying, and my head felt dizzy and my stomach suddenly hurt.
I vaguely heard him shouting in my ear, "Eleven, what’s wrong with you?"
My tears keep falling, but somehow I suddenly feel that I can’t open my eyes.
Then I lost consciousness.
I smelled disinfectant when I woke up.
When I opened my eyes, I found that my hands were hanging with water. It turned out that I was in the hospital.
Then I remembered that I was talking to Ye Xiangyuan, maybe I fainted because of emotional excitement.
I couldn’t help feeling my belly.
I don’t know if the baby is affected, but the stomach has stopped hurting, so there shouldn’t be much problem.
I remember hearing Ye Xiangyuan calling my name anxiously before I fainted.
Did he bring it to the hospital?
But there is no one in the ward, and he is not with me.
I guess … Let’s forget about Gu Changyu’s disappearance.
I sigh lightly and my head still hurts.
Looking up at the window, it was the beginning of the lights.

Chuyan can’t care so much. Just find out Wu Jiayang’s dialect number and take a deep breath before ordering it on demand.

The words rang for a while before I got through to "Hello ChuYan"
ChuYan one leng and then smile happily "ha ha that ah to me, I am ChuYan"
"Ha ha, I knew what’s wrong with talking at this time." Wu Jiayang asked with a smile.
"I" ChuYan paused.
"That Wu Jiayang I have left the hospital. I forgot to tell you when I left. How are you now?"
"Ha-ha" gave a hearty laugh when you heard it. "I knew you would call."
ChuYan a listen to not more embarrassed and then a quick smile.
Chu Yan said, "I’m sorry, I was in a hurry when I left."
Wu Jiayang laughed. "Forget it. It’s okay. I left soon after you left. How about you? Are you home now?"
Chu Yan nodded. "Well, I’m home."
She didn’t remember that she forgot to tell Wu Jiayang that she had left the hospital before she got home.
Chuyan was a little weak when she said this to Wu Jiayang. Uh-huh.
Wu Jiayang said with a smile, "I must have a good impression on Aunt Xie Liang when I have it another day. Otherwise, how can I meet such a good woman?"
Chuyan couldn’t help but get nervous when he said this.
She doesn’t know anything about Aunt Liang.
But the so-called depends on how Lan Xueer lies herself.
Wu Jiayang didn’t speak for a long time, and Chu Yan’s mouth was bubbling. What was behind it?
"Such a good female confidant! Haha!"
As soon as he finished ChuYan, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and knew that he was teasing her.
She couldn’t help laughing. "I didn’t expect you to play this trick. Well, then you should be ready. I’m welcome anytime, anywhere."
If Wu Jiayang just said that she was a girlfriend, Chu Yan would not be like anything, but she would contradict Wu Jiayang from the bottom of her heart.
After all, they didn’t meet once, but it was because of an own goal.
Although it’s quite easy to talk, anyway, the share of boyfriend and girlfriend depends on fate
It’s already Chu Yan’s limit to promise to go on a blind date. If this object takes the opportunity to hijack, Chu Yan is really disgusting.
The next day, everyone discussed the sensational jumping off a building yesterday.
Because someone photographed Mo Chengkun at that time, he was involved in the film.
Therefore, this sensational jumping event has been pushed to a new height.
Finally, Mo’s family came forward to clarify and cooperate with the police, saying that Mo always appeared there only to save people.
桑拿会所Although the incident finally subsided, Mo Jia and Mo Chengkun got a new round of notes.
But there are still many out.
What, because it’s Mo’s girlfriend, threatening him to get married?
Or all kinds of dog blood stories about heart breaker and spoony girl.
Chuyan was drunk when she heard these times.
While feeling the brain holes of netizens and people, I wonder how I would react if I met such a thing instead of seeing it with my own eyes.
She found herself thinking beyond that direction as well.
Shake your head. Sure enough, people are the same in their hearts.
I’m always looking forward to all kinds of dog blood, and I’m constantly spitting.
But now what’s your business?
After this incident, she seriously thought that it was time for her and Mo Chengkun to calm down.
Maybe it’s good to be apart.
So she didn’t listen to Zhang Na and went to see him every day.
Instead, I train myself every day and get into the crew to prepare.
In this way, after more than half a month, Chu Yan also entered the crew and the incident of jumping off the building has subsided, as if it had never happened.
The crew started as a shooting studio in A city, and Chu Yan would insist on going home every night.
This day, just when the car saw that there was no light in the Shengrong room opposite, it occurred to me that Shengrong really went abroad this time.
She really doesn’t have an acquaintance around here.

"Oh, well, it’s up to you, Dad. I’m sure you can do it well."

Zhang Xian ended the conversation with a wry smile. Did he tell his father that the hateful guy had robbed him of his first kiss? It seems that my first kiss is finished, and I have to be lost by someone I despise. The more I think about it, the more angry I really want to go over there and beat that guy out. But when I think about his identity and importance, I’d better forget it and be careful. Don’t even give him everything except my first kiss. That would be terrible.
☆        ☆        ☆
I searched my room for three hours, but I still didn’t get any news about Teana, but there was new progress for Li Yueqiang. It turned out that when he was young, he was a’ dream’ enterprise, a small employee specializing in archaeological companies, and this company closed down after Li Yueqiang’s father left, and Li Yueqiang died mysteriously shortly after his father left, leaving Li Yueqiang and his wife at that time when Li Yueqiang was only 15 years old. A year later, Li Yueqiang began his amazing entrepreneurial career.
On the other hand, the results of the investigation on "Oriental Gods" made me realize that this enterprise has too many mysterious colors. It’s really worthy of the name "Oriental Gods". Their chief executive name is Oriental Gods, and I don’t know whether to set off the enterprise name with this name or the original president’s name, and then there is the enterprise name, but after a round of investigation, it can’t be found except the president’s name.
I put my thoughts away and went to bed with the microcomputer. Today, I saw another scene in my dream. Chris and Zhang Xian kept flashing pebbles. In front of my eyes, Chris was soft and beautiful. Zhang Xian was overbearing and clever, each with its own characteristics, and then there was a heavenly dance. It was like riding a toucan and singing a piano. Everything flashed before my eyes like a glance at the lights. I finally fixed the name. I have seen the vague beauty many times. All the ins and outs seem to be because of her. She is so familiar with me that I feel like her, but every day when I arrive here, my consciousness gradually fades.
Chapter 17 Three days
Chapter 17 Three days
The next morning, Zhang Xian still cooked breakfast for me as usual, but my eyes were full of disdain and anger. I wanted to hold her in my arms again, but on second thought, it didn’t seem so good. After all, the other person was a girl. Although no one taught me that men and women were not close, I still knew such common sense things, but it was difficult on impulse.
After she left, I started me again
☆        ☆        ☆
In the game, a man in a suit is reporting something to the soldiers in the main city of Linbing, a small town attached to the capital.
"President, you can’t always play games, but also manage the company’s specific business operations."
"How much turnover did you say was higher this month!" Seeing this middle-aged man who belongs to himself and is his guardian, Linbing is annoyed that he is over 26 years old and still has to take care of others. The management performance of a company has risen, so there are so many words to say. Of course, these promotions are for an hour or two after Linbing’s spare time, so he can finish all the things in the company, meet guests and hold important meetings, and just leave them to the subordinate to do his own policy of grasping major policies.
"The monthly turnover is 5% higher, but the president, you always play games. If people know about it, it can be …"
"Line line so many words at ordinary times haven’t said enough to enter the game without telling me. Anyway, the company’s performance has to go up. What can I do? Didn’t you see that I was the president of the first guild in the game? There are more things inside than outside. How can I manage so much outside? "
"It seems that there is some light and heavy."
"I don’t know what is light and what is heavy? I don’t know how the old man sent you such a long-winded person to spy on me. "
"The president is not monitoring, but monitoring."
"That’s not the same! Oh, forget it. I haven’t finished telling you a hundred words. I’ll line you up again. I’ll cut you down now. Anyway, it’s the game. Don’t let me be the last trick! "
☆        ☆        ☆
Tianwu, a small town affiliated to Ji Fen, is gathering in the third city. All the officers and important members of the Wonderland Girls’ Union have held a special meeting. The topic is impressively that I will discuss how to deal with the elegant player.
"Everyone knows that this player’s behavior seriously hurts women’s dignity. Although the series has been cancelled, our alliance has not yet decided how to deal with this matter. Please give us an opinion."
First of all, two vice presidents spoke-"Xi Xi". "President, I insist on killing him back to the first level. I believe he has already practiced high again, right? Moreover, I seriously despise the practice of exchanging unified punishment for other players’ weapons and equipment. "
Vice President Er Ye, that is, the disease method, molested the dancer and said, "I don’t agree that since Tong has forgiven him, we don’t need to take care of this at all, and we haven’t seen that princess at all. It’s hard to say what’s tricky and elegant in it. Is that player still a beginner? Do you think about how capable the beginner can be? "
One of the officers said, "I don’t have much ability for beginners. I agree that the first place in the challenge LV7 level is beginners, which proves that beginners are not necessarily weak."
"The beginner is probably elegant, and I don’t know who couldn’t see the screenshot clearly at the beginning, which made us busy for a while."
Maybe we should ask each other face to face. Maybe it’s not what we think.
Tianwu couldn’t come to a conclusion when he saw the people in the meeting talking endlessly. He couldn’t help shouting "Stop!"
Immediately, the whole meeting room stopped quarreling.
"Since everyone can’t come to a final result, let’s just forget it. Whatever you want to do in your heart must be done in your own name. After that, we don’t care about it. Now our guild is the first. We must strengthen the recruitment of people and training to help the battle formation." Tianwu glanced at the seats and everyone continued, "How are you recruiting people manually?"
"The president has recently joined the game, and the players are gradually increasing. The recruitment is very smooth."
"Leaf you trainer? Have you chosen the professional collocation? "
"President, everything is going on. I believe that the basic formation will be trained in a few weeks. Then it will be no problem to attack the capital city with that formation."
"Well, do what you have to do. Let’s all go when the elegant events are over."
Tianwu finished and everyone filed away. At this time, Tianwu was left. One person said that Tianwu had an opponent in her eyes. Who told her that she was a loser? Since she entered the game in the second month, she made an attack on the capital city. After the fiasco after the war, Tianwu was bent on attacking the capital.
The elegant event is just a means for her to become famous. However, there are still many players and even more female players because of this event. Now that this matter has passed, it is necessary to think of a means to declare the fairyland girls’ alliance. It has never been interesting to be elegant. This person is just a flash in the pan for her. This countless people can’t afford to lift the waves.
☆        ☆        ☆
In the past three days, I have been practicing day and night, and finally I have practiced LV4 in the last day, and almost all my professional skills have been filled. If I want to practice LV5 again, I can pick up the difference between a wise man and a sage, but it is very big. Look at my current state and I am very satisfied. Now, even if I compete with Tianwu again, I will not fall behind again. The goal of this week’s challenge is to let Tianwu know that he is powerful.
夜网论坛☆        ☆        ☆
In the past three days, I have been searching the Internet for information, by the way, to supplement my lack of social knowledge. In the past three days, Zhang Xian came to my room late, but she was far away from me and didn’t dare to come near me. I tried to talk to her several times, but she ignored me. It seems that I really hurt her, but didn’t she say that she was IQ1? Isn’t EQ (Emotional Intelligence) 1 angry with me for so long?
In the past three days, I have been with Chris for an hour every day. After knowing that she is an NPC, my attitude towards her is completely different. It is still good to cuddle from time to time. Although I still talk about whether I love her or not, I occupy a very important position in my heart. After all, I have been made since I was fifteen years old, and few people are so sincere to me. Even if she is an NPC, I will recognize her.
Chapter ten wings
Chapter ten wings
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☆        ☆        ☆
Chapter ten wings
When I entered the game on the third day, Ma received a message about the disease. He said that he would take an exam today and might not come until noon. In the message, he also asked me when I would train together. I was so despised by a 9-level guy who called me a 6-level person to train together, which seriously discriminated against his wisdom. Of course, in the message, Chris accounted for almost half of it. I really doubt how Tong could make such a real NPC, but how could I enjoy the beauty’s favor if it was not made by Tong? Ha ha! However, one of the messages was left by the dark fire in the challenge. I feel good about this assassin, and I need help urgently. I haven’t solved this problem yet.
I sent a message back to Dark Fire, and made an appointment to meet at a hotel called Kecha in the northeast of the capital at noon. After that, I went to all Tianjin in Chris. Now the Tianjin body guard NPC knows who I am and is very polite to say hello first, which greatly * * * * my vanity.
Soon I went outside Chris’s room and heard "ha ha ha ha" laughing inside. I wondered what was so funny. When I opened the door, I was shocked to see the scene in the room.
Chris is still wearing that white half-length feather dress, with long shiny hair and her face on her side. That’s not the point. The point is that she has a pair of snow-white wings on her back, just like an angel. At first glance, she is a female angel in front of my eyes.
Chris was shocked when she saw me come in. Hehe, she chuckled and twisted around me. Her hands held my neck, and the snow-white wings wrapped us up. I felt her soft body and those wings were slightly warm, and I felt a kind of unspeakable comfort.
"Have you finished leng? Don’t be a gawk for so long. "
"Oh no Chris, why do you have wings?"
"Do you want to know? This is conditional. "
"conditions? What conditions? "
"I’ll tell you when you close your eyes!"
I closed my eyes in accordance with the words. Within a second, I felt that my lips were tightly attached to two equally hot lips. After I tasted kissing Zhang Xian, I really didn’t like this mouth-to-mouth feeling. When I gave a warm response, Chris’s kiss was almost intoxicated. When I was about to further infringe on my tongue, Chris’s lips left me. I suddenly felt a false feeling. It should be that the girl appeared blurred eyes and I actually appeared. But what’s the matter? I like this kiss very much. It feels great.
"Why do you stay in a daze?"
I didn’t come to my senses until Chris said it. I scraped her nose gently (I don’t know when it became a habit) and held her shoulder and asked, "Where did Chris learn these things to cheat boys?"
"What cheat the boy? Don’t you like it? Why is it different in "100 secrets of boy communication"? "
Sweat, what is this? I haven’t seen it, but if I want to see it, I should also watch "One Hundred Secrets of Girl Communication". I haven’t seen it normally, but I still want to thank it for letting me enjoy a round. But how do I feel that Chris enjoys the feeling more than me?
"Chris, what happened to your wings?" I said, stroking the snow-white wings gently, saying that it feels really good.
"This? Guess! "

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang Lin, deng xiaoping ding hou and town frenzy mind active again. After a pause, Yang Qian coldly shouted, Mrs. Huayang, look at your good son. When we get back, it’s hard to let mother go to court and accuse you of poor discipline!
Yes, when I get back, I will let my mother enter the palace and join you in front of the empress! Li ping also echoed, and suddenly recovered his air. Both of them were born in Houfu, and they are most familiar with the things of observing the color and catching people’s feet. This moment of kung fu, two people will see that Mrs Huayang is Fang Lin, Fang Yun two brothers’ pain and weakness.
Little beast, you two are looking for death! Fang Lin listen to mother, had some let go. Smell speech at the moment, can’t help flying into a rage. Although he seems a little reckless and acts on impulse, his mother is extremely filial. At this time, I heard that the two men insulted their mother, Mrs. Huayang, for three transgressions of four times, and simply put their hearts on the line. If they don’t stop, they will kill the two men in Houfu.
Fang Lin oscillated all over, and raising my hand was a punch. This punch swung out, and immediately there was a landslide and tsunami in the wing, and the air in the whole wing rolled up, forming a black vortex, full of shrill voices. At the same time, Fang Lin’s body, a circle of glittering and translucent get rid of brilliance bursting out, condensed into a head of about a foot on his fist, like a front arrow blue uh guano.
Vigorous environment! See a circle of glittering and translucent light, Yang Qian, li ping with pale.
The two were born in a family of marquis Wu, with a long history and a deep knowledge of martial arts. Martial arts is divided into six realms, which are called six realms.
The first level of vitality. That is, the invisible vitality between heaven and earth will be absorbed into the body and merged with the flesh to enhance the strength of the body. In the army, those who have this level of cultivation can be captains.
The second layer of true qi. Extract the vitality from all parts of the body and condense it, so that it can flow and circulate in the body, thus actively absorbing the weather between heaven and earth and growing. A strong man at this level can be a centurion in the army.
The third layer of vigorous atmosphere. The true qi is further refined, diffused out of the body, coagulated but not dispersed, and it is a vigorous atmosphere. Fighters in the vigorous atmosphere have further increased their power. Fighters in this realm can be captains of thousands, with one thousand Zhou soldiers at their command. The commander is an important non-commissioned officer in the Zhou army.
The fourth level of gas field. This level of the strong, Gang gas further condensation, into the aura, can distort each other’s attacks. To reach this level, every fighter is a valuable asset of the Zhou Dynasty, called an elite soldier. After these soldiers were selected, they became an independent army, which was directly commanded by the princes of the Zhou Dynasty.
The fifth level of array law. To reach this level, we need to understand some special methods and rules. The strong at the law level have a remarkable ability, which is refining. For example, refining a mountain and extracting its aura.
In the Zhou Dynasty, in the army, the strong men at the rank of law were often transferred to the capital to form an imperial army to help defend the capital. This is an honor, but also a great opportunity. Because all the strong at this level can get a chance to get a lost secret copy of the achievement method from the secret library of the royal family in Zhou Dynasty. Some of these secret books were lost in ancient times, and some were lost in ancient times, but they were preserved in the royal family of the Zhou Dynasty.
Fang Yun and Fang Lin’s father got an ancient secret book from the royal family at the beginning when he was doing imperial work, which gradually stood out from the army.
The sixth floor lives in the fetal environment. To reach this state, I actually began to understand the secrets of the human body and possessed some powers that ordinary people simply could not imagine.
Living above the six realms of the fetus, it is said that there is also a realm of birth. That realm is even more mysterious. Yang Qian and Li Ping also heard it mentioned by their elders, but most of them were only half-paws, and they didn’t quite understand it after listening to it several times. Just remember the words born out of the world.
The path of martial arts is extremely difficult to cultivate. Children in Beijing, it is good to be able to cultivate the true qi. But Fang Lin has actually become a gang gas, and it depends. It is also the peak of gang gas, and it is fast to break through to the fourth level of aura. With his training, he will be a commander in the army as usual in the future.
In order to achieve the vigorous atmosphere, between raising the palm and splitting the fist, the whole body naturally swells with vigorous atmosphere. Gang gas condenses like crystals, and when it is injected into the sword, it will immediately generate a sword gang, and when it is injected into the knife, it will form a knife gang, and it will be easy to cut gold and iron.
Fang Lin this one punch out, gave birth to a fist Gang, flatly, just the avalanche of power, can put in front of li ping, Yang Qian into dust.

Chapter 3 Gambling Fight
Deng Xiaoping Ding Hou, a small town, suddenly turned pale with horror. They didn’t expect Fang Lin to be so bold and so lawless. When they broke into Xuegong, so many people watched, and everyone knew that they were brought into Houfu by the eldest son of Hou from all directions. And he, the Fang Lin, incredibly dare to kill them in Hou Fu.