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Of course I know that Mrs. Li and Li jiaqi are not good, but I didn’t expect it to be so intense.

Gu Changning holding the teacup eyebrows way "Li jiaqi move more and more this time directly to grandpa …" He was silent and low "seems to have to start work on the Li family before …"
I’m not surprised, but I’m more worried about Mrs. Li than Li Qi
She’s too repetitive, which makes people uneasy.
She didn’t do what she promised about Xinlong Company, which led us to be so passive in the first trial.
And can she compete with Li Qi?
The former Li Jia Ye suffered several losses from the distant hand. My former Li jiaqi was just like Ye Sanye, but it was only through the family’s shadow that I got to this position. But after seeing him, I found that I was still thinking too simply. Whether the family lived in a high position for a long time or not, it was not comparable to the average person.
What’s more, the forces behind the scenes …
But these are not what I want to consider. Anyway, there are Ye Xiangyuan and Gu Changning who have a headache.
There are more important things in the eyes.
Grandpa was slandered as a false alarm.
The main thing is the second trial, that is, we are not prepared at all. This is what I am most concerned about.
I asked Gu Changning worriedly, "The second trial of Ma is coming soon, and the case of Chu Feipeng has come out. Do you think we … will lose completely?"
I don’t know how it’s going in Lu Xun. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been waiting for him to get rid of the arms dealer and bring back the fuel, otherwise the lawsuit will be lost.
Say … This kind of desperate feeling is too bad.
桑拿会所  title=Gu Changning was calm and said, "I don’t worry about the lawsuit. Asun can’t always make a trip in vain in the case of Chu Feipeng. Anyway, I won’t be involved in my grandfather’s body. There are also some looks on my side."
I immediately looked at him.
Section 231
He said, "The Thorn Ghost has been caught."
I was surprised and blurted out, "Who is the ghost?"
Gu Changning gave me a look "You don’t know"
I "…"
Actually, I thought of Ye Xiangyuan’s side rape and Ye Li’s card. I’ve always been curious.
However, I soon thought that the traitor White Thorn must be a Ronaldinho’s question.
Gu Changning continued, "A round of interrogation is a bit rewarding."
I stare big eyes waiting for him to say.
But he said, "I’ll tell you after it’s not good to talk about it for the time being."
I "…"
After a moment of silence, I changed the subject and said, "What did you just talk to grandpa? Did he … blame me for being too impulsive …"
Gu Changning stared at me. "What are you trying to say?"
I hesitated for a moment and said, "I think grandpa is willing to cooperate with the police investigation and eldest sister-in-law doesn’t seem to want to stop them at first …"
At this time, Sister-in-law has gone to pick up Xiaojin after school. Ye Wen heard my words and his eyebrows didn’t move.
Gu Changning looked at me for a moment and reminded me of the corners of my mouth. "You are really not stupid … You should ask Ah Yuan about these things."
I sighed. It seems that he is not going to tell me. Then I can join Ye Xiangyuan.
To tell the truth, grandpa was almost taken away after such a big event. Of course, I want to tell Ye Xiangyuan.
Yeah, he didn’t answer my phone before, and I don’t know if he’s in a military exercise …
Finally, I waited until late to call him again.
I took Xiao Jin and sat on the sofa staring at the video window.