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The quick-witted player who saw the sudden lifting of the artifact first shouted, "He wants to take the artifact and stop him."

As soon as everyone exhaled, the players in the front row ignored the fact that hundreds of players had just been destroyed by the dark fire, but they were 100 meters away from the dark fire, and it was impossible to make it. That’s just the case. Just now, the famous god officer had opened a delivery array with the dark fire, and two people rushed over to the angry crowd and smiled and entered the delivery array. At this time, people arrived at their place. At this time, they rushed in regardless of whether the delivery array was safe or not. Free players on the fifth floor have actually entered most of the reality. If the fairy and Busi are here, you will find this strange place. Let alone what these two people wearing dance masks are so powerful that they are beyond the average level. It is also very strange to send the array. Generally, the array will be sent to six people at most, and then it will automatically close. Even if there are not enough people, it will automatically disappear in half a minute, but now it has been finished without any sign of disappearing.
The fallen world saw that people had entered and discussed it with the lore. After all, the whole wonderland of artifacts had not appeared (as far as they know, there were a few, but no fool would say it). The fallen world first entered the array, and its eyes shook. The scenery in front of the fallen world was very familiar. This is Alcatraz. I also attended the recruitment meeting of Fengyun Alliance here, but it was messed up by elegant guild people and failed to open it.
How did it get here? Suddenly, I found that everyone was moving in the same direction, and waited for a while. All the people rushed to the crowd immediately, and the more they went, the more strange it became. I have never heard of such an ice sheet in the north of Alcatraz. What is this place? Who were those two people just now? Why is it so powerful? And they’re already so good, why do they need artifacts? A lot of problems bothered him, but he couldn’t solve any of them. He kept telling himself where he was, and invited the dead congregation, fairy messengers and others.
桑拿会所Similarly, the iron man reported his position after coming out of the array, and soon he came with everyone. Let alone the iron man, he immediately took people to catch up with him. There were already many people in front of him, and he was almost the last.
At this moment, suddenly, behind the iron man, people from all over the country rushed in their own direction, and he couldn’t help wondering what was going on. Look carefully and find that these people are very angry. Fortunately, the object is not one of their own. Looking down their eyes, they find that the object they are chasing is another person who is parallel to themselves. That person also wears a dance mask and immediately thinks to those two people just now. What is it that the guild has so many powerful people? Can it have anything to do with that conscious life? The iron man looked at the man carefully again and found that he was familiar with the costume, but he couldn’t remember seeing the man wearing a Pharaoh’s hat and holding a Pharaoh’s staff. He seemed to be a mage, but his armor seemed to be a knight or a templar.
The man passed by the iron man and others and took a look at the iron man. The corners of his mouth passed with a hint of sneer, while several people behind him crossed the iron man and chased the man desperately. At this time, the iron man and others also reacted and hurried over.
Back two hours ago, just as the fallen world and Iron Man entered the bell tower at the same time, the soldiers led the guild members who were fighting in front of the fierce battle. They were challenging the small guild members everywhere. They killed all the small guild members first, then blocked the resurrection point and killed them again. Although most of the players now lost 1% of their experience every time they died in payon Liancheng Resurrection Point, being killed ten times and a hundred times was not as simple as demoting their anger. If their eyes could kill people, they would definitely kill this group of people ten thousand times to feel avenged.
Lin Bing and his guild members were divided into two teams, one of which was blocked by 10,000 people. It was specially designed by other players to resurrect one and kill another, while the other team of more than 40,000 people began to exterminate the small guilds one by one in Ji Fen, Bell Tower and Mengluoke. Even with its guild spy, Lin Bing did not do so in vain. However, the guild system did as ordered, and it was really very exciting to do so once. It seriously stimulated the killing heart of the Lin Bing Guild congregation. At the beginning, the first guild was still hesitant to exterminate the third guild.
The number of people in each small guild is only 3,000, so these 40,000-strong opponents can almost kill all the way without stopping, and more and more people in payon’s resurrection point are responsible for blocking the resurrection point. More than 10,000 troops are harder than attacking others’ 40,000 troops, but they are still very happy. After all, it is impossible to kill so much at ordinary times.
After more than an hour of killing, the small guild bases in three cities were destroyed, and some guilds with no more than one person were also destroyed by the way. It is very important to see players passing by and not let go of the poor. More than 100,000 players in three cities were killed in this way, and they were all blocked at the resurrection point in payon
In the face of 10,000 well-trained combat troops, even if there are 100,000 players inside, they can’t rush out. However, the scene is in a stalemate, and many players inside can’t beat each other. Moreover, many players outside are calling for help. More than 1 million players have come from all sides to support this action, which is really shocking and can be said to have aroused public anger.
Lin Bing is now in payon before the resurrection point. He is waiting for an opportunity to give him full play to his acting talent. What he hopes most is to mobilize all the players who can be mobilized in Wonderland. This is also part of the elegant plan. Sometimes Lin Bing is a wise superman, but he really has some admiration for this younger brother. After all, this plan is bold and makes Lin Bing ashamed.
The second chapter afraid to listen to the road (2)
The soldiers watched more and more players gather, no matter whether in the periphery or in the blocked resurrection point, almost no one thought of asking for a line, and they were indignant and vowed to kill these hateful guys ten thousand times. The soldiers estimated the number of the other side, and the number of players in the resurrection point increased to two hundred thousand, while the number of players focused on the periphery reached three million. This fairyland can be said to be the former ancients and latecomers. How big can Feiyang City be? As soon as we focused on almost four million people, we almost mobilized all the online players, and many spectators also rushed over. It was even more shocking that there were more than four million players outside Feiyang.
The soldier suddenly remembered Qin Yong. What is this fool doing now?
※※※※※※※※ "Dad, did you tell those people?" Chen Qianting hurried back and immediately asked
Star array is willing to stare at her daughter naively. As the saying goes, girls are extroverted. Since her daughter met the boy named Lin Bing, her heart has been put there. Now she has followed her. Fortunately, what that person did is really beneficial to the future of the earth. Otherwise, it is not worthwhile for her to do this undercover job. The boss of a world-wide enterprise hehe thought of this [garbage] and gently said to her daughter, "Don’t worry, I have told those old guys behind the scenes by anonymous way. I believe they will find Lan Fengyun to verify it soon, and your mother hasn’t seen you for a long time
"I know. I’m going back to the game. Maybe it won’t happen in two or three days."
"Alas daughter daughter what my family has a single daughter? Who will pick up my class? "
※※※※※※※※※ The soldiers turned to their thoughts and jokingly said to a steward around them, "Do you think we can beat the millions of people in front of us?"
The steward trembled when he heard the soldier say this. "President, you don’t want us to play with them hundreds of times more than us, do you? Then we must be dead. "
The soldiers laughed and said to all the congregation guild channels, "It’s rare to be crazy in life. Brothers, there is a chance for you to be crazy. Think about how exciting it would be to fight against so many people. Will you have this chance again?" Anyway, our capital is Liancheng, so if they have something to do, come and fight. Let’s have a crazy time. "
The congregation, who had just been killed crazy, had a boiling passion after hearing it, and their eyes all showed a kind of crazy bloodthirsty impulse. It was almost time for the soldiers to watch the incitement. The big order said, "Everyone who fights with soldiers is in front of the fierce battle." Today, the congregation is going to have a crazy massacre. Either we slaughter each other or they slaughter our brothers! "
A total of 60,000 people charged the players who were hundreds of times more than them. Each player didn’t believe that there was a contact battle between two people in his eyes, and at this moment, the soldiers gave full play to the advantages of his four-turn profession’ the angel of extinction’. Suddenly, three monsters in black appeared in the crowd, and these monsters kept becoming like players. Every time they killed a player, they immediately became like the player, and they also made the player have all the skills, and the physical attacks were even more terrible. Killed by a knife, but their images are constantly changing, and it is impossible for the roots to find them in so many people’s group battles, so they keep killing the players. Often, some players are just about to say hello to a player they know, but they are greeted with a knife to cut their necks, or when they see an enemy, they are just about to cut them with a knife, but they are beaten by the other side.
On the other hand, facing the soldiers, they also called out 100 Cerberus and 10 Hatred Knights. These monster players can be described as evil spirits, although they have not yet reached the level of killing with one blow, but they are also terrible, just like the BOSS that players usually see in deep caves. Those Cerberus are just as difficult as those Hatred Knights, but it is troublesome for them to let out the hatred spirits and ask the players to reduce their health point little by little, and the players are surprised to find that the health point of this thing has not decreased every time they send it. After a concerted attack, resentment knight’s health decreased, several people in their crowd turned into white light and disappeared back and forth several times. They finally found out that their opponent’s roots were sucking their players’ health to supplement their own health. How can they fight to death?
The congregation is crazy to see that the president is so brave and fierce, especially the Temple Crusaders, where almost seven God officials are constantly rushing into each other’s camp to make [lay down their lives to attack] or [holy cross trial], while they are constantly making [healing] and [glorious array] for the Temple Crusaders with the help of God officials. (The range of health points is of course restored together with the enemy, but the enemy is killed by the Temple Crusaders if it doesn’t respond.
Although the soldiers are going to exercise as planned, after all, they will still be impulsive to see such a fierce battle scene. He can’t stand it anymore. He picked up Pharaoh’s staff and rushed into the battlefield.
One regional battle gradually affected the next one, so thousands of people outside the city of Fiji and Yangcheng were so stimulated that they didn’t even know what to start killing, and these players came out from the resurrection point to continue killing. Everyone was crazy to find that they were either killed or killed, and the unspeakable bloodthirsty impulse in their hearts forced them to raise shuriken and knife at a complete stranger.
When Qin Yong arrived in Yang Shi, he was scared silly by the tens of millions of people fighting in front of him. How did this happen? Looking at those guys in the crowd who were summoned by the enemy, Qin Yong knew that the enemy was not dead, but Qin Yong also knew that if he died in the game of the enemy, it would be equivalent to death in reality. This made her anxious and desperately sent messages to the enemy, but the enemy was addicted to killing and could not hear the instructions.
Qin Yong suddenly gritted his teeth and stamped his foot, picked up a set of extremely magical officers to wear. Of course, her two guards also rushed into the battlefield behind her to look for the signs of the soldiers. But how can so many people find the soldiers? At this time, Qin Yong thought of the enemy calling out and the monster was attacked by dozens of people on the way to the monster, but there were two super bodyguards, Qin Yong, who were still safe.
The third chapter afraid to listen to the road (3)
Qin Yong shouted the name of the soldier at the top of his voice in the crowd, but unfortunately he couldn’t find the last Qin Yong. He ran around like a blind fly, but there was such a chance encounter in the world. When the soldier was looking for a goal after beating a Pharaoh’s staff into a meat pot, he found Qin Yong and Qin Yong also found him. At this time, there was no second person in his eyes. Qin Yong held the soldier tightly and cried, "You idiot, you idiot …"
When the soldiers saw Qin Yong, they remembered what they were going to do. Finally, they woke up and comforted Qin Yong and said, "Am I not okay? I was so excited just now that I forgot. "
Qin Yong stopped crying for a while. "Don’t you know you can’t die? Don’t you know I’m worried about something? You don’t know that without you I … "
The soldier gently stroked the back of Qin Yong’s head full of apologies and said, "I know, I know, I’m sorry. Let’s get out of here first, or you two bodyguards will go to see Yan first."
Jean Yong remembered where he was, and the two bodyguards were almost desperately resisting the crowd and were embarrassed to look at the soldiers. "Let’s go."
It’s not easy for the soldiers to think of it. He called out the monsters and called them to come to the body. Suddenly, there was a player around the soldiers. The white area resented the knight master and killed all the way to the elegant guild. Before Liancheng, there were really few players coming here. After all, there are this huge wall and the elegant ordinary player who has never lost the fairyland. The root will not come here.
When several people entered the city, the soldiers immediately sent a message telling themselves that the congregation would retreat. Of course, the order was that there was still a new battle to be launched, and the physical strength was given priority. These reasons made them go to rest and come back after ten minutes.
As soon as they heard that there was more exciting fighting behind them, they were all excited, but less caused the root cause of the fighting. All the players slowly calmed down. At this time, everyone remembered this visit, but suddenly they found that the target they were looking for had disappeared and immediately shouted.
The soldier suddenly appeared in the public eye. He wore a ball mask and smiled slightly, which made everyone look at others think that this man was very manly, but they also felt it. From his head, Pharaoh’s hat and Pharaoh’s staff in his hand, it was this talent who triggered this war of thousands of people. All eyes were on him.
The soldiers were relaxed in a highland and gradually surrounded themselves. They were not afraid to say to everyone, "You losers have something to chase me?"
Everyone was stunned and then roared with anger. This man was too arrogant and arrogant. Almost everyone rushed over to the soldiers. Qin Yong seized the opportunity and said to a special goddess officer, "It’s feasible to move."
The god officer respectfully said, "Don’t worry about what the capra Association does."
The place where the soldiers stood disappeared from everyone’s eyes because of the appearance of a smile, and the array gradually expanded to 100 meters. Many players dodged and were not sent around. Everyone was thinking about what he was afraid of. So everyone rushed in, and thousands of people entered a farewell party. It is necessary for some heads to find that there must be something wrong, but what are you afraid of when you think of so many people? Can you eat these ten million people?
It’s too hard to really love you’. The free player runs ahead and chases the two people in front. He feels that the two people seem familiar but can’t remember where they have seen them. But seeing that one of them can fly and the other can be invisible, it is obvious that he exposes his body shape and keeps the people behind him chasing. This is not a trap. What is it? But’ it’s too hard to really love you’ is not worried because he is an adventurous person. How can he miss such exciting things?
Free players chased for half an hour and came to a place where there was an iceberg ice field and suddenly heard someone shouting, "Who are you? You are not allowed to go through here. "
Everyone looked at the iceberg along the sound direction, and there were two people, one dressed in a samurai, who should be a martial arts master, and the other was very strange to wear. A white wizard robe wrapped the whole person from the beginning, and the surface of the robe showed a cross shape, which was very similar to that of the priest’s association, and the face wore a mask with a heart cross shape. From this gap, we can see that it was a person.
Wu Bing saw that all the people didn’t react and repeated the words just now. "You are not allowed to go home here."
The answer is noisy, the only answer is to leave, and some people start to ignore the mountain man and continue to chase and rob the artifact from the side of the mountain. The two armed soldiers are happy to see them ignore their advice, but their faces look unhappy. "Since you dare to rush, you will pay the price."
With a wave of his hand, Wu Bing surprised the free players with the appearance of several figures from behind the mountain, and immediately thought that it must be that the two accomplices had just come back to look at themselves. It was many times more difficult to really love you. He was a little excited to look at both sides. Of course, he wanted to be more chaotic and more fun, so he said, "The artifact was taken away by them, but if you don’t chase it, you won’t have a chance to get it back."
"Yeah, get the artifact back." "Go, brothers!"
Free players are once again attracted by the incitement artifact and charge Wu Bing and others.
Wu Bing saw the other side start to act gently and said to the sunny rain around him, "It’s your turn to play the rain."
Sunny rain smiled at Wu Bing, and then held a pure white spherical staff in both hands. Suddenly, a white light fell from the sky to the white staff. Sunny rain was emitting waves of white light.
Free players who are preparing to charge, including’ It’s too hard to really love you’, are attracted by this strange but very sacred sight. After all, such a huge visual effect is rare whether it is magic or skill.
The white light of the rain and shine gradually spread out. From the beginning of Wu Bing, people in the guild felt a great power to attach themselves. It was the first time that Wu Bing felt that this trick [guiding heaven by God] was so powerful that it could bless 10,000 people with 2% attack power, 2% defense power, 2% magic attack power and 2% magic defense power.
The fourth chapter afraid to listen to the road (4)
The members of the blessed Elegant Guild killed the free players like taking stimulants, which changed the original state by one degree. When the free players first came into contact with the front row attack of the Elegant Guild, a huge pressure rose from the hearts of the free players for no reason.
It’s too hard to really love you. I soon felt that the pressure came from the man in the white robe on the mountain. The fact that it’s too difficult to really love you was right. It’s a skill of fine rain [inducing all beings]. This skill can make everyone in a kilometer range feel dizzy, dizzy, stuffy and depressed (this skill is very suitable for large-scale combat)
Rain or shine, the free players are one-sided, while the elegant guild players are more and more brave.’ It’s too hard to really love you’. Although it’s adventurous, it’s not a fool. When I look at this situation, I will take advantage of the chaos to retreat first. I wonder where so many powerful people ran out. First, the two artifact robbers just now, and then the white man in the mountain. These people are really powerful.
It’s too hard to really love you’ when it was two kilometers back to the battlefield, it was found that several players were coming from the road, and a black crowd appeared from the horizon. What happened? It’s too hard to really love you, but I found that there was another person running in front of this group of people. You can see from the ornaments that the Pharaoh’s hat, Pharaoh’s staff and a knight’s armor were special. I thought of this sudden’ it’s too difficult to really love you’ and a person’s’ it’s too difficult for soldiers to fight before the battle’. The former president of the First Guild remembered that he was really dressed like this in a challenge. At that time, it was too difficult to really love you, so I remembered it very clearly.
The soldier quickly came to the side of’ It’s too hard to really love you’ and took a look at this man. Then’ It’s too hard to really love you’ and heard the people behind him shouting, "Don’t let him get away and catch him!" "Kill his family!" "You fucking didn’t. He even hit him."
This really scared him. Let’s see if the aggressive people "really love you too hard" or decide to return to the battlefield just now and not let others find themselves.
Back to the ice sheet hill, although there are two skills blessing, rain and shine, after all, the number of people is too small. After ten minutes of fighting, the free players have taken the wind again, and the reason is that the artifact has been robbed. The mood is changed to the excitement of the current battle. All the priests of the gods consciously resurrect the dead and heal the people next to them. As a result, the soldiers can’t support the people who bring rain and shine. Of course, some people have stayed to resist the crazy free players.